Best Movies Like The Smurfs

If you just can’t get enough of the tiny blue creatures and Gargamel, and you are searching for movies like “The Smurfs,” we have curated a list of similar movies which include genres such as Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, and Fantasy.

“The Smurfs” is a classic, and it’s full of fun both for kids and parents, with humorous dialogues and a really up-to-date enjoyable plot. 

Here goes the list –

Best 6 Movies Like The Smurfs

1. Alvin And The Chipmunks (2007)

After the tree they called home is cut down and shipped to Los Angeles, talking chipmunks Alvin, Simon, and Theodore find a new home with songwriter Dave Seville (Jason Lee). Despite a rocky start to this new arrangement, Dave eventually discovers that the spunky creatures have rare singing talent. When the three perform in front of record executive Ian Hawke, he immediately signs them up. Although the infectious group rapidly gains in popularity, their loyalty is soon tested.

Why you should watch: Based on the animated classic series from the 60’s – this movie is hilarious, fun and thrilling at the same time – a movie to watch over and over again. 

2. Paddington (2014)

After a deadly earthquake destroys his home, a young bear makes his way to England in search of a new home. He finds a warm shelter with the Brown family. Although Paddington’s settled really well at the Browns’ house, someone else has her eye on him: Taxidermist Millicent Clyde (Nicole Kidman) wants to hunt down the rare bear.

​​Why you should watch: Based on the classic books from the ’50s, this film is excellent, funny, and exciting for a family movie night, with stunning animation and great actors.

3. Penguins Of Madagascar (2014)

The film brings to life the story of a gang of penguins: Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private, from the moment they were born and how they turned themselves into tough warriors, struggling to save the world from an evil octopus.

Why you should watch: If you are looking for movies like the smurfs, this is an action animated movie for all the family, with jokes that can suit – both little ones and grown-ups all in all it’s sheer fun for everyone. 

4. Stuart Little 2 (2002)

The famous mouse that lives in a Little family home, the smallest house imaginable, returns for a new adventure. Stuart, his human brother George and Snowball the cat are preparing a pile of new surprises.

Why you should watch: This movie is highly recommended for all the family, with unbelievably awesome special effects, a great sense of humor, fun, and action.  

5. Rio (2011) 

Captured by smugglers when he was just a hatchling, a macaw named Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) never learned to fly and lives a happily domesticated life in Minnesota with his human friend. Blu is thought to be the last of his kind, but when a rumor comes that Jewel (Anne Hathaway), a lone female macaw, lives in Rio de Janeiro, Blu and his friend go on a journey to meet her.

Why you should watch: Colorful and funny, this movie like the smurfs, will sweep you from its first minute, add to it – great music and animation full of beauty, and you will get a great treat for all the family. 

6. The Magic Roundabout (2005)

A bunch of good friends embark on an adventurous journey, in an attempt to imprison the evil wizard Zibadi.

Why you should watch: Based on a TV series from the 60s – this movie is a fully packed animated action movie for all the family – enjoyable, funny, and nostalgic.