17 Sisterhood Movies Like ‘Practical Magic’

movies like practical magic

If you love sappy but fun movies about romance and sisterhood then you are probably looking for movies like Practical Magic.

Director Griffin Dunne’s romantic-comedy-fantasy may be a cult hit movie today, back in back 1998, it was a huge flop, and the critics hated it.

Practical Magic tells the story of two sisters, Sally and Gillian Owens, (Sandra Bullock, and Nicole Kidman) they live with their eccentric aunts (Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest) in a small town.

The family deals with prejudices on the part of their neighbors, who stand in their way of finding true love. They discover that family history has given them virtues reserved for witches.

Sally and Gillian find out that with great magic power comes a great curse.

The comedy/fantasy gives you that cozy sisterhood close relationship vibes. Hence, I’m here to grant your wish and suggest 17 movies like Practical Magic that will have you under their spell.

Watch and enjoy.

Best Movies Like Practical Magic

1. The First Wives Club (1996)

Movies Like Practical Magic

Middle age love, relationships, and breakups.

What happens when the husbands of Bett Midler, Diane Keaton, and Goldie Hawn replace them with younger models or just act like straight-up assholes?

The choice to feature three mature women (some would call them divas) in this comedy turned out to be a good financial decision, and The First Wives Club became a dizzying success.

Three middle-aged divorced women (Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton), who were once good friends in college and now hate and compete with each other.

The suicide of a mutual friend causes the three to unite and team up in order to ruin the lives of their ex-husbands and their young wives.

Based on a novel with the same name by Olivia Goldsmith – even though the subject is not so easy to contain, because of the wonderful actresses it is a true fun comedy. 

2. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2001)

Movies Like Practical Magic

Comedy-drama by director Callie Khouri.

Playwright Siddalee Walker(Sandra Bullock), is a prominent New York playwright, she’s far from her hometown of Louisiana and lives a pleasant and safe life far from her mother, Vivi (Ellen Burstyn).

The relationship between the two is on the brink when Time magazine publishes a profile article about Sidda, in which it is implied that Vivi was not a good enough mother.

Into the cauldron of affairs enters Vivi’s childhood friends, or those known as “Ya-Ya” (Fionnula Flanagan, Shirley Knight, Maggie Smith).

With their help and the secret secrets of the “Ya – Ya” fraternity, Sidda learns to recognize and cherish her mother, and perhaps one day she will manage to break free from her past and find a place in her heart for forgiveness and understanding.

A bit slow, especially in the beginning. But it’s worth it because this film is stunning and sensitive. Great acting, and a good script. Although the book conveys the message much better.

The magic isn’t necessary, but if you’re looking for a sisterhood movie like Practical Magic, you’ll love Ya Ya.

3. Motherland Fort Salem

Movies Like Practical Magic

Motherland Fort Salem has it all, military women, US witches soldiers, lesbians, feminism, historic events, sisterhood, friendship, and lots of politics, badass female warriors, and much more.

Three witches Riley Koller, Abigail Bellwether, and Tali Kryon enlist in the United States Army. They practice sound magic and use their vocal cords to cast powerful spells.

The series takes place in a world dominated by women which ended in a witch trial 300 years ago during Salem’s witch trials which ends in the Salem Agreement.

The world finds itself confronted by a terrorist organization called the Spray, a group that opposes the recruitment of witches into the army.

4. Hocus Pocus (1993)

Movies Like Practical Magic

The cult film that no Halloween would be complete without.

Three witches (Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimi), who were brought to the forefront 300 years ago, have vowed to return to our world.

One night, in the city of Massachusetts, they return and cause a long chain of comic situations.

The cunning trio must perform one more spell to win eternal life. Unfortunately, three children stand in their way and have the power to break the spell.

When “Hocus Focus” was released in ’93, it was a box office and critical failure just like Practical Magic.

But similar to the film’s plot which tells the story of three witches who are resurrected after a long coma, Hocus Focus also returned and eventually gained the status of a cult film.

This is mainly due to repeated broadcasts throughout the US on Halloween, and also because it is a film that is tailor-made exactly to the dimensions of one of everyone’s favorite holidays.

In an interview about the sequel Hocus Pocus 2 (coming to Disney+ in Fall 2022), Midler said: “It’s so weird that we were these characters, we fell into exactly the same relationships and the same forms of behavior on screen like we did 27 years ago.”

And that’s the whole magic of Hocus Pocus, it’s really the relationships among the talented women on screen that capture the audience.

5. The Craft (Film Series)

Movies Like Practical Magic

Mean Girls the enchanted version: If by any chance you dreamed of banding together with girls like you and discovering your hidden powers, you have to watch this film.

A new high school student connects with three high school friends. together they create spells, which teach them hard lessons for life. 

The Craft starts out as a High School sweet film but turns to be a really dark witch film, well written and full of suspense. 

The movie was a box office success and to this day it has a profit of $ 55.6 million with a budget of $ 15 million.

6. Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

Movies Like Practical Magic

This movie is populated with exceptional female characters. They serve as an example for Kiki how to find a place in the world without letting the universe push you into familiar patterns.

The big day has arrived: Kiki is already 13 years old, and like any self-respecting witch, it is time to leave her parents’ house and go to a city without where she will try, for a full year, to find her place.

Kiki gets excited and takes Gigi the cat with her. She files on her mother’s broom and goes out to look for a city.

But as she lands in the chosen spot – a small, charming, and windswept beach town – Kiki discovers it’s not that simple.

Kiki’s Delivery Service manages to be completely fictional and completely real. It’s fascinating and also stressful while being believable and pleasant. You won’t find such a balance in almost any other film. Except in most Miyazaki films, of course.

7. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Film Series)

Movies Like Practical Magic

An extraordinary celebration of life, laughter, and self-discovery.

15 years old Carmen, Tibby, Lena, and Bridget are best friends at heart and soul.

They are about to spend their summer vacation separately – for the first time in their lives. On the eve of their departure, the girls discover that the jeans that Carmen bought are magic pants.

They fit all four despite the differences. The four friends decide that the pants will travel between them during the vacation – two weeks with each of them, and they decide on the rules for using them.

The “wandering pants” give the four girls the support and strength to deal with the intense emotional experiences they are exposed to during the summer: love, death, family difficulties, and the complexity that of growing up.

8. The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

Movies Like Practical Magic

Aside from the fact that this legendary cast, who somehow agreed to star in a film with a completely crazy script, The Witches from Eastwick is above all a story about three women who think they need a man and then find that they get along great on their own.

Three best-friends (Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon), fall under the spell of a mysterious rich man (Jack Nicholson).

They are drawn to the charisma of the disturbed seducer, who is revealed over time as the devil himself. As time passes the three discover their own superpowers – as witches.

The fantasy film, starring Jack Nicholson, and Michelle Piper, was released in 1987 and was nominated for two Academy Awards in the Sound category and won the “Best Picture” award at the 1988 British Academy Awards.

Death Becomes Her is an exaggerated film, funny, silly, and cold.

9. Matilda (1996)

Movies Like Practical Magic

Matilda’s parents are just typical 80s parents, okay they are pretty terrible.

In the early 1990s, five family members sat together and read a book by author Roald Dahl. It was not just a book, and certainly not just a family.

In this house in Beverly Hills, California, the esteemed pair of actors Danny De Vito and Rhea Perlman lived with their children: Lucy, Grace, and Jacob.

And the book? It was the book ‘Matilda’ that was published in 1988. De Vito fell in love with the charming story about the little witch Matilda and made a decision in his heart to produce a cinematic adaptation.

When the shooting began, Mara Wilson’s mother, the actress that played Matilda, died of breast cancer she had been battling for a long time.

Little Mara, who was only nine years old, bravely faced the tragedy. She completed the filming with the support of de Vito and Perlman, and the film was dedicated to her mother’s memory.

What makes Matilda a classic is a beautiful friendship between Miss Honey and the young witch.

9.Death Becomes Her (1992)

Movies Like Practical Magic

Extravaganza full of black and vicious humor, murder, Broadway shows, high-cut dresses, and deep necklines, exaggerated fashion and an obsessive preoccupation with beauty, Hollywood stars, and the battle to the death of beautiful and manipulative women.

An aging Hollywood star (Meryl Strip), kidnaps her girlfriend’s (Goldy Hawn), plastic surgeon fiancé. Years later the former girlfriend plans her revenge, while the star makes a deal with a witch in order to get a concentrated liquid for eternal youth

This movie has an Oscar nomination for best visual effects, and indeed it was so awesome for 1992! When it came out, it received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Many have criticized the film’s cheap message, and its superficiality that stands, seemingly in stark contrast, to its message.

10. Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Movies Like Practical Magic

Ethan (​​Alden Ehrenreich), wants to escape from the southern town where he lives.

He meets Lena (Alice Englert), a mysterious girl with witchcraft. Together they reveal dark secrets about their family, their history, and the town in which they live.

A romantic modern fairytale – beautiful visuals and a great performance from the leading actresses – if you are into southern accents and the supernatural high school romance genre, well, this film is definitely for you. 

More Similar Movies To Practical Magic

11. Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Ethan (​​Alden Ehrenreich), wants to escape from the southern town where he lives. He meets Lena (Alice Englert), a mysterious girl with witchcraft. Together they reveal dark secrets about their family, their history, and the town in which they live.

A romantic modern fairytale – beautiful visuals and a great performance from the leading actresses. If you are into southern accents and the supernatural high school romance genre, well, this film is definitely for you. 

12. Witch Way Love (1997)

Morgane (Vanessa Paradis), is a witch. When her son is born with witchcraft, she wants a normal life for him – and the way to achieve it is to perform an ancient ritual with the presence of a person with a specific constellation.

Morgane finds an American inventor that meets all requirements, but an evil force tries to interrupt the plan and kidnaps Morganes’ son.  

A witch movie with French qualities – it is so well crafted and Vanessa Paradis is wonderful. 

13. The Lake House (2006)

A lone doctor (Sandra Bullock), begins to correspond with a new tenant (Keanu Reeves), a frustrated architect, who moved to the house on the lake where she previously lived.

They discover that they are actually living two years apart, and try to solve the bizarre mystery together.

This is so romantic! Bullock and Reeves are in such great roles with great on-screen chemistry, and the plot is so unique and thrilling. 

14. Teen Witch (1989)

Louise (Robyn Lively), is a High School geek that finds out when she will be 16, she will get witch superpowers. After she gets her powers she becomes more popular but she reveals that her powers can not get her true love. 

For you fantasy movie lovers! the movie is the ultimate candy – it is romantic, funny with a wonderful storyline.

15. The Love Witch (2016)

Anna Biller presents a sexy tribute to the technicolor films of the 60s and the occult thrillers of the 70s.

She paints the screen in bright colors, loads on the set every kitschy item she has collected over the years, combines melodrama, erotica, and horror, and along the way also explores issues of gender and female passion.

At the center of the plot is Elaine, a witch who uses magic and potions to seduce men. After a trail of guys sacrificing their lives on the altar of her perversions, she meets the man of her dreams.

The Love Witch might not fit the bill, but it’s a lovefest for every woman out there.

Just a fun silly movie.

16. Shirley Valentine (1989)

Pauline Colline evokes sympathy and laughter in the role that earned her an Oscar nomination

Shirley Valentine is one sweet journey, a celebration of life and freedom, and friendship

A frustrated Briton in her Forties, mourning the life she missed, disgusted with her chauvinistic husband’s and bitter about the routine way her life is going towards.

After her best friend offers her a two-week vacation in Greece, she starts to see herself in a new light, the opportunity changes the path of her life and allows her to meet herself anew.

17. Bewitched (2005)

Isabelle (Nicole Kidman), is a kind-hearted and naive witch, who is disgusted with her supernatural lifestyle in which she only has to tap her fingers and everything she desires is at her disposal.

Isabelle decides to wean herself off the magic, and start a new page, as a normal woman with a normal life, with a man who will love her for who she is, not because she cast a spell on him.

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