Top 40 Best Action Manhwa

Action manhwa, a popular genre of Korean comics, has gained worldwide recognition for its thrilling storylines. When I’m looking for something that’s high-octane and action-packed, I always go straight for manhwas with awesome fights and amazing visuals.

I just love reading the intense fight scenes, dramatic plot twists, and complex characters with distinct personalities. With so many action manhwa available, it can be overwhelming to choose which ones to read.

Whether you’re looking for something that’s high-octane and action-packed or something that’s a bit more cerebral – I’ve got you covered with the top 40 Best Action Manhwa to keep you on the edge of your seats.

Best Action Manhwa

40. Trinity Wonder

action manhwa: Trinity Wonder

MURIM, or Mighty Unparalleled Righteous Invincible Martial(arts), is the cornerstone of Trinity Wonder. In this covert world, people use their ki to get into tremendous brawls. This time the Murim is its own realm, and the greatest dragon god of MURIM goes through a portal to Earth, where he meets a magician. Two unbelievable forces are now present on our planet.

Trinity Wonder is delightful to come across when you look at the sea of poor-quality fantasy manhwa releases that are put out online. This action manhwa definitely had me hooked – the artwork is fantastic, the pacing is nice and steady, and the idea behind it is really intriguing. I can’t really comment on the plot yet, but it is special. Frequently, these types of stories are plagued by flashbacks and non-significant tangents that can go on forever or end with an unexpected genre shift. Trinity Wonder is free of these issues.

39. Castle

action manhwa: Castle

“Kim Shin”, a special killer, has sharpened his sword for revenge after the death of his father and teacher. He is on a quest for vengeance against the “Castle” organization who killed both of them…and they are not an easy organization to beat. This manhwa is set in the afterlife, where Kim Shin must work to obtain absolute power so that he can defeat the members of the organization that killed his family and mentor. But, in order to gain the power he will need to do some pretty dark things and make some pretty tough decisions…so be prepared for some bloody action!

A well-written, realistic plot with well-developed characters and beautiful art.

38. Infinite Leveling: Murim

action manhwa: Infinite Leveling: Murim

On the battlefield, Yuseong Dan is killed without glory to his name. But he is given a second chance at life thanks to a mysterious system that allows him to level up and grow stronger. However, the more powerful he becomes, the harder the quests that he is forced to complete…and he soon realizes that he may not be able to avoid the same miserable ending that claimed his life the first time around.

The premise of a time travel + Leveling system is definitely a bit unusual, but it makes things more interesting in my opinion. However, what I hate the most about this manhwa is the fact that the main character is the kind of person that will do anything to win – literally anything, even crushing the opponents’ balls with a reason – while the opponents just did a fair match. His motivation is also not that ambitious, while he still wants to gain power, so it can be questionable sometimes why he’s doing these things.

37. Second Life Ranker

action manhwa: Second Life Ranker

The younger twin kicks the bucket in an alternate universe and sends his big brother the diary of his escapades during the past five years. The older bro sells his house and bids his friends farewell before starting off to exact revenge on the people who chased and deceived his twin. He levels up quickly and increases his experience with the aid of his sibling’s past experiences. As a lone solo player, he progresses, but along the way, he realizes he should take advantage and educate himself. He meets buddies and tutors who assist him in refining his abilities. He collects as many assets as he could in order to trace his brother’s murderers.

I’m a bit disgruntled, 800 chapters and the ending is so disappointing! there are spin-off stories but I’m still miffed. Still, a good action manhwa.

36. Veritas

action manhwa: Veritas

This action manhwa is about a high school student named Gangryong Ma, who is determined to become the strongest fighter in the world. He gains incredible powers and battles against other martial artists in intense battles. One year later, people visit him and announce his “master” is deceased. Because he was his only student, Gangryong must follow them and go to a school where everyone has supernatural abilities.

One of the strengths of Veritas is its character development. Gangryong is a likable and relatable protagonist who undergoes a significant transformation throughout the series. The supporting characters, including his rival Tae-Soo and the enigmatic master of Veritas, are also well-developed and play important roles in the story.

35. Get Schooled

action manhwa: Get Schooled

In this fantasy manhwa, the Korean educational correction committee system allows its students and teachers to abuse each other. So the MC beats any students, teachers, and others he deems need reforming. Bad guys who committed crimes get beaten, while their victims rejoice.

Reading Get Schooled was a grueling task because there’s not much, it got way too repetitive. If you love seeing bad guys being beaten up, then this might be for you.

34. Hero Killer (Kkulbeol)

action manhwa: Hero Killer

In a world full of supernatural abilities, one lone girl sets out on a bloody path for vengeance against the injustices that plague the world she lives in. With constant clashes between titans, no one is safe. So who are the real heroes…and who are the real villains? This is a story about a girl who must figure out how to separate the two and avenge herself against the evil that killed her family. However, not only must she do this, she must also learn how to control the powers that she has been gifted with…or else she will become the very monster that she has sworn to destroy.

Hero Killer is an action manhwa with stunning artwork and fabulous fight scenes. It follows the life of our protagonist, who is on a quest for revenge after the death of her sister. However, the story is ultimately shallow and the characters are one-dimensional. The plot also lacks motivation, as the protagonist’s motivations don’t really resonate with the reader.

33. Red Storm

action manhwa: Red Storm

The desert-dwelling protagonist Yulian Provoke is the Young Glow of the Pareia Tribe and strives to be the strongest warrior in the Red Desert. Yulian meets a powerful man from an alternate dimension who serves as his mentor, teaching him an exclusive form of martial arts. As the plot progresses, Yulian’s goal is to create a team of mighty warriors who can solve any challenge they face, which he dubs the “Red Storm”.

The environment is peculiar, yet functions effectively. Desert clans are in charge of the oasis, proud desert warriors, an enigmatic Master, and other “civilized” realms beyond the desert that require a tax from the desert clans. The characters are great, and all have distinct motives even though they are part of the same group. There are some characters that appear later or are further developed in later stages. Furthermore, it ends on a major life-altering point with a stunning cliffhanger, so it isn’t a standalone fantasy manhwa. I loved the story, it is enjoyable, making it worth a read.

32. My S-Class Hunters

action manhwa: My S-Class Hunters

When the MC dies in a dungeon, he undergoes a time regression. He has been weak all his life but receives a skill after the time regression that allows him to nurture other players. The stronger the players he nurtures, the stronger he becomes. There is only one downside, however, he has very normal abilities and no one knows he is training them or how his skills work.

I very much like the central premise of the real trajectory, where Yujin is able to recognize the latent potential in others and then draw out that potential using certain keywords and stuff. Unfortunately, the story deviates from its initial premise after a while.

31. Neon Revenge

action manhwa: Neon Revenge

Seongbin Cha lost everything when a cruel joke tragically led to the death of his much-loved younger sister Yebin. In his fury and despair, he makes a vow of vengeance against all bullies in the country, especially Trollfam, the exclusive society that spurs them on and rewards their behavior. Consequently, Neon Mask was born – a ViewTube hero who serves up savage retribution on South Korea’s offenders and broadcasts it around the globe. Will he be able to stamp out bullies? Or will they find a way to hit back at him?

This manhwa has a lot of bullies, a secret identity Op Mc who hides it, and lots of built-up revenge action.

30. The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

action manhwa The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

Ages ago, a ruler stumbled across a doorway to a different realm and opened it, causing evil entities to gush out and terrorize the people, causing numerous fatalities. The monarch implored God to rescue them and then a divine radiance emerged that drove away the demons and awarded the people with special marks that gave them special capabilities. It was like a gift from a higher power, allowing the humans to fight back and eventually restore peace. But have you ever thought of it? Was it God who answered the king’s request?

The cast of characters is really interesting, with the protagonist being especially captivating, and the setting is enchanting with its heavy emphasis on magic. The plot is absorbing enough to keep you enthralled, and the artistry and combat scenes are exquisite. The only issue I found was the pacing, as the protagonist often got inexplicably strong in an incredibly short period, and other times it took too long. But, luckily, in the grand finale, all the minor problems were worked out. I’m certain the second season will be even better! I’d highly suggest checking it out!

29. Judge and Executioner

action manhwa: Judge and Executioner

Shin, a serial killer, has shaken the entire nation of South Korea to its core. He is a cruel man with no remorse and it seems like he is always in control. The only hope is for Jihu Seo, a student with a tragic past, and Duseok Kim, a detective who has had his family murdered by Shin. Jihu Seo and Duseok Kim form an unlikely yet effective team and vow to bring down Shin… but only one of them will get their revenge. The other will die.

This is a top-tier action-packed manhwa with one of the finest stories in the genre. The main character is quite charismatic and badass from the start and as the story progresses, he becomes even more powerful.

28. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

action manhwa: A returner's magic should be special

Desir Arman perishes and is reincarnated (in a way) in the past and attempts to do better to modify the future. He is a captivating, enigmatic, and mighty naturally-born leader. There is Pram the swordsman, Romantica the mage, and Adjest the magic swordswoman. The sorcery system is quite prosperous I would say.

Generally, the manhwa was quite good. These kinds of novels often just become better over time and I was able to complete the first season by reading all chapters. Desir is an admirable character and although there are some stereotypical side characters, I am starting to warm up to them. The artwork is attractive, the backdrop is engaging, and the plot is most pleasing.

27. Villain to Kill

action manhwa: Villain to Kill

There are two types of people with special powers: villains, who use them for evil purposes, and psykers, who use their abilities to fight for justice. Cassian Lee is a strong psyker with a kind soul. However, when he visits his friend in Greece one day, events occur that redirect his true path. An unforeseen series of events leads him to transfer bodies into a Korean high school student… who has just been transformed into a villain! Will his sense of justice prevail or will he succumb to the darkness within?

Despite the characters not having been developed much yet, the emotions and reactions they convey are quite realistic – even if some of them appear overly dramatic. I’m looking forward to seeing how the plot advances and to more action-packed manhwa sequences. The art style enhances this element; it’s like playing a video game or watching a movie as you view their attacks.

26. The Descent of the Demonic Master

action manhwa: The Descent of the Demonic Master

Things were looking up for Kang Jinho – he was a successful student both academically and socially. However, tragedy struck when he lost his family in an accident, and he was left with a physical disability. Unable to cope, he took his own life – only to be given a second lease on life! But, fate was cruel and he faced more tragedy. Now, he has been granted a third chance – how will he make the most of it?

Forget the regular fantasy action manhwa where the OP MC character fights foes and tries to save the planet – this one follows a protagonist trying to live a normal life with extraordinary powers – and it’s a blast! He’s so clueless about how overpowered he is – and it’s hilarious to watch others’ reactions to his abilities. It does take a bit of time for the story to get going, but when the secretary enters the picture, the hilarity starts! It’s a nice break from reading manga that is full of turbulent fights from the beginning to the end. You still get to delight in awesome combat sequences and relish his overpowered status – so I’m recommending this one!

25. Hell & High Water

action manhwa: Hell & High Water

A homicide detective named Dex is recruited by a government agency after his partner is accused of murder. He must work with Sloane Brodie – his new jaguar Therian partner – and the rest of his team to investigate the murders of three Humanitarian activists. But, finding the killer won’t be the most difficult part of Dex’s job rather, convincing his team to accept him will be much harder than catching the murderer.

Be prepared for a thrilling story full of mystery and action as Dex tries his hardest to save his new team…even if it means sacrificing himself. Although the plot is a bit standard at first, it becomes more interesting as the story progresses and the characters become much more developed over time. The villain’s motivations are somewhat generic – he is motivated by his hatred for the human race after the death of his loved one – but they are handled well. He is a complex character who is both sympathetic and ruthless at the same time. I must say that this is a underrated manhwa that is full of action and intrigue.

24. To Not Die

action manhwa: To Not Die

This one is about Dajun, a boy who wants to become strong because he faced bullying in high school.
And when an incident with his bullies forces him to have to fend for himself on the streets, Dajun sets out for revenge. But he quickly learns that school bullies aren’t his greatest enemy he’s now got bigger fish to fry. He is now in a place where the survival of the fittest is a major thing.

Solid action manhwa.

23. The Lone Necromancer

action manhwa: The Lone Necromancer

Seongwu is a student having a normal day when his university suddenly turns into an RPG. Suddenly the students need to choose a class from a magical menu. You can pick to major in sword skills, samurai, etc. Every class has a different number of stars with them. The mc doesn’t hesitate and chooses the class available with the most stars a Necromancer, a rare ability that grants him the power to control the undead. Good for Seongwu, because the world turns into a fantasy nightmare with monsters looming everywhere. He will have to use his skills and the fullest to survive.

The action scenes are flashy and intense, but the story went fast downhill.

22. The Breaker

action manhwa: The Breaker

Shioon, the protagonist, is the victim of constant bullying, driving him to the brink of despair, and he’s even on the point of suicide. As he’s aimlessly wandering around town, he notices his teacher (Nine Arts Dragon – NAD) in a fight with some bouncers and begs him to teach him how to fight. He then discovers that his body has practically no Ki (energy) and is told that it would be impossible for him to accomplish anything in this state. The nurse (Shi-ho) calls him over to her house and gives him a special ball; she informs him that this will help give him what he needs to practice the unusual martial art taught by NAD.

I enjoyed this manhwa a lot even though the story feels rushed, and it’s not the most original story, but it was well told, and it had some cool dynamic action.

21. I Built a Lifespan Club

action manhwa: I Built a Lifespan Club

Every day Chen Li works in Mo city, but he has no hope for the future, until one night. The special ability Chen Li has gives him the ability to buy and sell “Time” and “Lifespan” from people, as well as speed up “Time leap” and slow down “exhaustion time”. He builds a top-class “Lifespan club” in response!

One of the strengths of “I Built a Lifespan Club” is its thought-provoking storyline. The manhwa raises important questions about the ethics of pursuing immortality and the trade-offs that come with it. The characters are well-developed and have complex motivations, making them feel real and relatable.

20. Jungle Juice

action manhwa: Jungle Juice

This manhwa is set in a universe where humans possess insect-like abilities. Bug spray can fuse those powers with a person’s DNA. After an incident, the Mc finds himself in a refuge for those with insect capabilities. His girlfriend finds it repulsive and he decides to attend school to become valedictorian so he can be cured of his bug DNA. Along the way, he meets another individual with similar qualities, who invites him to join the “nest” despite his wish to end his life.

The art is one of the best-looking and the female protagonist is one of the cutest. The subject matter is interesting and the action is satisfying.

19. unOrdinary

action manhwa: unOrdinary

John lives in a world where people are overpowered. The high and low tiers differ greatly. Our main character, John has no powers whatsoever. As a result, he becomes friends with Seraphina, a high tier. John s initially tries to survive in an unfair world. There are battles, frenemies, and deadly conspiracies around every corner, and John’s secret past threatens to bring down the school’s whole social order.

A manhwa about high schoolers with superpowers, and a hierarchical system of elites, middle classes, and low classes. You’ll love this if you’re a high school k-drama fan. I have not been as immersed in a series, book, movie, or otherwise in a long time.

18. Level Up with the Gods

action manhwa: Level Up with the Gods

Kim Jinwoo got isekai’d after an accident that ended his life. He is one of the weakest humans in the new world. However, he has a system that only he has which enables him to grind to level up and become stronger. So through hard work and perseverance, he managed to get to S-rank, which would be the same level of strength as God’s.

I have read better manhwas and although the story has its weaknesses, I feel that it is quite original and the protagonist is quite good. The manhwa is quite good at displaying movement and action in its fights. So overall it’s a very decent read, especially for someone that wants to get into the genre. I love the setting of the fantasy world where its inhabitants were blessed by gods. And finally, I think the best part of the story is the protagonist, I find him quite likable and quite interesting. He is someone you can cheer for throughout the story.

17. The Novel’s Extra

action manhwa: The Novel's Extra

The strange thing about Kim Hajin is that when he wakes up, he finds himself in an unfamiliar world inside an unfamiliar body. He had made the world himself and written a story but never finished it. In his novel, he had become a filler character. The only way to escape is to stay close to the main plot. However, as soon as he discovers, the world isn’t exactly like the one he created.

Ok, I know that this is a known premise but the setting was pretty interesting, and though it could’ve been more it falls short. The action scenes are pretty well done.

16. Study Group

action manhwa: Study Group

Gamin, a student with only one goal of entering university, is rejected from study groups. He decides to form his own but the competition is fierce. Then Hankyeong, his former tutor, joins his high school wanting to achieve her dreams by earning her teaching certificate. Now both of them must work together to defeat the odds and achieve their goals. This is a unique series about two people with different dreams having to work together to get to where they want to be in life.

This is an underrated manhwa. It has an interesting and unique story with an incredibly powerful protagonist. He isn’t interested in being a hero or saving the world, he just wants to study properly.
This is the perfect action manhwa if you want to read about a powerful protagonist who just wants to do well in school.

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15. Omniscient Reader

action manhwa: Omniscient Reader

As Kim Dokja navigates the world of his favorite novel, he discovers that his actions can change the course of the story and that he has the power to affect the lives of the characters around him. He also realizes that he is not the only reader who has been transported into the novel and that there are others like him, each with their unique abilities and motivations.

Omniscient Reader is an inventive and engaging storyline. The manhwa is a metafictional exploration of the power of storytelling and the relationship between readers and the stories they consume. The characters are well-developed and have complex backstories and motivations, making them feel like real people rather than mere archetypes.

I have to say that the character designs are distinctive and memorable, and the action scenes are well-choreographed and dynamic.

14. Terror Man

action manhwa: Terror Man

Jungwoo Min has a special ability, letting him see when a path leads to misfortune or disaster. Disguising himself as a terrorist, he uses this power to save people from certain dangers. This leads him to become feared by the people he is trying to protect. Soon he discovers that the more he saves others, the unhappier he becomes. Thus unfolds the story of a hero and his struggle between happiness and despair.

The plot and action might appear slow but it quickly starts to grow on you as you get to the real meat and potatoes of the story. While it can be a while to get to this point, the payoff is worth it. If you stick this one out you won’t be disappointed. Even the story’s supporting cast is memorable and it’s not hard to get attached to them. A must-read for anyone who enjoys reading action manhwas.

13. The God of High School

action manhwa: The God of High School

Mori Jin, a young 17-year-old MC is an orphan that was adopted by his nonbiological grandfather. MC was trained by his grandfather in Korean martial arts, and he has never known defeat. At some point Mori is invited to the God of High School (GOH) a national competition with well-known fighters, they compete to win a one million dollar (and a wish) prize. Will Mori Jin be able to take the title of God of High School title?

I went through a roller coaster of feelings while reading this. I am a Taekwondo fighter, like the protagonist, and I enjoyed reading about all the martial art moves. There are also invented powers and such nonsense, but the manhwa has great action with different martial arts forms.

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12. The Swordmaster’s Son

action manhwa: The Swordmaster's Son

The story follows the journey of Yeon Moo-Young, the son of a legendary sword master who disappeared without a trace. Despite being born into a prestigious family of swordsmen, Yeon Moo-Young has no talent for swordsmanship and is constantly looked down upon by his peers. However, he soon discovers a mysterious sword that grants him incredible power, and with the help of his friends, sets out to uncover the truth behind his father’s disappearance.

It has detailed artwork and a well-written story, which combines action fantasy, and mystery. The characters are also well-developed, with Yeon Moo-Young’s struggles and growth as a swordsman being a particularly compelling aspect of the series.

11. Gilgamesh (Hwan Daeng)

action manhwa: Gilgamesh:

Tludia was on her way to becoming a Knight when she was kicked out of the order for breaking too many weapons and being an absolute glutton (with tons of food being involved). However, she didn’t stand idly by when she witnessed an old man being mugged. As fate would have it, it was she who needed saving. But, as he turns out to be something of a grandfather figure, he decides to help her by taking on a quest to find a cure for her disease as long as he gets his food as payment!

The art may be a little wonky in the beginning, but the action is great! While the overall tone is very serious, there are some lighthearted moments here and there which will leave a good taste in your mouth.

10. Barbarian Quest

action manhwa: Barbarian Quest

The Sky Mountain Range is a sacred place where souls go to rest and the living are forbidden from entering. But Urich, the strongest member of the tribe, discovers that that is all a lie. On the other side of the mountain, normal civilized humans live. Urich decides to venture into these unknown lands and find his own place among these new people.

“Barbarian Quest” is a hidden gem of a story. The protagonist is ruthless but still kind, and he always tries his best to be respectful to people regardless if he understands their way of life. Watching Ulrich grow and his thought process is incredibly interesting, and seeing him better himself is incredible. I thoroughly recommend this incredible story to anyone looking to read something interesting and new.

9. Reaper Of The Drifting Moon

action manhwa: Reaper Of The Drifting Moon

Pyo Wol had been wandering the continent as an orphan when he encountered a mysterious man and subsequently fainted. When he came to, he found himself in an enclosed, dimly-lit area with only one iron door as a means of escape. Despite being stuck in this predicament for many long and laborious months, Wol managed to stay fit and maintain his composure. Now that the door has opened at last, Wol discovers that he is not the only one subjected to such misfortune; 300 children have been abducted and are being prepared to become weapons of war. Out of these captives, only the strongest will be deemed worthy.

This is an action-packed manhwa, but it is not what you would expect from a happy-going power fantasy. This adventure is grim, it’s about survival and sanity. The story isn’t anything new, but it is executed in the best way possible. The main character is both ruthless and smart at the same time.

8. Witch Buster

action manhwa: Witch Buster

Tasha Gospel and his partner Halloween are part of a special group known as the Witch Hunters. This group was formed by the unharmed nations to combat the threat of the witches who have taken over many countries. However, Tasha’s main goal is to locate his sister Aria, who has been corrupted by the power of a magical hat and is now known as the Red Witch. But can he save his sister before the curse that Aria cast several years ago kills him?

There’s plenty of action and excitement to keep you interested and even though there is quite a bit of fanservice, there are still plenty of stories to keep you coming back for more. It can be a bit slow paced but the action more than makes up for it, so if you’re looking for something different than the usual shounen, I’d recommend giving this one a try.

7. Black Haze

action manhwa: Black Haze

Ages ago, a ruler stumbled across a doorway to a different realm and opened it, causing evil entities to gush out and terrorize the people, causing numerous fatalities. The monarch implored God to rescue them and then a divine radiance emerged that drove away the demons and awarded the people with special marks that gave them special capabilities. It was like a gift from a higher power, allowing the humans to fight back and eventually restore peace. But was it God who answered the king’s request?

The story is really exciting, even though the art is a bit unappealing. The main character, Rood, is sent on a mission to keep an eye on a client’s son at Halon School of Magic, but he has a big secret – he’s the renowned Black Magician Blue. It’s great for those who enjoy manhwa with a mix of fantasy, action, and school life.

6. Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon

action manhwa: Skeleton Soldier Couldn't Protect the Dungeon

Skeleton Soldier in its time-traveling adventure to save the one it loves and protect its future! He is a humble yet devoted fighter for his beloved Lady Succubus. When they are both cruelly slain by a band of warriors, his aspirations for a tranquil life with her are dashed. But instead of a piteous conclusion, this unassuming spirit gets an opportunity to start again – after waking up, it has traveled two decades into the past! It knows that it must inform Lady Succubus of what lies ahead, but being without formidable warlike skills and hounded by prior defeats, he will need to prevent this tragedy from reoccurring.

My favorite character, Marquis Leandro, has his own story, and each character can shape the future. I can’t wait to see their stories converge. The main character has flaws that other characters use to exploit. He is very dedicated to protecting, but this narrows his vision.

5. Doom Breaker

action manhwa: Doom Breaker

Zephyr is the final human standing in a world stripped of godly protection. In one fateful battle, he falls to Tartarus, the god of destruction, leaving humanity with no hope. But luck is on Zephyr’s side as the gods, entertained by his battles, afford him a second chance at life; he finds himself transported ten years into the past as a mere slave instead of an all-powerful warrior. Will Zephyr prevail over Tartarus and rescue the woman he loves, or will his efforts ultimately be futile?

Zephyr’s an alright character, but he doesn’t quite have the unique personality to stand out from all the other stoic, self-assured manga/manhwa protagonists. This action-oriented webtoon offers an interesting concept – a failed world-saving hero getting another go – yet it gets muddled with RPG-Lit elements blended into a typical fantasy environment without explanation. Still, it’s fun, and who knows what’s in store for Zephyr next?

4. Teenage Mercenary (Mercenary Enrollment)

action manhwa: Teenage Mercenary

Ijin Yu was an eight years old traumatized kid due to a plane crash that took his parents’ lives. Stranded in a foreign land, he was forced to join the ranks of child mercenaries just to stay alive. But when Ijin returns home to Korea after 10 years, where food and shelter are plenty and everything seems peaceful. As Ijin enters high school – with only one year remaining – he is presented with another challenge: surviving the schoolhouse battleground. He just wants to experience what a ‘family’ is like and to live a normal life, but fighting seems to follow him everywhere.

I’m a fan of how the protagonist in Mercenary Enrollment starts with a few characterizing traits. This allows for his growth and development within each chapter, which I am taken by. Furthermore, it’s the kind of warm-hearted story that portrays an older brother protecting his sister – something that appeals to me. While the action is a major component of this story, there can be further exploration of the psychological effects each encounter has on the MC and his sister – even though that may detract from the lightheartedness of the text.

3. Solo Leveling

action manhwa: Solo Leveling

The premise of “Solo Leveling” is that a world exists parallel to ours but this one is completely infested with monsters. These entities come out of portals to hunt people. Fortunately, there is a way to deal with the problem, and that is to use hunters who possess a “level” that determines their strength. The story follows Sung Jin-Woo, his journey starts as a weak boy trying to make it through an evil world, but then through a series of events, he becomes the strongest S-class hunter. Now he is capable of taking on the world, but he also is tasked with the responsibility to save it.

The manhwa is well written from a character/plot development and power system. And if you’re an art enjoyer the story is amazing to look at. I would also say that “Solo Leveling” is probably one of the best introduction novels to the genre. There is just so much in the story. You have your isekai manhwa with an overpowered MC, a great cast of characters, an interesting plot, and the art.

2. Eleceed

action manhwa: Eleceed

We’re in South Korea with superheroes in hiding known as Awakened. MC Jiwoo lives alone with just a few stray cats as friends. One day he stumbles across an extremely fat injured cat, who turns out to be Kayden, an Awakened superhero. Kayden has no memory of how he turned into a cat. While on the run from his persecutors, he was nearly fatally injured. However, he is about to become Jiwoo’s mentor in the Awakened way.

As the mighty sarcastic cat struggles with his new body and refuses to accept its limitations and cravings, the first chapters are hilarious. Honestly, I like the art in this comic. It’s a cat manga/manhwa that gets better with each chapter. If you liked Solo leveling or The Beginning after the End, you’re likely to like this as well.

1. Weak Hero

action manhwa: Weak Hero

Gray Yeon, is a mysterious new student who threatens to dismantle the established order among a group of delinquents. He isn’t the strongest male MC, but he knows how to work powerful weapons. He’s a master planner, capable of throwing his opponents off guard whittling down their strength and willpower to fight.

Gray’s strength and characterization drive the manhwa forward. I love Weak Hero, it’s an enthralling action manhwa that gets me so hyped. It blends some very engaging action, and suspense, with interesting and complex characters, all expressed through some quality art. “Weak Hero” does a really good job of building action and suspense as well as driving an underdog story. Highly recommend!!!

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