The Best 10 Shows Like The Crown

Season five of the royal family show is coming in September 2021! If you are searching for shows like The Crown, we curated and reviewed a list of the ten best similar tv shows.

The Netflix show portrays the life of Queen Elizabeth II, from her wedding in 1947 to Duke of Edinburgh until our time. It is based on Peter Morgan’s award-winning play The Audience, this Golden globe award winner series is so well crafted – it swept millions around the world – not just royal family and history fans. 

To decide which movies to watch depends upon what you like about The Crown. If you like it for the royal family gossip, historic events, biography, and drama elements, then you would probably like the list of similar tv shows.

TV Shows Like The Crown

1. Victoria

Genre: Biography, Drama, History

Episode duration: 60 minutes

Shows Like The Crown

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A British drama series, that follows Queen Victoria in her youth, from her strive of gaining power and her marriage to her cousin Prince Albert.

This award-winner period drama series is very similar to The Crown. It takes us back in history, with amazing costumes and set. It is a series for royal family lovers but also for romantic drama fans. 

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2. Reign

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Episode duration: 42 minutes

Shows Like The Crown

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This series chronicles the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, and her rise to power in the French court during the late-sixteenth century.

Full of romance, this period drama will take you back to the 16th century, it is the ultimate escapism. If you like The Crown’s witty dialogues and original costumes, jewelry, and styling, then this is the show for you.

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3. The Great

Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama, History

Episode duration: 45 min

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The series portrays Catherine The Great’s early life and marriage during the 18th century in Russia. 

The Great is taking the satirical point of view of royal life. It is funny and smart. It is a real period drama hidden gem, with an outstanding performance by Elle Fanning.  

Watch now: Hulu 

4. The Hollow Crown

Genre: Drama, History, War

Episode duration: 150 min

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This series is an adaption to William Shakspeare’s plays the Henriad Tetralogy. Among others, the first season follows the events of Richard the Second and Henry the fourth.

This series is a real state-of-the-art one, with beautiful photography and an amazing, strong cast. 

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5. Ekaterina

Genre:  Biography, Drama, History

Episode Duration: 44 Min

Shows Like The Crown

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Ekaterina chronicles the fate of German princess Sophie August, on her journey from a dynasty of Prussian kings to her transformation to the empress of Russia and becoming Catherine the Great. 

This series looks so authentic, with beautiful costumes, amazing interior designs, and styling. It is well filmed and gives you a glimpse and feel of Russia during the 18th century. 

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6. Bridgerton

Genre:  Drama, Romance

Episode Duration: 60 min

Shows Like The Crown

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The show follows Daphne Bridgerton, the eldest daughter of the powerful Bridgerton British family as she makes her debut in London’s competitive marriage market. Things get complicated when she meets the Duke of hastings – an eternal bachelor. 

Based on the books by Julia Quinn, this hit series from Netflix swept millions of viewers around the world. It shares similar elements to The Crown. It is fun, steamy, and romantic at the same time. Absolute bliss for binge-watching. 

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7. The White Queen

Woodville secretly married King Edward IV of York, her family’s enemy. Her marriage to the young king was considered scandalous and hidden from view for a long time.

The White Queen faces the secrets, lies, and new royal status that causes her to sacrifice everything to maintain her power.

If historical inaccuracy does not bother you, then you’ll find a good medieval series that features angry princesses with generous cleavages, insecure kings, intrigue, and burning hatred.

Watch: Starz

8. The Spanish Princess

A mini-series focusing on a female character with a historical grip. The Spanish Princess tells the story of the intriguing character of Henry VIII’s wife Catherine Maragon. Her refusal to divorce the king leads to the establishment of the Anglican Church.

based on a book written by Philippa Gregory ‘The Spanish Princess’ belongs to the ‘Guilty Pleasure’ wing. And does it well, except for a few absurd scenes even on the forgiving scale of the genre. If you do not expect too much sophistication from it, you can enjoy a great binge-watching experience.

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9. Wolf Hall

Shows Like The Crown

An acclaimed medieval tv series drama from the BBC, based on the novel. Wolf Hall documents the rise of Thomas Cromwell, the son of a violent blacksmith. Over the years he became Henry VIII’s lawyer and chief minister.

Anyone who rejoices The Crown politics will like this series. In addition, Wolf Hall has juicy intrigues in the palace courtyard. A fine treat for all lovers of historical medieval TV series.

Watch: Amazon Prime

10. The Tudors

Shows Like The Crown

The chronicles of one of the most well-known kings of England from the time he was a young man until his death.
The Tudors follows King Henry’s absolute dictatorship disconnected many heads and England from the Pope in Rome. He created for the first time the Anglican Church, headed only by the king.

Fun fact: While there is no direct bloodline between Henry VIII and The Crown’s Queen Elizabeth, They owe their existence to Queen Margaret of Scotland, grandmother of Mary Queen of Scots, and King Henry VIII’s sister.

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More Shows Like The Crown

11. Magnificent Century: Kösem

12. Elizabeth I

13. Isabel

14. The Royals

15. The Virgin Queen

16. Call the Midwife

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