Why Punchline Represents The Next Generation Of Evil In Dc Universe

Let's take a look at Punchline’s history and reveal how she became one of DC’s most notorious villains

She is one of the most popular and coolest characters to appear in the comics industry in the last year, and this is none other than the Joker’s new partner, Alexis, aka Punchline. As one of the most powerful supervillainesses in the DC universe, she has quickly become a fan favorite for readers of all … Read more

Ranked: Top 40 Superheroes That Wear Blue

blue superheroes

In this list, we are going to explore the color that makes us feel like heaven and check out the greatest top 40 blue superheroes measured up against the other blues. Blue is the color of the ocean, the twilight, and the sky. It signifies power, trust, wisdom, and confidence. So no wonder so many … Read more

Top 26 Best Characters with Blue Hair

characters with blue hair

Blue is the color of the sea, the dusk, and the skies. It represents responsibility, power, relaxation, and wisdom, so small wonder why many characters choose to rock blue hair. In this ultimate blue-haired character extravaganza we list characters from cartoons, animated movies TV series, comics, and anime to determine who is the best character … Read more

The 13 Greatest DC Female Superheroes Of All Time, Ranked!

DC Female Superheroes

In this superwoman extravaganza, we are going to count down the greatest 13 DC female superheroes of all time! DC Comics has given us some of the most exciting female superheroes in comics, including the most popular superheroine – Wonder Woman. As this is NOT a countdown of DC’s female supervillains (and DC has quite … Read more

The Most Powerful 24 Pink Hair Characters Ever! Ranked

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Welcome to the ultimate pink spectacular, where we will count down the most powerful 24 pink hair characters in pop culture. The color pink is bursting with symbolism. It is the color of hope and is generally thought to have a calming effect, which could explain why so many heroic characters choose to rock pink … Read more

List Of Underrated Marvel Female Superheroes

Marvel Female Superheroes

In this list, we collected the most popular characters for you. Throughout the years, the comic book industry has been mostly criticized for its depiction of women. Female characters in comics, including female superheroes, were largely created for the male gaze. (Translation: accentuated legs, eyes, mouth, and breasts!). However, in recent years we have begun … Read more

8+ Best Movies Like Mulan: Women Warriors

movies like mulan

While you may be used to seeing men wielding swords finding women warriors in movies like “Mulan” is not an easy task. From warrior princesses and zombie slayers to martial arts cyborg warriors and protectors of the weak. In this list, we face off similar movies with some of the greatest swords fighting legends. Mulan … Read more

Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman: Who Wins?

captain marvel vs wonder woman

Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman! Talk about girl power! They are the all-time greatest female superheroes in comics history. Both women are strong and inspiring, but who would win in a fight between them? Over the years, both powerhouses have repeatedly proven themselves equal to any male superhero. Captain Marvel vs. Wonder Woman: Battle conditions … Read more