Best 15 Most Powerful Purple Superheroes

Most superheroes tend to favor primary colors. These colors tend to be most closely associated with heroism, while villainy tends to favor secondary colors such as purple. However, after deep research, I was able to find quite a lot of exceptions. In this case – male and female superheroes either wear purple costumes or are purple superheroes themselves. As for the color purple itself, it can have a multitude of meanings associated with the heroes: for some, it can signify wealth and royalty, like Ozymandias´ gold and purple suit, and for others connection to religion, like Huntress´ outfit echoes that of a bishop, among other things.

So, without further ado, let me present you with a list of the best Purple Superheroes out there.

1. Hawkeye from Marvel Comics

hawkeye purple superhero

Clinton “Clint” Barton is an American hero and a skilled marksman who is a member of the Avengers: “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”. He is so good with the bow, he practically can’t miss. While Hawkeye’s look evolved over the years in many different ways, his classic all-purple outfit with the purple mask is the one that the character is best known for in the comics. For obvious reasons, this weird purple outfit never had any hope of making it onto the big screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2. Purple Power Ranger from Power Rangers

purple power ranger purple superhero

One of the rarest Power Ranger colors, the Purple Ranger has been both male and female throughout the years. The first to don the hero’s purple color was Robert “RJ” James, who represents the spirit of the Wolf and commands the Pride Megazord. Other Purple Rangers followed, like Kendall Morgan who signifies the Plesiosaurus dinosaur and commands the Plesio Zord. 

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3. The Phantom from Lee Falk’s Newspaper Comic Strip

the phantom purple superhero

Aka “The Ghost Who Walks “, The Phantom is a purple superhero that exists since 1936 and is acknowledged as being the first “costumed superhero”. He is a costumed crime-fighter who wears a mask and a purple skintight costume. Though creator Lee Falk wanted Phantom’s costume to be gray, the colorist decided that Phantom would look better in purple. Funnily enough, Falk continued to refer to the costume as being grey in the text of the strip several times before he finally accepted the purple costume.

4. Batgirl from DC Comics

batgirl purple superhero

Being the daughter of Commissioner Jim Gordon, Barbara always detested crime, which turned her towards the one man who strikes fear in the hearts of criminals: Batman. Fortunately for her, Batman noticed her exceptional fighting skills and accepted her into the Bat Family. In the decades of her existence, Batgirl has worn several variations of her costume, both on comic book pages and in other media. However, in my opinion, her best costume was the classic purple costume and Bat signs. It is a fabulous look for this purple female superhero, and just quintessential Batgirl all around.

5. Gambit from Marvel Comics

gambit purple superhero

Becoming a member of the X-Men allowed Gambit to redeem himself from his dark past as a thief. Although Gambit many times disapproves of the X-Men way of doing things, he integrated well into the team and even developed a romance with Rogue. Our hero can take resting energy in inanimate objects and turn it into kinetic energy. He can take resting energy in inanimate objects and turn it into kinetic energy, thus charging that object with explosive results. In other words, he can take anything and turn it into a bomb. Even the entire Earth if he wanted to! Gambit usually wears a coat, but below is always the purple shirt that matches his red-on-black eyes perfectly.

6. Stormfront from The Boys

stromfront purple superhero

Yeah, Stormfront is a superhero and a member of The Seven superhero team. But what a bitch, right? I mean, she was a former Nazi, which says it all, but still. Did you ever see anyone take so much pleasure in mutilating and killing people? Her motif color is purple, with both her costume and plasma blasts being in that color.  

7. Huntress from Dc Comics

huntress  purple superhero

After witnessing her parents being murdered on mob order when she was thirteen, Helena Bertinelli ran a crusade against the Mafia in Gotham. Acting as the vigilante Huntress, she became so hostile and violent that she crossed paths with Barbara Gordon, Catwoman, and Batman who later become her mentors. Despite not having particular superpowers, Huntress is highly proficient with all kinds of weaponry, mostly her crossbows. This purple superhero has had affiliations with the Justice League and the Birds of Prey, where she is now a mainstay on the team.

8. Psylocke from Marvel Comics

psylocke  purple superhero

Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock, aka Psylocke, is an omega-level mutant, which means she has one of the most powerful genetic potentials of her mutant abilities. In her case, her abilities are psychic, including telepathy, astral projection, telekinesis, energy projection, psionic abilities, and so on. Betsy is a stable member of the X-Men team, and sister to Brian Braddock – Captain Britain. Fearless, and ferocious in battle, Betsy thinks of her team before herself always. That is why Psylocke is on this list. Oh, and for the fact that her energy has the color purple, and she tends to wear purple.

9. Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

donatello purple superhero

“The Brains” of the TMNT team, Donnie is their greatest inventor and weaponeer. He invents gadgets, weapons special vehicles that help the fearsome foursome battle against their enemies. Donatello wields the Naginata Bo-Staff which is a traditional ninja weapon for use in battle. In the hands of a master like Donatello, the Bo-Staff is a devastatingly effective weapon for both offense and defense. It’s easy to recognize Donnie, as he wears a purple mask where the tails of the mask are longer than any of his brothers.

10. Thanos from Marvel Comics

thanos purple superhero

Yeah, the Mad Titan is a supervillain, not a superhero, but I couldn’t possibly make a list of the best purple comic book WHATEVER and not include the most famous purple-skinned being in comics. Besides, Thanos has teamed up with plenty of good guys and acted like a hero once or twice.  Thanos is an Eternal from the Titan moon, born with the Deviant Syndrome, and therefore, was born with purple, hide-like skin and a massive body, along with strength and other physical abilities far surpassing that of other Titans.

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11. Medusa from Marvel Comics

medusa purple superhero

Much like Medusa from Greek Mythology, Marvel’s purple superhero Medusa also has hair she can animate as if it were countless thin appendages growing from her head. Medusa is the Queen of Inhumans. Although not as popular as some other characters on this list, Medusa is certainly powerful, possessing enormous psionic powers and superior physical strength. Her purple dress with super long scarlet hair makes her a very memorable purple superhero character, which I believe will become more and more prominent in the Marvel universe.

12. Parasite from DC Comics

parasite purple superhero

Alright, I permitted one Marvel supervillain in this list, so according to my rules, I must allow the same for DC. And what a superhuman criminal he is! Rudy Jones has the power to absorb the life energy of other beings leaving withered corpses behind. He is also able to absorb virtually any other energy form and use it. Parasite can even absorb the DNA of people he touches and physiologically bear resemblance to them. However, he mostly appears as a purple-skinned humanoid monster.   

13. Hulk from Marvel Comics

hulk purple superhero

Well, when you think of Hulk we don’t visualize a “purple superhero”. However, throughout the comics, the Hulk was usually portrayed as wearing purple pants. One explanation for the color of his pants is that the purple pants are contrasting his green skin and contrasting colors look better on a comic page. So the ripped pants are his costume. Whatever Bruce Banner was wearing when he transforms, he ends up angry and purple Hulk color.

14. Stephanie Brown (Spoiler) from DC Comics

stephanie brown spoiler purple superhero

Spoiler is the alter ego of Stephanie Brown, the daughter of the failed villain Cluemaster. She was in a long-term romantic relationship with Tim Drake/Robin and was trained in combat by Batman, Batgirl, Black Bat, and the Birds of Prey. She was previously both Robin IV and Batgirl V in two solo series, which as Robin ended in her apparent death, and that of Batgirl was canceled following the reboot of the DC universe and titles. She appeared as a post-reboot spoiler in a new purple superhero outfit in Batman Eternal.

15. Supernova from Rick and Morty Animated Series  

supernova purple hero

Leader of The Vindicators superhero team, Supernova is a powerful purple cosmic being. She can fly and levitate, create matter out of nothing, and project energy blasts. It seems that she is very dedicated to stopping evil wherever it lies, but when she gets angry she abandons all her heroic aspects and is willing to kill anybody who gets in her way.

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