The Top 12+ Best Movies Like Guardians Of The Galaxy

Looking for Movies like Guardians of the Galaxy? It’s always satisfying to catch a Superhero Sci-fi comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously.   During the ’80s, young Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), is kidnapped from the earth by a group of alien villains. Twenty years later, on an abandoned planet Peter finds himself persecuted after stealing a mysterious orb from the supervillain Ronan. To avoid it, Qwill has to make a forced alliance with a group of unsuccessful superheroes. The teams of guardians include Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Destroyer Drax (Dave Bautista), Rocket (Bradley Cooper), and Groot (Vin Diesel). They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy was a wild gamble on the part of Marvel Studios. The members of the superheroes group were marginal and unfamiliar with the Unconventional heroes. But in the end, James Gunn’s movie brought in almost $800 million. It has earned the status of cool superhero movies thanks to the humor, and the fresh and cheeky approach. If the danger to Earth is too much for you to handle, don’t worry because this list of movies like Guardians of the Galaxy will take care of business.

Best Movies Like Guardians Of The Galaxy

1. Galaxy Quest (1999)

Movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy
#1. Galaxy Quest (1999)

The cast of an old-fashioned TV series (Sigourney Weaver, Tom Allen, and Alan Rickman) has been abducted into space by aliens. Turns out the aliens are huge fans of the show and consider it a real historical record. They ask the seemingly fearless crew from the imaginary spaceship, to save them from real trouble.

If you are looking for extremely funny parody movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy, with a hint of science fiction and a lot of action and humor, Galaxy Quest will provide your desire.

2. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005)

Arthur Dent (Martin Freeman), wakes one morning to the sounds of bulldozers. He discovers that a fleet of spaceships surrounds the earth. In a few minutes, the precious planet will be destroyed, to create an intergalactic bypass. Arthur finds himself on a miraculous journey with his friend Ford, a lovable alien. Ford is also one of the authors of the most successful book in the universe: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

The two friends find themselves on the spaceship of the president of the galaxy (Sam Rockwell). He is a strange narcissistic two-headed creature. On the same luxury aircraft is also, Trillian (Zooey Deschanel), a human astrophysicist who caught a ride with the deranged president. Marvin (Alan Rickman), a sophisticated robot suffering from severe depression, joins them. The four embark on a journey to reveal what is the true meaning of the universe. If you loved the book or if you didn’t read it at all, this movie is for you! It is enjoyable and full of wisdom. 

3. The Fifth Element

Movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy
#3. The Fifth Element

A beautiful alien named Leeloo (Mila Jovovich) is sent to earth to protect the human race from an evil entity. Her spaceship is destroyed, but her remains are brought for reconstruction – After she is resurrected, Leeloo runs away. She lands in the cab of Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis), a former commando soldier. Korben brings her to Father Vito Cornelius (Ian Holm), who is supposed to help her in her mission to find and return four mysterious stones that will help her activate the ultimate weapon. Meanwhile, Korben is recruited for the same mission.

The new guardians of earth team up in a dizzying race throughout the galaxy to find the stones and save Earth. The cunning, Mr. Zorg (Gary Oldman) has other plans. The Fifth Element by French director Luc Besson is an aesthetic experience. The visual effects are amazing, it’s pure fun for science fiction fans. Mila Jovovich and Bruce Willis in an extraordinary performance. 

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4. Super (2010)

Movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy
#4. Super (2010)

Don’t we all imagine what it would be like to be a red superhero? Frank (Rainn Wilson), is a dining cook and a very shy man. After a slick drug dealer (Kevin Bacon), kidnaps his wife (Liv Tyler), he decides to turn himself into a vigilante named The Crimson Bolt. The sets out to mow down criminals with a very unique weapon – a giant Swedish key!

Crimson Bolt teams up with a young comic book lover (Ellen Page) who becomes his loyal sidekick. Together they get beaten up by most of the criminals in the city until they decide to use more violent streaks than is common in comic books.

Super is a dark comedy superhero movie like Zack Snyder’s Watchmen. It fits the bill if you are looking for movies like Guardians of the Galaxy

5. Starship Troopers (1997)

Movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy
#5. Starship Troopers (1997)

In the futuristic 23rd century,  the world is under the rule of the United Citizen Federation, humans begin to expand throughout the cosmos. In their travels, the space troopers encountered an insect-like alien race, with which they have a constant conflict. We follow Johnny Rico (Caspar Van Dien), his partner Carmen (Denise Richards), and his good friend, the telepath Karl (Neil Patrick Harris). The crew decides to become equal citizens while enlisting themselves in the army and battling giant alien insects. Rico transforms from a young rookie into a senior officer in the Federation’s army.

Carmen becomes a talented space squadron, and Carl becomes a deadly intelligent man who also reads minds. The crew companies Rico’s journey through the battles with planet Klendathu until he finally faces the most vicious cockroach alien enemy.

Starship Troopers like Alien is a classic sci-fi movie made without special effects in mind. Young Neil Patrick Harris is a beautiful performance along with great action and well-coordinated battles and visual effects.   

6. Star Trek: Beyond (2016)

Movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy
#6. Star Trek: Beyond (2016)

Captain Kirk (Chris Pine), and his teammates continue their adventure and mission to explore the boundaries of space and discover new worlds. The Enterprise team is attacked by a new and cruel enemy with a burning hatred toward the Federation forces. The ship crashes into an unknown star and the crew splits without any way of communication or a foreseen rescue plan. At the same time, the team faces a new enemy that threatens to destroy the planet.

7. Dune (1984)

Movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy
#7. Dune (1984)

In the distant future, Duke Leto Atreides (Jürgen Prochnow), and his family are sent by the emperor to a world of sand called Dune. It has the most important and precious element and source in the entire universe – Melange. When the emperor asks to kill the Duke and his family, the Duke’s son, Paul Atreides (Kyle MacLachlan), manages to escape. Paul discovers the mysterious secret behind Dune and reveals his fate – to free it from the emperor’s cruel regime. 

Dune 1984 is a movie that got cult status for all the wrong reasons. However, the most recent Dune movie by film director Denis Villeneuve is a better adaptation.

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8. Inception (2010)

Movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy
#8. Inception (2010)

A creative paraphrase statement on robbery, and sting operations, in addition to a properly constructed romantic subplot and puzzling action scenes. Inception tells the story of Dominick Cobb who steals information from peoples’ minds by invading their dreams. He is on a constant run from the law, and can not visit his kids who he misses very much.

One day, Cobb gets a tempting offer – he is being asked to do an “Inception” – instead of pulling information from someone’s mind, he will have to implement information It is a very complicated procedure. But, the man offering him the deal says that if Cobb succeeds, will get to see his kids. Cobb prepares for the mission and teams up with a group of experts. But, he doesn’t tell his team the whole truth.

Watching Inception is similar to movies like The Wolf Of Wall Street and Guardian Of The Galaxy in its maze structure. It puts the viewer’s brain into hyperventilation from which you will have a hard time recovering. Leonardo DiCaprio makes a mesmerizing appearance of a charismatic man who turns the human mind into a porridge while he does so to his viewers.

9. Men in Black (1997)

Movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy
#9. Men in Black (1997)

The sci-fi movie is very similar to Guardians Of The Galaxy in the sense that it’s a story that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Agent Jay (Will Smith) and Agent Kay (​​Tommy Lee Jones), are members of a secret organization called MIB (Men In Balck), that were founded to monitor and regulate alien activity on Earth. The two find themselves at the center of a deadly plot designed by an intergalactic terrorist who came to earth to steal a powerful source. To save the planet Earth, They are going on a chase and pursuit of the vicious terrorist.

The Men in Black franchise has always promised more than it has delivered.

10. Spaceballs (1987)

Movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy
#10. Spaceballs (1987)

One of the best Star Wars Sci-Fi parodies movies ever. One and a half-hour of pure joy and one unforgettable quote: “​May the Schwartz be with you!”  The galaxy Spaceballs suffer from a severe shortage of air. To save it, the galaxy’s president (Mel Brooks), and army commander plan to kidnap Princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga) as a ransom.

Vespa, who escaped at the last minute from a wedding with an unloving prince, is captured by Black Helmet (Rick Moranis). The king and father of Princess Vespa hire the services of Lone Star (Bill Pullman), and his BFF assistant Barf (The late John Candy), to rescue his daughter. Lone Star and Barf respond to the mission, hoping to win the cash prize and save the princess and her robotic slave. But unfortunately, their plane crashes on a desert planet, and meanwhile, Lone Star and Vespa begin to fall in love.

Always fun to watch the hilarious lightsaber duel parody, and even today Mel’s humor still works!

11. Flash Gordon (1980)

Movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy
#11. Flash Gordon (1980)

Flash Gordon is one of the most famous heroes of American comics and science fiction. He is a star quarterback (Sam J. Jones), who along with his girlfriend Dale Arden (Melody Anderson), is a black-haired beauty whose main occupation in life is screaming and fainting. Along with the genius scientist Zarkov (Chaim Topol), they find themselves one day on the Mongo planet.

The planet is ruled by Ming, (Max Von Sydow), an evil dictator and Flash discovers that with all his primitiveness – people there are still fighting with swords. Ming poses a real danger to Earth’s peace. From then on, Flash fights Ming and various strange races that inhabit the Mongo to free it from its tyrant.

Sci-Fi Trash movies like Barbarella and Flash Gordon are pure 80’s classics.

12. Howard The Duck (1986)

Movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy
#12. Howard The Duck (1986)

A duck from another planet accidentally lands in Cleveland and befriends a punk star (Lea Thompson)n after rescuing her from her attackers. The punk star gets close to him – even though he is a bird until scientists arrive and claim that their mistake led to the duck’s landing on Earth. During their attempts to bring him back home, he has to learn some lessons about human society, meanwhile, he seems to find great interest in thick cigars and drinking beer.

Based on the comic book character, this movie is another 80’s glory, so funny and thrilling, a film you will carry with you and can watch over and over again. 

13. The Lord Of The Rings (Film Series)

The Lord of the Rings is a series of three epic fantasy adventure films directed by Peter Jackson and based on the novel written by J. R. R. Tolkien. The films have been subtitled The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. Wikipedia

14. Kick-Ass (2010)

Comic book geek Dave sets out to become Kick-Ass, a real-life superhero. Big Daddy and Hit-Girl attempt to dismantle the underworld empire of mob boss Frank D’Amico, when Kick-Ass gets involved.

14. Watchmen (2009)

Rorschach, a vigilante, sets out to investigate the mysterious circumstances under which one of his colleagues died. In the process of doing so, he discovers some disturbing secrets.

15. Deadpool (film series)

Deadpool is a film series currently consisting of two films, Deadpool and Deadpool 2. The two films were both produced by Marvel Entertainment, Kinberg Genre, The Donners’ Company, and TSG Entertainment and distributed by 20th Century Fox.

16. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

After a successful mission, Quill and his team of galactic defenders meet Ego, a man claiming to be Quill’s father. However, they soon learn some disturbing truths about Ego.

17. The Last Starfighter (1984)

Alex Rogan, an expert video game player, lives in a trailer park and has no promising future. One day he meets Centauri, an alien ranger, who wants to recruit him as a starfighter pilot.

18. Hudson Hawk (1991)

Eddie, known as Hudson Hawk, is just out of prison and resolves to lead an honest life. But, he is soon blackmailed into stealing some of the priceless artworks of Leonardo da Vinci.

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