Top 25 Best Sports Anime Of All Time! Ranked

best sports anime

Let’s start by saying that this list of the 25 best sports anime of all time is not only for the die-hard sports fans out there. Sports anime are adored by many anime fans around the world who never watched a single sports game in their lives!  

Anime fans tend to prefer genres like action and romance over the so-called dry sports genre. But, sports anime is way more exciting than other genres as they engage the viewers right from the first episode to the last one.

So today, I present you with a list of the best sports anime series that will make you a huge fan of this genre. So, let’s get right into it.

25 best sports anime of all time

25/25. Keijo!!!!!!!! (Hip Whip Girl: Keijo!!!!!!)

Hip Whip Girl: Keijo!!!!!!, #25 Best sports anime
“Hip Whip Girl: Keijo!!!!!!”

The series focuses on Keijo, a rather odd type of sport in which females use their unconventional body parts to fight the other player.

Nozomi Kaminashi is a cheerful girl with an athletic body. She decides to pursue Keijo as a career. She performed well in her trial tournament by using her knowledge of gymnastics.

However, the real competitions of Keijo are very tough because a lot of talented players take part in it to claim the prize pool. Does Nozomi have the guts to become a Keijo Champion? This anime can sound quite hilarious and it is in some instances but that’s the beauty of it.

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24/25. Bamboo Blade

Bamboo Blade, #24 best sports anime
24/25. Bamboo Blade

This anime focuses on a Japanese sport called Kendo, a type of sport in which two players fight each other with bamboo swords.

Toraji Ishida AKA Kojirou is a teacher and kendo club instructor at Muroe High School. He was a Kendo prodigy during his student years.

However, after becoming a teacher, he struggles to manage his finances. His senpai promises him free meals if his kendo team defeats their opponent.

He started auditioning talented kendo students for his team. Toraji’s search led him to Tamaki Kawazoe, a cute girl renowned as a kendo prodigy.

Toraji requested her to join the team, but Tamaki doesn’t have a slight interest in it. Toraji must convince her to settle his lifelong problem of finance.

This anime has a very unique art style and a lot of humor baked into its premise. It will keep you entertained.

23/25. All Worlds Alliance

best sports anime
“All Worlds Alliance”

This sports anime focuses on Karuta, a type of sports game in which participants use certain types of cards to play a match; only the person with the best strategy wins the match.

Chihaya Ayasa is a cute young girl with no dreams. She was living a boring life until she discovered the world of Kurata. She meets Araya Wataya, a guy known as the prodigy of Karuta. Araya introduced Chihaya to the world of Kurata.

Now, Chihaya becomes obsessed with the Kurata. She decides to establish a Kurata club with talented players and ultimately compete in the national tournament. However, winning in a national tournament might not be as easy as Chihaya and her friends imagined.

Chihayafuru is simply a beautiful show. It has a unique art style and a beautiful and inspirational storyline. It is so high up the list because of how well it has treated its subject.

22/25. Sukēto Rīdingu☆Sutāzu (Skate-Leading Stars)

 Sukēto Rīdingu☆Sutāzu, #22 Best spoerts anime
22/25. Skate-Leading Stars (Sukēto Rīdingu☆Sutāzu)

This anime focuses on a sport called Skate-Leading, similar to ice skating. In Skate-leading, players form a team and compete against another team.

Kensei Maeshima is a hot-blooded individual studying at Inodai High School. He has loved ice skating since childhood and has become an expert in it. However, his rival (Reo Shinozaki) doesn’t acknowledge Kensei’s skills, and he ends up leaving ice skating.

He meets Hayato Sasugai, a classmate of Kensei with coaching skills. Kensei joined the Skate-Leading team of his school with Hayato as a coach to beat his rival. This series takes some time to acclimate the viewers so you won’t get invested in it till after the 4th episode. Many people lose interest in it.

21/25. Inazuma Eleven

Best sports anime
21/25. Inazuma Eleven

This anime focuses on the struggle of Japan’s best junior high school soccer team with talented soccer players from all over Japan.

Mamoru Endou is a cheerful boy studying at Raimon Junior High School. He inherited his passion for soccer from his late father, who was a renowned goalkeeper. Mamoru ends up on the soccer team of his school, but unfortunately, the team was in miserable condition with not many players.

He meets Shuuya Gouenji, a cool guy with remarkable skills as a striker. However, Shuuya has left the club for certain reasons. Can Mamoru convince Shuuya to rejoin the club? We all have seen this anime at least once when we were growing up, so it has a special place in many people’s hearts.

20/25. Amanchu!

Amanchu!, #20 Best sports anime
20/25. Amanchu!

This anime focuses on sea diving. Hikari Kohinata is a cute girl studying at Yumegaoka High School as a first-year student. She was a member of the school’s diving club. Because of her prior experience in diving, Hikari was considered a club ace.

She meets Futaba Ooki, a young shy girl who transferred to Hikari’s school. Through a series of events, they became good friends. Futaba also joins the diving club to explore the wonders of the sea alongside her friends.

Amanchu is quite a calming anime, sprinkled with many feel-good moments. It is an easy watch for anyone.

19/25. Cross Game

19/25. Cross Game

This anime also focuses on Baseball. Kou Kitamura is a young boy with a passion for baseball since childhood. Kou’s family background is also connected to baseball as his father runs a sports shop. Kou has polished his batting skills by practicing regularly at a baseball training center.

He met Aoba Tsukishima, a short-tempered girl skilled in pitching. Although both of them loved baseball, their opposite attitudes and composure always caused a quarrel between them. Their encounter as baseball players might change their whole course of life.

In addition to being a good sports anime, Cross Game is also a very good romantic tale. The anime balances the two genres perfectly.

18/25. Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun (Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun)

18/25. Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun

This anime focuses on Soccer, also known as Football. Aoyama-Kun is an aloof teenager studying at Fujimi High School. He is known as the ace of the soccer team. Aoyama suffers from a phobia that compels him to clean every dirty thing, he can’t stand a single dirt spot.

He meets Kaoru Zaizen, a young man with a sturdy body playing on the soccer team as a striker. Can Ayoma bring victory to his team without getting dirty?

The overall concept of this anime is quite unique, especially considering how much soccer-based anime there are (even in this list).

17/25. Yuri On Ice

17/25. Yuri On Ice

This popular anime focuses on Ice Skating. Yuuri Katsuki is a young man struggling with his future career choices. He was Japan’s most famous ice skater, but his tragic defeat in a national competition caused him to lose his passion for ice skating.

Yuri meets Victor Nikiforov, a charismatic man renowned as the Olympic champion of ice skating. Victor gets inspired by the performance of Yuuri in video footage. He decides to train him into a famous skilled ice skater again.

Now, Yuuri must prepare himself for the challenging competitions that can restore his lost passion and pride. Yuri On Ice is not only a good sports anime but it is also a good anime in general. Anyone can enjoy it.

16/25. Iwa Kakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls

16/25. Iwa Kakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls

This anime series focuses on Sport Climbing, a sport in which players climb up a hard wall full of hurdles in a short time to win the competition.

Konomi Kasahara is a young girl who recently joined Hanamiya High School. She is an expert in games involving puzzles. However, Konomi decides to leave video games to do something better in her life.

She ends up joining the Sport Climbing Club of her school. She gave it a try, and surprisingly Konomi did very well in her first climbing trial because of tactical knowledge. Now she is aiming to win a real competition.

The show is on a relatively small scale and is self-contained. It is special for people who are actually interested in Sport Climbing.

15/25. Capeta

15/25. Capeta

Capeta Taira is an ordinary boy studying at an average elementary school. He works part-time to support the expenses of his house.

His father worked as a laborer in a small company and made a go-kart from scrapes as a present for Capeta. He enjoyed his first experience in a go-kart and decided to pursue it as a career.

Now, he must dedicate everything to his newborn passion. The career of go-kart racing might be more competitive and demanding than Capeta ever imagined. Even if you’re not interested in Go-Kart Racing, this anime will entice you and you’ll enjoy it a lot.

14/25. Days

Best sports anime
14/25. Days

Tsukushi Tsukamoto is a clumsy young individual studying at Seiseki High School. He lost his father at a young age which caused problems for him. Also, people tend to bully Tsukushi.

He meets Jin Kazama, who saved Tsukushi from bullies. Jin was a member of the school’s prestigious soccer club. Upon receiving an invitation from Jin, Tsukushi joined the soccer club to change his life. What change will soccer bring to Tsukushi’s miserable life?

Days actually revolve around the players rather than the game itself. It breaks some usual stereotypes established by other anime based on soccer.

13/25. Captain Tsubasa

13/25. Captain Tsubasa

This anime also focuses on Soccer and features the struggles of people who are obsessed with it.

Tsubasa Oozora is a passionate boy studying at Nankatsu Elementary School. Since childhood, he loved playing soccer and eventually became very good at it. He meets Genzou Wakabayashi, a friendly guy with remarkable skills as a goalkeeper.

Tsubasa must make new friends and form a team of talented soccer players to achieve his dream of becoming a world-famous soccer player. However, competition in national matches may be tougher than Tsubasa and his friends ever imagined.

12/25. Oba Doraivu (OverDrive)

Best sports anime
12/25. OverDrive (Ōbā Doraivu)

Mikoto Shinozaki is a young high school student. He is living a miserable life as a bullied student. Through a series of events, Mikoto ends up joining the cycling club of his school.

He meets Yousuke Fukazawa, a man serving the cycling club as a couch. Yosuke inspires Mikoto to join the club. Although Mikoto doesn’t have any prior experience and skill in cycling, his passion and hard work may lead him down the path of becoming Japan’s top racer.

The overall anime is quite good but it sometimes suffers from poor animation can be a distraction but if you can get past that then it is a near-perfect sports anime.

11/25. Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk, #11 Best sports anime
11/25. Slam Dunk

This anime features the buried passion of an individual for basketball that might surface at any time.

Hanamichi Sakuragi is a young guy who failed to acquire a girlfriend despite proposing to too many girls. He has a gifted height and insane strength that enabled him to ace in basketball in his past.

He joined Shohoku High School hoping to get a girlfriend this time. Hanamichi met Haruko Akagi, a cute girl who asked him to do a slam dunk. Although Hanamichi failed, she was impressed with his insane strength on the court. Hanamichi’s dead passion for basketball might be revived through his encounter with Akagi.

10/25. Ping Pong The Animation

Ping Pong The Animation, #10 best sports anime
10/25. Ping Pong The Animation

Makoto Tsukimoto is a guy with a dull look on his face. He is a member of the Katase High Table Tennis club. Makoto was nicknamed smile by his friends because of his serious expressions all the time.

Makoto was the teammate of Yutaka Hoshino, a cheerful guy with a passion for ping pong. Yutaka was nicknamed Peco by his friends because of his charismatic personality. The duo of Smile and Peco was renowned as the famous undefeatable duo in table tennis.

However, they might experience tough competition in the inter-high ping pong tournament. Ping Pong The Animation is the second-best sports anime because of its unique art style, and emotionally powerful storyline, and well-written characters.

9/25. Major

Major, #9 best sports anime
9/25. Major

Gorou Honda is a young passionate guy obsessed with baseball. He inherited his passion for baseball from his father, Shigeharu Honda, who is a renowned baseball player. Gorou encouraged his father during his time of distress.

The ray of hope from Gorou allowed his father to continue his career in baseball. On the other hand, Gorou also started his own career in baseball. He must walk the difficult path of a baseball player to become a famous baseball player.

This anime handles the subject of basketball even better than some of the famous movies based on this game. It is truly remarkable!

8/25. Hanebado!

Hanebado! #8 best sports anime
8/25. Hanebado!

Badminton is quite a popular sport. Nagisa Aragaki is a senior student at Kitakomachi High School. She was the former captain of the badminton club. She suffered a tragic defeat in the national competition despite playing to her fullest.

In the club’s depressing times, Kentarou Tachibana, a renowned Olympic winner, joined the club as a new captain along with Ayano Hanesaki, a young girl known as the prodigy of Badminton. With this new light of hope, the badminton club might have a chance of redemption.

If you’ve seen Haikyuu then this is basically a female version of it. It is quite good but it doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

7/25. Kaze Ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru (Run with the Wind)

Run with the Wind, #7 Best sports anime
7/25. Run With the Wind (Kaze Ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru)

Kakeru Kurahara is a carefree guy studying at Kansei University. He is great at running because of his speed and stable stamina. This hidden skill of Kakeru was noticed by Haiji Kiyose, a compassionate student in his final years.

Haiji offers Kakeru a place to stay, in exchange Kakeru has to join the track team of the university and ultimately participate in a great marathon competition called Hakone Ekiden.

However, Haiji still needs more members to join the competition. With the help from Kakeru, Haiji might be able to pull this off just before the deadline.

6/25. Cheer Boys

Cheer Boys, #6 best sports anime
6/25. Cheer Boys

This focuses on Cheerleading which is not exactly a sport but it is a huge part of sporting events. Even though this sport was limited to girls, this anime debuted the concept of male cheerleading.

Haruki Bandou was a young man who joined Meishin University after leaving Judo because of a severe injury. Things became much worse when Haruki’s best friend Kazuma Hashimoto also left the Judo club without any reason.

Upon Haruki’s continuous protest, Kazuma tells him his plan of making a male Cheerleading team. Together they made the first-ever male Cheerleading team. However, the real struggle starts now as they have to promote this sport. The anime is quite comedic and entertaining.

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5/25. Giant Killing

Giant Killing, #5 best sports anime
5/25. Giant Killing

Takeshi Tatsumi is a middle-aged man working as a coach for England’s famous soccer team. He was a member of the East Tokyo United (ETU) soccer team in his high school days. Takeshi was known as the ace of ETU because of his brilliant performance in matches.

Now, ETU is suffering from a downfall as most of the players and best coaches got fired because of budget issues. The manager makes a last-ditch effort and hires Takeshi as ETU’s coach. The fate of ETU and Japan’s reputation in soccer now rests in the hands of Takeshi.

This anime is quite inspirational and very well-written and the character development is amazing. It does have some problems but they are overshadowed by the positive aspects.

4/25. Haikyuu

Haikyuu, #4 best sports anime
4/25. Haikyuu

Shouyou Hinata is a cheerful guy with a short height. He has a passion for volleyball after witnessing a match of a legendary basketball star. Hinata joined his middle school volleyball club and took them to a tournament, but they lost miserably at the hands of a basketball prodigy.

Now, Hinata has joined high school. He decided to polish his skills, even more, to defeat his rival in a match. Coincidentally his rival Tobio Kageyama also happened to be a student in his new high school. Now, they must work together to take their basketball club to newer heights.

There isn’t much left to say about Haikyuu. It is an iconic sports anime and the go-to sports anime for everyone looking forward to watching one.

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3/25. Purinsu Obu Sutoraido Orutanatibu (Prince of Stride: Alternative)

Prince of Stride: Alternative, #3 best sports anime
3/25. Prince of Stride: Alternative (Purinsu Obu Sutoraido Orutanatibu)

This anime focuses on a sport called Stride, a futuristic sport similar to running. Stride is a mixture of all types of running like sprinting, relay, and free running.

Nana Sakurai is a teenage girl who transferred to Honan Academy to join their famous stride team. However, the stride club was on the verge of closing due to a lack of members.

She meets Takeru Fujiwara, a young man aspiring to become a stride champion. They ended up recruiting Riku Yagami, a cheerful teenager interested in all sports. The fate of the stride club now rests in the hands of these youngsters.

2/25. Kuroko No Basket (Kuroko’s Basketball)

Kuroko’s Basketball, #2 best sports anime
2/25. Kuroko’s Basketball (Kuroko No Basket)

Taiga Kagami is a young man who transferred from America to Seirin High School in Japan to become a top-level basketball player. His ultimate goal is to defeat the Generation of Miracles, a group of basketball prodigies.

He meets Tetsuya Kuroko, a quiet guy with a very low presence. Tetsuya was once a member of Generation of Miracles, but he joined the Seiren High School basketball team as a player.

Do Taiga and Tetsuya have what it takes to surpass the legendary prodigies of basketball?

1/25. Hajime No Ippo (Fighting Spirit)

Fighting Spirit, #1 best sports anime
1/25. Fighting Spirit (Hajime No Ippo)

This sports anime focuses on Boxing, a brutal sport in which victory and pride are heavily involved. Ippo Makunouchi was a man without any passion or dreams. He was living a miserable life as most students bullied him.

Mamoru Takamura is a legendary boxer famous because of his achievements in the world of boxing. One day he saved Ippo from a bunch of bullies. Mamoru inspired Ippo and gave him the ignite he needed to start a life full of dedication and passion.

Ippo decided to pursue the career of a boxer but becoming a professional boxer might not be as easy as he ever imagined.

Hajime No Ippo is hands down the best sports anime. It is a pioneer of sorts in terms of sports anime. This is a series that you should definitely check out. It will not leave you disappointed.


So this was our list of the 25 best sports anime of all time. We hope you enjoyed it. You should definitely check all of these shows out if you are a fan of the genre.

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