Top 16 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites (2023)

In a world where the love for anime continues to soar, finding the perfect platform to indulge in your favorite animated series has become a quest for many avid fans. Thanks to the digital era, the convenience of watching anime free online has transformed the way we immerse ourselves in captivating storylines, breathtaking animation, and the vibrant worlds of our beloved characters. Whether you’re seeking classic masterpieces or the latest releases, we have curated a comprehensive list of the top 16 free anime streaming sites that will satiate your craving for thrilling adventures and emotional journeys, all accessible at your fingertips. Get ready to embark on a delightful escapade into the realm of anime, where boundless creativity and captivating narratives await you, without spending a single penny! Speaking from personal experience, I can assure you that with these free anime streaming sites, you can securely watch anime free online. To clarify, we are merely passionate anime enthusiasts and have no affiliation or involvement with any of the aforementioned websites.

Top 16 Free Anime Streaming Sites

16. Masterani

Free Anime Streaming Sites

If you want to watch anime free online, you should definitely consider Masterani! This free anime streaming site is a remarkable website for enjoying animated movies and series, offering unlimited streaming and a user-friendly interface. It stands out as one of the fastest anime streaming sites and provides an anime discussion feature for engaging with fellow anime enthusiasts. While it doesn’t support video downloads, the site remains highly accessible. If you’re seeking an alternative to KissAnime, Masterani is a great option, offering a vast collection of high-quality animated films in various formats. With options for HD streaming at 1080p, 720p, and 480p, accompanied by English subtitles, subbed and dubbed versions, as well as Chinese translations, the site ensures an enjoyable viewing experience. Although it doesn’t store video files and relies on published links or iframes from the internet, this occasionally impacts streaming speeds. Additionally, Masterani features anime clips across all categories, a search function, and a chat function for further interaction.

15. AnimeDao

AnimeDao Free Anime Streaming Sites

AnimeDao is an exceptional free anime streaming site that offers a vast collection of popular anime series and movies while fostering a thriving community of online anime fans. With its user-friendly interface and efficient navigation, AnimeDao provides easy access to the latest anime content on a regular basis. The site is well-organized, ensuring a seamless experience in finding desired titles, whether dubbed or subbed. While imperfect, AnimeDao offers a global platform for free anime access. It is known for its exceptional video quality, impressive loading speeds, and wide content availability. The site allows users to adjust the video quality according to their internet connection speed, ranging from 340p to 1080p. Additionally, AnimeDao offers features such as bookmarking videos, browsing animation in alphabetical order, and receiving notifications for upcoming anime releases. Anime lovers worldwide prefer AnimeDao for its outstanding video quality, efficient loading speeds, and comprehensive content library, making it an excellent choice for accessing anime of the highest possible quality.

14. 9Anime

9Anime Free Anime Streaming Site

9Anime is a free anime streaming site that offers a wide selection of anime series and movies in ultra-high-definition quality. Renowned for showcasing Japan’s top-rated anime, the site also stands out with its unique feature of displaying the release schedule for upcoming anime episodes. Additionally, 9Anime allows users to request the addition of specific anime titles from an existing list, enhancing the platform’s content variety. The site’s sleek and captivating interface immediately conveys its purpose as a hub for free online anime viewing. Navigation is made effortless through a comprehensive system, offering quick filters and alphabetical categorization for easy access to favorite titles. While the loading time may be a drawback, 9Anime remains an excellent option for streaming both old and new anime, providing users with convenient accessibility to newly released episodes. Without a doubt, this website stands out as one of the best free anime platforms available today.

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13. Netflix

Netflix anime streaming site logo

Netflix is a renowned online streaming platform that is synonymous with high-quality programming. While it requires a subscription, the investment is well worth it due to the plethora of original shows, TV series, and anime it offers. In terms of anime content, Netflix shines by providing a wide range of anime series, along with the flexibility to switch between Japanese and English audio options, accompanied by subtitles. It serves as a reliable platform for anime enthusiasts, boasting popular titles like Death Note and Kaguya Sama, available in both subbed and dubbed versions. Moreover, Netflix grants the convenience of downloading your favorite anime on mobile devices, allowing for offline viewing. With its commitment to delivering top-notch content and the availability of high-quality, up-to-date anime, Netflix stands as an excellent choice for those seeking a dependable platform to indulge in the world of anime.

12. Chia-anime

Chia-anime Free Anime Streaming Site

Chia-Anime is a top-notch free anime streaming site that goes above and beyond to cater to anime fans’ desires. Not only does it provide a platform for streaming high-quality anime and reading clean manga titles, but it also offers anime soundtracks, making it a comprehensive source for anime enthusiasts. The interface of Chia-Anime is visually appealing and user-friendly, although it may suffer from slow loading speeds. However, the site compensates for this with its extensive collection of both old and new anime titles. Chia-Anime specifically caters to dedicated anime fans deeply immersed in the anime culture, offering a range of content beyond visual media, such as soundtracks and manga titles. With over 1000 anime available for online streaming, Chia-Anime stands out as one of the best free anime sites. It keeps users up to date with the latest anime releases, and its remarkable interface ensures effortless navigation. Moreover, the site offers a genre list encompassing adventure, comedy, magic, space, and more, allowing users to explore their preferred genres easily. For true anime loyalists, Chia-Anime is an excellent choice that provides an all-encompassing anime experience.

11. Anime heaven

Anime heaven Free Anime Streaming Site

Anime Heaven is a top-tier free anime streaming website that boasts a vast collection of cartoons and animations in high-resolution format. With Anime Heaven, you can enjoy a wide range of shows such as Boruto, Black Clover, One Piece, Hero Academia, and many more without the hassle of downloads or surveys, all without the need to create an account. The site prides itself on its extensive library of over 10,000 movies and TV shows, ensuring there’s something for every anime lover. Offering a mobile-friendly interface and an SSL certificate, Anime Heaven provides a seamless browsing experience, allowing you to delve into a series of captivating anime content. Moreover, Anime Heaven distinguishes itself by allowing users to not only stream but also download videos in various quality options, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a website that offers both functionalities. As one of the leading anime streaming sites, Anime heaven grants you access to all the popular anime series, current releases, cartoons, and movies, providing endless hours of entertainment at no cost.

10. Amazon Anime

Amazon Anime Free Anime Streaming Site

Amazon Anime, a part of Amazon Prime Video, offers a wide range of high-quality anime streaming options within the Prime membership. With access to popular titles like Pokemon, Made in Abyss, and Grand Blue, viewers can enjoy anime in HD and even 4K resolution. The platform supports multiple languages, including English, French, German, Japanese, and Korean, catering to diverse audiences. Compatible with various devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, iOS, and Android, Amazon Anime ensures easy streaming for users across different platforms. Amazon Prime Video, known for its extensive content library, provides a great selection of both new and classic anime shows. Each title on the platform includes a descriptor, offering key information about the anime, and the X-Ray feature allows viewers to refer to cast information while streaming. Additionally, Amazon Prime’s user-friendly interface allows users to pick up their viewing right where they left off and provides the option to rate shows or movies after watching. As a competitor to Netflix, Amazon Prime offers a vast collection of shows, movies, and anime that can be streamed anytime, anywhere. With over 230 anime titles available for free to Prime members, and an additional 700+ titles available to rent or purchase, there is a wide range of options to explore. The platform also provides a helpful navigation tool to filter videos by season, year, quality, type, and language, making it easier for users to find their preferred content. Amazon Prime Video offers membership at $8.99 per month, with a reduced rate of $5.99/month for eligible individuals. Additionally, a 30-day free trial is available for those who want to explore the platform before committing to a membership.

9. MyAnimeList


MyAnimeList (MAL) is a highly regarded ad-free anime streaming website that has gained immense popularity among users, thanks to its user-friendly interface and convenient features. With dedicated tabs for easy navigation, users can effortlessly search for their favorite anime series. Moreover, the site provides short descriptions of shows along with rankings, popularity, reviews, and character information, offering valuable insights for viewers. Emphasizing high-definition video quality and English subtitles, MyAnimeList ensures an enjoyable viewing experience for anime enthusiasts. Beyond its streaming capabilities, MAL takes pride in its extensive anime and manga database, positioning itself as a hub for the anime community. With over half a million users visiting the site daily, MAL serves as an anime social networking platform, providing forums for discussions and connections among like-minded individuals. Users can read reviews from fellow enthusiasts before embarking on new anime series and even form fan clubs to connect with others who share similar interests. As the name suggests, MyAnimeList allows users to create lists of anime series they plan to watch, while also hosting contests that challenge users to complete their lists before others. While free access allows you to enjoy your favorite anime online, a premium subscription at $2.99 per month offers additional benefits such as an ad-free experience and enhanced community interaction. Furthermore, the site offers extensive filtering options, allowing users to search by genre, themes, demographics, studios, rankings, and seasons, ensuring a tailored and personalized anime streaming experience.

8. Contv

contv free anime streaming site

Contv, also known as CONtv (Convention TV), is a streaming service that specializes in catering to fans of comic books, pop culture, and genre entertainment. While Contv does offer some anime content, it is not primarily focused on anime. This platform allows you to enjoy original series, movies from various genres, and comics, among other content. It is accessible through web browsers as well as dedicated applications for iOS and Android devices. You have the option to add videos to your personal watch list for easy access. Your favorite anime shows and live TV programs are available for streaming at any time, 24/7. When it comes to payment options, you can use a credit card. Contv supports a range of devices, including Roku, iOS and Android phones, Smart TVs, and Xbox gaming consoles.

7. Hulu

hulu anime

Hulu offers anime content through its streaming service, but it is not entirely free. Hulu operates on a subscription-based model, and to access its full library, including anime, you would typically need to have a subscription to its service. The streaming service offers a variety of anime titles from different genres, including popular series, classic anime, and exclusive Hulu originals. They provide both subbed (subtitled) and dubbed versions of many anime shows, giving viewers the option to watch in their preferred language.
While Hulu does have a free version of its service, it typically offers limited access to its content library and includes advertisements.

6. Funimation


Owned by Sony, Funimation is a leading anime streaming service renowned for its vast collection of popular subbed and dubbed anime. As one of the best platforms for anime enthusiasts, it offers recently added movies with options for both English subtitles and audio. Funimation stands out by providing timely streaming of the latest shows, typically within a few hours of their original broadcast. Prior to its streaming service, Funimation was involved in the publication of iconic anime series like Beyblade, Pokémon, and Dragon Ball Z in the Western market. With a wide range of genres available, including action, adventure, horror, idol, and drama, Funimation has solidified its position as a go-to destination for anime viewers. Moreover, the website offers a library that encompasses ongoing and completed anime series, allowing users to enjoy the content at their convenience. While Funimation provides free access to advertisements, users also have the option to subscribe and enjoy an ad-free experience.

5. Gogoanime


Gogoanime is a popular free anime streaming platform that offers a vast collection of animated movies. With its simple interface and extensive collection of anime titles, Gogoanime provides a convenient and enjoyable experience for users. The platform allows you to watch anime online for free and offers various browsing options, including searching by day, week, or month. While Gogoanime regularly changes its URLs due to certain legal limitations, it remains dedicated to showcasing high-quality Japanese anime series and movies. One notable feature is its provision of English animation series, eliminating the need for subtitles. The site also includes a section for watching animated films of high quality at any time. Gogoanime stands out by promptly uploading the latest anime releases and organizing titles alphabetically, by release year and month, and by popularity. Despite being a free platform, Gogoanime avoids overwhelming users with intrusive ads. However, it is worth noting that some users may experience slow loading times, which can be mitigated with a faster internet connection. If you are an anime enthusiast seeking a reliable streaming site, Gogoanime is definitely worth exploring.

4. Anime-Planet


Anime-Planet is a remarkable platform that offers its users over 49,000 titles of anime and manga, completely free of charge. With a vast collection at your fingertips, the platform ensures a seamless browsing experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of anime and manga. What sets Anime-Planet apart is its commitment to providing an intuitive and interactive interface, enhancing the enjoyment of consuming anime and manga. Furthermore, it goes beyond mere content delivery, serving as a thriving community hub for anime enthusiasts like yourself. By granting access to forums, character ranking platforms, and more, Anime-Planet enables you to connect with fellow fans and deepen your engagement. Not only does Anime-Planet allow you to watch anime for free, but it also caters to your preferences, arranging the anime accordingly. With a staggering 45,000 animation episodes available on the site, you’ll have no shortage of captivating content to explore. Additionally, the platform offers the convenience of quickly browsing through its extensive library and provides helpful meta descriptions for each anime you wish to watch, enhancing your decision-making process.

3. Kissanime

Kissanime Free Anime Streaming Site

Kissanime stands as one of the best anime websites, captivating users with a vast array of cool animations presented in an appealing thumbnail view. The site ensures the latest anime releases take center stage on its well-arranged homepage, allowing seamless navigation through various anime categories. Exploring the anime list reveals meticulously organized videos categorized for effortless browsing, with a simple click on the desired anime name swiftly transporting users to the dedicated video page. Although video resolution adjustments are unavailable on the playback window and occasional ads may interrupt the experience, Kissanime shines brightest for its extensive range of anime episodes released daily. This anime streaming site offers a comprehensive filter system enabling users to search for videos by name, genre, and status. With over 4000 anime episodes released worldwide each day, Kissanime provides a high-resolution streaming experience, showcasing content in formats like HD, 4K, and UHD, making it a go-to destination for anime enthusiasts seeking a diverse and visually stunning collection of animated movies.


tubitv free anime streaming site offers a variety of features for anime enthusiasts. With its comprehensive genre list, including adventure, comedy, magic, and space, you can easily explore and discover anime series that match your preferences. The platform provides convenient access to new anime releases, allowing you to stay up to date with the latest shows. Additionally, offers a wide selection of popular and recent anime movies for your enjoyment. Alongside visual content, you can also find soundtracks and manga titles on the platform, creating a holistic anime experience. is available for free streaming on its website, supporting various devices such as Mac, Windows PC, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TVs, and Smart TVs. While the platform offers easy navigation and fast video loading, it’s important to note that the viewing experience may be occasionally interrupted by advertisements. However, the availability of free dubbed versions of anime and its worldwide accessibility make a convenient option for anime fans.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll streaming site logo

For those who don’t know, Crunchyroll is a longstanding player in the anime streaming realm and has become synonymous with anime and manga culture in the Western world. With licenses to some of the most beloved anime properties, Crunchyroll offers a comprehensive platform for fans to indulge in their favorite series. Not only does it serve as a hub for anime, but it also features an enticing store where fans can find a range of captivating anime merchandise. As a joint venture between Japan’s Aniplex and Sony Pictures Entertainment, Crunchyroll offers a vast selection of anime shows, granting users the opportunity to enjoy dramas and animations for free. This site allows viewers to immerse themselves in renowned anime titles like Naruto and Yuri on Ice, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching experience for anime enthusiasts. Crunchyroll emerges as our recommended choice in our compilation of the “Top 15 Free Anime Streaming Sites in 2023”.

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