16 Must-Watch Black Superhero Movies

16 Must-Watch Black Superhero Movies

From Black Panther to Blade, black superheroes have been a significant presence in the world of cinema, delivering powerful performances and inspiring audiences around the globe. These characters often overlooked and underrepresented, have become icons of hope, strength, and resilience for generations of moviegoers. In this list, we’ve compiled 16 must-watch black superhero movies that … Read more

Superman vs Superman

superman vs superman

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s an all-out blue superhero battle! In this epic battle extravaganza, I Faceoff everything Superman vs Superman-related tropes, from actors who played the Man of Steel to Superman villains, Lois Lane, and Superman-like characters to find out who is the bests. Born Kal-El, Superman is the last son of Krypton, … Read more

15 Most Powerful Superheroes Ever!

Powerful Superheroes Ever!

Pop culture is packed with Powerful Superheroes who can soar through the sky at amazing speeds, punch through mountains, or do other amazing feats. For this list, we have excluded characters that are universe creators, or else, we would probably end up with god, from Bruce Almighty or Marvel’s One-Above-All at the top of this … Read more

Hancock vs Meliodas: Who is Stronger? They fight, You Decide

Meliodas vs Hancock

We have the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath fighting against the pride of Harlem. It’s Meliodas vs Hancock fighting it off in semi-finals 1 of the Epic Battles League. Watch the video Hancock vs Meliodas View this post on Instagram SEMI FINAL 2 🏆 Meliodas Vs. Hancock 🏆 ⁠Choose with a comment below 👇🏼⁠ Every vote … Read more