Movies Like Bird Box: 8 Sensory Deprivation Horror Titles

movies like bird box

The most notable films of recent times depict a post-apocalyptic reality, in which a small group of survivors is required to be resourceful in order to deal with the desperate situation and survive. If you liked Bird Box, or if you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic survivalist films, you are probably now searching for similar horror … Read more

8 Iconic Walking Dead Tropes You’ll Definitely Recognize

The Walking Dead

A trope is a recurring element, character type, overused theme, archetypes, or a “Hollywood Cliche” that you have probably seen a million times before. Creators use them as means to convey universal culture storylines. For instance, you know exactly what to expect from a “Slow-Witted but Kind-Hearted” character or a “The Chosen One”. It’s predictable … Read more