15 MHA Manga Panels With The Most Dramatic Scenes

When I think of the best MHA manga panels, I always think about Horikoshi’s art, he is one the best I have ever seen for a manga. While other manga artists excel at making beautiful, dramatic panels using color and action, Horikoshi excels at making a beautiful, dramatic scene simply by using black and white and emotion in his MHA manga panels. In every dramatic scene, you can feel his character’s emotions perfectly. You can feel their agony, their happiness, and their sadness. Each of the MHA panels is a beautiful piece of art, and you can truly feel the emotion it’s meant to convey while reading it. It can go from a simple character pose that looks amazing to a dramatic full page showing All Might’s true abilities in one blow. Let’s take a look at some of the best MHA manga panels.

Midnight’s original outfit from the flashback

Midnight’s original outfit mha manga panel

A few panels in the My Hero Academia manga showcase Midnight’s original outfit from the flashback, which is typically a full-body shot of her. Throughout the flashback, the MHA panels depicting Midnight’s original outfit emphasize the costume’s revealing and provocative nature, highlighting its details and emphasizing the character’s confident and alluring nature.

There is a flashback scene where Midnight is shown performing in a provocative film, and her original outfit is shown in a series of panels. She wears a black leather corset, matching leather panties, thigh-high boots, and long gloves. Her cleavage is prominently displayed in these panels, along with her hips and thighs, which are adorned with heart-shaped cutouts.

Another flashback scene has Midnight in her original outfit during her early days as a pro hero. Her black leather corset, panties, boots, gloves, and choker are all shown in these panels, along with close-ups of her cleavage and hips, emphasizing the provocative nature of her costume.

Deku’s moment of determination

Deku's moment of determination mha manga panel

As a whole, the panels depict Deku’s moment of determination in Chapter 2 of the My Hero Academia manga. It showcases his passion and drive to become a hero despite obstacles.

Deku’s moment of determination is depicted in a series of panels that convey his emotional state. Deku watches a video of his hero, All Might, with tears streaming down his face. The next panel shows Deku as a child holding a toy figurine of All Might dreaming of one day becoming a hero like him.

In the next panel, Deku declares his determination to become a hero even without a quirk, with a close-up of his determined expression and a speech bubble stating “I want to be the strongest hero!” The following panel shows a wide shot of the city, with Deku standing at the edge of a rooftop, looking out at the skyline with his arms raised in determination.

Deku’s intense training regimen will be depicted in the panels that follow, as he works tirelessly to achieve strength and endurance. The final panel of the scene depicts Deku collapsing in exhaustion, with the words “I’ll never give up!” appearing in bold.

My Hero!

My Hero! mha manga panel

Chapter 76 contains my favorite manga panel from MHA where Deku says “My Hero!” It is titled “Infinite 100%” and focuses on the intense fight between Midoriya and Chisaki.

Midoriya, using Eri’s Quirk to control his power, unleashes an incredibly powerful attack called “One For All: 100% Delaware Detroit Smash” which destroys Chisaki’s Quirk-nullifying shield. The impact sends Chisaki flying and severely injures him. However, the cost of this power takes a toll on Midoriya’s body, causing him to be temporarily paralyzed and unable to move. Mirio, who was previously defeated by Chisaki, tries to intervene but is stopped by Nighteye, who urges him to have faith in Midoriya.

The chapter ends with Midoriya’s resolve to become a true hero, even if it means facing hardships and sacrificing his own body.

All Might’s first appearance

All Might's first appearance mha manga panel

With strong dialogue, body language, and visual cues, contains one of the best MHA manga panels on page 12, It effectively conveys the emotional intensity and complexity of the scene.

The MHA panels depicting All Might’s first appearance in Chapter 1 convey his larger-than-life personality and heroic spirit, demonstrating his incredible strength and determination. This scene is a memorable and iconic moment in the series because of its bold lettering and sound effects that further enhance its dramatic impact.

There is a series of panels depicting All Might’s first appearance in Chapter 1 of the My Hero Academia manga that effectively conveys his story and personality.

An initial shot of the villain hovering over a group of civilians is followed by a speech bubble saying “I’ll kill all of you!” In the next panel, All Might appears in the distance, with a close-up of his muscular frame and his distinctive hairstyle. In the following panel, All Might be charged toward the villain with his arm cocked back as he prepares to punch.

With a sound effect of “BOOM” and the iconic line, “I am here!” appearing in bold letters, All Might deliver a powerful punch to the villain’s face in the next panel. All Might’s face is shown in a close-up in the following panel, with his mouth open in a confident smile and his determination shining in his eyes.

The panels that follow depict All Might’s battle with the villain, illustrating his incredible strength and heroic spirit. The final panel of the scene shows All Might standing triumphantly over the defeated villain, with a speech bubble stating “Fear not, citizens! I am here to save the day!”

The heroes vs villainous Shigaraki

The heroes vs villainous Shigaraki mha manga panel

One panel on page 13 effectively conveys the story of chapter 290, which focuses on the intense battle between the heroes and Shigaraki.

This panel depicts Shigaraki as a towering figure surrounded by destruction and wreathed in energy. His eyes are wide and manic, with crackling energy emanating from his mouth and fingertips. There is chaos and destruction he has wrought in the background, with buildings reduced to rubble and dust and debris swirling in the sky.

As the heroes prepare to face Shigaraki, Endeavor, Deku, and Bakugo are shown in the foreground. Deku clenches his fists and Endeavor grits his teeth in a fierce expression. The composition of the panel effectively conveys the scale and intensity of the battle, with the heroes dwarfed by the towering figure of Shigaraki and the destruction he has unleashed.

A powerful and unpredictable foe confronts the heroes in Chapter 290, which creates a sense of danger and urgency that pervades the chapter. To convey the story of the chapter effectively, dynamic composition, intense energy effects, and strong character expressions all work together to create a dramatic and impactful scene.

Red Riot Unbreakable

Red Riot Unbreakable mha manga panel

The best MHA panel of chapter 133 is when Eijiro Kirishima, also known as Red Riot, activates his ultimate move “Red Riot Unbreakable”. The panel represents a powerful and dramatic moment in the series, and it effectively showcases Red Riot’s growth as a character.

The panel is a full-page spread that shows Red Riot standing in a triumphant pose, his fists clenched and his body covered in an impenetrable layer of hardened red armor. By using bold lines and vivid colors, the panel features his newfound invincibility and power. This panel depicts Red Riot standing tall and unbreakable in the face of chaos, ready to protect his friends and fight for justice despite the explosions and smoke in the background.

Eri smiles again

Eri smiles again mha manga panel

In chapter 182 of the MHA manga, there is a panel where the characters are reflecting on the events of the Cultural Festival arc, and the narrator declares that “the true climax of the festival arc wasn’t when Deku beat Gentle, but when Eri learned to smile again.”

The panel itself is a montage of different scenes from the arc, including Deku’s battle with Gentle, the performance of Class 1-A, and the moment when Eri smiles. The focus of the panel is on Eri’s smiling face, which is shown in a close-up shot with stars and sparkles surrounding her. The panel is accompanied by a caption that reads “She smiled,” which emphasizes the importance of this moment in the story.

The panel is a poignant reminder of the emotional impact of Eri’s character arc, and the significance of her learning to find happiness again. It also underscores the themes of perseverance and hopes that run throughout the series and highlights the importance of friendship and support in overcoming adversity.

That’s a nasty scar you’ve got there

That's a nasty scar you've got there mha manga panel

Chapter 192 is a significant moment for the Todoroki family, as it marks the first time that Shoto and Endeavor have a real conversation about their past. In the preceding chapters, Shoto had been struggling with feelings of anger and resentment towards his father, who had been revealed to have been abusive towards him and his mother in the past. Endeavor had been working to make amends for his actions and become a better person, but Shoto was still struggling to forgive him.

The exchange between Shoto and Endeavor takes place on page 10. In this scene, Shoto and Endeavor are discussing the latter’s past mistakes and how he can work to make amends. Shoto comments on Endeavor’s scar, which is a visible reminder of the injuries he sustained in a previous battle. Endeavor responds with a bit of humor, acknowledging Shoto’s sarcasm while also taking responsibility for his actions. The panel itself is fairly simple, with the two characters facing each other and speaking their lines. However, the dialogue and body language convey a lot of meaning, highlighting the complicated relationship between Shoto and Endeavor and the challenges they face in moving forward.

Give her back

Give her back mha manga panel

In chapter 157 there is an MHA panel Kai Chisaki, also known as Overhaul stands in front of the League of Villains, his hand outstretched as he demands that they return Eri to him. He looks angry and determined, with his teeth gritted and his eyes narrowed. His body language is tense and intimidating, as he looms over the other characters in the panel. Meanwhile, the League of Villains stands opposite him, looking somewhat intimidated and uncertain.

The panel is drawn in a dark, shadowy style, which adds to the tension and drama of the moment. I can feel the sense of danger and urgency surrounding Eri’s situation, as well as the formidable presence of Kai Chisaki as a villain.

That one girl singing

That one girl singing  mha manga panel

We return to Eri again, she’s just too cute! Chapter 159 of the My Hero Academia manga, titled “The School Festival”, takes place during the U.A. High School’s cultural festival. Eri, a young girl who has recently been rescued from a life of abuse and experimentation, is attending the festival for the first time with the students of Class 1-A. As Eri is experiencing new things and enjoying the festival, she stops to tell Izuku (Deku) about the girl singing on stage, saying “That one girl singing was intense and…” before being interrupted by Izuku’s phone ringing.

This panel is a touching moment that shows Eri’s childlike wonder and appreciation for the new experiences that she is having at the festival. It is a reminder that even in the face of the traumas she has experienced, Eri is still able to find joy and beauty in the world around her. The panel also highlights the bond between Eri and Izuku, as he takes the time to listen to her and appreciate her thoughts and feelings. This panel is a small but significant moment in Eri’s character development and a testament to the emotional depth of the My Hero Academia series.

Shoto, Deku, Kirishima, Momo, and Iida have gathered outside the hospital

Shoto, Deku, Kirishima, Momo, and Iida have gathered outside the hospital mha manga panel

The MHA panel is full of urgency and danger of the situation, as well as the determination and resolve of the group to rescue their friend.

In Chapter 85 page 12 the panel takes place at night outside of the hospital where All Might is recovering. Shoto, Deku, Kirishima, Momo, and Iida have gathered outside to discuss their plan to rescue Mitsuki Bakugo, who has been kidnapped by the League of Villains. The panel shows the group standing together in the darkness, illuminated only by the dim light from the hospital windows. Shoto, with his arms crossed, looks resolute as he speaks to the group, while Deku looks determined and focused. Kirishima looks tense, while Momo appears to be deep in thought. Iida, with his arms behind his back, stands tall and looks serious.

All Might is no longer the number one hero

All Might is no longer the number one hero mha manga panel

The panel that depicts the end of All Might as the number one hero appears in Chapter 94 of MHA. The panel is split into two parts, with a large image of All Might taking up most of the space on the left side of the panel. He is shown in his hero form, but with a weakened and thin appearance, a stark contrast to his once-mighty figure. On the right side of the panel, there are three smaller images of news anchors reporting on All Might’s retirement, with the text of their report appearing in speech bubbles above them.

The panel has a momentous feeling about this event and the impact it has on the world of My Hero Academia. All Might, who has been a symbol of peace and justice for years, is now retiring due to his injuries and can no longer serve as the number one hero. The large image of All Might reinforces his iconic status as a hero, but also emphasizes his weakened state, highlighting the gravity of the situation. The smaller images on the right side of the panel help to contextualize the event, showing how it is being reported in the media and how it is affecting the public at large. Overall, the panel effectively captures the emotional weight of this pivotal moment in the series.

Kai Chisaki proves that he is a true hero

Kai Chisaki proves that he is a true hero mha manga panel

The panel in which Mirio Togata shows himself to Kai Chisaki as a true hero is a full-page spread with Mirio standing tall and confident in the foreground, while Chisaki stands small and defeated in the background. The use of foreground and background emphasizes the power dynamic between the two characters and highlights Mirio’s heroic stature.

Mirio’s posture and expression also convey a sense of determination and strength, with his fists clenched and a determined look on his face. This further emphasizes his role as a hero, and his willingness to fight for what is right.

I love the use of shading and lighting and how it adds to the dramatic effect of the panel, with Mirio’s brightly lit figure contrasting against the dark and shadowy background. This further emphasizes his heroism and the power he holds as a symbol of hope and justice.

Mirio is a true hero, both in his actions and his physical presence, and sets up the stakes for the upcoming battle between him and Chisaki.

Izuku Midoriya discovers his new quirk

Izuku Midoriya discovers his new quirk mha manga panel

I felt like that panel where Izuku Midoriya discovers his new “Danger Sense” powers was super badass! It showed that Izuku had changed into someone much more confident and capable.

In Chapter 295 of My Hero Academia, Izuku Midoriya faces off against a horde of villains, including the powerful Nomu, as part of the ongoing battle to stop Tomura Shigaraki from destroying everything in his path. As the fight intensifies, Izuku realizes that he needs to tap into his newfound quirk, One For All’s sixth sense ability called “Danger Sense,” to stay ahead of his opponents.

We see Izuku standing amid a chaotic battle, his eyes glowing with an intense focus as he analyzes the movements of the villains around him. The panel is divided into three parts, with the center section showing Izuku’s body in motion as he prepares to strike. His left arm is raised, his fingers splayed out in a position that suggests he’s ready to unleash a powerful attack.

In the left-hand section of the panel, we see a close-up of Izuku’s face, his eyes closed in concentration as he focuses on the movements of his enemies. This section of the panel highlights Izuku’s determination and his unwavering focus, as he channels all of his energy into predicting the movements of his opponents.

In the right-hand section of the panel, we see a group of villains charging toward Izuku, their faces twisted with rage and determination. This section of the panel highlights the danger that Izuku is facing, and the intensity of the battle that is unfolding.

Taken together, this panel showcases Izuku’s growth as a hero, and his ability to tap into his quirk to stay one step ahead of his opponents. With his quick thinking, strategic mind, and unwavering determination, Izuku can take on a horde of powerful villains and emerge victorious, cementing his status as one of the most promising heroes of his generation.

The hand on Shigaraki’s head is actually Nana’s hand chapter 193

I’ll close this lit with a panel that serves to deepen the mythology of the series and to underscore the complex relationships between the various characters.

I refer to a panel in Chapter 193 of the My Hero Academia manga, where All For One (AFO) is shown to have taken the Quirk of Tomura Shigaraki’s (Shiggy’s) grandmother, Nana Shimura. In the panel, AFO is holding Shiggy’s head with his hand on the back of it, and the visual similarity between this gesture and the way Nana held young Shiggy’s head is striking.

This revelation is significant because it establishes a direct connection between Shiggy and Nana, who was the previous holder of the One For All Quirk and the mentor of All Might. It also adds another layer of tragedy to Shiggy’s character, as he is shown to have been manipulated and groomed by AFO since childhood, with his family history being used as a tool to further AFO’s agenda.

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