Top 20 Best Aliens In Cartoons

In the vast and imaginative realm of animated entertainment, extraterrestrial beings have long captivated our curiosity and sparked our imagination. From the quirky and endearing to the bizarre and menacing, cartoon aliens have etched themselves into the cultural tapestry of our lives. As we embark on a journey through the cosmos of creativity, join us in counting down the best 20 aliens from cartoon shows. Each one is a testament to the limitless boundaries of human inventiveness and artistic ingenuity. So, prepare for liftoff as we delve into a galaxy of otherworldly characters, ranked and celebrated for their unique charm, impact, and lasting appeal.


20. Gromflomites from Rick & Morty

best aliens in cartoons: Gromflomites from Rick & Morty

Within the realm of the Rick and Morty TV animated series, a recurring alien presence takes form in the Gromflomites, who emerge sporadically as antagonists. As integral components of the Galactic Federation, a potent interstellar authority within the show’s universe, these insectoid beings possess a striking appearance characterized by their multiple limbs and distinctive features.

The Gromflomites are notable for their innate bureaucratic inclinations and authoritative disposition, often entangled in intricate plots and power dynamics. Across various episodes, they weave into the narrative, impacting stories that revolve around the Galactic Federation’s endeavors, which extend to exerting control over diverse worlds.

Central to their role is their involvement in the show’s overarching themes, particularly in connection with their attempts to manipulate and manage planetary systems. An intriguing facet emerges through their interactions with other characters, notably Rick, who consistently challenges their authority and schemes. Indeed, Rick’s disregard for bureaucratic norms becomes evident as he directly precipitates the downfall of a considerable number of Gromflomites, a testament to his unorthodox approach to confrontations and his penchant for dismantling established systems.

19. Kif Kroker from Futurama

best aliens in cartoons: Kif Kroker from Futurama

Intertwined with the zany adventures and comedic dynamics of “Futurama,” the animated series, lies the captivating theme of aliens in cartoons. Among these extraterrestrial characters, Kif Kroker emerges as a standout example. Serving as the long-suffering assistant to the main antagonist, Zapp Brannigan, Kif is a fascinating member of the amphibious alien species known as the “Amphibiosans.” Despite his origins, Kif stands out for his mild-mannered, nervous, and intelligent demeanor, which stands in stark contrast to the overconfident and often bumbling personality of Zapp Brannigan.

Amidst the intergalactic escapades, Kif’s character is frequently entangled in difficult and embarrassing situations, a direct result of Zapp’s reckless behavior and questionable decisions. A recurring theme centers around Kif’s connection with Zapp’s love interest, Leela, showcasing his unspoken affection for her. This dynamic adds an emotional layer to the show, amplified by Kif’s unique appearance—featuring green skin, distinctive eye stalks, and a relatively tall and slender body.

One of the most memorable aspects of Kif is his deadpan delivery and his propensity to sigh in exasperation, which resonates with viewers and enhances the comedic elements of the cartoon series. As the show progresses, Kif’s character serves as an effective foil to Zapp Brannigan’s over-the-top personality, highlighting the contrast between the two and contributing to the overall humor of “Futurama.”

In the grand tapestry of “Futurama,” where the unexpected is the norm and the bizarre is routine, the presence of aliens in cartoons like Kif Kroker injects a vibrant and imaginative element into the narrative, making it a beloved and enduring animated classic.

18. Nerdlucks from Space Jam

best aliens in cartoons: Nerdlucks from Space Jam

In the world of “Space Jam,” a group called the Nerdlucks takes the spotlight. These small aliens live on Moron Mountain, an amusement park owned by Mr. Swackhammer. He sends them on a mission to capture the Looney Tunes and bring them to the park as attractions.

However, the Looney Tunes, led by Bugs Bunny, decide to challenge the Nerdlucks. They propose a basketball game to determine what happens next. A mix of humor and excitement follows as the Nerdlucks face this unexpected twist.

Recognizing their disadvantage in a fair basketball match due to their size, the Nerdlucks come up with a smart plan. They steal the talents of professional basketball players and transform them into the Monstars, becoming larger and more skilled versions of the players.

With their new size and basketball abilities, the Monstars initially dominate the game against the Looney Tunes.

17. Martian Manhunter from Justice League

best aliens in cartoons: Martian Manhunter from Justice League

In the animated series “Justice League,” Martian Manhunter, also known as J’onn J’onzz, takes on a significant role. As a core member of the Justice League, a collective of superheroes united in safeguarding Earth, Martian Manhunter contributes his remarkable abilities to the team’s efforts. Hailing from Mars, he possesses a diverse skill set, including shape-shifting, telepathy, super strength, flight, and the unique capability to phase through solid objects.

Beneath his formidable exterior lies a complex character who grapples with profound feelings of isolation, stemming from being one of the last remaining individuals of his kind. Despite his personal struggles, Martian Manhunter radiates a calm and wise aura, often serving as the voice of reason during the team’s missions.

Notably, his interactions with his fellow teammates are marked by respect and admiration, owing to his sage-like presence and compassionate nature. He stands out as a symbol of empathy, driven by an unwavering dedication to protecting humanity from various threats.

The cartoon depiction of the alien Martian Manhunter has played a pivotal role in elevating the character’s prominence among fans of DC Comics. Through his multifaceted persona, unique abilities, and impactful contributions to the team’s dynamics, he has become a beloved and influential figure within the “Justice League” universe.

16. DeeBees from Love, Death & Robots

best aliens in cartoons: DeeBees from Love, Death & Robots

In the “Suits” episode of the famous animated robot series, Love, Death & Robots, the role of primary antagonists is assumed by the DeeBees. These entities emerge as distinctive quadrupedal creatures with a striking blue hue, reminiscent of alien insects. Their physical composition includes specialized appendages at the extremities of their arms and legs, tailored with the purpose of effectively stabbing their prey. A noteworthy feature lies in their visage, which lacks any distinctive traits except for an imposing row of teeth.

Within the narrative, these DeeBees embark on an aggressive onslaught, targeting the livestock owned by farmer Hank and his neighbors. This predatory behavior prompts the farmers to take action and defend their interests. Equipped with colossal mechanical suits, they launch into a defensive stance against the DeeBees’ threat.

The clash between the farmers and the DeeBees becomes a central focal point of the episode, characterized by its intense battles and high-stakes encounters. The distinctive appearance and predatory nature of the DeeBees add an element of tension and intrigue to the storyline, enhancing the overall experience of the “Suits” episode within the Love, Death & Robots series.

15. The Flaxan Leader from Invincible

best aliens in cartoons: The Flaxan Leader from Invincible

Highlighted as a standout alien, The Flaxan Leader emerges as a significant character within the narrative. This extraterrestrial entity assumes the role of a Flaxan soldier, orchestrating multiple invasion endeavors targeting Earth. Characterized by its distinctive appearance, the Flaxan Leader boasts a green complexion, accompanied by six antennae and distinctive black eyes featuring striking yellow, vertical pupils.

Throughout the invasion attempts, this character’s demeanor is marked by ruthlessness and sadism, surpassing even the behavior of its fellow soldiers. An unsettling facet comes to the fore as the Flaxan Leader exhibits a chilling smile while committing acts of violence, including the murder of a defenseless elderly woman.

Fortunately, the tide of events takes a turn as Omni-Man intervenes in a decisive manner. The Flaxan Leader meets a fitting and brutal end when Omni-Man subjects it to a forceful demise, crashing the leader through multiple buildings.

14. Zorak from Space Ghost

Zorak from Space Ghost

Zorak, a standout among cartoon aliens, hails from the planet Dokar and is celebrated as a remarkable character. This sentient being shares the appearance of a colossal mantis, much like his fellow inhabitants of his species. Originally, Zorak played the role of a sinister figure, having served as the leader of a space warrior army and standing as one of Space Ghost’s most formidable adversaries in the classic “Space Ghost” superhero show.

Yet, his trajectory took a fascinating turn as he transitioned to a new role within the cast of “Space Ghost Coast to Coast.” In this later iteration, Zorak assumed the mantle of musical director and band leader, infusing the talk show with his distinctive presence. As the bandleader, Zorak would offer musical interludes and share his unique commentary during the segments of the talk show.

This transformation cemented Zorak’s status as a cherished character within the “Space Ghost Coast to Coast” series, adding an integral layer to the show’s distinctive comedic fabric. His evolution from antagonist to a key comedic contributor highlights the versatility of his character and speaks to the enduring appeal he holds among fans of the show. Zorak’s presence, as the musical maestro and commentator, resonates as an essential element of the series’ humor and overall charm.

13. Krang from Teenage Mutant ninja turtles

Krang from Teenage Mutant ninja turtles

Hailing from the enigmatic realm of Dimension X, Krang emerges as a formidable alien warlord of notable repute. His original portrayal depicts a brain-like entity adorned with tentacles, encapsulated within a formidable robotic exosuit. This mechanized shell grants him mobility and the ability to interface with the external world. Brimming with ambition, Krang is characterized by his unyielding thirst for power and his ruthlessness as a villain.

His nefarious aspirations encompass the conquest of not only Earth but also his own dimensional realm. In his endeavors, Krang consistently forms alliances with fellow villains, most notably the infamous Shredder, uniting their efforts to realize their shared objectives.

Various adaptations of the franchise have shed light on Krang’s intricate backstory and multifaceted character. In some iterations, he assumes the role of a once-mighty warlord who seeks to redeem his past honor, while in others, his persona takes on more whimsical or eccentric dimensions.

The distinctive fusion of his appearance—a brain nestled within a robotic body—and his strategic partnership with the Shredder have propelled Krang into the echelons of memorable villains within the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe.

12. Roger from American Dad

Roger from American Dad

Roger stands as a charismatic cartoon alien who found his terrestrial fate intertwined with that of the Smith family after crash-landing on Earth. His distinctive ability lies in his chameleonic array of disguises and alter egos, which adeptly shield his extraterrestrial origins while facilitating his immersive interaction within the human world. Exuding a flamboyant persona, his presence infuses the show with humor, thanks to his audacious antics, capricious behavior, and penchant for embarking on diverse escapades.

Throughout the series, Roger’s dynamic role within the Smith family and his tendency to straddle moral boundaries infuse a dynamic spark into the show’s narrative. The interplay between Roger and the Smiths fuels much of the show’s evolving storyline. His distinctive interactions and relationships with other characters are pivotal, shaping the contours of the series’ comedic trajectory.

Despite his opportunistic inclinations and penchant for self-interest, Roger’s complex character occasionally reveals a genuine fondness for the Smiths, hinting at an underlying layer of affection beneath his surface-level escapades.

11. Orbitty from The Jetsons

Orbitty from The Jetsons

Hailing from the distinct realm of Satellitus craterus orbitus, Orbitty emerges as a diminutive extraterrestrial figure of notable significance. Representing an endangered species, Orbitty’s origins are intricately tied to their unique attributes: spring-loaded limbs and suction-cupped feet. An intriguing facet lies in the species’ ability to morph through a spectrum of colors, a phenomenon mirroring their emotional states. This vibrant transformation ranges from crimson hues when vexed to blue tints during times of sadness, and even adopting a yellow shade when confronted with fear.

Orbitty’s journey originates with his discovery as an egg by Elroy Jetson. Nurtured under Elroy’s watchful care, Orbitty eventually hatches within the confines of the Jetson household. This auspicious beginning solidifies his role as an endearing member of the Jetson family. While not necessarily as central as the iconic figures like George Jetson or Rosie the Robot, Orbitty manages to carve a distinctive niche within the “The Jetsons” universe, leaving an enduring imprint as a character that adds to the show’s charm and complexity.

10. Mooncake from Final Space

best aliens in cartoons: Mooncake from Final Space

Mooncake, a pivotal character within the “Final Space” series, captures attention with his distinctive appearance and enigmatic capabilities. Sporting a small, spherical form with a green hue, his countenance resembles that of a star. A defining feature is his remarkable ability to emit a potent energy beam, rendering him a coveted entity within the show’s expansive universe.

As the narrative unfolds, Mooncake’s true identity and significance gradually unfurl, adding layers of complexity to his role. Stepping cautiously to avoid spoilers, the series delves into Mooncake’s multifaceted purpose and power, weaving a narrative that unravels his depth and importance. His character becomes a linchpin in the ongoing struggle between the central protagonists and the opposing forces of darkness.

A poignant element emerges through Mooncake’s connection with the main protagonist, Gary Goodspeed. This friendship forms a poignant emotional core that resonates throughout the show. “Final Space” skillfully blends humor, action, and emotional storytelling, making Mooncake’s mysterious origins and distinctive abilities integral to the show’s captivating allure. His role not only adds intrigue but also enriches the narrative’s depth, contributing to the show’s enduring appeal.

9. Space Chicken from Courage the Cowardly Dog

best aliens in cartoons: Space Chicken from Courage the Cowardly Dog

“Space Chicken,” a distinctive extraterrestrial figure, takes center stage in the animated TV show “Courage the Cowardly Dog.” Specifically featured in the episode titled “The Clutching Foot” from the second season, this character introduces an intriguing blend of mystery and dark humor.

The episode kicks off with the crash landing of a seemingly harmless, diminutive chicken from outer space near the farmhouse inhabited by Courage, Muriel, and Eustace. Initially assuming a friendly demeanor, the chicken’s innocent appearance gradually morphs as the story progresses. It undergoes a startling transformation, growing in size while adopting a more ominous disposition. This evolution triggers a series of unsettling and bizarre behaviors, culminating in the terrorization of Courage, Muriel, and Eustace.

The episode takes a surreal and decidedly comedic turn as “Space Chicken’s” true intentions unfurl. The unfolding narrative unveils its darker side, adding layers of intrigue and surprise to the storyline. “Space Chicken” emerges as a noteworthy addition to the eclectic roster of characters within “Courage the Cowardly Dog,” a series renowned for its distinct blend of the eerie and the unusual.

8. The Great Gazoo from The Flintstones

best aliens in cartoons: The Great Gazoo from The Flintstones

The Great Gazoo stands out as an extraterrestrial entity within the animated TV series “The Flintstones.” The show unfolds in the prehistoric backdrop of Bedrock, focusing on the lives of the Flintstone family and their neighboring Rubbles. Gazoo’s unique presence adds a quirky twist to this familiar setting.

This small, floating alien sports a distinctive green hue and is characterized by advanced technology. Gazoo’s arrival in Bedrock stems from his banishment from his home planet, a consequence of his penchant for causing mischief. This mischievous streak remains a defining aspect of his character as he continues to employ his advanced gadgets to engineer humorous scenarios and conflicts for the cast of characters.

While his technological prowess could offer assistance, Gazoo’s interventions often lead to more complications than resolutions. His unpredictable nature and his knack for generating chaos give rise to entertaining predicaments that fuel the show’s comedic essence.

The Great Gazoo’s introduction deviates from the show’s customary prehistoric ambiance, injecting an unexpected element of science fiction. His iconic catchphrase, “Hello, dum-dums!” echoes as a hallmark of his interactions, while his role as an enigmatic observer and instigator infuses the narrative with a touch of unpredictability. As a unique and whimsical addition to the Flintstones universe, The Great Gazoo leaves an indelible mark on the show’s charm and narrative diversity.


best aliens in cartoons: KANG AND KODOS from THE SIMPSONS

Kang and Kodos, the dynamic duo of alien beings, are recurring fixtures in the Halloween-themed “Treehouse of Horror” episodes of “The Simpsons.” These episodes are revered for their departure from the show’s canonical themes, delving into the realms of horror and science fiction. Kang and Kodos stand as emblematic figures within these eerie narratives.

These towering extraterrestrial entities sport distinct features: a towering stature, green skin, octopus-like heads, and sizable, expressive eyes. Their ensembles are a nod to their cosmic origins, often adorned with space-themed attire. Their personas oscillate between sinister and comically mischievous, yielding an intriguing blend of characteristics.

Kang and Kodos’ roles in the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes span a spectrum of creative portrayals. Their involvement ranges from rulers of far-off alien dominions to cunning invaders armed with intricate plans. This diverse array of roles showcases their versatility as characters within these non-traditional episodes.

Over time, Kang and Kodos have ascended to the status of icons within “The Simpsons” universe. Their recurrent appearances in the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes contribute to the show’s distinctiveness, offering viewers a captivating blend of horror, science fiction, and comedic elements. Their enduring presence underscores the show’s commitment to embracing unconventional narratives and fostering a rich, imaginative narrative landscape.

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6. Korvo from Solar Opposites

best aliens in cartoons: Korvo from Solar Opposites

In the “Solar Opposites” holiday special, titled “A Very Solar Holiday Opposites Special,” the spotlight falls on the Solars as they attempt to comprehend and engage in holiday festivities. The episode finds them in a humorous and likely unconventional exploration of the holiday spirit.

At the helm of the show is the main protagonist, Korvo, hailing from the now-destroyed utopian planet Shlorp. Having taken refuge on Earth alongside his companion Terry, and their replicants Yumyulack and Jesse, Korvo grapples with assimilating into the nuances of Earth’s societal norms. Their earnest efforts often land them in entertaining and laugh-inducing situations.

Within the familial dynamics, Korvo emerges as a notable figure, recognized for his sharpness and serving as a natural leader. However, his struggles surface when it comes to navigating the complexities of social interactions in their new Earthly habitat.

As the Solars navigate the unfamiliar territory of Earth and its holiday traditions, the “Solar Opposites” holiday special promises a blend of comedic misadventures and offbeat exploration, capturing the essence of the show’s unique humor and narrative approach.



In the Toy Story franchise, The Aliens form a distinctive trio of toy characters. These green-hued, three-eyed beings sport the Pizza Planet brand’s outer space jumpsuits, lending them a unique appearance. These memorable characters hold a prominent role within the films, marked by their iconic catchphrase, “The Claw!”

Introduced in the first Toy Story movie, The Aliens inhabit a claw machine within the Pizza Planet restaurant. Their fascination with Buzz Lightyear, the space ranger toy, is palpable, viewing him as a near-deity figure capable of rescuing them from the grip of the claw. Central to their worldview is a deep faith in “The Claw” as a benevolent force that selects toys for salvation.

Their endearing innocence and wholehearted belief in “The Claw” contribute to their distinct charm and comedic value within the movies. The Aliens’ unflagging enthusiasm and unwavering devotion to this belief form a unique contrast to the other toys’ more grounded perspectives. Their interactions with Buzz Lightyear and their role within the Toy Story narrative serve to infuse a lighthearted blend of humor and heartwarming moments. These toy aliens have etched themselves into the franchise’s identity, embodying a delightful combination of devotion, curiosity, and comedic innocence.



The Visitors, a recurring element in the South Park universe, contribute to a comedic exploration of science fiction and conspiracy theories. Woven into the fabric of the show’s narrative, they embody a running joke that satirizes these themes.

The core concept centers on the notion that “South Park” functions as an actual reality TV show, masterminded by higher-dimensional beings called the Joozians. Among the enigmatic entities involved in the show’s production crew are The Visitors, who belong to a distinct alien species. Operating behind the scenes, they manipulate events and characters within South Park, leading to a series of outlandish and comical situations.

Visualized as diminutive, grey extraterrestrial creatures with oversized heads and notable eyes, The Visitors serve as a blend of parody and commentary. Their technological prowess adds to the absurdity as they navigate their roles within the show’s meta-narrative. Communicating in an unusual, garbled language, they mirror familiar depictions of alien beings while adding their unique touch to the comedic proceedings.

Through their antics and involvement in the show’s surreal machinations, The Visitors contribute to the distinctive humor that characterizes South Park’s approach to satirizing various aspects of popular culture, science fiction, and reality television.

3. Stitch from Lilo and Stitch

best aliens in cartoons: Stitch from Lilo and Stitch

Stitch, known by his experimental designation 626, occupies a significant role in Disney’s 2002 animated film “Lilo & Stitch.” Originally conceived as Experiment 626, he was genetically engineered to sow chaos and destruction. With his distinctive traits, including blue fur, oversized ears, and sharp teeth, he boasts an array of exceptional abilities, encompassing super strength and the capacity to retract extra limbs. However, the heart of Stitch’s character resides in his unforeseen transformation.

Despite his engineered purpose, Stitch’s persona is defined by his mischievous nature. The narrative unfurls as he escapes captivity, finding his way to Earth’s shores. Here, an unexpected encounter occurs as he crosses paths with a young girl named Lilo. This union forms the crux of the story, catalyzing a gradual evolution in Stitch’s demeanor.

Through his interactions with Lilo, Stitch’s trajectory takes an unforeseen turn. The journey is marked by poignant moments, as Stitch’s initial penchant for disruption morphs into a more compassionate, endearing character. This transformation resonates as a central theme, underscoring the power of relationships to shape individuals.

The film’s triumph heralded the inception of an expansive franchise, encompassing sequels, a TV series, and a range of merchandise. Stitch’s emergence as a beloved figure within Disney’s lineup owes to his idiosyncratic personality and his compelling journey. His evolution from a genetically engineered agent of destruction to an affectionate, integral member of Lilo’s family forms a heartwarming narrative arc that has left an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers.

2. Zim from INVADER ZIM

best aliens in cartoons: Zim from INVADER ZIM

“Invader Zim” traverses the eccentric escapades of an alien entity named Zim, embroiled in a peculiar quest to conquer Earth on behalf of the Irken Empire. Zim is a representative of the Irken invader race, characterized by their imperialistic pursuits and an unrelenting desire to subject other planets under their dominion. Nonetheless, Zim’s endeavors diverge significantly from the norm.

While ostensibly a member of the invasion corps, Zim’s capabilities are far from exceptional, and his achievements in the realm of conquest are largely underwhelming. His demeanor is marked by an excessive self-assurance that often veers into the realm of overconfidence. His attempts to realize his objectives frequently result in comedic failures, showcasing his ineptitude as an invader.

Paradoxically, Zim remains firmly convinced of his own greatness and the significance of his mission to conquer Earth. His unwavering self-belief fuels his tenacity, even in the face of his consistent lack of success. Zim’s physical attributes, such as his green skin, prominent eyes, and the customary Irken uniform, contribute to his distinct appearance.

1. Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes

best aliens in cartoons: Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes

Our top selection for the roster of best aliens in cartoons is none other than Marvin the Martian, a standout figure from the beloved Looney Tunes animated series. Conceived by the creative mind of Chuck Jones, Marvin made his inaugural appearance in the cartoon short “Haredevil Hare” back in 1948. Since then, he has etched himself into the annals of animated history.

Marvin emerges as a distinctive character, often portrayed as a diminutive extraterrestrial adorned with a signature helmet. His tranquil, soft voice serves as a defining trait, lending a unique quality to his persona. Recognizable by his Roman soldier-inspired helmet, Marvin is known for his penchant to concoct intricate, yet amusingly flawed inventions aimed at obliterating Earth or other celestial bodies.

Ironically, despite his nefarious aims, Marvin’s presence often evokes more amusement than alarm. His relentless attempts at destruction yield an unintended comedic flair. His endeavors might fall short, but they never lack humor. This fusion of a seemingly villainous intent with humor has endeared Marvin to fans across generations.

Marvin’s appearance and demeanor, complemented by his continual misfires in his schemes, have solidified his status as a cherished figure in the realm of animation. With numerous appearances in Looney Tunes cartoons, comics, video games, and a wide array of media, Marvin has solidified his spot as one of the iconic characters synonymous with the Looney Tunes legacy.

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