30 Crazy Anime Girls You Got To Love!

Not many crazy anime girls can leave us completely feeling amazed and excited. They are not afraid to dish out a good dose of vicious acts. A lot of these female characters don’t shy away from destroying everyone’s favorite characters and act out all batshit mad as hell. Let’s just say most crazy girls are just complicated! Some are obsessive psychos, while others come from abusive backgrounds and all they need is love!

Below are thirty crazy anime girls so don’t say we didn’t warn you to stay away as far as you can.

1. Motoko Minagawa from Fruits Basket

Motoko Minagawa crazy anime girl

The president of Prince Yuki Sohma’s Fan club, Motoko is obsessed with Yuri. She regularly writes crazy love poems and often targets girls who she feels would steal her Yuki away. At first, she was a comical character, but in season two we get deeper into her crazy side. Motoko constantly tries to undermine Tohru who gets too close to her crush Yuki. She might come across as bullying Tohru, but I think it’s just how most kids deal with jealousy during high school, they go crazy. In my book, it doesn’t count weird in any way, but most folks would disagree.

2. Saya Kisaragi from Blood-C

Saya Kisaragi crazy anime girls

Saya has both a fake personality and an actual normal personality. Initially, she is depicted as a friendly and cheerful teenager. However, the series takes her on a crazy path and her carefree personality turns distant. Saya at some point does not care for human lives. She only wishes to drink their blood but is unable due to a contract she made with an unidentified individual.

3. Yomi Satsuki from Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko

yomi satsuki crazy anime girls

The third-seat member of the Elite Guard, Yomi seems practically incapable of showing emotions. Her pale design and emotionless gaze are a dead giveaway of her twisted nature. But, there are other layers, the anime showed that she put her powers to useful deeds. There is not much known about Yomi’s capabilities, except for the fact that she can summon Aradama from her body by cutting her arm with her sword.

4. Hange Zoe from Attack on Titan

evil mean heartless dark anime girl

Hange, aka Hanji, is an eccentric scientist. She is in charge of researching Titans, and the brains behind some of the anti-titan weapons, coming up with lethal inventions like the thunder spears. However, behind her glasses and her usual cheery nature, lies her crazy personality, Hange is a psychotic girl! It showed when giving a crazy smile to Djel Sannes, telling him of the horrible pain Hange was going to cause him for what he did to Hange’s friend, Minister Nick. It continued when Hange smiled and sarcastically joked with Sannes during his torture at Hange’s and Levi Ackerman’s hands. Seriously, there’s something wrong with this girl!

5. Shouko Kirishima from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

dark heartless anime girls

This top student is crazily obsessed with Yuji Sakamoto since childhood and acts possessively toward him. She is crazy to the point of frequently stabbing out his eyes to prevent him from seeing other girls’ underwear! She is also applying locks and chains while they are together, using a handheld Taser if he is being ‘unfaithful’ to her. Shouko even attempted to submit a marriage certificate to the civil registrar, which didn’t work since they are underage. Despite being tricked by Yuji multiple times, she still believes they belong together, and even decided on their children’s names.

6. Rebecca Lee / Revy from Black Lagoon

revy crazy anime girls
25/30. Rebecca Lee / Revy

Revy is a beautiful purple hair mercenary with a loud mouth and a few anger-management issues! She is a rude woman, without a conscience, ready to kill anyone at the slightest incitement. She kills in cold blood even unarmed civilians! This crazy girl is so evil that she takes maniacal delight in killing anyone she fights or just for fun. In other words, she’s perfect for this list.

7. Yuki Takeya from Gakkou Gurashi!

Yuki Takeya crazy anime girl

When you look at this Yuki Takeya all you see is an angle. However, she has a secret, she’s suffering from a mental disorder called Psychosis. When the zombie outbreak occurred, she was so terrified that she created her own delusions that her classmates are still alive and that the outbreak never occurred.

8. Kirika Yuumura from Noir

Kirika Yuumura crazy anime girls

Kirika is a dangerous assassin, who works under the codename Noir. She kills people very easily and never gets crazy sad about it, which tells you a thing or two about her character. She is an extremely strange, almost creepy schoolgirl who is obsessed with guns. The kind you don’t want to meet in a dark school hallway, she’s pure evil!

9. Misaki Nakahara from Welcome to the N.H.K

Misaki Nakahara crazy anime girl

Misaki is convinced that everyone around her dies or has something generally bad happen to them. However, when she meets Sato, who suffers from severe social anxiety, and realizes he is a lot more pathetic than she is, she decides to help him. Despite Misaki’s usual joyful appearance, she is depressed, lonely, and suicidal. In the manga, Misaki is seen as a crazy girl, and even manipulative, but in the anime, she is more well-behaved.

10. Tanya von Degurechaff from Saga of Tanya the Evil

Tanya von Degurechaff crazy anime girls

The loli girl needs to take a chill pill. She will do anything to raise her value in the eyes of her superiors. Tanya is a sophisticated sadist, but her way of thinking got her to the top, making her one of the youngest generals in anime history. Oh, and her psycho faces compete only with Kakegurui.

11. Kaede Kayano from Assassination Classroom

Kaede Kayano crazy anime girl

Kaede is seen by most characters as just nice and easy to get along with. However, there’s a lot of craziness behind her plain exterior. In truth, Kaede seeks to avenge her sister’s death and most of her cheerful personality is a facade to blend into the background. She completely hid her bloodlust from her teacher Korosensei for months, all the while planning to assassinate him for murdering her sister. When she finally revealed her true identity and nature, nobody could even come close to seeing similarities.

12. Shiki Ryougi from Kara no Kyoukai

Shiki Ryougi crazy anime girl

Shiki has a merciless personality. She comes from an ancient clan that often develops supernatural abilities. In her case, she has two ​”male” and “female” personalities, both aware of the other, and both the same crazy person with different qualities. She appears to care about nothing and has a strong impulse to kill, which gives this swordswoman a sense of living.

13. Lucy from Elfen Lied

 Luci from Elfen Lied anime

Lucy has a split personality she has at least three personalities called Kaede/Lucy, Nyu, and the DNA voice. Lucy is Queen Diclonius, an evolutionary offshoot of the human race. When her dog is killed and a person she trusted is the reason for it, she develops a strong hatred of humans. She went crazy and began killing entire families just to use their houses, without guilt. Maybe if Lucy had different experiences as a child she might have been “good”. However, we know her as a creature that feels nothing but hate toward humans.

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14. Satou Matsuzaka from Happy Sugar Life

satou matsuzaka

Outwardly, Satou is a friendly girl, admired by the people around her. However, like so many crazy girls on this list, her personality is all twisted. She is a manipulator willing to lie, cheat and even go as far as killing if that means that she’ll get what she wants. In Satou’s defense, she was raised by her aunt, who taught her some deranged ethics.

15. Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui

Yumeko Jabami crazy anime girl

Yumeko’s beautiful and innocent frontage bangs hide her secret of addiction to gambling and high-stakes situations. A student in a prestigious Academy that instructs the sons and daughters of the world’s business tycoons on how to gamble, Yumeko’s crazy side was soon revealed. Yumeko just doesn’t feel alive until she puts everything on the line. She’s starving for the next gambling thrill and will accept any challenge and take on the highest stakes. Her eyes turn red when she notices an opponent cheating in games.

16. Akane Hiyama from Renai Boukun

Akane Hiyama crazy anime girls

Don’t let her naïve looks fool you! On the surface, Akane is a straight-A student, but when it comes to Seiji Aino, she can instantly change her sweet personality and become psychopathic. This yandere is so crazy in love with Seiji, that she would be ready to destroy anyone who tries to date him, as well as eliminate them if they hurt him. She even doesn’t hesitate to stab Seiji if she feels deceived.

17. Shiro from Deadman Wonderland

Shiro crazy anime girl

After she has been experimented on, Shiro developed a split personality called the “Wretched Egg” to cope with her suffering. As the Wretched Egg, Shiro has a hooded and lazy look to her eyes and a wicked craze for bloodthirst. In The Wretched Egg persona, she is sadistic. She kills Ganta’s entire classroom and frames her for the carnage.

18. Aria from Taboo Tattoo

Aria  crazy anime girls

Princess Aryabhata is a nationalist who wants to take over the world, which almost automatically makes her the designated villain. She would do anything in her power to get her goals done. Be it killing innocent people for “changing the world” or killing the main character’s love interest. Moreover, crazily, Aria is very seductive and has a constant perverted urge to sexually grope other women.

19. Nina Einstein from Code Geass

Nina Einstein crazy anime girl

Nina is a bat-shit crazy girl who is as pure evil as it gets! She’s out of her mind. From stalking a princess to threatening to blow up her school, you don’t know what she’s going to do next! When her life was saved by Euphemia li Britannia, she became unhealthily obsessed with her, worshiping her as a goddess. After Euphemia’s death, Nina became mentally unhinged and threatened mass violence to gain revenge. Her biggest weapon is her unpredictability and ability to go completely loony and fly into a monstrous rage, and this is something she’s sure to take advantage of.

20. Hibana Daida from Deadman Wonderland

Hibana Daida crazy anime girl

At 7 years old, Hibana is already one of the most craziest and twisted people you can imagine. She is a resident of the Deadman Wonderland prison, and she’s one of the most vicious killers in the whole place. She has a sick love for torturing, or as she calls it “punishing”. Hibana does have a strong sense of justice. However, it is corrupted, as she believes that she is truly a good girl when she has good manners. Keep in mind that most seven-year-olds are still refusing to eat their vegetables!

21. Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa

Junko Enoshima crazy anime girl

Junko is your stereotypical high-school ‘crazy girl’ blondie-pigtailed catty bitch. She is very apathetic and easily bored to an abnormal degree. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t feel emotional pain and despair herself – on the contrary, she revels in it! She wants to suffer, she wants to make other people suffer, and she wants to share that suffering. That’s exactly what makes her such a great character.

22. Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist

lust crazy anime girl

As an epitome of the sin of lust, Lust represents the worst twisted characteristics in people. She’s both bloodlust and deep twisted sexual lust. Lust is not human and doesn’t understand humans. Maybe that is why she is notably crazier than her siblings. She takes distinct pleasure in torturing her enemies and making them suffer. Also, she uses her charm to set people against each other, trick them, or get information out of people.

23. Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill la Kill

Ragyo Kiryuin crazy anime girl
8/30. Ragyo Kiryuin

Ragyo enjoys domination, lusting for power over the world. Her goal is to give it to the Life Fibers, sentient parasitic organisms of extraterrestrial origin. Ragyo is treacherous with absolutely no regard for human life, going as far as using her infant daughters as test subjects for potentially fatal experiments.

24. Shion Sonozaki from Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

Shion Sonozaki crazy anime girl
7/30. Shion Sonozaki

Shion Sonozaki is a crazy yandere who kills two ten-year-old kids, and puts nails through a boy’s fingers! And if this isn’t enough, she tries to choke her sister and eventually does murder her. She also killed her grandma, locked her sister in a cage, and took her place. Yep, we’re dealing with a monster. Did we mention this green hair girl also tortures all of these victims in various horrifying ways?

25. Kaguya Otsutsuki from Naruto

Kaguya Otsutsuki crazy anime girl

Originally a good and caring person, after consuming the fruit Kaguya Kaguya had grown tyrannical and developed both a god-complex and messiah-complex. Corrupted by the power she lost her faith in humanity and started making white Zetsu using her people. As a result of her losing faith in humanity, Kaguya opted to use her terrible power to submit everyone to her will.

26. Clementine from Overlord

Clementine crazy anime girl

Clementine is a bloodthirsty, twisted crazy girl who is obsessed with torture and murder. Once a member of the Black Scripture, she defected and became affiliated with the evil cult of Zurrernorn. She tends to laugh at other people’s misery, regularly killing everyone around her with no remorse and an inhumane feeling of ecstasy. She even makes fun of villains who feel they need a reason to be evil, declaring that she just kills people for her enjoyment. Clementine also enjoys collecting trophies from her victims and adding them to her armor.

27. Yuno Gasai from The Future Diary

Yuno Gasai crazy anime girl

Yuno most perfectly fits the characteristics of a crazy Yandere. To the point that when we think “Yandere” it’s so easy to think “Yuno Gasai”. She is evil, delusional, obsessed with one specific person, and will go to any length to be with this person, to the point of killing his loved ones and even harming/manipulating him. And it’s not played for laughs. Yuno is seriously messed up, you go to love her for that!

28. Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia

Himiko crazy anime girl

Himiko is the type of mad girl that is “addicted” to blood. She also mostly does not notice nor care about the person she’s killing and sometimes smiles after having killed someone.

She’s good at wielding a knife and does not hesitate to stab a person anywhere. Her quirk makes her have an affection for blood, and want to drink the blood of the people she loves. Instead of relinquishing her crazy quirk, she embraces it, which makes her a villain in the pure evil League of Villains.

29. Ophelia from Claymore

Claymore is as cruel as they come. She has an undying thirst for hunting, killing, and striking down anyone she calls prey. They will break a person’s spirit down to the last fragment and then finish them off. Ophelia may at first come across as being light-hearted, but this only serves to disguise her truly unstable nature. She genuinely enjoys the thrill of battle and delights in mutilating her victims in the form of twisted “games.” Like many characters from Claymore, Ophelia is one who’s had an unfair life to put it lightly. However, this hardly justifies her bloodlust.

30. Esdeath from Akame ga Kill

Esdeath crazy anime girl

She may have white hair but Esdeath is dark to the bone. To put it bluntly, a manipulative cold woman. She lives by her father’s simple belief, which is that the strong survive and the weak die. Even when her comrades died, she accepted they were the weaker pair in a brutal world. Esdeath just totally lacks empathy for people whom she deems weak and enjoys torturing her enemies. It may seem cruel but to her credit, she has at least demonstrated genuine care for her subordinates.

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