10 Best Anime Like Darwin’s Game With High-Stakes Battles

10 Best Anime Like Darwin's Game With High-Stakes Battles

Darwin’s Game is an anime with a mystery and adventure theme that also involves supernatural powers. It is based on a fictional virtual game that brings out the survival instinct in the people who have to play it. If you love mystery and death game scenes where the characters are often forced to confront their … Read more

10 Anime Like Devils’ Line With Supernatural Beings

10 Anime Like Devils’ Line With Supernatural Beings

Vampires have always been a popular subject in pop culture, and anime is no exception. From dark and brooding anti-heroes to tragic and romantic figures, vampire characters can be found in a wide variety of anime series, especially in anime like Devils’ Line. If you’re a fan of vampire romance and intense violence, then you’ll … Read more

20 Best Revenge Anime with Satisfying Closures!

Top 20 Best Revenge Anime Ever

Nothing is more satisfying than revenge. In anime, revenge seems to happen in a big and unexpected way. It brings out the worst in characters and often results in serious fights and tragic endings. The most epic anime revenge regularly takes the form of a hero who becomes a villain, or an innocent character who … Read more

Top 15 Best Anime Like The Irregular at Magic High School

anime like the irregular at magic high school

The Irregular at Magic High School is set in a futuristic world where magic is a technological product, and those who practice it become “magic technicians”. The protagonist, Tatsuya Shiba, is accepted to a prestigious academy that teaches the use of magic and the technology that accompanies it. Those who achieved high-grade entrance exams are … Read more

15 Animes Like Wise Man’s Grandchild with MC in a Magical World!

anime like wise man’s grandchild

I have created a magical recommendations list of anime like Wise Man’s Grandchild. If you are looking for animes that transport their MC into a fantasy world, then try some of our similar suggestions below. These 15 animes Like Wise Man’s Grandchild will make any old man a world-saving Otaku. These are mostly isekai animated … Read more

Dororo Season 2 Renewed? Everything We Know

dororo season 2

Dororo is a great sword-fighting anime series. It combines drama, action, various elements of horror, and dark comedy. It’s an anime for anyone who loves history, demons, action, and drama. The anime is a rather distorted fantasy-adventure series: instead of collecting legendary objects, the protagonist searches for organs. If you finished the series with 24 … Read more