Movies Like The Piano Teacher

17 Best Movies Like The Piano Teacher (2001)

Here is a list of Movies Like The Piano Teacher that explore women’s sexuality combined with intellectual dialogues. The Piano Teacher is an adaptation of the book under the same name. The story features the Vienna-based piano teacher Erika who is in her late 30s. She lives in a depressive household with her elderly mother; her father is moved to a mental asylum a long time ago. Even though she is unmarried, her loneliness leads her to several psychological states.

She gets involved with Walter who is much younger than her. Walter turns out to be a double-faced human but Erika finds it hard to cut the labyrinth. Their toxic relationship grows deeper and inflames violence.

Despite significant gaps between the various movies on this list, the selected titles include the checklists of common drama and love connection themes.

Movies Like The Piano Teacher

1. Nine and half weeks (1986)

Movies Like The Piano Teacher
Nine and half weeks (1986)

This film had gone through a long inspection and heavy edit before releasing in the USA due to erotic content. The story involves two loners John and Elizabeth. They meet each other as a regular person and feel sparks between them. Their meetings follow romantic consequences, but soon Elizabeth discovers the dark side of John’s personality. His behavior shocks her at first but slowly she also begins to be attracted to the newer side of her own desire. However, day by day things become more complicated when John starts to push her beyond their limits. Elizabeth finds herself in a vulnerable emotional state which is turning too hard to control. At the same time, she finds unavoidable sensual attraction toward John’s activities.

2. Antichrist (2008)

Movies Like The Piano Teacher

A Lars von Trier exploration. Basically, the movie is an exhibition of psychological horror in dramatic cover. The content holds a bunch of dreadful scenes. There are no names for the leading characters. The couple goes through terror while their toddler son dies during their intimate moment. However, the father keeps his feet somehow. In the meantime, the mother collapses at her son’s funeral. The father brings her on a retreat in a deserted cabin. In the search for their biggest fear, unnatural phenomena follow.

3. Wild Orchid (1990)

Movies Like The Piano Teacher
Wild Orchid

Emily Reed is about to join a top-rated law firm in New York. Her employers suggest that she can get the job by flying to Rio De Janeiro the very next day. She agrees and flies with her coworker and one of the executives of the firm Claudia. For business purposes, Claudia has to fly to Buenos Aires the next morning. Since she has a date with James but can’t attend due to a business trip, she asks Emily to meet James instead of her. Emily joins James and he immediately impresses her with his authentic behavior. The two explore a carnival but an unexpected incident happens and Emily leaves. She finds James in her room right after waking up; he is here with a bunch of orchids to apologize. But for some mysterious reason, James doesn’t allow anyone to touch him. Emily suspects, he is scared of enjoying himself, so he watches other people getting emotionally involved. As Emily gets intimidated by a stranger and Claudia comes back, the whole situation takes a new turn.

4. Don’t Look Down (2008)

Movies Like The Piano Teacher
Don’t Look Down

Eloy is a young man who lives in Buenos Aires. He is in a typical condition of entering into manhood as a teenager. On the other hand, Elvira is a tourist from Spain who is visiting the city for a while. She is an expert in the erotic field. The main story starts with Eloy’s father’s death. Since they own family business of epitaph stones, they follow some local superstition. As Eloy grieves about his father’s death, he begins to believe that his father’s spirit visits him every night. He develops the habit of sleep-waking that leads him directly to Elvira’s place. Eloy finds himself jumping into Elvira’s window and landing on her bed. Elvira offers him to be her occasional lover to satisfy their desire. They start to uncover a whole new world of sexuality and adulthood.

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5. Young and Beautiful (2013)

Movies Like The Piano Teacher
Young and Beautiful

The film features a young girl named Isabelle who visits France in the summer at the age of 17. There she meets a German boy named Felix and devotes a date that leaves her in dissatisfaction. When she came back home, Isabelle starts to work as a prostitute under the name of Lea. But overall things don’t go smooth for Lea. One of her clients, a 62 years old man died during their intimate moment. She runs away in terror. A few months later, police find out the truth about Lea and chase her mother down. Her mother gets shuttered by her confession to Isabelle and vowed to bring her back to normal life

6. Black Snake Moan (2006)

Movies Like The Piano Teacher
Black Snake Moan

The two main characters Lazarus and Rae meet each other in an unfavorable circumstance. Rae cheats on her boyfriend Ronnie. She was beaten up and thrown on the street as a dead body. But, luckily Lazarus saves her. Lazarus is the exact opposite, he is incredibly religious and plays guitar for the blues. Once he finds out about Rae’s characteristics and affairs, he claims his responsibility is to pull her out of sin. He ties her up on the farm but takes good care of Rae. Things started to change after Rae begins to regain her health. Lazarus’s point of view also changes over time and situation.

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7. Shame (2011)

Movies Like The Piano Teacher

Brandon and Sissy are siblings who live life on their own terms. Brandon is a reach and spoiled brat. He and his married boss see random girls in clubs. On the other hand, Sissy is a stage performer who visits his brother in the town. She discovers the dark side of her brother but doesn’t give it a thought as it’s his personal life. But Brandon gets furiously disturbed when Sissy starts being with David. He warns her about upcoming heartbreak because he has a family. At the same time, he dates a coworker named Marianne. Will Brandon find love appealing enough to give up his previous lifestyle? Will Sissy pull over her from the toxic relationship?

8. In the Realm of the Senses (1976)

Movies Like The Piano Teacher
In the Realm of the Senses

Set in Tokyo, in the 1930s. While Sada is a former prostitute but currently is working in hotels as a maid. Even though she has left her past life, she is still eager to explore. On another side, Ishida is a motel owner, and Sada works for him. Ishida feels attracted to Sada. In one incident he molests and abuses Sada. After that, any regular woman would run away or file a complaint. As Sada is no comparison to others, she gets obsessive with Ishida. They perform extreme sexual fashion which kills Ishida. But the question is, how would Sada deal with this? Though the film is overwhelmed by extraordinary activities, the ongoing psychological struggles shouldn’t be ignored.

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9. The Duke of Burgundy (2014)

Movies Like The Piano Teacher
The Duke of Burgundy

This film adds different tastes to the list of movies like The Piano Teacher. The story shows the struggle in the romantic relationship between a couple and how they overcome it. The script features Cynthia, an established lecturer who is having an affair with her student Evelyn. But Cynthia is not that emotionally attracted to Evelyn, but she is focused on her own pleasure. Evelyn is screwed when she finds her desires unnaturally involved with Cynthia. While Cynthia gets worried about her aging, Evelyn plans to celebrate her birthday differently. Will this couple be able to work out the ongoing conflicts? Will they move forward?

10. Sex and Lucia (2001)

Movies Like The Piano Teacher
Sex and Lucia

Lucia, a young and beautiful waitress, works in a restaurant in central Madrid. After losing her beloved friend, she decides to travel to an island in the heart of the Mediterranean, where she hopes to recreate her old affair. But the scorching sun and mysterious island atmosphere make her dizzy and cause her to become entangled in an investigation that reveals dark corners in the past hidden from her. The shocking discoveries make her feel as if she is crossing a secret passage into a forbidden novel which the writer who wrote it allows her to experience throughout her body.

11. Secretary (2002)

movies like nymphomaniac

This film was adapted from a short story about a dominant lawyer and his secretary’s affair. They go vulgar in private but hide it from the public. Lee struggles to live a normal life since she is from the disturbing family background. She even has to stay in a mental hospital because of her tendency to self-harm. After getting released from the hospital, she wills to work like a regular person. She applies for the post of a typewriter in Grey’s office. Despite being overqualified, she gets the job. Grey feels attracted by her obedient behavior and soon they develop an erotic relationship.

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12. Lie with me (2005)

Movies Like The Piano Teacher
Lie with me

David and Leila meet each other at a party but don’t interact. Still, they both find an attraction between them. After a few awkward encounters, they finally talk to each other and agree on a one-night stand. Soon David asks for a real date and they started being together. Their relationship grows, they meet each other’s close people, and everything seems good. But their insecurities pop up and lead them to flee from each other.

13. Q, AKA Desire (2011)

Movies Like The Piano Teacher
Q, AKA Desire

The story of this movie takes place during the time of economic crisis in France. People are already disturbed by debt; here Cecile comes forward to make their lives upside down. No one knows if she turns their days better or worse because she spreads such a sensation beyond senses. Cecile is just 20 years old and recently her father dies in the consequences of the economic crisis. She thinks that being intimate with every person she meets can console her grief. She has a boyfriend, who is involved in petty crimes. She leaves him out of dissatisfaction with her desire. As she decides to explore men and women, she gets in touch with a lot of people who desire her. But will this method be able to take her grief away? Or, will she launch a new idea even more unexpectedly?

14. Love (2015)

Movies Like The Piano Teacher

Primarily this movie seems like a straight story of a couple who are dating for 2 years. The leading characters are Murphy and Electra live in Paris. Murphy is from America but lives together with his French girlfriend Electra. The couple gets intimate with another teenager named Omi to add some spice to their desire. But the incident doesn’t end there. Murphy feels a spark in Omi and him. They meet again keeping Electra in dark. This time Omi gets pregnant with Murphy’s child. For the sake of the child’s future, Murphy chooses to leave Electra to live with Omi. But after a while, Electra’s mother visits Murphy and informs him about her disappearance.

15. Blue is the warmest color (2013)

Movies Like The Piano Teacher
Blue is the warmest color

Adele is a teenager who struggles with her sexual identity. She gets infatuated with a blue-haired woman elder than her and dreams about her. On the other hand, the blue-haired woman is Emma, a student of art who discovers Adele in a lesbian bar by chance. She saves her from other women’s flirting by addressing her as her cousin. Adele’s friends bully her suspecting her to be a lesbian after seeing Emma. The two grow closer and start an intense romantic relationship. But their romance is threatened by circumstances and insecurities. As they have almost nothing in common, they purchase their respective career individually. Emma looks forward to her artwork and Adele becomes a school teacher.

16. Dogville (2003)

Movies Like The Piano Teacher

Dogville is a small town in the USA as described in the movie. One of the leading characters Tom passively describes the town and its people. Primarily, few people are introduced as local and good citizens. Here Tom works as a writer and provides some philosophical guidelines to the community. The story flows when he meets Grace. She is a young woman and a bunch of gangsters are after her. She manages to escape and encounters Tom. Tom helps her to hide from the gangsters. Grace suggests crossing the mountain for a safer hideout. But Tom insists on her living with the locals. He represents her as his “illustration”. To win over the community’s heart, Grace helps them with chores.

17. Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Movies Like The Piano Teacher
Eyes Wide Shut

Bill and Alice are seemingly happily married couples with teenage daughters. Bill is a doctor and treated several patients with severe conditions. Everything is in the right place before a party takes place. Bill and Alice attend a party thrown by Bill’s associate. There they confess their deeper feelings after having a few drinks. Alice says she was infatuated by a naval officer during their holiday in Cape Cod. She went so driven that she was ready to give up their marriage and child. This confession shutters Bill and he follows some erotic events for the next few days. He can’t get over the thought of Alice having an imaginary affair with that naval officer.   We hope you will find this list helpful enough to add some extra spices to your movie list. Despite having erotic content, all of them provide a different moral point of view on life.

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