100 Cute Anime Couple with Perfect Chemistry!

Anime sure loves to show a wide variety of couples with romantic vibes all around them. These lovebirds always steal the spotlight with the depths of their intimate relationships. But why are we drawn to anime couples cuddling?

Perhaps it’s the alluring chemistry they portray in everything about them and everything they do. These characters love to tease us, and in return, fans ship and fantasize about how they would become the perfect couple and live happily ever after.

This list includes the 100 anime couple who have that perfect chemistry. That means we included different types of couples. Gender doesn’t matter, they can wear any form possible, including ghosts and wolves, anything goes! As long as they have pure attraction.

100 Cute Anime Couple

100. Haruki and Sakura from I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

haruki and sakura  want to eat your pancreas

Probably a top contender for the saddest anime couple ever! Haruki was kind of a bookworm who had only books as his friends and didn’t think anyone would ever be with him.

All that changed when one day he came across a handwritten diary in the library and soon found out that the book belonged to one of his classmates Sakura. She approached him later on and they kind of clicked with each other.

They made a bunch of memories that year and would have been an amazing cute anime couple if not for Sakura suffering from a terminal illness.

99. Rock and Revy from Black Lagoon

cute anime couple

Romance may not be Black Lagoon’s highlight, it’s actually a dark action show. However, Rock and Revy still stand to be a fan favorite attraction. Revy and Rock are partners in crime. She has saved Rock’s life multiple times, and Rock has introduced Revy to other ways of solving her problems instead of violence Revy is attached to Rock, so much so that she even denies the dark and heartless side of his personality.

Rock is her knight-in-shining-armor; a man who can do what she cannot, to save her from herself. At least that’s what she wishes Rock would do. She treasures his humane side, yet is unable to express her true feelings to him.

While this cute couple is not official, fans can’t help but hope for their love to blossom at some point, no matter how gruesome the backdrop.

98. Senjougahara and Araragi from Monogatari

senjougahara and araragi monogatari

Senjougahara and Araragi are a cute couple with one of the most refined storylines in anime. They both sparked feelings for each other after Araragi solved the supernatural events that happened to Senjougahara. But Senjougahara’s yandere side sometimes dominates their relationship and scares Araragi (Is it just me or does Japan have a thing for crazy anime girls?)

But who cares? Thankfully Araragi is also an immortal being, so it works out for this cute anime couple. It’s probably because of the unique art style and animation of the Monogatari series that fanboys and girls loved seeing this cute anime couple.

97. Megumi and Soma from Shokugeki No Soma / Food Wars

cute anime couple

Megumi and Soma from the ecchi harem anime have one of the best chemistries and they should definitely start dating.

Soma sees Megumi as a cute girl and often teaches her cooking techniques. But Megumi sees Soma as something more than a friend and we always notice whenever she gets shy or jealous.

We want to see this cute couple together! that’s for sure. We hope that in the future Soma will choose Megumi and see her as a potential love interest for her cute and shy personality.

96. Alzack Connell & Bisca Connell from Fairy Tail

alzack connell and bisca connell fairy tail

This show is filled with ships that have already sailed. Alzack and Bisca are some of the more underrated characters. They don’t get much screen time in the show but they managed to win our hearts with that small amount of time.

Alzack and Bisca always seem to be with each other and go on missions together. Alzack mostly does the close combat fights while Bisca gives long-range cover for him. They are partners that suit each other so perfectly well.

Moreover, they are the cutest couple, especially when they become parents.

95. Gin and Misaki from Sakurasou Pet Girl

gin and misaki sakurasou pet girl

Jin clearly cares for Misaki, and this influenced his life greatly. Jin is a massive playboy who goes out with numerous women. But, he always has Misaki in mind. He constantly feels that he isn’t good enough for her and also feels jealous about her success, while Misaki openly expresses her love for him.

This makes for an extremely interesting dynamic. The two eventually marry and Misaki moves in with him, as she finally fulfills her dream of becoming a… housewife. 

94. Stella and Ikki from Chivalry of a Failed Knight

stella and ikki chivalry of a failed knight

Ikki is Stella’s roommate/fiancé in the Chivalry of a Failed Knight series. They had a rough start where Ikki saw Stella half-naked and suddenly started taking off his own clothes to make them even. After a heartfelt confession and acceptance, the two become lovers.

Stella is highly prone to jealousy when other girls get even remotely close to her beloved and despite the difference in status, she is ready to go all out for him. They have already consummated their relationship, but their battle is not over yet.

93. Gajeel and Levy from Fairy Tail

gajeel and levy fairy tail

Gajeel and Levy are two polar opposites hail from the magical series Fairy Tail. No one saw them coming, but once they started to show signs of romance, fans realized just how beautiful their love is.

Gajeel was originally introduced as an antagonist who actually attacked Levy and humiliated her. After the gruesome Guild battle, Gajeel was left conflicted and hated himself. After joining Fairy Tail, only Levy herself decided to give him a chance at redemption.

Through their mismatches and squabbles, this muscle-bound Iron brain fell in love with the cute bookworm. I love how the two are opposites in terms of personalities and looks, and yes, they are canon!

92. Relena and Heero from Mobile Suit Gundam

Relena and Heero

It is very rare to see any sort of romantic progression in a Gundam movie. But it was a breath of fresh air when we saw Relena and Heero admire each other and respect each other. While the hero got himself tangled between the war of colonies and earth, she learns about her past and becomes a true leader.

They both seem to understand each other and often time save each other’s lives during the war. Though the movie does not show that much detail about their relationship, we already made up our ship minds.

91. Tsukasa and Isla from Plastic Memories

tsukasa and isla plastic memories

Ever since they first met, Tsukasa was very kind to Isla. Despite all of the messes caused by Isla, he would keep on encouraging her. Isla’s feelings developed because of this, but she rejected Tsukasa’s confession.

Later fans learn that she did indeed love him, but felt that spending time with him might make him miserable and depressed once she is gone. Tsukasa manages to convince Isla that he wants to live with her until the end no matter what.

The two legitimized their relationship and spent what was left of Isla’s lifespan as an ever-loving. Plastic Memories is tragic and beautiful, as reminiscent of grim realities.

90. Momose and Nifuji from Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

momose and nifujiute anime couple

The Josei anime features the ever-popular cute couple Momose and Nifuji. Momose is shown to be open to Nifuji and amazed by his gaming skills. The two hang out in a bar after work and even play games at Nifuji’s place.

Nifuji asks Momose to be his girlfriend and makes a number of promises:  to help her grind for materials, to wait for her during overtime, to never dash her hopes, to never make her cry, and never tell her that she’s wrong, Ever! And if he’s a smart boy, Momose would know that’s what every girl wants to hear, that she is right about everything!

Their childhood love blossomed in their adulthood, which makes their relationship all the more wholesome and charming.

89. Gajeel and Levy from Fairy Tail

gajeel and levy fairy tail

Gajeel and Levy are two polar opposites hail from the magical series Fairy Tail. No one saw them coming, but once they started to show signs of romance, fans realized just how beautiful their love is. Gajeel was originally introduced as an antagonist who actually attacked Levy and humiliated her.

After the gruesome Guild battle, Gajeel was left conflicted and hated himself. After joining Fairy Tail, only Levy herself decided to give him a chance at redemption. Through their mismatches and squabbles, this muscle-bound Iron brain fell in love with the cute bookworm.

I love how the cute couple is opposites in terms of personalities and looks, and yes, they are canon!

88. Tatsumaki and Genos from One-Punch Man

tatsumaki and genos one-punch man

Genos and Tatsumaki from One Punch Man had conflicting personalities and were up to a rough start. Genos’s devotion to Saitama particularly irritated her, aggravated by the fact that he ignores her for Saitama. Tatsumaki would smash him into walls on several occasions but slowly warms up to him over time.

After her battle against Psykos and Orochi, she was thankful for his support and complimented him, demonstrating newfound respect. In further battles, Genos even carried her out of danger multiple times and she started showing genuine concern for him.

Their dynamic is hazardous and conflicting, but that’s exactly why fans love them!

87. Sakuta and Mai from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Supernatural romance stories are always a hit or a miss. It’s either done really well or really bad. Sakuta and Mai blossom Sakuta solves different supernatural problems of different girls in his school. Sakuta keeps choosing Mai every time, giving their relationship depth.

Luckily we got to witness the cute anime couple cuddling.

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86. Roy and Riza from Full Metal Alchemist

roy riza cute anime couple

Roy and Riza knew each other when they were younger, and throughout their entire military career. Their deeply intertwined histories make them an inseparable anime couple. Thus Roy entrusts her with his life, deeming her his conscience and executioner if he ever strayed from the right path.

Their chemistry comes from Riza acting like a babysitter for the irresponsible Roy, often nagging and criticizing him. In dire situations, Riza’s deep devotion comes to light, as she doesn’t hesitate to risk her life for him. Roy, despite having ambitions, feels the same about her.

85. Shirou and Rin from Fate/stay night

shirou and rin cute anime couple

This might be somewhat controversial since there are so many ships sailing in Fate/stay night but I love Shirou and Rin. It seems to me that Shirou always had somewhat of an attachment towards Rin and he was always there when she needed him most.

Even their confession was so romantic that my heart skipped a beat. You guys can have different opinions but Shirou and Rin are perfect for each other.

I am pretty sure that Fate/Stay Night will make another season about them in the future like they do every year.

84. Kaizaki and Chizuru from Zero:ReLIEF

kaizaki chizuru cute anime couple

If only we could go back and change that one decision, then maybe we could live a better life. We all feel this at least once during a life crisis. Kaizaki and Chizuru are both middle-aged people and both regret their choices in life. But because of a top-secret experiment, they can now go back to their high school life and redo their life choices and see if they can do better this time.

Here lies the dilemma, both of them do not know that the other person is also middle-aged just like them and they both are trying not to fall for each other. It’s the forbidden love they desire but can not have.

83. Nagasumi Michishio and Sun from My Bride is a Mermaid

nagasumi michishio and sun my bride is a mermaid

Nagasumi and Sun get to meet through accidents during Nagasumi’s visit to the countryside with his family. But as some events occur, he finds out Sun is actually a mermaid. Now Sun has to murder Nagasumi to silence him or marry him to keep this secret in the family.

So, as the title says, they get married. The show consists of both of them living together with constant obstacles thrown in their way.

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82. Haku and Chihiro from Spirited Away

haku and chihiro spirited away

From all the lovey-dovey cute couples on this list, we come to a more guardian angel-type couple. Chihiro gets teleported to the spirit world with her parents and turned into glutinous pigs.

Chihiro, in a new place, scared for her own life and doesn’t know what to do, meets Haku. He protects Chihiro throughout the whole adventure and also saves her multiple times.

We’d love to see these two together.

81. Lenessia and Krusty from Log Horizon

lenessia and krusty log horizon

As the story of Log Horizon progressed, we got to see the relationship of princess Lenessia and Krusty, a player bloom. These two genuinely care for each other and wait for each other when going on adventures.

These two would even die to save the other person. But in the end, it is just a game and we do not know if their relationship will go all the way or not.

80. Guts and Casca from Berserk

guts casca cute anime couple

Berserk does not fail to deliver one of the best romantic relationships out there. Casca is a former unit commander of the Band of the Falcon and the love interest of Guts. After Griffith was reborn as Femto, he attacked Casca to spite Guts. Despite physically surviving the ordeal, Casca regresses into an infantile and largely mute amnesiac.

Guts’ love for her does not waver, as he gets preoccupied with the restoration of her fragmented mind in Elfhelm. The romance kicks off when an emotionally drained Casca attempts to commit suicide, but Guts saves and cuddles her.

This is followed by the two making love. As a result, they have a Demon Child in the form of a small misshapen imp. Their path is nothing short of grueling but their love refuses to die!

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79. Mikiya and Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai

 mikiya shiki cutest anime couple

What if you had the power to see the death of other people? You wouldn’t want to fall in love because it would hurt for you to see their death, right? That’s the story of Mikiya and Shiki the OP Mc who hides her powers.

Shiki has the ability passed on by her family that lets her see the death of other people. Despite having her abilities Mikiya loved her with all her flaws. Shiki even tried to distance herself as much as she could but Mikiya still fell for her and accepted her as she is. That’s the love of Mikiya and Shiki.

78. Akira and Fumi from Aoi Hana/Sweet Blue Flowers

akira x fumi anime cute couple

Japan has this stereotype when it comes to the yuri and yaoi genres. But once in a while, we get to see a yuri/yaoi anime that has a detailed story based on the characters. Aoi Hana is one of those shows that deep dives into two girls Akira and Fumi.

They show us what are the hardships of dating a person of the same gender and how people don’t accept it at first. Akira and Fumi were confused about each other’s feelings at first and did not know if this was just attraction or love.

But, as they each overcome their struggles, they realize that they are in love with each other. Akira and Fumi are definitely strong contenders for the cute anime couple title.

77. Cobra and Kinana from Fairy Tail

cobra kinana anime cute couple

This one is kind of an odd couple but it works. Cobra was a child who never felt love and had a snake for a friend. He was rather portrayed as a villain at first but then he lost his best friend snake and that broke his will.

Later on in the show when he meets Kinana, she reminded him of his best friend, and apparently, this girl changed this villain completely. His life took a turn and he now once again has something to protect and love.

76. Kenshin Himura and Kaoru Kamiya from Rurouni Kenshin

kenshin and karoru

A 90s classic and probably one of the best samurai anime you will ever get to watch. But on the side, we definitely get to see our beloved Kenshin fall in love with Kaoru. Though Kenshin vows never to kill again, it is to protect Kaoru, he picks up his sword again.

I would also love to see Kaoru from time to time showing her wholesome and caring side as well.

75. Yusuke Urameshi and Keiko Yukimura from Yu Yu Hakusho

cute anime couples

Yusuke Urameshi is a guy who likes to make trouble for everyone and has no ambition in school or life. Keiko on the other hand is a girl who focuses on her life and studies but since both of them are childhood friends, they care deeply for each other and come to save each other when needed.

There have been countless times when Keiko had to patch up Yusuke because he was badly beaten up. Yusuke knows this and he sees Keiko differently. They are both made for each other.

74. Jinta and Menma from Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

anime couple

The tears just come out when I think about this anime. Anohana is about a circle of friends who lost their friend and now their lives are broken but that friend comes back as a spirit just to fix the friendship circle as it was.

Menma is a dead spirit who still wanders to this day in Jintas’s house. Jinta thinks he is going mad but in reality, he was the only one seeing Menma. Menma fixed the broken Jinta and made him understand how to move on from the loss of a loved one.

The whole anime was wholesome and filled with Jinta and Menma clips right until the end when Menma’s spirit finally rests in peace.

73. Giyuu Tomioka and Shinobu Kocho from Demon Slayer/ Kimetsu no Yaiba

giyuu tomioka and shinobu kocho from demon

Giyuu and Shinobu from Demon Slayer were never an official couple, but it’s how they connect with each other that caught our eyes. They were always on the same page and understand each other on another level. Maybe it is because both of them lost something dear to them and knew what it felt like.

If Shinobu was alive, I am pretty sure they would be a cute couple by now and have their happily ever after.

72. Julia and Spike from Cowboy Bebop

julia and spike cowboy bebop

Julia and Spike are more like love again hate again relationship. They were together from the beginning but as some events occurred, spike lost Julia and has been o the hunt for revenge ever since then.

The show gives us glimpses of Spike’s past and we get to see how cheerful Spike used to be. That means Spike cared about Julia a lot. Enough to make him try to sacrifice himself to save her.

71. Lucy and Natsu from Fairy Tail

lucy and natsu fairy tail

Lucy and the Natsu were more of a comedic duo used for comic relief in Fairy Tail. But then the fans started shipping them and thankfully the anime God listened and sailed the Natsu and Lucy ship.

These two have gone through a lot and we, the fans saw it all. Both of them have struggled a lot and helped each other overcome their obstacles.

The only question that remains now is when this cute couple will get married. That’s the ending that we might never get.

70. Hachiman and Yukino from Oregairu

cute anime couples

Oregairu’s main couple did not disappoint fans. Their relationship was in the making for quite a while, thus the conclusion felt all the more satisfying. Hachiman makes the ultimate confession that he wants to be involved in her life. Following a heartfelt conversation, Yukino too asks him to give her his life, thus they end up together.

At the conclusion of the prom, Yukino seals the deal by confessing her feelings as well.

69. Yui and Hinata from Angel Beats

cute anime couple

Probably the saddest anime ending. Yui and Hinata were like rivals. Each trying to one-up the other one. The world they were in at that time was in the middle of heaven and hell. People with lingering feelings were sent to that place and Yui and Hinata took it upon themselves to make all the spirits move on.

But doing all that left us with a lonely Hinata who helped everyone move on but was left alone and could not move on.

The anime is very comedic but the ending really hits hard. In the manga, the two even get married.

68. Mai and Reo from A Kiss for the Petals

cute anime couple

Gender has no restrictions on love, thus Yaoi and Yuri are in full bloom. Reo Kawamura and Mai Sawaguchi from Sono Hanabira are classmates. Reo is aggressive to the point that she will bite Mai if she upsets her and is so antisocial to anyone except Mai. Reo’s possessiveness of Mai knows no bounds, but she is the submissive member of the relationship.

They are constantly fighting, but that is part of their charm. As the cute couple begins to indulge with each other to satisfy their desires, fans see nothing but wholesome love!

67. Inuzuka and Persia from Kishuku Gakkou No Juliet

inuzuka and persia

Kishuku Gakkou No Juliet features an unforgettable protagonist couple, in an anime version of Romeo and Juliet. Romio Inuzuka is the 1st Year Leader of the “Black Dog Dormitory” and Juliet Persia is the 1st Year Leader of the “White Cat Dormitory”.

Even though the factions are locked in conflict Romio has had an unrequited love for her since childhood. His long-standing affections are rewarded seven years after graduation, when everyone comes to Dahlia Academy for the wedding ceremony, uniting the lovers once and for all.

66. Houtarou Oreki and Chitanda Eru form Hyouka

cute anime couple

How would you feel when a girl full of energy and curiosity jumps into your boring and peaceful life and shakes things up a bit? Houtarou wanted to finish his high school days with as little strength spent but Chitanda had a different idea.

She was always curious and had questions ready for Houtarou. Meaning they would go on adventures solving mysteries that would make both Houtarou and Chitanda’s High school filled with fun and memories.

65. Erza and Jellal from Fairy Tail

Erza and Jellal

Another addition from the Fairy Tail series. Erza and Jellal had a love-hate relationship. They are both orphans and are forced to work as slaves. But as Jellal planned for them to escape, he double-crossed that time and Erza had that grudge stuck with her ever since.

Still, whenever they fought one another, I felt like Erza was holding back because even back then Erza had feelings for Jellal. The same goes for Jellal too. He is just too thick-headed to say his feelings.

64. Temari and Shikamaru from Naruto

temari and shikamaru naruto

LGBT Love was in the air for quite a long time for Temari and Shikamaru. We suspected that Naruto is going to end up with Shikamaru. The chemistry was always there and they both had respect and admiration for each other. Their personalities complement each other. Mainly Shikamaru has a hard time doing much of anything, while Temari is the action girl type.

The movie The Last, shows a bit more of their relationship, so if you haven’t watched that, you can give it a try.

63. Inaba and Taichi from Kokoro Connect

inaba and taichi kokoro connect

Normally we get to see girls all shy and anxious when talking about their feelings in anime. But don’t you just wish you get to see a girl who is bold and just says what’s on her mind even if it is very perverted and embarrassing? Well, Inaba is just the kind of girl that doesn’t feel embarrassed and tells you she had a dream about you.

And that’s part of the reason why Inaba has such a crush on Taichi, he left his girl for Inaba. Sadly Inaba doesn’t listen to her heart and breaks up with him.

This high school drama is so funny and romantic at times that the fans just can not take a breather.

62. Homura and Madoka from Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

homura and madoka yuri anime couple

My favorite yuri cute couple from The Puella Magi.

Homura and Madoka are a tragic couple. Homura first appears in Madoka’s nightmares and does her best to prevent Madoka from making the contract with Kyubey. It is made blatantly obvious that she is in love with Madoka throughout the series after Kyubey’s death. Her innate struggle lies in wanting to see her beloved happy and then live in a world alongside her.

Whenever Homura expresses her true emotions for Madoka, fans cannot help but feel moved.

61. Taki and Mitsuha from Kimi no Na wa/Your Name

taki and mitsuha kimi no na wa/your name

How far would you go for your loved one?

Kimi no Na wa has shown us that love knows no boundaries. Not even time can hold back true love. Taki and Mitsuha start off as two people who changed their bodies with each other and almost ruined each other’s social life.

But once they set some rules and try to know each other better, they seem to get along. Mitsuha even tries to get Taki a girlfriend. But, what she doesn’t know is that Taki fell for Mitsuha and would, later on, prove his love by saving her from a meteor by literally time traveling.

The movie actually made me tear up.

60. Neko and Shiro from K-Project

neko and shiro k project

A master and apprentice. Neko was actually a cat girl that Shiro used to feed. One day Neko transformed into a girl and claimed Shiro as her master. Though Shiro does not take her seriously, Neko has feelings for Shiro and the fans really want these two to end up together.

Maybe in the future, Shiro will see Neko for what she is and have a personal relationship with her

59. Haruki and Kazusa from Howaito Arubamu/White Album

Two strangers sit next to each other in class. Haruki plays his guitar with a mysterious piano from the next room every day after school. He discovers that the pianist was none other than Kazusa Touma and the two join the Light Music Club. Following numerous highs and lows, the two finally open up to each other and even consummate their love during the final night.

To make this cute anime couple even more lovable, it is revealed that Haruki wrote the song “Todokanai Koi” for Touma.

58. Banri Tada and Koko Kaga from Golden Time

What if one day an accident occurs and you get amnesia? You forget about your past life and you get to do a fresh start with no regrets. That’s what happened to Banri Tada and Koko Kaga who met in a dreadful accident.

You could say she came crashing into his life and gave him the motivation to do better. In return, Banri also asked out Koko and they fell for each other. The story is full of drama but filled with Banri and Koko moments that we the fans love to see.

57. Mashiro and Azuki from Bakuman

Bakuman’s Miho Azuki is a voice actress, who promised to marry Moritaka Mashiro after their respective dreams came true. Ten years later, Mashiro confronts her with a proper marriage proposal, which she happily accepts and the two share a romantic kiss. Here, they openly state that they will always be by each other’s side from now on.

To the fans’ delight, they become husband and wife at the series finale. It is just so satisfying to see Miho’s love since fourth grade come to life after all the struggles. Mashiro and Azuki show just how important communication is for a healthy relationship.

56. Mikiya and Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai

What if you had the power to see the death of other people? You wouldn’t want to fall in love because it would hurt for you to see their death, right? That’s the story of Mikiya and Shiki.

Shiki has the ability passed on by her family that lets her see the death of other people. Mikiya loved her with all her flaws. Shiki even tried to distance herself as much as she could but Mikiya still fell for her and accepted her as she is.

That’s the love of Mikiya and Shiki! I’d give them a cute anime couple cuddling.

55. Chiaki and Yanase from The World’s Greatest First Love

chiaki and yanase yaoi cute couple

This yaoi anime couple is for the ladies.

Gay relationships are always a rare treat in anime, but The World’s Greatest First Love is one of the better anime with LGBT couples. Chiaki and Yanase can’t seem to get the idea of focusing on work when at the office.

They hit it off immediately and as they grow as a cute couple, they support each other through all their struggles and hardships.

If you are a BL fan then definitely watch this show because these two can’t seem to get their hands off each other.

54. Natsuo and Hina from Domestic Girlfriend

cute anime couple

Hina is Natsuo’s older step-sister and first love interest in the Domestic Girlfriend series. They meet at the school rooftop and continue to run into each other there. Natsuo notices whenever she is in conflict and offers sincere support, and his goal of becoming a writer makes her fall for him.

Their parents’ remarriage, Hina’s past relationship, and her younger sister Rui’s fondness for him pose many barricades for them, but they begin their forbidden relationship nonetheless. Despite having had Rui as his ex-fiance, Hina and Natsuo finally end up together as husband and wife.

The turmoil and conflict of their love triangle make them an even more compelling cute couple.

53. Eureka and Renton from Psalms of Planets/Eureka Seven

eureka and renton psalms of planets/eureka seven

The Gundam anime dives into a bit of romance with mecha building and fights. Eureka and Renton were both into Gundams and they know each other since childhood. Renton wanted to change his life as he was miserable but all that changed when Eureka came into his life. He learned to care for and cherish her. He learned to fight for something he loved.

This sweet anime couple supported each other through all obstacles and I loved watching every bit of it.

52. Yuu and Touko from Bloom into you!

yuu x touko yuri cute. ouple

In my opinion, this yuri couple is perfect. They should just get a room because things are getting hot in here.

Yuu Koito and Touka Nanami are both students who enjoy a flourished relationship. Bloom into you! often explores their sexual struggles in a cute manner and we are shown these moments where they are hesitant to express their desires because of them being same-sex.

But later on, we get to enjoy this cute couple as they get comfortable with each other’s feelings. They’re definitely one of the cutest anime couples.

51. Ochako and Izuku from My Hero Academia

I don’t know how this crybaby got a girl like Ochako but he has one hell of luck. I actually thought Ochako would be focusing more on her career since she was all about the money. But, as the seasons progressed we see their relationship blossom.

We see another side of both Izuku and Ochako. Izuku is not a crybaby, he is braver than most people and Ochako cares for her friends and mostly her Deku. She saves him from multiple fights and is constantly worried about Izuku’s safety.

50. Moka and Tsukune from Rosario + Vampire

Though Rosario + Vampire is an ecchi anime with multiple girls drooling over the guy, Moka Akashiya was the most passionate about Tsukune. She met Tsukune when he first transferred to her class and from the very beginning, they had a spark between them that was visible to us viewers.

We also get to see Tsukune showing his feelings for Moka personally. He seemed to always be there when she was in trouble and needed him most.

In the end, Tsukune did choose Moka and we got to see a happy ending to the anime.

49. Saki and Akira Takizawa from Eden of the East

Saki is a Japanese student who is on a job hunt. She meets Akira in Washington D.C and the two quickly become involved in each other’s lives. Their first encounter is pretty crazy as Takizawa lost his memory during a brainwashing program.

Saki meets him naked and only carrying a gun and and a mobile phone. The surreal meeting leads the cute anime couple to travel back to Japan. It turns out that Takizawa is a participant part of a game that awards billion yen to save Japan. Saki decides to join Akira.

They share similar backgrounds, as they both grow up without parents and had to survive alone since they were very young. Saki is just a normal girl who gets attached to the eccentric Takizawa.

The romance just never goes anywhere and has no bearing on the larger themes of the story. They do sort of become a cute couple. Sort of.

48. Makoto and Chiaki from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

makoto and chiaki the girl who leapt through time

The Girl Who Leaped Through Time is a movie about time travel. But the main moral of the show was that humans have a limited time to live and if you leap through your best times in life, then your life will be meaningless. Makoto found a watch that made her leap through parts of her life. But when she found out that Chiaki was also a time leaper, she found her connection. Chiaki taught Makoto to enjoy life slow down once in a while and make memories.

I had no idea when Temari and Shikamaru even date. I swear these ninjas are sneaky. Shikamaru was always the lazy but clever kinda dude and Temari was shown as the energetic type but she had the heart for intelligent people who knew.

I bet they started seeing each other after Shikamaru saved her and that sparked the connection between these two. The both of them look so adorable together. They get married later on and we get to see their child in the Boruto series.

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47. Goku and Chi Chi from Dragon Ball

goku and chi chi from dragon ball

Goku and Chi-Chi are married and have two kids, Gohan and Goten.

Initially shy and fearful, Chi-Chi later develops a tomboyish, tough, and fierce personality, with occasional angry outbursts. Despite all this, she has proven her love for Goku and their sons countless times.

There was a lot of drama to deal with and the powerful dragon ball Goku was very naive when it came to romance, but the two made it work.

Chi-Chi’s long-standing affections finally came through and fans couldn’t be happier about their union!

46. Kagome and Inuyasha from Inuyasha

kagome and inuyasha

Kagome and Inuyasha experienced everything together as a cute anime couple. Inuyasha’s love for Kikyo further holds him back from admitting his love for Kagome.

But in the midst of the final battle, Inuyasha finally comes to realize that he and Kagome were simply destined for each other and claims that Kagome was born for him and vice versa.

The two eventually marry and in four years’ time, have a daughter named Moroha.

45. Meliodas and Elizabeth from The Seven Deadly Sins

meliodas and elizabeth cute anime couple

Elizabeth has great respect and trust towards Meliodas, constantly worrying and caring for him. Their journey together is full of mishaps, with Meliodas groping her at times but also mentoring and encouraging her.

Elizabeth realized her feelings early but had a difficult time telling him, worried he was still in love with Liz. Even after she learned their history, she chooses to love him. Elizabeth eventually marries Meliodas and has a son named Tristan.

Their love was apparent from the start, but to see it finally unfold like this was a treat fan savored

44. Bulma and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z

cute anime couples

Bulma, and Prince Vegeta, are the perfect examples of love that can change a villain into a hero. Vegeta when first arrived on earth, he was determined to kill everyone and destroy the earth. But after Goku defeated him, he kind of opened up to Bulma and her gadgets. Vegeta always wanted to surpass Goku and Bulma seemed to be the only one who had the technology to train Vegeta.

So, I guess what started as a contract with Bulma to get stronger later blossomed into love and these two got married and also had a child. Vegeta loves Bulma so much that he even punched Berus because he misbehaved with Bulma.

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43. Sakura and Sasuke from Naruto

Sasuke is one of the strongest Naruto characters, he never had time for any girls. He was always planning for his revenge and once he calmed down, he finally saw Sakura for who she actually is. Sakura and Sasuke are in a one-sided love that just happened to work and they might be right.

But Sakura and Sasuke had to go through a lot during their childhood and the fact that Sakura still loved Sasuke is just proof that she was truly in love with him. A caring, loving woman that accepts him for who he is. That’s the only reason I see Sasuke accept Sakura’s feeling and their ship sailed.

I hope we get to see more Sasuke and Sakura moments in the future.

42. Legoshi and Haru from Beastars

cute anime couples

Legoshi constantly tries to keep Haru safe and wants her to make better life choices. On the other hand, Haru knows about Legoshi being the one who hurt her and still accepted him after seeing him regret what he did. The series is still ongoing, and I personally would definitely want these two together.

As of this moment, let’s just say that things are still complicated.

41. Mikasa and Eren from Attack On Titan

mikasa and rren attack on titan

The duo is exceptionally close and goes to dire lengths to save each other. Attack on Titan’s tragic main couple who were meant for each other from the start, unfortunately, do not end up together.

Mikasa’s feelings for Eren were obvious from the start but whether Eren felt the same wasn’t revealed until the final chapter. In the finale, Eren talks to Armin about all his plans and reveals that he truly loves Mikasa.

Despite the grim reality, they love each other from the depths of their souls.

40. Edward and Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist

wdward x winry fullmetal alchemist

Winry and Edward have kind of a best friend/love interest type of relationship. If you watched the anime, after the incident that happened with the Elric brothers, Winry dedicated her life to making mechanical prosthetics for Edward.

She kept Edward in line whenever he was about to make a stupid decision. She was the reason Edward didn’t go insane out of rage. Later on, Edward confessed his feelings to her.

39. Light and Misa from Death Note

light and misa death note

Not all relationships are based on true love, especially when it comes to Light and Misa.

These two are one hell of a team when it comes to murdering people. But that’s a topic for another day. Misa is one of the users of death note and Light was mainly acting as her lover just so he could use her powers.

On the other hand, Misa knew about this fact but still fell madly in love with Light and was willing to do anything for Light.

Truly a deadly cute anime couple in a cute way.

38. Naruto and Hinata from Naruto

cute anime couple

This cute couple is no surprise. We all knew Naruto and Hinata would be on this list sooner or later. I mean they are the power combo after all.

Hinata and Naruto had a rough start at first. Hinata was madly in love with Naruto but Naruto never noticed her and chased after his crush. But during Naruto’s teenage, Hinata took the risk and confessed to Naruto and he finally noticed how Hinata was always there when he needed help.

37. Kurisu and Okabe from Gate

They are probably one of the most underrated couples on this list but I assure you they deserve the spot. Okabe and Kurisu from Steins;Gate are both researchers and are equally talented. They might not show it, but these two have feelings for each other but can’t show it because it gets in their work.

We got to see Okabe’s true feelings when he literally went back in time and changed the future just to save the girl he loves. That’s true love in my eyes!

36. Usui and Misaki from Maid-sama!

cute anime couple

Maid Sama was my first romantic anime and I love it so much. it was the first time I experienced the rom-com genre. Usui is like the husbando of over half of the anime community. But Usui only belongs to Misaki.

Misaki is a hard-working class president that does a part-time job just to help out her family. Usui is a rich badass dude that rejects girls left and right. Kind of a weird and cute couple but it works.

Usui finds out about Misaki’s secret and teases her to the point that she kind of falls for her and the same goes for Misaki.

35. Shirayuki and Zen from Snow White with the Red Hair

cute anime couples

Snow White with the Red Hair is a shoujo with a very memorable cute couple. Shirayuki meets Zen when she is on the run. Zen is taken aback when he hurts herself to prove the medicine she offered him wasn’t poisoned.

Starting off as friends who worked hard together to achieve their goals, their respect for each other turns into love.

Zen confesses first but Shirayuki is conflicted at first. Following her own confession much, later on, the duo finally tied the knot. They wanted to stay beside each other no matter what.

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34. Zero Two and Hiro from DARLING in the FRANXX

cute anime couples

While Darling in the Franxx might get some hate for its unusual ending, every fan of the show wanted to see Zero Two and Hiro end up together. Zero Two is the kind of girl who jumps into your calm life and starts shooting fireworks with her energetic personality.

After seeing Hiro for the first time, Zero Two saw something in him and felt attracted to him. They went on many missions and through their bonding and knowing each other on a personal level, they eventually fell for each other.

33. Risa Koizumi and Ootani from Lovely Complex or Love Com

cute anime couples

An amazing and heartwarming love story.

Risa is a very tall girl who was always rejected for her height. On the other hand, Ootani is a popular troublemaker, but he has a soft side. His past romantic relationships ended up badly. Now in high school, both of them are class clowns and everybody sees their chemistry besides themselves.

But thankfully, their friends pushed them a little and both of them saw the good in each other and finally fell for each other and became a cute couple.

32. Holo and Lawrence from Spice and Wolf

holo and lawrence spice and wolf

Most people haven’t stumbled upon this hidden anime gem yet. Lawrence meets a fox god and finds out that she has amazing business skills. That’s why Lawrence takes her with him on his journey and makes her his advisor.

As the events unfold, Lawrence and Holo fall for each other and also save each other.

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31. Kaori and Kousei from Your Lie in April

kaori and kousei from your lie in april

I can’t even write about this cute anime couple after what happened. I never thought there was a perfect girlfriend, but Kaori proved me wrong. She is cute, she has a sense of humor and she pushes Kousei to be his best at all times.

They have such good chemistry that it would have definitely worked between them. Your Lie in April is probably one of the rare series that made us fans cry. But still, we wish there was another world where these two get married and just live happily ever after.

30. Haruhi and Tamaki from Ouran Highschool Host Club

haruhi and tamaki ouran highschool host club

Tamaki used to be the mean one. He loved to tease Haruhi with every chance he got. It all started because a priceless vas was broken by Haruhi, and she could not repay it back. But this accident blessed us with this amazing duo that is just perfect for each other.

They nag, fight, tease, have wholesome moments, protect each other, and are there for each other. We definitely want to ship this cute couple to take it to the next level.

29. Kyo and Tohru from Fruits Basket

 kyo and tohru fruits basket

Fruits Basket’s iconic love triangle between Kyou, Yuki, and Tohru goes a long way. While each male lead seemed like the best fit for the heroine in their own ways, Tohr ultimately ends up with Kyou.

The couples’ dedication to one another would lead to their eventual marriage. They would have three children and grow old together. They were last seen walking hand in hand lovingly, as their descendants speak of their all-defying love fondly.

28. Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka from Toradora!

ryuuji takasu and taiga aisaka toradora!

Toradora! brings back so many memories. The dragon and the palmtop tiger become friends in hope of helping each other get the person they had a crush on. But as fate unfolds different obstacles for them, they soon discovered themselves falling in love with each other instead.

Ryuuji, the guy who has a deadly stare but is very caring, and Taiga, the tomboy girl who beats up everyone but is actually an insecure girl who can’t express herself.

Toradora often has shown us this cute couple who sacrifices each other’s needs for the happiness of the other person. They are literally made for each other and the anime gave us that satisfying ending.

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27. Ichigo and Rukia from Bleach

From the previous Big Three anime, the Bleach manga has ended and the final season is on its way. While the canon pairings are Ichigo and Orihime, married with one adorable son, and Renji and Rukia, married with a badass daughter; the anime version focuses on Ichigo and Rukia.

These two are the protagonists, who are the closest of friends who can bring each other up in a way no one else can. The couple’s chemistry lies in their light-dark looks, contrasting personalities, and how lost one would be without the other.

The cutest couple is always themselves around each other, totally at ease, and have a natural flow to their moments. For these reasons, fans often ship them despite not being canon.

26. Saito and Louise from Zero no Tsukaima

Many might consider these two as a toxic relationship but if you see past their personalities, both of them care for each other and are very jealous when their partner is with someone from the other gender.

Saito is familiar with Louise. By familiar I mean in a kind of a slave way. She treats him like her pet and abuses him a lot. But as the story progressed, later on, her character developed and she showed compassion toward Saito. In the end, they share a kiss and make their relationship official.

25. Celty and Shinra from Durarara!!

cute anime couple

A love story with a headless being!

Celty is a Dullahan and is in search of her head which is trapped somewhere. Helping her is Shinra. He is a researcher and is just interested in her headless features and how it works. Though the relationship started off as he lets her live in his house, as the story progresses, they both find themselves attracted to each other. There is definitely a spark between this cute anime couple.

We now wait for the confirmation so we can at last break open the champagnes!

24. Tatsumi and Mine from Akame ga Kill

Tatsumi and Mine had a rough start, but through many trials, they open up to each other and fell in love. After she confesses her feelings Minedies is in Tatsumi’s arms.

In the conclusion, she and Tatsumi actually get married and even have a child. Their tragic but unwavering love always evokes tears.

23. Kenshiro and Yuria from Fist of the North Star

Yuria is introduced to viewers as the missing fiancée of the protagonist, Kenshiro. She had supposedly been taken away by a jealous rival and she was loved by several other characters too. She frees herself during the final epic battle between Kenshiro and Raoh, only to disappear afterward.

Kenshiro does not waver, as he sets out to find her but her fate is left ambiguous. To the delight of fans though, the duo became “married souls”.

22. Natsuki Subaru and Emilia from Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World

natsuki subaru and emilia from re:zero

Subaru and Emilia are a complicated pair and that’s totally cool. Subaru is a magical girl that has a secret that he can not share with anyone and Emilia is someone who likes to keep her problems shoved up inside her heart. This was a match that should have never worked.

But Subaru took the initiative and forced Emilia to come out of her comfort zone and solve her problems. He even went as far as rejecting the best girl just to be with Emilia. So, you know he truly wants to be with her.

21. Mamoru and Usagi from Sailor Moon

mamoru and usagi sailor moon

Mamoru calls Usagi “Bunhead”, annoying her every time. Their bickering almost never seems to end. Over time, their relationship develops into something more, and the two finally become a cute couple.

Their love develops and flows so naturally over two years of dating, amidst so many obstacles and enemies. In the end, the iconic combo marries and has a daughter.

20. Ryu and Urara from Yamada Kun and the Seven Witches

ryu and urara yamada kun and the seven witches

Urara showed signs of having feelings for Yamada throughout the Yamada Kun and the Seven Witches series. The most blatant of which was that she refused to kiss anyone besides him or go to college without him.

Her smile never fails to make him blush and after she admits her feelings, the two finally start dating. These lovebirds remain a strong cute anime couple until the end of their school days and ten years later, they get married and have two kids. So yes, canon and thriving.

19. Ringo and “Ikki” Itsuki from Air Gear

cute anime couple

Ringo is Itsuki’s childhood friend, who is also a member of the Noyamano family that adopted her into their household. Ringo’s love for Ikki comes with the realization that he has always been there for her whenever she needed it.

Ikki also realizes that she is the only one that really knows him and thus Ringo becomes his Link Tuner. Ringo’s inability to relay her feelings makes them really cute.

18. Yuu and Haruka from Sakura Trick

yuu and haruka cute yuri anime couple

Did anyone say yuri again? Yuu and Haruka are childhood best friends and love to do everything together. After joining the same high school, both of them were disappointed that they weren’t able to sit next to each other and that their school would close in the next 3 years.

Meaning they would be the last batch to graduate from this school. Will all the tension in the air, Yuu was living a kind of carefree life and rumors started about her. Haruka cared for Yuu and one day in an empty classroom, she could not hold on to her feelings anymore and shared a passionate kiss with Yuu.

The cute anime lesbian couple is secretly in a relationship and probably would like to keep it that way.

17. Nana Osaki and Ren Honjo from Nana

nana osaki and ren honjo

Nana takes a deep dive into two completely different women and their different lives. But as we watch on, we found our love for Nana Osaki and Ren Honjo.

They both understand each other and respect each other’s decisions and feelings. Ren accepts that Nana has a thing for the other Nana and yet he still loves her just as much as he did before.

The cute couple lives very busy lives and is often shown supporting each other. Ren is definitely the best boy in my book. Thankfully, Gouda’s friend gives their relationship a little push sometimes.

16. Maka and Evans from Soul Eater

maka and evans soul eater

Sometimes, two people can be best friends and partners. Maka and Soul both thrive to be the best reaper and best psyche. Even though both argue a lot and fight most of the time, when it comes to fighting, these two are linked like magnets.

Soul and Maka both care for each other as partners and rarely show emotional feelings towards each other but only a loving friend or partner would only sacrifice their body and almost die to save the other.

After Soul protects Maka, I literally awarded him the best boy of the show. But I wish I could have seen their chemistry a bit more.

15. Takeo and Yamato from Ore Monogatari!!

takeo and yamato cute anime couple

Normally, we get to see super handsome and thin main characters in anime. But My Love Story takes a different approach it’s the kind of anime where the popular girl falls in love with the unpopular guy.

The anime introduced a chubby guy with a tall structure and a short red hair girl and made them fall in love in the sweetest manner ever. Gouda and Rinko are like a match made in heaven. They both care for each other and think about each other’s well-being. But both of them are too shy to show their feelings.

14. Asuna and Kirito from Sword Art Online

Asuna and Kirito are the sword fighters that you would not want to challenge in-game or in real life. These two are inseparable. They understand each other so well. Kirito saved Asuna multiple times in-game and in real life. Kirito loves Asuna and later on even proclaims his love for her.

Asuna on the other hand was trying to run away from life and she was so filled with joy when she finally found someone who accepted her for who she is and not for her rich family. This power anime couple even has an AI child and is pretty sure will have one in real life too.

13. Hak and Yona from Yona of the Dawn

Yona is a princess and after an ambush during the night, she had to run away with her bodyguard and childhood friend Hak. It is after she ran away from her royalty that she realized how much Hak cared for her and how much he did to protect her. Yona fell for Hak and genuinely cared about his safety.

I really liked this side of empathy in the story and wanted to see them together after their journey. But maybe we can never get to see that.

12. Yuuri and Viktor from Yuri!!! On Ice

yaoi cute anime couple

Yuuri and Viktor’s yaoi relationship is heartwarming, they made the queer ship canon.

Viktor is a famous figure skating champion from Russia. Yuuri is a shy, awkward guy talented skater who has idolized Viktor since childhood. They started off their relationship as a coach and trainee, and gradually became an official couple, moved in together, and got engaged.

Yuuri is incredibly uncomfortable regarding his relationship with Viktor, but gradually they become soulmates and cannot be without each other. They always know how to lift each other up.

Yuri!!! On Ice is not your usual anime with LGBT cute couples where there’s no room for romance. However, Yuri and Victor portray a realistic LGBT romance. This sports anime really broke the glass ceiling by taking the relationship between the main characters seriously.

11. Tomoe and Nanami from Kamisama Kiss

tomoe and nanami cute anime couple

What if you get the chance to fall for a god? Nanami was lucky enough to experience that firsthand. She got to meet Tomoe as a chain of events and at first felt like the god was too annoying and always nagging but it turns out Tomoe was just a tsundere and did not know how to properly express himself.

After Nanami got to know Tomoe better, she accepted him and they are so cute together. The fans who followed Kamisama Kiss made this ship sail even if god and human relations aren’t possible. They are just too perfect for each other.

10. Ban and Elaine from Seven Deadly Sins

cute anime couple

What’s the biggest sacrifice you would give to be with your loved one? Ban literally gave up his immortality to save Elaine. Despite being from two different species and both aging at different paces, Ban and Elaine accepted each other’s love and even fought with their family to be with one another.

This cute anime couple is the definition of forever together and we would have loved to see them together forever but Ban had to sacrifice his immortality to save Elaine during a fight.

9. Kakeru and Naho from Orange

cute anime couple

What if you suddenly got a letter from your future warning you about how you can change your present? The show consists of Kakeru, Naho, and their friends having fun and living life but it seems that something happens later on in life that breaks their friendship.

So, this time, Naho tries to change her future and falls for Kakeru in the process. Kakeru is what you can call an understanding boyfriend that supported Naho in every path she chose and never left her. These two should be together till the end.

8. Tomoya and Nagisa from Clannad

Tomoya and Nagisa

If I ever had to rank the best romantic anime, I would definitely put Clannad in the top ten list. The story is very sad and I always get teared up when I see the ending. Tomoya and Nagisa meet in high school and as the story progresses, they fall for each other. Eventually, they get married and have a child.

The story is very wholesome and has comedic jokes here and there but it saddens me that Nagisa died and Tomoya raise the child alone.

They both had extremely good chemistry with each other.

7. Yukako and Koichi from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

yukako and koichi  cute anime couple

Time to make room for the classic cute and shy girlfriend. Well, jokes on you. Yukako is a yandere and is a crazy stalker of Koichi. She is so crazy about him that she would also use the power of Cinderella to make Koichi fall for her forcefully.

But this crazy stalker is lucky, Koichi has feelings for her too. So, their relationship actually works out and both of them are passionate about their relationship. Definitely an amazing side story for the Jo Jo anime.

6. Kou And Futaba from Ao Haru Ride / Blue Spring Ride

kou and futaba ao haru ride

Futaba was ostracized during her middle school days. She was bullied and eventually became a loner. She couldn’t even express her feelings to her crush and he stopped coming to school.

Now in high school, Futaba tries to become the class favorite, only to later meet up with Kou, her middle school crush and somehow everything she built up till now starts crumbling as her memories from middle school rush in.

But Kou takes care of Futaba in this situation and eventually, they get close enough to become a legit couple that we love.

5. Satomi and Izumi from Parasyte

cute anime couple

Shinichi Izumi and Satomi Murano, the protagonists, are initially best friends and companions. They developed a romantic relationship over time but Shinichi’s fear of his monstrous nature and Satomi’s fear of his secretive behavior and the mood swings barricade their path.

A near-death experience drives him to reveal his abilities in front of her and by the end of the storm, they remain true lovers who never abandoned each other in their times of need. I cannot help but root for this cute anime couple who went up against the odds and triumphed nonetheless!

4. Haru and Shizuku from Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun

cute anime couples

What would you do if some random dude came into your peaceful life and filled your life with fun and memories? Shizuku is kind of a nerd that wishes to spend her high school days focusing on her studies and nothing more. She seemed kind of a dull character at first.

But then bad boy Haru entered her life and he brought some colors to it. He made her realize that she should enjoy her high school days and stop being so uptight all the time.

3. Sawako and Shouta from Kimi Ni Todoke

sawako and shouta cute anime couple

These two are some of the most wholesome couples you can find in anime. Sawako is and a loner girl. One day, Shouta, the most popular guy in her class noticed her being bullied and came forward to save her. After that incident, they became friends and Shouta got to see Sawako’s cute and shy side. Eventually, this cute anime couple fell for each other.

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2. Yuuko and Teiichi from Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

cute anime couple

What would happen if you fall for a spirit/ghost?

Yuuko and Teiichi have that kind of relationship where they started off by trying to give Yuuko a happy ending and letting her pass on. But after solving so many mysteries in their school they found love in each other’s eyes. But they loved in two different worlds and there was no possibility of them being with each other. Thankfully, the ending gave us the ship that we wanted, and the best ending we could possibly have.

1. Izumi and Ryouma from Love Stage

cute anime couple

Izumi has a unisex name and feminine personality, Ryouma thought Izumi was a girl and fell for her during their childhood. Years later, they meet up again for a reunion, and to Izumi’s surprise, Ryouma confesses to him his feelings.

Though this was a huge shock for Izumi, she tried to tell Ryouma that he was actually a male. But things took a wholesome turn when Ryouma accepted Izumi even after knowing the truth and they both became a couple. I’m sure the girls are screaming right now.

Love Stage was also adapted into a Japanese rom-com drama.

Is your favorite cute anime couple included here? You can definitely suggest which anime couples should be on this list and we might make another list like this in the future.

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