30 Famous Cartoon Characters With Big Noses

30 Famous Cartoon Characters with Big Noses

When it comes to cartoon characters, their features are often exaggerated to make them more visually distinct and memorable. And while some characters have distinctive eyes, ears, or hair, there’s one feature that stands out above the rest: the nose. From Pinocchio’s long wooden nose to Squidward Tentacles’ large aquiline snout, cartoon characters with big … Read more

Best 50 Skinny Cartoon Characters

Best 50 Skinny Cartoon Characters

These days the generic skinny cartoon character is no longer today’s norm. Not everyone in cartoons is slim. However, this article collects a list of thin slim cartoon characters from all color spectrums, black, and white, boys and girls, attractive and ugly, tall and short, famous, and less-known skinny characters. This list of skinny cartoon … Read more

Top 21 Bald Disney Characters

top 21 Bald Disney Characters

There are not that many bald Disney characters, the overwhelming majority of protagonists have great full hair, often young as well. Bald characters fall into the more rough and tough, evil, magical being, or comic relief. A few bald Disney characters are cool, but none of them take the lead roles. Here is a list … Read more

The Top 25 Best Characters With Green Hair

characters with green hair

What is a better way to make a character unforgettable than giving him or her green hair? In this ultimate green-haired character extravaganza we list characters from movies, live-action series, animated series, comics, cartoons, and anime to determine who is the best character with green hair. Pop culture characters come in all shapes and colors. … Read more

The Top 16 Unforgettable Disney Redheads, Ranked

disney redheads

Not all of Disney’s many redhead characters are equal in their importance in pop culture. To make an order of things, we compiled a list of the top sixteen iconic Disney redheads. Only less than 2% of the world’s population has natural red hair. However, Disney fans must be under the impression that red is … Read more