12 Rarest WWE Action Figures

In the larger-than-life world of professional wrestling, where athleticism, charisma, and storytelling collide, the allure of capturing our favorite WWE superstars like Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, and Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake in miniature form is a passion shared by fans young and old. As avid collectors and enthusiasts, we embark on a journey to uncover the most elusive treasures within the realm of action figures. From legendary icons to contemporary champions, this article delves into the enthralling universe of the 12 rarest WWE action figures, each one a testament to both the charisma of the wrestlers themselves and the fervor of those who seek to possess these coveted collectibles.

12. Elite Series 1991 Rob Van Dam ($600)

Rarest WWE Action Figures: Elite series 1991 Rob Van Dam

Among Mattel’s impressive creations, the inaugural launch of the Elite series 1991 Rob Van Dam action figure stands out as a remarkable achievement. Yet, equally captivating is its elusive chase variant. This particular rendition, though never destined for store shelves, has garnered significant value within the aftermarket due to its scarcity. Moreover, the Chase version’s discontinuation in 2021, attributed to the sensitive use of the Rising Sun flag, a symbol associated with Japanese militarism in some areas of East Asia, has notably propelled its rarity and desirability, thereby amplifying its market worth. One of the rare WWE action figures, Elite series Rob Van Dam is a true beauty and fun to play with!

11. The Undertaker Funskool with Tombstone Tackle ($800)

Rarest WWE Action Figures: The Undertaker Funskool with Tombstone Tackle

Being one of the most prominent wrestlers ever in WWE, The Undertaker likely boasts a multitude of action figures that have been crafted across diverse toy series lines. Nevertheless, this specific 1995 iteration of The Undertaker stands out as the most exceptional rarity. Funskool, a collaboration between an Indian corporation and Hasbro, emerged to introduce Hasbro’s toy range to the Indian market. Over time, figures originally distributed exclusively in India found their way to the United States, including the WWF Hasbro line. Upon their initial introduction to American collectors, the Funskool line often raised suspicions of being bootleg items due to their remarkably thin cardboard packaging. However, this distinctive attribute has transformed into an advantage appreciated by collectors. The scarcity of the Funskool WWF figure series is noteworthy on its own. Originating in India independently from the Hasbro U.S. line, discrepancies exist between the two, enabling dedicated collectors to discern between them. When coupled with the delicate, slender cardboard backing, specific Funskool WWF figures in mint-on-card (MOC) condition can command prices of up to $500. Notably, the rarest figure within this range, featuring the Deadman persona, packaged in the Red card variant, has been sold for an astonishing $800.

10. The Ultimate Warrior Jakks Pacific Limited Edition ($900 – $1250)

Rarest WWE Action Figures: The Ultimate Warrior Jakks Pacific Limited Edition

Back in the year 2000, the Ultimate Warrior, one of WWE’s all-time greatest superstars, entered into a collaboration with Jakks Pacific, a prominent American toy manufacturer, to bring forth an exceedingly rare WWE action figure. This collaboration bore fruit in the form of a remarkably limited production run, yielding a mere 5 of these exhilarating action figures. Notably, the Ultimate Warrior retained the majority of them within his personal collection. Given the substantial demand prevailing in the market for these coveted action figures, the rationale behind their price point exceeding $900 becomes evident. Recent instances illustrate the fervor surrounding these collectibles, with one such figure fetching $1250 at auction, while another achieved a notable $800.

9. The British Bulldogs Tag Team LJN Set ($1500)

Rarest WWE Action Figures: The British Bulldogs Tag Team LJN Set

Twist ‘Em, Turn ‘Em, Wrestle ‘Em, Collect ‘Em“. Among the most elusive tag team action figures globally, the British Bulldogs Tag Team Blue Card spotlights a dynamic duo: Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid, showcasing their distinctive red pants and tag team championship belts. Tag-team sets often experience differing valuations compared to their singular counterparts due to the potential for easy opening and resealing, a practice less feasible with individual box sets. The inherent challenge of tampering with single box sets contributes to their sustained value. Unopened instances of these action figures command a premium price. A notable case from 2019 saw an unopened British Bulldog Blue Card set securing a substantial $1500 in a transaction.

8. Miss Elizabeth Purple Skirt LJN ($1800)

Rarest WWE Action Figures: Miss Elizabeth Purple Skirt LNJ

Renowned for her graceful demeanor and understated charisma, Miss Elizabeth occupied a pivotal role in Macho Man’s trajectory, propelling the superstar toward numerous championship triumphs. Among the diverse representations of the Miss Elizabeth action figure, several variants have emerged. Distinctive attributes define these versions: one boasts a leather skirt, another showcases a gleaming gold skirt, and an additional variant features an elegant purple skirt. While securing the former two Miss Elizabeth figures might prove relatively uncomplicated, the latter remains a rarity of exceptional magnitude within the realm of action figures. Illustrating its allure, in 2014, a singular instance of the purple dress variant commanded a noteworthy sum of $1800 in the market. One of the rare WWE action figures, Miss Elizabeth Purple Skirt LNJ is totally worth that sum IMO.

7. LJN Corporal Kirchner ($2,850)

LJN Corporal Kirchner

One of the items within the Wrestling Superstars toy series is the action figure featuring Corporal Kirchner. Crafted by the toy and video game manufacturer LJN, this particular toy line was active from 1984 to 1989. Due to his brief tenure in the WWE, Corporal Kirchner’s recognition is somewhat limited among wrestling enthusiasts. Beyond his identity as a professional wrestler, he also held the position of a US Army paratrooper. Kirchner played a pivotal role in popularizing the style of combat known as “frontier martial arts wrestling,” which would later be branded as “garbage wrestling” by both critics and fans. Nonetheless, his action figures hold a special place in the hearts of numerous action figure collectors. A noteworthy incident occurred in 2019 when one such action figure surfaced in the market, inciting fierce competition among collectors. Initially listed for $72, the action figure ultimately commanded a staggering price of $2,800 following an intense bidding war.

6. Macho Man Randy Savage LJN ($4500)

Macho Man Randy Savage LJN

Regarded as one of the scarcest LNJ action figures to ever grace collections, approximations value the Macho Man LNJ figure at $4500. The extraordinariness of this figurine’s rarity defies description; its existence only came to light in the sphere of collectors when it surfaced in an auction. Adding to the astonishment, the poster showcasing this action figure fetched a price of $180. Furthermore, an unopened black card Randy Savage figure recently sold for $2,250, despite the card being in a far-from-ideal state, adorned with numerous bends and creases. This specific figure showcases Randy Savage, famously known as the Macho Man, sporting vibrant red pants paired with yellow boots. One of the rare WWE action figures, Macho Man Randy Savage LJN is a true masterpiece and a great figure to exhibit in your collection.

5. The Hulk Hogan 89 Black Card LJN ($5,000)

The Hulk Hogan 89 Black Card LJN

Hulk Hogan, a prominent figure within WWE and essentially the embodiment of the company, held a position of immense prominence. Consequently, the emergence of LNJ’s Hulk Hogan Black Card figures sparked immediate enthusiasm. Given Hogan’s status as arguably the preeminent superstar of his era, these figures swiftly garnered widespread acclaim. The expansive array within the black card LJN series conceals numerous prized collectibles. This series marked the culmination of the LJN Superstar Series figures. Notably, the Hulk Hogan Black Card figure stands out as the pinnacle among sought-after Hulk Hogan collectibles across the globe. Within the realm of unopened figures, this particular iteration commands a remarkable resale value that can escalate up to $5,000 in the online market.

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4. Andre The Giant Wrestling Soft Vinyl Figure with Cards 1981 ($5,000)

Andre The Giant Wrestling Soft Vinyl Figure with Cards 1981

In the realm of wrestling, there was indeed no parallel to the iconic stature of Andre The Giant. Revered as a larger-than-life presence in every aspect, he transcended boundaries to become an adored legend of international acclaim. And don’t even get us started on the beautiful job he did as Fezzik in the Princess Bride movie.  Given his legendary status, it’s only fitting that there would exist valuable wrestling toys inspired by him. Originating from Japan, this immensely coveted soft vinyl figure of Andre The Giant contributes to its heightened rarity and corresponding value. In impeccable mint condition, this figurine of Andre commands an approximate worth of $5,000. Even in the form of an action figure, the Eighth Wonder of the World retains its status as a worldwide phenomenon!

3. The American Dream Dusty Rhodes Series 2 Hasbro ($10,000)

The American Dream Dusty Rhodes Series 2 Hasbro

The early 90s Hasbro figures hold a wave of nostalgia for an entire generation of WWE enthusiasts. Particularly rare in the series 2 lineup of the Hasbro releases is the yellow polka-dotted Dusty Rhodes figure—an item of such exceptional scarcity that an AFA Graded version of the “American Dream” figure is presently commanding nearly $10,000 in the online market. Earning a place among the most renowned wrestling collectibles, Hasbro’s Dusty Rhodes figure stands out. This figure emerged in 1991 as a component of Hasbro’s second series within the highly sought-after WWF toy line. During its release, locating this figure proved a formidable challenge, leading some wrestling aficionados to question whether it had indeed hit the market. Various theories attempt to explain this scarcity. One suggests that the Dusty figure’s limited production was due to his perceived lack of popularity within the WWF during that period. A more plausible explanation revolves around the fact that by the time this series debuted in 1991, Dusty Rhodes had begun his departure from the WWF and was transitioning away from full-time in-ring competition.

2. Hasbro WWF Kamala W/Moon on Belly MOCBetwee ($22,000)

Hasbro WWF Kamala W/Moon on Belly MOCBetwee

From 1990 to 1994, Hasbro held the exclusive license to manufacture WWF action figures. As part of Hasbro’s Yellow Card series, they introduced the Kamala action figure. Setting it apart from other Kamala figures in the market, this vintage Kamala action figure showcased a moon on its belly instead of the customary star. Numerous theories have emerged to explain the lunar feature of this figure, but the prevailing one revolves around legal complexities associated with its production. It’s widely speculated that fewer than 24 instances of the Kamala (Moon on Belly) figure exist globally. Its extreme rarity has propelled the Kamala (Moon on Belly) action figure to a position of high esteem among collectors, commanding a valuation that could potentially reach up to $22,000, provided it remains in mint condition within its original packaging.

1. 1989 Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake Rare Black Card ($30,000)

1989 Brutus "The Barber” Beefcake Rare Black Card

In 1989, LJN introduced a collection of figures with distinctive black card backgrounds, all of which eventually attained a status of rarity. Within this assortment, this figure stands out as one of the scarcest and, consequently, commands one of the highest price tags. “The Barber” Brutus Beefcake enjoyed significant popularity during the late ’80s and early ’90s, making action figures from that era exceedingly coveted. However, even considering the demand, a price point of around $30,000 remains undeniably steep. Curiously, it’s noteworthy that certain wrestling toys of the utmost value don’t revolve around former World Champions or prominent company figures. Instead, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, a wrestler renowned from the ’80s but largely residing within the midcard, and famously associated with Hulk Hogan, commands a staggering $25,000 on the market. This particular rendition of Brutus hails from LJN’s 1989 release, part of their elusive black card series, each figure from which is regarded as rare and exceptionally valuable.

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