Why Punchline Represents The Next Generation Of Evil In Dc Universe

Let's take a look at Punchline’s history and reveal how she became one of DC’s most notorious villains

She is one of the most popular and coolest characters to appear in the comics industry in the last year, and this is none other than the Joker’s new partner, Alexis, aka Punchline. As one of the most powerful supervillainesses in the DC universe, she has quickly become a fan favorite for readers of all … Read more

Every Dick Grayson Death Ranked, Dramatic to Most Dramatic

dick grayson death

In this article, we rank every Dick Grayson death, from dramatic to most dramatic. Dick Grayson is the original Robin and a fan-favorite character. He was Batman’s first sidekick and crime-fighting partner. He later outgrew his position and took the name Nightwing for many years, becoming an independent superhero. Eventually, he became a replacement for … Read more

The Top 25 Best Characters With Green Hair

characters with green hair

What is a better way to make a character unforgettable than giving him or her green hair? In this ultimate green-haired character extravaganza we list characters from movies, live-action series, animated series, comics, cartoons, and anime to determine who is the best character with green hair. Pop culture characters come in all shapes and colors. … Read more

The Top Best Movies With Criminally Insane Villains

This list curates the greatest 10 movies with criminally insane villains. These guys should definitely be institutionalized but if they’re not cackling away in solitary confinement, you can probably find them out and about committing some kind of unimaginable atrocity. Seriously, everybody on this list is warped beyond all hope or reason. The list of … Read more