Top 15 Most Powerful Female Supervillains

In a world full of men, it’s easy for women to get lost in the shuffle. But what if I told you there were women out there who were just as, if not more, powerful than the men? Women who didn’t take no for an answer and fought tooth and nail to get what they wanted? In this blog post, we will be counting down the top 15 female supervillains of all time. From iconic villains like The Joker’s girlfriend Harley Quinn to Marvel’s own Mystique, these ladies show that you should never underestimate the power of a woman.

1. Poison Ivy

Female Supervillain

In the DC Universe, Ivy is a female supervillain who is an enemy of Batman. She is a plant-based villain who has the ability to control plants and use them to her advantage.

Poison Ivy was created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, and she first appeared in Batman #181 in 1966. Ivy is one of the most popular female supervillains in comics, and she has been featured in many stories over the years.

Ivy’s origin story has been told several times, but it typically involves her experimental poisonous plants from Gotham City’s Arkham Asylum. These plants give her mind-control powers over anyone who comes into contact with them. Ivy typically uses her powers to control men so that she can get what she wants from them.

Ivy is a dangerous opponent for Batman, as she is not afraid to use her powers on him. She is also one of the few people who know how to make the Batmobile go out of control.

Ivy has been romantically involved with several other male and female supervillains over the years, including Harley Quinn and the Joker.

2. Lady Deathstrike

Female Supervillain

Yuriko Oyama, better known as Lady Deathstrike from Marvel Universe. She is a former member of the Weapon X program and an enemy of Wolverine. Her metal claws and Adamantium skeleton make her a formidable opponent.

Lady Deathstrike first appeared in 1981’s Wolverine” #9. Since her debut, Lady Deathstrike has been a recurring foe of Wolverine. She has also clashed with other heroes such as Daredevil, Spider-Man, and Iron Fist. In recent years, she has been a member of the Thunderbolts and the Sisters of Sin.

Lady Deathstrike is one of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel Universe. Her strength, speed, and agility are enhanced by her Adamantium skeleton. She is an expert fighter and can go toe-to-toe with some of the best superheroes in the world.

3. Harley Quinn

Female Supervillain

Harley is a former psychiatrist who became Joker’s girlfriend and sidekick. She is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and uses a variety of weapons, including her trademark mallet.

Harley is a female supervillain with a unique set of powers and abilities, which she uses to support the Joker’s criminal activities. These include super strength, agility, and endurance.

Her background is somewhat complex. She was born Harleen Quinzel to a wealthy family in Gotham City. However, her parents were killed when she was young, leaving her orphaned. She was then raised by her uncle, who was an abusive alcoholic. This led to Harley developing a strong hatred for men.

As an adult, Harley studied psychiatry at Gotham University. It was during her studies that she met the Joker, who was then masquerading as a patient. She became obsessed with him and eventually helped him escape from the asylum where he was being held. After this, she became his loyal sidekick and partner in crime.

Harley Quinn is one of the sexiest character supervillains in the DC Universe and has been featured in various forms of media, including comics, animation, live-action television, and video games.

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4. Mystique

Female Supervillain

Mystique’s powers allow her to shapeshift into any form she desires, including that of other people. She can also change her voice to sound like anyone she wants. Mystique is an expert at hand-to-hand combat and often uses her powers to trick her opponents.

Mystique was born in Germany, but little is known about her early life. She later joined the terrorist group known as S.H.I.E.L.D., where she met the leader of the X-Men, Charles Xavier. The two eventually fell in love, but their relationship was complicated by Mystique’s hatred of humans.

After years of fighting alongside the X-Men, Mystique eventually turned against them and joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She has since battled the X-Men on numerous occasions, always seeking to destroy them and their dream of peace between mutants and humans.

Mystique is often shown as a seductress, using her powers to lure men into her trap. She is also a skilled fighter and has been known to go toe-to-toe with some of the strongest superheroes.

5. Faora Hu-UI

Female Supervillain

Faora Hu-UI is one of the main antagonists in the Superman comics.

Faora was born on the planet Krypton and was a member of the House of El. She was a scientist who specialized in biological warfare. During the Kryptonian Civil War, she sided with General Zod and helped him to create an army of genetically-engineered female soldiers called the Worldkillers.

When Krypton was destroyed, Faora and her fellow Worldkillers were sent to different parts of the universe. Faora eventually ended up on Earth, where she became a general in Zod’s army.

Faora possesses all of the same powers as Superman, but she is much more ruthless and sadistic. She has been described as “the perfect weapon” because she can think clearly and dispassionately in combat situations.

Over the years, Faora has been responsible for some of Superman’s most painful defeats. In recent years, she has become even more powerful after being infused with Kryptonite radiation. As a result, she has become one of Superman’s most dangerous enemies.

6. Deathbird

Female Supervillain

The Deathbird has clashed with many of Marvel’s greatest heroes. She is a member of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard and can fly and shoot energy blasts from her eyes.

Her powers include super strength, speed, agility, and flight. She also has sharp claws and paws which she uses to deadly effect. Her backstory is complicated and dark. She was once an Avenger, but she turned against her teammates and became one of their deadliest enemies.

These days, she is mostly seen as a supervillain, but she has been known to team up with other villains on occasion.

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7. The Enchantress

The Enchantress

The Enchantress is a powerful sorceress and one of the most formidable female supervillains in the DC Universe. She possesses a variety of magical abilities and has demonstrated immense power on numerous occasions.

The Enchantress was born June Moon in Boston, Massachusetts. She was raised by her mother, who was a witch, and she began to develop her powers at a young age. When her mother died, June was taken in by an abusive foster family. She ran away from home and ended up in New York City, where she met a man named Anton Arcane.

Arcane taught June how to use her powers for evil and she eventually became his chief henchwoman. The two of them committed several atrocities together before finally being defeated by the Justice League. After spending some time in prison, the Enchantress returned to her life of crime and has since clashed with heroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.

The Enchantress possesses a wide range of magical abilities. She can fire blasts of energy, levitate objects, teleport herself and others, create illusions, control minds, and much more. She is also an accomplished shape-shifter and can assume any form she desires. In addition to her magical powers, the Enchantress is also an expert hand-to-hand combatant.

8. Circe


A sorceress who has been alive for centuries, and her powers are nearly limitless. Circe has been a foe of Wonder Woman and the Justice League on numerous occasions, and her cunning and strength make her a formidable opponent.

Circe is often portrayed as being evil for the sake of being evil, but she does have a soft spot for animals, which is sometimes used to exploit her weaknesses. Despite her villainous nature, Circe is an incredibly fascinating character, and her fights with Wonder Woman are always memorable.

In Greek mythology, Circe is a goddess of magic or sometimes a nymph, witch, enchantress, or sorceress. Circe was renowned for her vast knowledge of potions and herbs. Through the use of these, she transformed her enemies or those who offended her, into animals.

9. Catwoman


Though she started as a female supervillain, Catwoman has since become one of the most popular and iconic characters in the DC Universe. She is a skilled acrobat and fighter, and her trademark whip gives her an edge in combat. Catwoman also has enhanced senses and reflexes, making her a difficult opponent to take by surprise. In addition to her physical abilities, Catwoman is also a master thief, and her knowledge of the criminal underworld is second to none.

Catwoman first appeared in Batman #1 in 1940, and she has been a recurring foe and occasional ally of the Dark Knight ever since. Her origins have been retconned several times over the years, but the basic premise remains the same: Selina Kyle is a talented cat burglar who uses her skills to take what she wants from those who have more than she does. Though she starts as a villain, Catwoman eventually reforms and becomes one of Gotham City’s most celebrated heroes.

Catwoman is an expert acrobat and martial artist, and her hands are tipped with sharp claws that can rend flesh or cut through metal. She also carries a whip which she uses as both a weapon and tool for scaling walls or navigating tight spaces. Catwoman’s enhanced senses allow her to see in near-darkness and hear sounds that normal humans cannot, giving her an edge when it comes to stealthy missions. In addition to her physical abilities, Catwoman is an expert

Catwoman is typically portrayed as a criminal mastermind and an enemy of Batman. She has a complicated relationship with him, as she is often attracted to his vigilante persona while being repelled by his moral code.

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10. Madame Hydra

 Madame Hydra

Hydra is one of several terrorist organizations that appear in Marvel comics. It has been a major thorn in the side of both S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers for many years. Madame Hydra is the organization’s most frequently recurring leader throughout various incarnations and mediums, although other leaders such as Baron Strucker and Viper have also commanded significant followings within the organization’s ranks.

Madame Hydra’s real name has varied over the years, with different writers giving her different names and origins; but she is most commonly known as Viper. Her current origin story states that she was born Ophelia Sarkissian in Transia during World War II. As a young woman, she was recruited into Hydra by Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, who saw potential in her sociopathic tendencies. She quickly rose through the ranks of Hydra, eventually becoming one of its most trusted agents.

Madam Hydra is a skilled fighter and strategist, and she has a personal vendetta against Captain America. She is a ruthless ruler who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, and she has proven to be a formidable opponent for even the strongest heroes.

11. Cheetah

Cheetah DC

Cheetah is a DC Comics female supervillain who has been both a nemesis and love interest for Wonder Woman.

The Cheetah has undergone many iterations over the years, but her primary powers and origin story remain relatively constant.

She is a powerful fighter with enhanced strength, agility, and speed. She also has sharp claws and teeth which she can use to deadly effect.

The Cheetah’s origins are shrouded in mystery, but it is known that she was once a normal human woman named Barbara Ann Minerva. Minerva was an archaeologist who became obsessed with finding the lost city of Urzkartaga and made a deal with the demon god to gain the power of the cheetah in exchange for her soul.

Since becoming the Cheetah, Barbara Ann Minerva has battled Wonder Woman many times, always coming up short. However, her obsession with defeating Diana has driven her to become one of the most dangerous villains in the DC Universe.

12. Titania


Titania is a Marvel Comics female supervillain and occasional anti-heroine. She is a mutant with superhuman strength and durability, Titania was initially a minor enemy of Spider-Man. She later joined the criminal organization the Serpent Society and became one of its most prominent members. She has also served as an agent of the terrorist group A.I.M.

Over the years, Titania has fought many of Marvel’s heroes, including the Avengers, X-Men, and Daredevil. She has also been a member of several Supervillain Teams, such as the Masters of Evil and the Thunderbolts.

Titania possesses superhuman strength and durability. She can lift approximately 25 tons under optimal conditions. Her skin is tough enough to resist punctures and bullet wounds. Titania is also an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant.

Titania has been a thorn in the side of many heroes. She has super strength and durability, making her a formidable opponent. She also can control plants, which she uses to her advantage in combat. Titania is often seen as a rival of She-Hulk, and the two have had some epic battles.

13. Talia al Ghul

Talia al Ghul

Talia al Ghul is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, the leader of the League of Assassins. She was trained by her father in the ways of combat and assassination, and she is one of the most skilled fighters in the DC Universe.

Talia is often conflicted between her love for her father and her sense of justice, and she has been known to switch sides depending on which way the wind is blowing. She has also been romantically involved with Batman, and she is the mother of his son, Damian Wayne.

14. Moonstone


Moonstone, also known as Karla Sofen, is a Marvel female supervillain with the power to control and manipulate light. She first appeared in Captain America #192 in December 1975.

Moonstone has had various origins throughout her comic appearances, but her most recent origin story is that she was a psychotherapist who became addicted to the thrill of crime.

Moonstone has been a member of several supervillain teams including the Thunderbolts and the Masters of Evil, and Lady Liberators. She has also had several run-ins with the Avengers.

Moonstone’s powers come from a Kree artifact called the Moongem, which gives her the ability to absorb, store, and release vast amounts of photonic energy which she can use to create blinding flashes of light or she can fire powerful energy blasts. The Moongem also amplifies Moonstone’s already unstable personality, making her more prone to violence and cruelty.

15. Mercy Graves

Mercy Graves

Mercy Graves is a supervillain and Lex Luthor’s former personal bodyguard, and later became a member of the Suicide Squad.

She is a skilled fighter and often uses lethal force to protect her boss. Mercy is fiercely loyal to Lex and would do anything to keep him safe.

Born to a wealthy family, Mercy was raised with all the advantages money could buy. However, she soon became disillusioned with her privileged lifestyle and yearned for something more. She found that something when she met Lex Luthor, who quickly recognized her potential and recruited her into his organization.

As Luthor’s right-hand woman, Mercy was responsible for carrying out many of his dirty deeds. She proved to be a skilled fighter and an invaluable asset to Luthor. However, their relationship eventually soured and Mercy left his employ.

She subsequently joined the Suicide Squad, where she met and fell in love with fellow Squad member Deadshot. The two had a tumultuous relationship, but ultimately parted ways.

Mercy is a skilled combatant and marksman and is armed with a variety of weapons. She has also been shown to have superhuman strength on occasion, though it is unclear if this is a result of training or some other factor.

While Mercy is not as powerful as some of the other female supervillains on this list, she more than makes up for it with her loyalty and dedication to her cause. She is a dangerous opponent and should not be underestimated.

Honorable Mention: Evil Lois Lane

Female Supervillain

In her earliest appearances, Lois was portrayed as a gold digger who was constantly trying to trick Superman into marrying her. However, over the years her character has developed into a strong and independent woman. She is now one of the most respected journalists in the DC Universe, and her relationship with Superman is much more equal.

Even though she is not technically a supervillain, Lois Lane has crossed over to the dark side on several occasions. In some stories, she has been brainwashed or possessed by other villains, but there are also many instances where she has made the conscious decision to turn against Superman. These stories usually end with Lois realizing the error of her ways and returning to the side of good.

Some of Lois Lane’s most notable appearances as a supervillain include:

-Action Comics #241 (1958): In this issue, Lois Lane is turned into a villainous version of herself by exposure to Red Kryptonite. She uses her powers to try and take over the world but is eventually stopped by Superman.

-Superman III (1983): In this movie, Lois Lane is possessed by a computer program that turns

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