Top 20 Best Cartoon Characters With Beanies

Winter is on its way, so it’s time to get your noggin covered with a beanie to keep your ears from the cold and wind. Now that you’re all nice and warm, you can calmly sit back and enjoy this list of the top 20 best cartoon characters with beanies I conjured up. From Family Guy’s Meg Griffin to Todd Chavez from BoJack Horseman, here are the famous characters who will show you how to sport a beanie.  

1. Meg Griffin from Family Guy

meg griffin cartoon characters with beanies

One of the most famous cartoon characters with beanies, Meg is always wearing her pink beanie. And it’s not just a fashion statement. It’s what her doctor ordered! That’s right, Meg was born with her heart on her head, so the doctor said that she should probably always wear a beanie. I’m not making this up, it is discovered in the episode “Friends Without Benefits”. Her medical condition did produce one of the best beanies in pop culture, so I guess it’s not all bad.

2. Todd Chavez from BoJack Horseman

todd chavez cartoon characters with beanies

Todd is a carefree, scatterbrained dude with a heart of gold. Throughout the cartoon, Todd seems to have no sense of direction. But somehow, by the end of the show, everything works out for him. This goes to show us that simply being nice to others can actually get us far. Todd constantly wears a yellow beanie over his short, bushy, dark blue hair.

3. Cartman from South Park

cartman cartoon characters with beanies

No beanie is more iconic than this one! Eric Cartman may want to take over the world kid, but he is undoubtedly a great character. He’s hilarious!  With so many great episodes out of the show’s 24 seasons anchored on his horrible antics, Carman IS South Park. His character is a reminder of what is often wrong with us as a society, and we can’t help but love our reflection, just a little bit, even when we don’t particularly like what we see in the mirror. Catman typically wears a blue beanie with a yellow puff ball on top.

4. Double D from Ed, Edd n Eddy

double d cartoon characters with beanies

What a blast from the late 90s! Edd is the smartest and has more common sense than the other two Eds. He is a genius when it comes to some things, such as deciphering Eddy’s brother’s map when even Edd couldn’t, or by building an elevator by using random stuff that reached the moon. However, he has a childlike mindset and therefore often can’t comprehend things such as Eddy or Edd can. Edd is physically the weakest in the trio. His character is in the reversal of the dim-witted but physically stronger Ed. Edd’s beanie is black with two white stripes on each side and he always wears it ver his dreads hair. I know some people who thought that it was Double D’s hair.

5. Edith Gru from Despicable Me

edith gru cartoon characters with beanies

I know that what Edith wears on her head is technically a Chullo, but what’s a chullo if not a Peruvian beanie? Edith is the middle child adopted by Gru, with Margo being older and Agnes younger. She is tomboyish and can be very destructive and mischievous. For example, in one deleted scene she puts itching powder in Fritz the butler’s underwear drawer and can’t wait to see him scratching. So, it’s fair to Edith to have some common traits with her adoptive father Gru. Edith wears her pink striped pink beanie at all times, even in bad.  

6. Ashley Spinelli from Recess

ashley spinelli cartoon characters with beanies

T.J. Detweiler’s unofficial seconds-in-command in the Recess Gang, Ashley Spinelli is a famous cartoon character with beanies. I would dare to say that her orange beanie, together with her black medium-length pigtails, makes one of the most iconic characters that can pop into your mind while imagining a beanie. Ashley – or Spinelli, because she likes to be called by her surname – is quick-tempered and tomboyish, and usually considered the toughest kid on the playground. However, she is very dedicated to her best friends and loves hanging around with them.

7. Waldo from Where’s Waldo

waldo cartoon characters with beanies

Together with his trusty dog Woof, Waldo travels to faraway lands, solving mysteries. However, Waldo has to face the evil Odlaw who always plots to steal Waldo’s magic stick that enables Waldo to travel through space and time. Famous for his red and white bobbled beanie, Waldo is always ready for an adventure!

8. Jimbo from The Simpsons

jimbo cartoon characters with beanies

James “Jimbo” Jones is a vicious bully! And he’s not even the leader of the school bullies at Springfield Elementary School. That would be Nelson Muntz. Jimbo is the only second second-in-command.  Despite Jimbo having a bad reputation for smoking cigarettes and doing drugs, it has been hinted several times that he is a Christian with devoted moral standards with a passion for shoplifting and skateboarding. Anyway, we know Jimbo isn’t all bad – he does have an on-and-off friendship with Bart Simpson. Jimbo only appears in a handful of episodes, but he sure has left a lasting impression on pop culture with his knitted purple beanie and the skull top!

9. Dawn from Pokemon

dawn cartoon characters with beanies

I know some of you may view anime and cartoons as different things, but anime is just cartoons from Japan. Anyway, growing up on Pokemon, I never distinguished between the two. Pokémon WAS my cartoon and therefore I included Dawn on this list of 20 best cartoon characters with beanies. She is a teenage Pokemon Coordinator who journeys through the Sinnoh region with Ash Ketchum and Brock. Dawn is hell-bent on becoming a Top Coordinator like her mother. As part of her usual outfit, she wears a white beanie with a pink Poké Ball print on it.

10. Shawn from Total Drama Island

shawn cartoon characters with beanies

One of the two finalists on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island season, Shawn is most iconic with his beanie, which is a part of his regular outfit. Weirdly enough, Shawn has spent his entire life training for what he considers an inevitable zombie apocalypse. This, of course, has made him very athletically talented, which is great for winning a reality show like Total Drama Island. However, his fear of the undead can cause him to distance himself socially, which damaged his game.

11. Ginger Snap from Strawberry Shortcake

ginger snap cartoon characters with beanies

Ginger Snap is Factory Owner who lives in Cookie Corner. She loves baking cookies and macarons. She is also a gifted inventor and can create the machine from scratch, anywhere, without being in her factory. Ginger Snap wears a blue beanie with a design of a gingerbread man on the front, together with a pink ribbon tied around her long hair. Oh, and she likes eating gingerbread!

12. Linus from A Charlie Brown Christmas TV Special

linus cartoon characters with beanies

Linus is Lucy’s baby brother, and his closest friend is the protagonist Charlie Brown. He is extremely attached to his security blanket which can be reshaped into nearly any form and be put to many different uses, like a whip or a grappling hook. Linus is very loyal to his friends and always helps others with their problems. For example, In A Charlie Brown Christmas TV special, when Charlie Brown complains that he doesn’t know what Christmas is all about, Linus gives an entire speech about the subject and says: “That’s what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown“. And doesn’t Linus look cute with his cozy green beanie and blanket?

13. Chiaotzu from Dragon Ball Z

chiaotzu cartoon characters with beanies

Chiaotzu is a memorable bald character, despite being a bit overshadowed by the rest of the Dragon Ball Z cast in terms of combat abilities. It could be his weird appearance with that plain white skin and red cheeks that make you remember him or the fact that he sacrifices himself to kill Nappa. Also, just look at this cute black beanie with that red pom-pom. How can anyone forget that?

14. Daniel from Big Mouth

daniel cartoon characters with beanies

A skinny student at Bridgeton High School, Daniel is Leah Birch’s former crush. Their relationship ended after Daniel tried several times to push her head toward his crouch when they were kissing. Finally, Leah spoke angrily at him and exposed him in front of everybody as a head pusher. Serves him right! Daniel has brown hair, usually covered with a blue beanie.

15. Louise from Bob’s Burgers

louise cartoon characters with beanies

Throughout the whole of Bob’s Burgers animated television series, even when she goes to bed, Louise wears this iconic pink bunny-eared beanie. That’s right, Louise has never once removed the hat onscreen! Even in episodes where the beanie has been lost or stolen, she has always found a substitute. Since neither the show nor its creator has explained why she wears the ears, many fans came up with their theories about it. However, only when the Bob’s Burgers Movie has been shown in theaters that Louise reveals that Bob and Linda gave her the ears after her first day of preschool as a symbol of her bravery in getting through the day. Now, that’s cute!

16. Lincoln Loud from The Loud House

lincoln loud  cartoon characters with beanies

The middle child of the Loud family, Lincoln is the only son of the family. Because of a weird turn of events, he was born in the limousine of the President of the United States, delivered by the First Lady. He is the major nerd of the family, Lincoln reads comics, manga, fantasy, and science fiction books. In the episode Predict Ability, he wears a brown woolen beanie cap that fits him perfectly.

17. Chappy from King of the Hill

chappy cartoon characters with beanies

A mountain man that lives off the grid, Chappy lives in a shack, defecates in an outhouse and eats what he kills. Chappy is a salesman that sells Hank a Christmas tree. In light of the Y2K conspiracies, he accompanies Dale to an animal shelter to adopt dogs for food. Fortunately, the employee at the place notices that they want to EAT the dogs and expels them from the place. Chappy wears a moss green beanie that perfectly matches his orangish-brown beard.

18. Dewey from Ducktales (Episode: Sky Pirates)

dewey cartoon characters with beanies

True, Dewey Duck mostly wears a blue baseball cap. But in one of my favorite DuckTales episodes, he wore this colorful beanie you see in the picture. If you don’t already know, Dewey is the middle child of Donald Duck’s nephews. As such, he has a typical middle-child syndrome which makes him worry that he’s just an ordinary duck. So, he’s constantly eager to make a name for himself and often throws himself into dangerous situations without thinking, just to prove himself.

19. Chuck from the Freak Brothers

chuck cartoon characters with beanies

Chuck is inseparable from his friend Charlie. Unfortunately, these two kindred spirits get arrested for selling weed on the street in a lemonade-style marijuana stand. Chuck is a San Francisco resident in the present-day timeline.

20. Eudora from Charlie Brown

eudora cartoon characters with beanies

Eudore is the last major character to be added to the Peanuts world. She has long straight hair, often covered by a knitted beanie. Snoopy seems to have a bit of a crush on her and tries to flirt with her. However, she cannot understand what he is saying because he’s a dog.

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