Top 14 Cartoon Characters With Dreads

A large number of cartoon characters have various stunning hairstyles, but it is very rare to find cartoon characters with dreads. Dreadlocks, braidlocks, locks hairstyles are different types of hair that give a character a distinct appearance. In this article, we have o tighten up a list of 14 cartoon characters with dreads, so let’s get down to it.

Otto Rocket from Rocket Power

cartoon characters with dreads otto rocket

Otto is a half-Hawaiian character, the arrogant leader of the group who always gets in trouble. He is a master of all extreme sports. Otto will do anything to attempt the impossible just to show how cool and daring he could be. He has dark red dreadlocks.

Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons

cartoon characters with dreads sideshow bob

A criminal sidekick cursed to have both huge feet and a natural dread hairstyle that looks like a palm tree. He is a character with a keen intellect. He has many skills and can speak multiple languages. Sideshow Bob is a villain whose defining feature is his curly, palm tree-shaped red dreads.

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Hermes Conrad from Futurama

cartoon characters with dreads hermes conrad

A Jamaican who loves bureaucracy, unnecessary forms, boring tasks, and a champion limbo master. Hermes isn’t much to look but his dreads draw a lot of attention. His only time in the spotlight came when Hermes had a nervous breakdown from missing a chance at bureaucratic promotion.

Susie Carmichael from Rugrats

cartoon characters with dreads susie carmichael

Susie is a talented singer and an ace student. Most of the time, she has the most common sense. As a child, her dread hair was tied up in three red hair ties with red flowers.

Maurice (Numbuh 9) from Kids Next Door

cartoon characters with dreads maurice

The boy who launched the ambush against the Teen Ninjas. Maurice is a very well-regarded, talented operative with Sector V considering him to be a close friend. Maurice is an African-American cartoon character with big, brown dreadlocks.

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Skeeter and Baby Scooter from The Muppet Babies Cartoon

cartoon characters with dreads skeeter and baby scooter

Scooter is The Muppets’ stage manager and an expert at mechanical engineering. and Skeeter is Scooter’s sister, and an original character created for the cartoon series. She is known for being tomboyish and a bit rough. Skeeter is the masculine side of Scooter’s character. Both characters share the same two dread hairstyles.

Pickles from The Metalocalypse

Pickles from The Metalocalypse

A drummer, singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist. He is an Irish descent from Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Although Pickles has a drinking problem, he is one of the more stable members. Pickles is going bald but his remaining red hair is styled into dreadlocks. Back in the 80s, he sported a punk rock glamor haircut in his teens.

Darwin from The Amazing World Of Gumball

cartoon characters with dreads darwin

Gumball’s pet goldfish-turned-family member sprouted legs grew dreads and began to talk. Darwin is a kind character who always tries to see the goodness in others and will often go out of his way to help those who are sad.

Nadine From Hey Arnold

cartoon characters with dreads nadine

Nadine is fascinated with nature, especially bugs, and arachnids, her dread hairstyle sort of resembles a spider. Nadine is Rhonda’s best friend.

Edd “Double D” from Ed, Edd n Eddy

cartoon characters with dreads edd double d

Ed is a cartoon character that hides his dread under a cool beanie. He cares about everyone around him, no matter how much the other characters abuse him. He is one of the nicest people in the cartoon. He is physically the weakest but the most intelligent member of the Eds. If he gets provoked he will use his smarts to retaliate.

Barbabeau from Barbapapa

cartoon characters with dreads barbabeau

The only hairy character in the Barbapapa cartoon. Barbabeau is an artist that rarely is separated from his sketchbook.

Prince Zula from Conan the Adventurer

cartoon characters with dreads prince zula

Zula is Conan’s best friend. He is a noble and educated leader, he is the prince of the Wasai. He can talk to animals, has shaman skills, and helps Conan on his quest to free his parent.

Chode McBlob from Tripping the Rift

cartoon characters with dreads chode mcblob

Chode McBlob is a purple alien and the spaceship “Jupiter 42” commander. He has four tentacles, three eyes, and green spots all around him.

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