13 Best Superman Action Figures, Ranked

In the world of superhero collectibles, few icons hold the same legendary status as the Man of Steel himself—Superman. With his superhuman strength, unwavering moral compass, and ability to soar through the skies, Superman has captivated fans for generations. As a testament to his popularity, a plethora of action figures have been created to honor Superman. From meticulously crafted details to dynamic poses that capture his heroic essence, we have scoured the market to compile a list of the best 13 Superman action figures that any fan would be proud to display on their shelves. So, without further ado, let’s explore these remarkable collectibles and discover the ultimate embodiment of the Man of Tomorrow.

It’s important to highlight that we hold no affiliations whatsoever with the companies responsible for manufacturing the aforementioned action figures. Our sole intention is to offer unbiased information to fellow collectors who are seeking trustworthy sources on this subject matter. Rest assured, our passion lies in providing valuable insights and guidance for the benefit of the collector community.

13. DC Collectibles Icons Superman (2016)

Best Superman Action Figures: DC Collectibles Icons Superman (2016) action figure

One of the best Superman Action figures, straight from The Man of Steel storyline, this Superman action figure includes an accompanying figure of his loyal robotic butler, Kalex. Standing just over 6 inches tall, Superman comes with two pairs of interchangeable hands, allowing for customizable posing options. Personal experience attests to the figure’s ability to achieve impressive and dynamic poses. However, it’s worth noting that the figure’s design incorporates a peculiar eyeliner-like feature over Superman’s eyes. Nevertheless, it remains a timeless and iconic representation of the beloved superhero.

12. Batman V Superman, Hot Toys Superman (2017) 

Best Superman Action Figures

Derived from the BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE film, the Hot Toys Superman action figure showcases a remarkable level of detail. With an authentic likeness to actor Henry Cavill, this 12-inch tall figure boasts a muscular body and over 30 points of articulation, allowing for a wide range of poses. The set includes a specially designed Batman v Superman-themed figure stand, complete with a Superman nameplate and the film’s logo. This iteration of the Hot Toys Superman is undoubtedly an improvement in every aspect when compared to the original Man of Steel version, as is often expected with updated releases from Hot Toys. Regardless of personal opinions on the movie itself, this Superman action figure stands as a fantastic representation of the iconic character!

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11. DC Universe Classics Superman (2010)

Best Superman Action Figures

The DC Universe Classics Superman action figure commemorates 75 years of Super Power in DC Comics with its striking dark-blue costume and impressive articulation. Standing 6 inches tall, this figure offers a multitude of pose possibilities, making it perfect for creating dynamic displays. Its numerous points of articulation enable a wide range of action poses. With its attention to detail, this action figure stands as a fitting tribute to the enduring legacy of Sup.

10. DC Direct New Frontier Superman (2006)

DC Direct New Frontier Superman (2006) action figure

The DC Direct New Frontier Superman action figure beautifully captures the essence of Darwyn Cooke’s acclaimed limited series. Originally released in 2004, New Frontier serves as a bridge between the golden age of superheroes and the silver age, taking place from the aftermath of World War II to the 1960s. It introduces iconic characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman encountering the Flash, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter. The New Frontier Superman figure excellently embodies Cooke’s illustration style, reminiscent of the Superman seen in radio serials and classic cartoons. The figure stands 7 inches tall and is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability. It celebrates Cooke’s unique artistry, allowing fans to own a tangible representation of the beloved character. The figure serves as a cherished collectible for fans of Superman, Cooke’s work, and the “New Frontier” storyline.

9. Matel Justice League Animated Superman (2003)

Best Superman Action Figures

Wow, just look at these broad shoulders! The Matel Justice League Animated Superman action figure is a toy that captures the iconic design and appearance of Superman as portrayed in the animated series. The figure stands at approximately 10 inches tall, with a muscular physique and a heroic stance. It is made of durable plastic and features multiple points of articulation, allowing for various action poses. The Matel JL Animated Superman figure showcases a detailed sculpt, capturing the facial features and costume design of the character. Superman is depicted wearing his signature blue bodysuit with a red cape flowing from his shoulders. The figure accurately reproduces the animated series’ style, incorporating vibrant colors and clean lines.

8. Mego Pocket Super Heroes Superman (1979)

Best Superman Action Figures

The Mego Pocket Super Heroes Superman action figure stands at around 12 inches tall and is made of plastic with articulation points at the shoulders and hips, allowing for limited possibility. It includes the classic blue bodysuit with the iconic red and yellow “S” symbol on the chest, along with a relatively short red cape. The figure also wears red trunks, a yellow belt, and red boots, replicating Superman’s traditional outfit from the 1978 Superman film. This action figure has great nostalgic value and significance as a part of toy history. It was released during the peak popularity of Mego Corporation, a well-known toy manufacturer of that era. The figure embodies the simplicity of action figures from the ’70s, capturing the essence of Superman in a compact form. Collectors appreciate the figure for its vintage appeal.

7. DC Essentials Superman No.05 from DC Collectibles

Best Superman Action Figures

DC Essentials is a collection of 7-inch action figures featuring a wide range of DC characters that possess a universal appeal. Standing precisely at 7 inches tall, the DC Essentials Superman No.05 figure showcases an impressive design. While it lacks additional accessories or a display base, its overall appearance is visually striking. The face sculpt is particularly noteworthy, capturing Superman’s iconic features, including a strong jawline.  It is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The figure offers multiple points of articulation, allowing for a wide range of poses and dynamic displays.

6. DC Direct, Dark Knight Returns Superman (2004)

Best Superman Action Figures

The depiction of Superman in this action figure is impressive, showcasing his tough and muscular appearance. The Dark Knight Returns comic series has consistently garnered immense popularity among Batman enthusiasts. Standing approximately 7 inches tall, the action figure showcases a highly detailed sculpt and a dynamic pose. It is made of durable plastic and features multiple points of articulation, allowing for various action poses and display options. The figure accurately captures the unique art style of “The Dark Knight Returns,” with a gritty and weathered appearance. Superman is depicted wearing a dark blue bodysuit with a prominent red and yellow “S” symbol on the chest. The figure includes other intricate details such as the flowing red cape and the signature red boots. The figure appeals to fans who appreciate the darker and more mature interpretation of Superman in “The Dark Knight Returns.”

5. Mattel DC Superheroes Superman (2006)

Best Superman Action Figures

Despite facing criticism and losing the DC license to produce action figures for McFarlane Toys, Mattel has played a significant role in the evolution of modern action figures. Their DC Universe Classics (DCUC) line remains the most expansive DC Universe action figure collection to date. Among their notable releases, the Mattel DC Superheroes Superman from the precursor series to DCUC stands out as one of the best Superman action figures ever made. Considered the go-to version of the character, this Superman figure showcases an outstanding sculpt, excellent articulation, and overall playability. Despite being re-released under various labels, the figure maintains its exceptional quality and remains a favorite among collectors and fans. Mattel’s contribution to action figure history and their achievement with the DC Superheroes Superman cement their place in the industry’s legacy.

4. McFarlane DC Justice League 7″ Superman

Best Superman Action Figures

Included on this list is the McFarlane DC Justice League 7″ Superman, a striking representation of the black suit Superman. As part of the DC Multiverse series, this figure boasts exceptional detailing and a 7-inch scale. It draws inspiration from Superman’s appearance in the Justice League Movie, capturing the essence of his iconic look. With its Ultra Articulation design, the figure offers an impressive range of movement, featuring up to 22 points of articulation for dynamic posing. The McFarlane DC Justice League 7″ Superman stands as a meticulously crafted collectible that celebrates the beloved character’s presence in the DC Multiverse.

3. Batman: Hush Mafex Superman Version No.117

Best Superman Action Figures

This epic figure not only looks good but also functions pretty well. The Mafex Hush Version No.117 Superman action figure is a highly detailed and articulated collectible toy based on the character Superman from the acclaimed comic book storyline Batman: “Hush.” Produced by Mafex, this action figure offers an exceptional representation of Superman’s appearance in the “Hush” storyline where he appeared for a couple of issues. Standing around 6 inches tall, the Mafex Hush Version action figure boasts a remarkable level of detail and craftsmanship. Superman has good articulation, and great accessories and he looks amazing.

2. DC Direct JSA Series 2 Kingdom Come Superman (2010)

Best Superman Action Figures

The Justice Society of America Kingdom Come, Superman, action figure is based on the work of artist Alex Ross when he did the covers for The Justice Society of America comic books. Kingdom Come Superman is Superman from Earth 22 and in this story, he and the JSA try to prevent the disastrous turn of events experienced on Earth 22 from happening on New Earth. The figure is of a more elderly Superman with greying temples and is very accurate to Alex Ross’s paintings. He got the Kingdom Come emblem of Superman in black and red and a black belt with a gold buckle. The figure also comes with a really nice display base.

1. NECA Christopher Reeve (2015)

Best Superman Action Figures

Our top pick for this list, NECA’s Christopher Reeve action figure truly captures the essence of the beloved Superman portrayed by Christopher Reeve, making it an absolute delight for nostalgic fans. The figure embodies Reeve’s confident and powerful depiction of the superhero rather than focusing on a bulky, muscular physique. While not the most highly poseable figure, it still offers enough flexibility to be enjoyed. NECA surprised enthusiasts with their venture into the 7″ scale DC movie-based line a few years ago, and each release has been met with overwhelming fan approval. The 2015 Reeve Superman figure, despite some unfortunate breakage issues, stands as a remarkable collectible for those fortunate enough to have received an intact version.

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