Top 25 Star Wars Weapons Of All Time

There are a lot of different Star Wars weapons, and it can be hard to keep track of them all. There are flamethrowers, rocket launchers, blasters, and other unusual weapons, but the stars of the franchise are of course the lightsabers and blasters. In this list, I’ve rounded up the top 25 Star Wars weapons to ever grace the Galaxy far, far away. Are you ready? Here we go!

25. The Tusken Cycler Rifle

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Starting this list is one of the traditional Star Wars Weapons. The Tusken Cycler is a gun designed to fire solid projectiles. It is wielded by the Tusken Raiders, a group of hostile beings who live on the planet Tatooine. The gun is first seen in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, when a Tusken Raider attacks Luke Skywalker. This Star Wars weapon is also seen in Return of the Jedi when a number of Tusken Raiders attack Leia. In Star Wars: The Phantom Menace the Raiders use it to snipe at passing producers in the desert. The Tusken Cycler gun is a powerful weapon, capable of hitting targets at extreme ranges and penetrating energy shields. It has a large magazine, meaning that it can continue firing for long periods of time without being reloaded. However, the gun is also bulky and difficult to handle, making it less effective in close-quarters combat.

24. Cara Dune’s Drum blaster from The Mandalorian

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Let’s face it, there’s nothing cooler than big machine guns fired from the hip! One of the more interesting weapons to make an appearance in the Star Wars franchise is the heavy repeating blaster wielded by former Rebel Dropper Cara Dune in The Mandalorian. This blaster that she received from Din Djarin is, in fact, a modified British Bren light machine gun with some Star Wars-y touch – in this case, the distinctive double-drum magazine Star Wars weapon and some more minor modifications. So, a big hat off to the props department behind the Mandalorian that managed to take something old and make it so cool and refreshing.

23. Crosshair’s 773 Firepuncher rifle from The Bad Batch

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This Star Wars weapon is known for incredible accuracy but also gets its name from the wide beam burning mode that can melt through multiple targets at once, the 773 Firepuncher rifle is a piece of art. In The Bad Batch, we’ve seen Clone Force 99 clone trooper Crosshair use it to get headshots from ten clicks or about 6.2 miles away. Important fact – about a decade later, the same rifle became a favorite of criminal organizations.

22. FA-3 flechette launcher

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Manufactured by BlasTech Industries for the Galactic Empire, the FA-3 flechette launcher fires tiny shards of metal that are lethal in close range, adept at hitting multiple targets. The shreds were metal darts known as “flechettes”, and the launcher had a magazine that held 30 flechettes, and it could fire them in rapid succession. The darts could spread out over a large area and also pierce through light armor.

21. The Z-6 rotary blaster cannon

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Another Star Wars weapon, The Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, also known as the rotary blaster, is a type of blaster cannon used by the Galactic Empire during the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. The Z-6 is a multi-barreled blaster cannon that fires rapid bursts of energy blasts. It has a high rate of fire and is capable of taking down multiple targets quickly. The weapon is often used in close-quarters combat and can be mounted on vehicles. The Z-6 is a powerful weapon that can be very effective in battle. It is often used by those who are trained in its use, such as clone troopers and rebels.

20. Lando’s SE-14r blaster from Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Lando’s SE-14r blaster is a powerful weapon that was used by Lando Calrissian in Star Wars movies. The blaster is capable of firing high-powered blasts that can kill or injure people. The blaster is also equipped with a scope, which allows Lando to take accurate shots at his targets. Lando uses a SE-14r as his sidearm in Solo: A Star Wars Story, specifically during the raid on Kessel. This version of the weapon was Chromium plated with mother-of-pearl grips and has a detachable noise suppressor barrel.

19. Flame Projector

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The Flame Projector is a Star Wars weapon that projects a burning stream of liquid when fired. During the Cold War, it was commonly used by First Order Flametroopers to great effect in combat, and they have become a feared symbol of the First Order’s power. It is known to be a very effective weapon in close-quarters combat.

18. T-21 Light Repeating Blaster

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In this picture you see an Imperial Stormtrooper patrolling the streets of Tatooine’s Mos Eisley spaceport, hefting the T-21 Light Repeating Blaster. This Star Wars weapon can deliver a high-impact amount of energy at long ranges but had a low rate of fire. It also lacked any optical scope, which made it less accurate at long ranges. The T-21 Light Repeating Blaster is based on the real-life Lewis machine gun. It has the same unmistakable air-cooling shroud on the barrel, like the Lewis machine gun.

17. Jawa Ion Blaster

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The Jawa Ion Blaster is one of the most iconic weapons in the Star Wars universe. This blaster is often used by Jawas to disable droids, and it has been seen in many Star Wars scenes. The blaster fires a stream of ionized gas that can overload a droid’s circuits, causing it to malfunction. The Ion Blaster is a simple yet effective weapon that has helped the Jawas survive on Tatooine for many years. When modified, the discharged blasts of ionized particles can be used to render living beings stunned, but alive.

16. Bobba Fett’s Wrist Rocket Launcher

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Fett’s gauntlet is a wrist-mounted rocket launcher that can fire all sorts of rockets, including darts and small missiles. Due to their discreet nature and powerful punch, wrist rocket launchers were a favorite of bounty hunters and Bobba Fett’s weapon of choice.

15. The E-Web from The Mandalorian

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Bring out the big guns! The BlasTech Industries E-Web is a heavy repeating blaster with incredible firepower. How incredible! Enough for Moff Gideon to give a maniacal speech specifically referencing it. The speech goes like this: “Members of my escort have completed assembly of an E-Web heavy repeating blaster. If you are unfamiliar with this weapon, I’m sure that Republican Shocktrooper Cara Cynthia Dune of Alderaan will advise you that she has witnessed many of her ranks vaporized mid-decent facing the predecessor of this particular model. Or perhaps the decommissioned Mandalorian hunter Din Djarin has heard the songs of the siege of Mandalore when gunships outfitted with similar ordinance laid waste to fields of Mandalorian recruits in the Night of a Thousand Tears. I advise disgraced magistrate Greef Karga to search the wisdom of his years and urge you to lay down your arms and come outside.” This speech actually brought tears to my eyes! In this picture, however, we see Mando using it.

14. Cassian Andor’s MW-20 Bryar Pistol

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The main Star Wars weapon of Cassian Andor took initial inspiration from Han Solo’s DL-44 which is also on this list. However, the designers also searched the Expanded Universe of Star Wars, which led them to the K-16 Bryar pistol from the Star Wars Battlefront computer game. As you can see, the front end of the pistol is big and easily identifiable. The center of the blaster features a double ammo cartridge that revolves when the current cartridge overheats, readying a fresh one for firing. Many Star Wars fans were freaking out over the gun that made the way from Star Wars Legends to Canon live-action.  

13. Missile Launchers

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A missile launcher is a heavy assault weapon that fires a projectile with an explosive. Whether handheld and portable or mounted on a vehicle, these Star Wars weapons were used in various types of combat in the Star Wars universe to destroy enemy vehicles and vessels, and command stations or to eradicate infantrymen.

12. Padmé Amidala’s SoroSuub ELG-3A blaster

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Despite its small size, the SoroSuub ELG-3A blaster is capable of delivering serious lethal damage. Padmé Amidala always carried one when on diplomatic missions, and used it on numerous occasions, such as when she defended herself from the Bounty hunter Aurra Sing on Alderaan or when she fought with Lolo Purs on the Coruscant docks.

11. Omega’s Energy Bow from The Bad Batch

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Omega’s Energy Bow is a Zygerrian weapon Omega found and took, later using it on a mission to retrieve a tactical droid’s head on the planet Corellia. The bow fires pink bolts of energy and could be withdrawn when deactivated. Energy Bows are relatively rare in the star wars galaxy and are powered by a plasma generator. It also uses electromagnetic fields to contain that plasma in one place. Pretty powerful weapon when you think of it.

10. Force Pike

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Although usually not lethal, the Force Pike – aka “Stun Pole” – is a very efficient weapon when it comes to stunning or shocking enemies, rendering them helpless. The Stun Pole is a commonly used Star Wars weapon throughout many races and civilizations. It certainly packs some serious stun power, as it was shown to be able to knock out even a full-grown Wookiee.

9. Chirrut’s Lightbow from Rogue One

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The lightbow is a traditional weapon for the Guardians of the Whills. In Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, the lightbow is described as being a handcrafted weapon, built by a Guardian of the Whills. It is known for being a complicated form of bowcaster that is native to the planet Jedha. As seen in the movie, Chirrut uses an impeller gauntlet around his hand to stabilize the bow, and then pulls back on the handle. The opposing polarizer limbs are then positioned, and the impeller helps give Chirrut a sense of feedback, which he needs because of his blindness. Powered by a diatium power cell, the lightbow releases a discharge that is more powerful than a heavy rifle.

8. Ryyk Blades

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Traditionally constructed by the Wookiees of Kashyyyk, the Ryyk Blades were used both for clearing paths through the thick forests of Kashyyyk and for combat. The Ryyk Blades may look like simple curved blades, but In the hands of a giant Wookie, these Star Wars weapons became unstoppable weapons that do some serious damage.

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7. Fusioncutter

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Not a weapon per se, the fusioncutter is a type of cutting tool used throughout the galaxy. It is a handheld cutting torch that consists of a handgrip and a long emitter, producing a high-energy plasma beam that could slice through dense metals, duraplast, and other reinforced materials. Fusioncutters were often carried into battle, mostly by engineers and pilots during the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. During the Battle of Endor, the Rebel Alliance used fusioncutters to disable the shield generator protecting the Death Star, allowing Luke Skywalker to destroy the Imperial superweapon.

6. Han Solo’s DL-44 blaster pistol

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The DL-44 blaster pistol used by Han Solo in the Star Wars movies is one of the most iconic weapons in film history. But how deadly is it really? In the movies, we see Solo using his blaster to take down armored enemy troopers. But how much damage could that little blaster really do? Well, according to some experts, a lot. The DL-44 is based on a real-world weapon, the Mauser C96 pistol, which was used in wars all over the world for nearly 50 years and considered pretty powerful at the time. However, Han’s weapon has a few add-ons making it look far more sci-fi than the real deal. Because of its modifications, Han Solo’s blaster was capable of firing charges powerful enough to blow through Stormtrooper armor, unlike regular blasters. This is precisely why such modifications were considered illegal!

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5. General Grievous’ DT-57 Heavy Blaster Pistol with a Scope

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Used throughout the Clone Wars, the DT-57 Heavy Blaster Pistol became known as the “Annihilator” because of its high-powered blast technology. The DT-57 packed a heavy punch without loss of range, which made it so incredibly effective both in close-quarters and medium-range situations. The DT-57 Heavy Blaster Pistol General Grievous used in Revenge of the Sith also had a top-mounted scope.

4. The Darksaber

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The Darksaber has a long, important history in the Star Wars universe. This legendary Star Wars weapon that first appeared in The Clone Wars and Rebels animated series was crafted by Tarre Vizsla, The first Mandalorian welcomed into the Jedi Order. There is only one Darksaber and the only way to get it is to beat its owner in a duel. It has a unique black blade that is shorter than that of most lightsabers and shaped like a traditional sword. The Darksaber regularly attempts to connect with its wielder on a subliminal level, with the blade feeling proportionately heavier or lighter depending on the wielder resisting or embracing the link. We saw that in episode Five of The Book of Boba Fett when Mando tried to use the Darksaber and it felt too heavy for him to handle.

3. Baze Malbus’ MWC-35c Repeating cannon

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Aka “Staccato Lightning”, the MWC-35c Repeating cannon is a heavy repeating blaster powered by condensed K-grade conductor cells. It is capable of firing up to 35,000 rounds when fully charged. The cannon had two fire modes: One is the single-shot mode which was a feature of the lower barrel, which collected energy into a single high-energy shot, which was incredibly effective at close range. The second fire mode featured a rapid-fire mode, which took advantage of the backpack-fed 35,000-round capacity.

2. Chewbacca’s Bowcaster

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Chewbacca’s Bowcaster is a traditionally hand-crafted bowcaster Chewie built. Because the weapon fired a destructive metal quarrel sheathed in plasma energy that would result in explosive impacts, it required the strength of a Wookiee to handle it. Chewbacca used it during the Battle of Kashyyyk in the Clone Wars, in which the Wookiees of Kashyyyk and the Galactic Republic made a joint effort against the Separatist Alliance. He continued to use it throughout the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire.

1. Lightsaber

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A lightsaber is probably the most iconic Star wars weapon used by the Jedi Knights, the Sith, and other Force-sensitives in the Star Wars universe. It consists of a metal hilt that projects a beam of plasma. The lightsaber is the signature weapon of the Jedi Order and their main weapon of choice. Though often associated with the Jedi, lightsabers have been used by the Sith and other dark-side practitioners as well. A lightsaber’s blade can cut through almost anything, including another lightsaber’s blade. However, they are not indestructible and can be damaged or broken if used carelessly. Lightsabers require a great deal of skill and training to use effectively, making them very dangerous weapons in the hands of an inexperienced user.

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed this article and may the Force be with you!

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