New Machines Introduced in Horizon Forbidden West

The Horizon series is going strong with its games introducing a gradual saga of chapters revolving around humanity slowly unearthing the secrets of the world. With Horizon Forbidden West, the series makes an even greater stomp with a tasteful selection of new machines, weaponry, attires, and lands to explore. It’s apparent that Horizon pulls its popularity from how the combat system is so diverse; players take charge of Alloy who is armed with a mix of primitive and advanced machinery, taking on robot animals that are armed to the teeth.

We’ll be taking a closer look at the machines introduced in Horizon Forbidden West in this article but before we get into it, it is good to know that the game sizes up to a massive 80 GB and goes even further in size if you’re planning to get its expansion, Burning Shores. If you want to spend less time downloading the game and more on actually playing it then consider setting yourself up with a viable internet connection.

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Now, without further ado, let’s check out all the machines!


The rollerback is a defense-centered machine that takes its inspiration from the armadillo. These machines like to curl up into a ball and hurl themselves at the player with fiery propulsion systems. To make matters spicier, the rollerback can also detach its many scales and use them as projectiles to throw at Aloy. It can then pull them back to its body using a magnetic system embedded in its core.

The only way to deal with this menace, aim your arrows at its head or at the small openings in its armor. By targeting the weak spots, players can aim to throw the rollerback off its balance and then go in for the kill.


The Burrowers are a close cousin of the Watchers introduced in the first game. Staying true to their name, burrowers like to dig into the ground and pop up from the ground beneath the player’s feat, dishing out heaps of damage. They walk on all fours like a weasel and are nimble on their feet. The recon machine attached to their backs can alert other machines in case of trouble and they often travel in packs of four.


These machines take their inspiration from baboons. As acrobatic as they are, they can also pack a mean punch. When in combat, the clamberjaw jumps to walls and fires projectiles from its tail. It can also use the wall to double jump and pounce on the player, pummeling them from up top in deadly fashion. Since their attacks are so debilitating and they like to work in packs, it’d be in your best interest to keep your eyes peeled when traversing through dense jungles.


One of the most terrifying machines to exist in Horizon Forbidden West. The Tremortusk is the largest on-land robo machine with an arsenal that could take down an entire fort. Apart from this titan having heavy armor plating, it can also go on the offensive with machine guns, canons, and a tusk that can double as a battering ram.

Since these beasts are so formidable, rival factions give it their all to capture them and then use them to do their bidding. The loot extracted from these machines is also top quality and can sell for a pretty penny to vendors as well.


What is better than a velociraptor? A mechanical velociraptor! The Clawstrider is a fantastic addition to Horizon’s fleet of machines- providing its capabilities as both a challenging enemy and a classy mount. These fearsome beasts come in three variants, fire clawstriders, toxic clawstriders, and corrupted clawstriders. Having chainsaw jaws, long sickle-like talons, and a club for a tail, these machines can knock Aloy out in a couple of hits.

They even have a sonic scream that can disrupt Aloy’s actions and stun her for a couple of seconds, giving the clawstrider enough time to land a killing blow. The scream can also be used to clear a smoke grenade thrown by Aloy, which would mean that the player can’t use much tactics with this machine since it’s a “clever girl”.


That’s a wrap on all the machines we have for you. There are a lot more robo-animals waiting to be discovered but we don’t want to spoil all the fun. Go ahead, jump into the Forbidden West, and check out how epic the sequel is!

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