Top 35 Best Bald Characters Ever

Bald is beautiful, neat, and much more aerodynamic! Take it from someone who sees a beautiful bald guy every time he looks in the mirror. However, by the looks of it, Hollywood’s big cheeses don’t see it that way, as most of the bald-headed characters in fiction are either evil or creepy. Thankfully, this is slowly beginning to change and more bald characters like Dominic Toretto and Felonious Gru are depicted as heroes. Well, in Gru’s case things are obviously more complicated. So, without further ado, let me present you with a list of the best bald characters in movies, TV, and fiction. Prepare for a lot of shiny heads!

1. Professor Charles Xavier from X-Men Marvel Comics

bald characters

One of the most popular bald characters in fiction, Professor Charles Xavier is the founder of the Uncanny X-Men. A powerful telepath mutant, Professor X has dedicated his life to fulfilling his dream of mutants and humans coexisting in peace. Guided by his dream, Professor X’s students formed the X-Men, a superhero team who fights for justice.  Professor X is often considered to be the most powerful non-cosmic telepathic being there is in the Marvel universe. His powers are such that he could control the minds of every living thing on Earth at once if he chose.

2. Walter White from Breaking Bad TV Show

walter white bald character

Actually, Walter White is technically not bald. He starts the show with a full set of hair but loses it following chemotherapy for his cancer. His illness soon starts a chain reaction that transforms him from a mild-mannered chemistry teacher into a ruthless criminal mastermind. What was it exactly in Walter’s personality that set him on a road of destruction is not clear, as Walter White is probably one of the most complex characters ever written. However, it seems his loss of hair symbolizes his loss of innocence, and the first step to becoming Heisenberg – his bad guy alter ego.

3. Homer J. Simpson from The Simpsons Animated TV Show

homer simpson bald characters

After 34 seasons, this lovable bald cartoon character needs no introduction. Homer may not be the wisest or most polite person, but he tries his best! That’s right, when it comes down to it, he eventually always does the right thing. And that is why we all come to sympathize with him and love him. By the way, Homer isn’t completely bald and has two beautiful curling hairs on the top of his head.

4. Felonius Gru from Despicable Me Animated Movies

felonius gru bald characters

Gru is an aging bald man who used to be the world’s number 1 villain, but later, since he adopted his three little daughters, has transformed into a big softie. He is hot-tempered and extremely intelligent. At first, he was shown to have quite a sadistic side to him. For example, he enjoyed using his Freeze Ray on people just for the sake of it. However, later on, he became a good person and even a hero. He is also the leader of the Minions, so I kind of hold him responsible for the all-yellow merchandise machine that was inflicted upon the world.

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5. Doctor Evil from Austin Powers Movies

doctor evil bald characters

Throughout the film series, Dr. Evil is Austin Powers’ arch-nemesis. He is later revealed to be his twin brother. DR. Evil is a genius, able to invent numerous “evil” devices and come up with elaborate plans for global domination and global destruction. Just like his hairless pet cat Mr. Bigglesworth, Dr. Evil is completely bald.

6. Lex Luthor from DC Comics

lex luthor bald character

Lex has one of the most famous bald heads in fiction history. I am certainly a well-known aspect of his character. However, back when Lex debuted he had a full set of red hair. According to some stories, his baldness first happened because Leo Nowak, the artist on the Superman newspaper comic strip, confused him with another bald character. Anyway, Luthor’s new “bald look” took off and became permanent.

7. Charlie Brown from Peanuts Cartoon

charlie brown bald characters

Despite what people think, Charlie Brown is not bald. He has a small curl of hair at the front of his head and a little in the back. Also, he has his hair clipped very short, giving him the appearance of having “no hair”. Charlie is the everyday man that we can all relate to. He can have horrid days, kids giving him grief, failing at what he takes on, overthinking situations, and so much more. However, at the end of it all, he keeps trying. He keeps having hope that the next day will be better. This optimism, despite the failures and depression, is what keeps him going and what makes this kid someone we can learn from.

8. Master Roshi from Dragon Ball Anime

master roshi bald characters

Another bald character, Master Roshi, also known as the Turtle Hermit, is a legendary master of martial arts in the Dragon Ball franchise. Roshi lives on his island, where he may be willing to take in students who arrive at his doorstep. Master Roshi is among one the strongest humans in history and the strongest fighter of his generation. Despite his advanced age reducing his natural stamina and performance, Roshi makes up for it with super efficiency, being able to easily read his opponent’s movements and battle tactics, and allowing him to move with minimal effort.

9. Kratos from God Of War Game Series

kratos bald character

A demigod, son of Zeus, and later a full god himself, Kratos is one of the most powerful and INTERESTING characters in fiction. This bald man went from a rampaging unstoppable beast to a man who feels guilty about his crimes and wants to make his son a better man than him. I find it fascinating. As for just how powerful is Kratos – In the God of War Games, Cronus, the King of Titans, who is 1,600 feet tall tried to crush Kratos with his fingers, but Kratos successfully repelled Cronus!!!

10. Drax the Destroyer from Guardians Of The Galaxy

drax the destroyer bald characters

A member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax is a warrior and a superhero whose family was slain by Ronan the Accuser. Since then, Drax seeks vengeance against everyone who was involved in his family’s murder. However, by joining the Guardians he finds a new family in the shape of his teammates. Drax is very powerful. In the comics, Drax can pose a serious threat to Iron-Man, and can even fight with the likes of Thor and Hulk. However, the cinematic version of Drax is the weakest version of him.

11. Popeye Cartoon

popeye cartoon

More famous for his huge forearms with two anchor tattoos than his bald head, Popeye the Sailor is one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in the world. Although his strength varies among his depictions, Popeye is always super-humanly strong. For example, he once hit his arch-nemesis Bluto so hard that he destroyed a stellar constellation. He lassoed the sun and pulled it up just so the morning would come quicker and also blew it out to get private time with Olive Oy. It is safe to say that post-Spinach Popeye is one of the most powerful characters in fiction.

12. Elmer Fudd from Warner Bros Cartoons

elmer fudd bald character

One of the most iconic bald cartoon characters, Elmer Fudd is a hunter who seems hell-bent on hunting Bugs Bunny. However, Elmer is a pretty terrible shot, as in many running scenes Elmer misses Bugs. In other cases, something happens that makes Elmer misfire or explode for comedic effect. It could be that the problem lies in Elmer’s gun since we’ve seen his gun barrel can be tied in a bow. Either that or the problem is in his faulty ammo since it doesn’t destroy Daffy Duck’s head at point-blank range.

13. Saitama from One-Punch Man Anime Series

saitama bald characters

Some people give Saitama the credit for being the strongest anime character of all time. He is not called the One-Punch Man for anything – Saitama defeats 99% of his enemies with only one punch. By defeat, I mean making them explode to bits with sheer power when his fist connects, also, he does this casually, without even trying. When this happens, he gets depressed and laments at his strength. He is a brute whose physical abilities are unquantifiable. Is he more powerful than any other anime hero? Well, Saitama is made to be invincible, but I’m not sure he’ll remain that if he met Goku from Dragon Ball. What is clear is that Goku has a lot more hair Saitama.

14. Doctor Manhattan from DC Comics

doctor manhattan bald characters

Originally a human nuclear physicist, John Osterman was caught in an intrinsic field distributor and completely torn apart on a molecular level. However, his conciseness was still alive, so he attempted to manipulate the particles around him to try and reform a body for himself. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, he rebuilt one. He now could warp reality, time, space, and matter. To control the universe on the most fundamental level and do almost anything he wants. He experiences every moment of his existence and at the same time, the past is the future. Because of this he never displays any emotion whatsoever. Like Dr. Manhattan, John is muscular, naked, and completely hairless. 

15. Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek Movies

captain jean-luc picard bald characters

A renowned Starfleet officer, Captain Jean-Luc Picard has served the United Federation of Planets throughout much of the 24th century. He was the commanding officer of both the Federation starships USS Enterprise-D, and the USS Enterprise-E. As such, Picard has played a crucial role in major events of recent galactic history. It is almost amusing that Patrick Stewart, who plays Picard, was almost not cast for the part because Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry did not think a bald Picard aligned with his vision for the character. After all, it seems like Stewart was the right man to baldly go where no man has gone before! Got it? I was trying to be funny again.

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16. Aang from Avatar Animated Series

aang bald character

Avatar Aang’s iconic design has long become a legend. And his clean-shaven head is a major piece of it! The reason why he shaves his head daily is to show off his people’s tattoos. Also, shaving his head is part of an Air Nomad tradition, similar to real-life monks and priests. By the way, it is not like he never lets his hair grow when the need arises, but he is in his most iconic self when shaven.

17. Dominic Toretto from The Fast & Furious Movies

dominic toretto bald characters

Another bald movie character, Dominic is a street racer and a mechanic. He is an international criminal who steals cars and rides around halfway across the world to satisfy his passion for racing. Despite his hazardous occupation and extreme lifestyle, he is a family guy with a strong moral code and family values. He is also a bald icon.

18. Morpheus from The Matrix Movies

morpheus bald characters

Allegedly, Morpheus is just one of many hovercraft captains in the real world. However, in actuality, he is completely different from his colleagues. And it’s not because he is brutally competent in martial arts within the matrix. What makes Morpheus different is that he has FAITH. Unlike the other captains, he has dedicated his ship, his crew, and his life to the fulfillment of the Oracle’s prophecy that he would find the One, and that the One would end the war with the Machines. He believes this with every fiber of his being, willing to give his life in service to it. This gives him conviction. That is also what makes Morpheus such a great and iconic character.

19. King Mongkut of Siam from The King And I Film

king mongkut bald characters

One of the most iconic movie characters, King Mongkut of Siam is a great example of a bald character who isn’t evil per se. And I’m not saying in any way that he is a nice guy: He is easily irritated, extremely bossy, and very narrow-minded when it comes to other cultures. However, he is not beyond redemption and has a lot of gratitude and respect for Anna, despite their many differences. It is said that Yul Brynner, who played King Mongkut, shaved his head for the role and ever since, which paved the way for many other bald men.

20. Ernst Stavro Blofeld from James Bond Movies

ernst stavro blofeld bald characters

OK, now we’re talking real evil. Blofeld is one of the most iconic supervillains in movie history and the inspiration for Doctor Evil, who is also on this list. The founder of the global terrorist organization SPECTRE, Blofeld is the architect of SPECTRE’s plans of world domination. Even with the many criminals who faced James Bond throughout the decades, he managed to stand out as James’ undisputed arch-nemesis. Blofeld was played by many actors in the movies, but his key traits like baldness and facial scars remained in most.

21. Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies 

You can’t get much eviler than this bald character. Lord Voldemort is Harry Potter’s archenemy and the murderer of his parents. With the ambition of taking over the entire Wizarding World and shaping it under his supremacist views, Voldemort became the most feared Dark Wizard of all time. Voldemort seems to surpass every other witch and wizard in terms of raw might! This innate power he has is not something that can be taught, learned, or enhanced by any direct means. On this count, Voldemort had a massive advantage over everyone else and he uses it to the fullest.

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22. John Doe from Se7en Movie

john doe bald character

One of the evilest bald movie characters ever John Doe from Se7en just scares the crap out of me. Witnessing the sins of a society that values evil and ignores virtue, John meticulously carries out his plan to demonstrate the evil of the seven deadly sins. With his cautious and misanthropic nature, he gets far from doing so. The story goes that it was actor Kevin Spacey who came up with the idea to shave John’s head. Director David Fincher replied that: “If you do it, I’ll do it” and so both men were bald throughout the movie’s production.

23. Captain Underpants from the Captain Underwear Franchise

captain underpants bald characters

One of the coolest bald cartoon characters, Captain Underpants is the alter ego of Benjamin Krupp, the principal of Jerome Horwitz Elementary School. Like his alter ego  Captain Underpants is a bald man. His powers include superhuman strength, flight, and the ability to overcome Spray Starch. Actually, in many ways, Captain Underpants is a Superman with Attack Potency of a Large Planet level. He is fast enough to fly to Uranus and back in 15 minutes which makes him faster than light. I’m not saying that Captain Underpants is as powerful as Saitama, who is also on this list, but he’s pretty powerful.

24. Bane from DC comics

bane bald character

One of Batman’s most prominent villains, Bane is a violent super-criminal with great intellect and enormous strength, enhanced by a drug called Venom. Bane’s strength varies greatly according to the story. At an absolute minimum, when off venom, he is around Batman’s strength, which is peak human level. However, Venom Bane is Superhuman, being able to lift over 27 tons. Bane is bald both in the comics and in the Dark Knight Rises movie. However, in the comics, Bane’s whole head is always covered with a mask so he can directly receive the Venom from the tank on his back.

25. Ellen Ripley from Alien 3 Movie

ellen ripley bald characters

Ellen Ripley in Alien 3 may just be the toughest female bald character in history! Alien third installment finds Ripley on a penal colony planet, surrounded by tough male prisoners who haven’t seen a woman in decades. Caught in this harsh situation, Ripley doesn’t hesitate to take the clippers to her head. She then frees up to fight the horrible Xenomorph who this time hitched a ride to the planet inside Ripley.

26. Kojak from Kojak TV Show

kojak bald characters

“Who loves ya, baby?” Me, of course. No baldies list would be complete without Kojak. The bald candy-sucking New York detective has made the bald hall of fame since the 1970s thanks to his righteous attitude and crime-fighting dedication. It was like no criminal could ever deceive him. There was no stopping him. He would routinely drive straight into a parking space, improbably available right outside the place he was headed. Normally, this is impossible to do, but Kojak could always park right in front of the trendiest nightclubs in town, get out of his car and enter the place.

27. Xerxes from 300

xerxes bald characters

One of the coolest bald movie characters, Xerxes is the King of Persia. In 480 BC, Xerxes sent great army forces to fight against 300 Spartan warriors in the battle of Thermopylae. Ultimately, he won this battle by having superior numbers and due to the treachery of the Greek citizen Ephialtes. However, he lost a lot of warriors in this battle, because of the remarkable fighting skills exhibited by the Spartans. Originally a regular human, Xerxes has decided to become a god-king. For that aim, he surrendered himself to power so evil and perverse it stripped him of his humanity and made him a god. He was now cleansed, glamorous, and smooth, with the mission to conquer the world.

28. Marcellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction

marcellus wallace bald characters

What does Marcellus Wallace look like? Let’s start with Brett’s description of Marcellus in the movie: “He’s black. He’s bald.” Does he look like a bitch? Probably not! He is a gang boss of Vincent Vega and Jules and probably many other unknown gangsters and seems to be pretty powerful in the criminal underworld. One of his main goals in the movie is to obtain the briefcase that Brett and his colleagues hid in the kitchen. Other than that, he seemed pretty eager to exact revenge on Zed for what he did to him. As we all know, revenge is a dish best served BALD. I was trying to be funny here.

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29. Kamaji from Spirited Away Anime Film

 kamaji bald characters

Finally, a spider bald character for this list. Kamaji has six, long arms that he uses to operate the boiler room of Yubaba’s Bathhouse. Thanks to his long limbs he can access the upper cabinets of the structure without having to leave his original work position. He also uses his arms to move around instead of his short legs.

30. The Ancient One from Marvel Cinematic Universe

the ancient one bald characters

 While in the original comics, the Ancient One is depicted as a bearded man, in the MCU the Ancient One is a bald woman. The Ancient one is the Sorcerer Supreme, protecting Earth from mystical threats and training sorcerers as she did with Doctor Strange. She did her duty for centuries before she died and passed her torch to Doctor Strange.

31. Furiosa from Max Mad: Fury Road Movie

furiosa bald characters

Played by Charlize Theron, Furiosa is a post-apocalypse hero and the most recent entry to the bald female badass character list. And what a badass character she is! She completely dominates every scene she’s in, saving poor Max’s life several times. That’s some true skill behind the wheel! And now we are told Furiosa’s shaved head is going to appear in a prequel about everyone’s favorite Imperator. What more can we ask for?

32. Luke Hobbs from The Fast & Furious Movies

luke hobbs bald characters

I already had Dominic Toretto on this list, so I sure couldn’t ignore the man who was once sent to hunt him down but decided to join him in a heist. Lucas “Luke” Hobbs is a Diplomatic Security Service Agent who is hell-bent on beating the bad guys. He is resourceful and extremely brave. Luke adds his bald head to those of Domm Toretto and Deck Shaw in The Fast and Furious action movies. Damn “The Rock” looks JACKED in this photo!

33. Richard Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball Cartoon

richard watterson bald character

Richard is practical like the Homer Simpson of the rabbit world. I mean, he is bald, overweight, serves the role of the father in the family, but is not wise, and exhibits rude mannerisms while having good intentions. Despite being completely covered in fur, Richard is nevertheless bald, as we discover in episode 22 of Season 5. Also, in episode 21 of that season, he reveals he covers up the bald spots with pink paint. Well, at least Homer doesn’t do THIS!

34. Sagat from Street Fighter Video Game

sagat bald characters

He may not be as famous as Kratos, who is also on this list, but he is certainly just as bald and muscular. Sagat’s fighting style is Muay Thai, which is cool because he was introduced in the Street Fighter series long before Thai boxing has become internationally famous. Sagat first appeared as a non-playable final boss in the original game, but later became playable. He also moved from being the bad guy to becoming one of the series’ protagonists.

35. Bernard Lowe from Westworld TV Show

bernard lowe bald characters

Bernard is a replica of Arnold Weber who was Dr. Robert Ford’s partner. Ford created Bernard because he wasn’t up to the task of programming emotions in hosts as effectively as Arnold. Like many other replicas/hosts, Bernard has emotions that appear human. It is, however, unclear if he has consciousness, as he has discovered he was a host number of times and has desperately tried to rebel, but also could not fully break free from his programming. Either way, he is a very interesting character that seems to be on the journey to true freedom.

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