Top 20 Best Marvel Movies Ranked

20 Best Marvel Movies Ranked

Marvel movies are the most ambitious film project of our generation, a franchise that has made the money squeezer of pawnshops and trilogies a joke, with 29 films (as of 2023) unfolding a story on a scale never seen in the worlds of cinema, and we are still far from the end. Love them or … Read more

Top 16 Iconic Superhero Poses

Top 16 Iconic Superhero Poses

Whether you’re a fan of Marvel or DC Comics, most of us can agree that superheroes are some of the most iconic figures in pop culture history. From Superman to Batman, they have become larger-than-life figures that have influenced generations of fans and shaped popular culture. But what makes them so iconic? Part of it … Read more

Black Panther vs Coming To America – FaceOff!

Black Panther Coming To America

With the release of Coming to America 2 by Prime Video, it is time to clash the two live-action giants of the Dark Continent – Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America 1988 film vs. Marvel’s Black Panther. Despite belonging to two very different genres (romantic comedy and a superhero film, respectively), the two premises share many thematic … Read more