Top 10 Best School Manhwa With OP MC

Top 10 Best School Manhwa With OP MC

Welcome to our curated list of the Top 10 Best School Manhwa With An OP MC, where I dive into a captivating world of incredible protagonists showcasing their exceptional skills in the realm of academia and beyond. In these school manhwas with OP MC, you’ll witness the thrilling journeys of overpowered main characters as they … Read more

20 Murim Manhwa with OP MC Ranked

20 Murim Manhwa with OP MC Ranked

For those who don’t yet know what is Murim Manhwa, it’s a type of Korean comic that focuses on martial arts and action. The term “Murim” refers to the world of martial arts in Korean culture. So, a Murim Manhwa with an OP MC would be a Korean comic that revolves around martial arts, and … Read more

Top 25 Best Manga With OP MC

The Ultimate List Of Best Manga With Overpowered Main Characters

Here’s the greatest list of the best manga with an overpowered main character. These are the characters who can take on entire armies, defeat gods, and still have time for a cup of tea before lunch. Indeed, it’s always a satisfying experience to read mangas about characters that dominate their enemies. From the iconic protagonists … Read more

17 Anime Where the OP MC Falls in Love and Melts Your Heart

17 Anime Where the OP MC Falls in Love and Melts Your Heart

What’s better than a main character who’s got both the power and the heart? When OP MC falls in love they are not only overpowered but also incredibly sweet and caring. These MCs melt your heart as they tackle every obstacle in their path while falling in love. There are a couple of reasons why … Read more

80+ Best Isekai Anime With OP MC From a Parallel World

isekai anime with op mc

Nowadays, it is not rare to find the best Isekai genre anime when you are surfing the internet. Most series are usually overhyped with trope characters. However, today I have handpicked a fair number of Isekai anime with OP MC who is powerful enough to make the enemy tremble with fear with their unusual power. … Read more

Best 15 Isekai Harem Anime with OP MC Worth Watching

Best 15 Isekai Harem Anime with OP MC Worth Watching

Isekai Harem anime with an OP MC provides us with the best distraction from reality and transfers us to a fantasy world in search of a more exciting life. That is why Japan produces endless isekai anime shows with overpowered main characters that suddenly find themselves in a completely different world. There, the MC usually … Read more

20 Anime With Strong Male Lead Having Sick Abilities

20 anime with strong male lead

Anime series usually follow the same pattern where we encounter a weak and timid male lead who gradually becomes strong. It makes the characters more complex, and the viewers more attached to their stories. But if you don’t like to wait for your favorite character to become overpowered, this article might be the one for … Read more

50 Anime Where the MC is Op But Hides his Power

anime where mc is op but hides it

Anime Where MC is OP is a type of genre most fans enjoy. But when the protagonist decides to hide his/her powers it makes us more curious to watch. We relate to the type of main characters who are bullied until they burst with extraordinary strength. It gets even more exciting when an overpowered MC … Read more

Weather Manipulators Battle: Rin Tohsaka vs Kazuma Yagami

Rin Tohsaka vs Kazuma Yagami: Who Would Win?

They master the ability to manipulate the weather, they control elements to freeze entire cities at will, displace clouds, generate lightning or blow you out with a powerful tornado. Rin Tohsaka vs Kazuma Yagami Rin Tohsaka Anime: Fate/stay night, Carnival Phantasm “I am not alone. I can hear them… I can hear everyone’s voices… I … Read more