12 Best Rick & Morty Action Figures

Embarking on a dimension-hopping adventure with a mad scientist and his grandson might sound like an unlikely journey, but for fans of the wildly inventive animated series ‘Rick and Morty,’ it’s just another day in the multiverse. Among the many collectibles celebrating this mind-bending show, action figures have carved out a special niche. From iconic characters to outlandish variants across parallel dimensions, these figures encapsulate the eccentricity and charm of the show. Join us as we delve into the multiverse of the 12 Best Rick and Morty Action Figures, celebrating the unique and often bizarre incarnations that have become treasured possessions for enthusiasts of all ages.

Best Rick & Morty Action Figures

12. WARRIOR SUMMER (Funko Pop #341)

Best Rick & Morty Action Figures,WARRIOR SUMMER (Funko Pop #341)

Indeed, Summer’s resilience is remarkable, surpassing her brother’s toughness by far. However, her true strength was revealed in the episode “Rickmancing the Stone,” where Rick and his grandchildren found themselves transported to a diesel-fueled post-apocalyptic Earth, teeming with dieselpunk vehicles, shotguns, mutants, and cannibals. In this harsh environment, Summer served under Hemorrhage, the leader of the Death Stalkers, showcasing her warrior prowess by demonstrating formidable skills in combat. This Funko Pop figurine was crafted to mirror her warrior persona, effectively capturing her fierce appearance—an interpretation that, in my opinion, perfectly encapsulates her character.

11. Mr. Poopy Butthole (Funko #177)

Mr. Poopy Butthole (Funko #177), Best Rick & Morty Action Figures

Mr. Poopy Butthole is a friendly creature who resembles a small, yellow, humanoid being. He’s known for his catchphrase, “Ooh-wee!” In the show, Mr. Poopy Butthole is portrayed as a longtime family friend of the Smiths, which is weird, because viewers not having seen him before. His eccentric appearance and surprising emergence in the series have rendered Mr. Poopy Butthole a cherished and unforgettable figure among “Rick and Morty” enthusiasts, thereby establishing him as an excellent choice for a Funko figurine.

10. EVIL MORTY (Funko Pop #141 )

Best Rick & Morty Action Figures, EVIL MORTY (Funko Pop #141 )

Evil Morty is a version of Morty Smith from an alternate reality. Unlike the regular Morty, Evil Morty is depicted as highly intelligent, manipulative, and cunning. He wears an eyepatch, which conceals a cybernetic eye, and he possesses a calculating and ambitious demeanor. Evil Morty is shown to be a skilled strategist and planner, capable of orchestrating complex schemes and manipulating situations to his advantage. Throughout the series, Evil Morty’s motivations and ultimate goals remain somewhat mysterious, but he is known for his ruthlessness and the lengths to which he goes to achieve his objectives. He’s often seen in a position of power, controlling others or maneuvering behind the scenes for his own agenda. The 3.75-inch Funko Pop figure featuring Evil Morty is an excellent inclusion for any Rick and Morty action figure assortment.

9. Wasp Rick (Funko POP! #663)

Best Rick & Morty Action Figures

Rick and Morty have prominently embraced the concept of alternate dimensions within the show, delving into episodes that thoroughly explore the more outlandish versions of Rick and Morty across different universes. This has sparked a plethora of fantastic fan artwork. In “Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat,” the narrative ventures into the Wasp Universe, introducing Wasp Rick, who clashes with the Rick from Universe C-137. This character is quite specific and unique, yet the Funko POP! figure design exceeds expectations. It manages to encapsulate both absurdity and repulsiveness, standing out as an exceptional oddity among the numerous Rick variations that exist.

8. ANGRY MR. MEESEEKS (Funko #174)

Best Rick & Morty Action Figures, ANGRY MR. MEESEEKS (Funko #174)

Mr. Meeseeks appears in the fifth episode of the first season, titled “Meeseeks and Destroy.” He is a blue, humanoid, and helpful creature summoned by a Meeseeks Box, which creates these beings to assist with tasks upon request. Meeseeks exist solely to fulfill a specific task assigned to them, and they cease to exist once the task is completed. They are typically friendly and eager to help but can become increasingly frustrated and unstable if unable to fulfill their assigned task, especially if it becomes too complicated or if they are kept alive for too long. Mr. Meeseeks has become a popular character known for his catchphrase, “I’m Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!” His unique look featuring a rounded head, blue skin, and a high-pitched voice makes an excellent design for a Funko figurine!

7. Noob Noob (Funko POP! #441)

Best Rick & Morty Action Figures, Noob Noob (Funko POP! #441)

One character I particularly enjoy on the show is Noob Noob, who serves as a janitor at the Vindicators Headquarters, the superhero team featured in the series. Despite his seemingly mundane role, Noob Noob becomes the center of attention in an episode where Rick, one of the main characters, in a drunken rant, expresses admiration for Noob Noob’s work, highlighting the contrast with the unappreciative nature of the Vindicators themselves. Despite having limited screen time, Noob Noob has garnered a strong fan following, with his popularity growing within the Rick and Morty community. His distinctive character design is further celebrated through the creation of a Funk POP! figure.

6. Krombopulos Michael (Funko POP! #264)

Krombopulos Michael (Funko POP! #264), Krombopulos Michael (Funko POP! #264)

Some characters in Rick and Morty require multiple appearances to resonate with audiences, but Krombopulos Michael became an instant favorite when he appeared in the episode “Mortynight Run”. His insect-like appearance and unforgettable role make him precisely the type of character deserving of an action figure. Krombopulos Michael is a skilled and notorious assassin known for his nonchalant attitude toward the numerous murders he carries out. A unique Funko POP! of Krombopulos was launched at the New York Comic Con in 2017, rendering this figure more of a collector’s rarity.

5. Squanchy (Funko #175)

Squanchy (Funko #175)

Squanchy is a cat-like anthropomorphic creature who is a good friend of Rick Sanchez. He is often depicted as being wild and rowdy, with a raspy voice and a habit of using the word “squanch” in place of various verbs and nouns. Squanchy has a tendency to become particularly excited or aggressive, especially when he gets involved in high-energy situations or parties. Squanchy embodies the quintessential essence of Rick and Morty, celebrating the show’s eccentricity. He represents a chaotic force that remarkably influences a character as instinctual as Rick. The intricately crafted Squanchy figure vividly captures the frenzied essence of this creature. In the line-up of Funko Rick and Morty action figures, some sets include components to assemble separate Build-A-Figure characters. Notably, Squanchy’s figure includes the head and torso required to assemble the Krombopulos Michael Build-A-Figure, creating a somewhat humorous illusion of Squanchy disassembling the assassin.

4. Scary Terry (Funko #300)

Scary Terry (Funko #300)

Scary Terry is a parody of the horror movie character Freddy Krueger from the “Nightmare on Elm Street” film series. Much like Freddy Krueger, Scary Terry is a dream-invading character who wears a striped sweater and a fedora. However, in contrast to his fearsome appearance, Scary Terry is portrayed with a comedic twist. He has a habit of using the word “bitch” as a catchphrase in his speech, even though he struggles to maintain a menacing demeanor. Despite his efforts to be terrifying, Scary Terry becomes a sympathetic character in the episode. While Scary Terry hasn’t made frequent appearances in the series, the existence of this action figure attests to the character’s popularity, making for a quirky and enjoyable addition to the collection.

3. Pickle Rick In Rat Suit (Funko)

Pickle Rick In Rat Suit (Funko)

Well, I have to admit that this is a really weird one and the most expensive Funko Pop action figure on this list! As we all know, Rick and Morty have sparked numerous trends, but the fervor behind the standalone Pickle Rick episode stands out uniquely within the series. Pickle Rick’s popularity has resulted in a wide range of merchandise, but the most innovative portrayal is found in the Funko action figure. This intricately detailed figure offers attachable weaponry, including a giant laser. However, the standout feature is the inclusion of a dead rat mask for Pickle Rick, an element that completes his costume and adds an extra touch of authenticity!

2. Tinkles/Ghost In A Jar (Funko POP! #256)

Tinkles/Ghost In A Jar (Funko POP! #256)

Summer and Tinkles, Friends with each other, Living in Never Past Bedtime Land“. Like many other Rick and Morty fans, my favorite episode is “Total Rikall”! This installment follows the Smith family as they combat a parasite that plants fabricated memories into their minds. The outcome is a bizarre episode introducing numerous new characters invading the family’s home. Among these creations, Tinkles and Ghost in a Jar are two of the many absurd entities interjected into the Smith family’s memories. While Mr. Poopy Butthole emerges as a notable character from this experience, Tinkles and Ghost in a Jar are comparatively less memorable. However, this action figure duo stands out not just for its highly specific nature but also because it’s a Funko POP! set exclusive to the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, elevating its desirability as a collector’s item. That’s why it secures the second spot on the list of best Rick and Morty action figures.

1. Snowball Build-A-Figure (Funko)

Top 10 Rick & Morty Action FiguresSnowball Build-A-Figure (Funko)

My top pick for this list of best Rick and Morty action figures is the. Snowball Build-A-Figure Funko. In the second episode of the first season titled “Lawnmower Dog,” Snowball is the Smith family’s pet dog. After gaining enhanced intelligence due to one of Rick’s inventions, Snowball, aka Snuffles, becomes highly intelligent and develops an ambition for improving the lives of dogs everywhere. He leads a pack of intelligent dogs in a rebellion against humanity, seeking equality and freedom for their kind. This mechanized iteration of Snowball is both impressive and intimidating! This Snowball figure holds a special status worth boasting about because it isn’t available for individual purchase; instead, it’s assembled by collecting all the other Rick and Morty Funko figures from that series. The innovative Build-A-Figure concept aligns perfectly with Snowball and his robotic suit, making it a creative and fitting approach for this character.

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