20 Anime With Strong Male Lead Having Sick Abilities

Anime series usually follow the same pattern where we encounter a weak and timid male lead who gradually becomes strong. It makes the characters more complex, and the viewers more attached to their stories. But if you don’t like to wait for your favorite character to become overpowered, this article might be the one for you.

The list contains a full course meal of remarkably strong male lead anime protagonists. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress displays a world where the Industrial Revolution is at its peak when
a virus spreads, giving rise to creatures known as the Kabane. These creatures are hungry for human flesh; the only way to kill them is by destroying their steel hearts. What makes the situation so terrible is the fact that if bitten by these monsters, you will not die there. Instead, you will rise again and join their ranks. Amongst this, the island of Hinomoto has managed to survive by creating a massive iron fortress and traveling utilizing heavily armored trains.


Main Character Ikoma from “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” anime

Ikoma is one of the strongest characters in the series, but not in a typical way. He’s a young engineer working in the Aragane Station. His main job is to make steam and iron engines for the trains that travel in and out of the iron fortress. Ikoma and his friend Takumi demonstrated their abilities when they created a weapon strong enough to defeat the zombie-like creatures. This is crucial as humanity did not have a way of defeating the Kabane before. Ikoma’s invention and capabilities can turn the tide of the war around.

Devilman: Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby revolves around a world where monsters like devils exist. The catch here is that the devils cannot do much harm without an actual living host. So, what do they do? They throw parties and raves where they can possess the people there and turn them into grotesque creatures. However, there is a way to tackle this situation and use it to turn the tables around. A powerful individual will be able to overcome the possession and, in turn, use the powers for themselves. Such individuals become the Devilman with extraordinary abilities.

Ryo Asuka

the main male characters lead in crybaby
Main Lead Characters, Ryo Asuka and Akira Fudou, from “Devilman: Crybaby”

Asuka is an average guy and doesn’t possess any unique abilities like his best friend, Akira. However, as time passes, we discover that Asuka is, in fact, Satan, possessing a wide array of powers. As Satan, Asuka is the strongest amongst all the demons and the Devilmen. Moreover, he is capable of using telepathy, mind control, telekinesis, and shooting beams. Although his memories are wiped out, and as Asuka, he was only skilled at using guns and rifles, his powers would still peek through. Additionally, Asuka also possesses inhumanly fast regeneration skills and immense physical strength as well.

Parasyte: The Maxim

Ever thought of what would happen if aliens were to infiltrate Earth? Well, Parasyte the maxim shows just that. The anime takes place in a world where parasitic aliens appear and take control of the human race by digging into their brains. The parasites can then completely control the individuals and morph their bodies at will. These parasitic individuals go on a rampage, killing individuals to sate their hunger and taking over the brains of the rest of humanity to stay alive.

Shinichi Izumi

Shinichi Izumi main anime character lead

Shinchi was just an ordinary high school student when the parasites first came to Earth. One of them attacked Shinichi, but luckily he was able to stop it from reaching his brain. So, what happened? The parasite is limited to just his hand, and the two coexist peacefully. With Migi, the parasite, Shinichi gains enhanced physical ability, allowing him to fight complete parasites without breaking a sweat. His vision and mental resilience also improved considerably.

Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann demonstrates a futuristic world where mecha, known as Laganns, are used by people to fight. In this world, the Spiral King has taken over and isolated mankind and forced them to stay in underground villages. Amongst the people stuck in these villages are two teenagers who want their freedom back and wish to see the surface. This is where Lagann is used to fight against the forces of the Spiral King, the true enemy of humanity.


Simon strong anime male lead

Simon has incredibly strong abilities. He is capable of piloting a Gunman, and this allows him to tackle his opponents and use the Spiral power. Later he was also able to use it on his own without the Lagann and also use the abilities that came with it. By fusing with all the possible versions of himself, he gained infinite Spiral power. This was enough to qualify him for the Super Galaxy Dai Gurren’s engine, making him the strongest Spiral being in the anime.


Katanagatari is an excellent sword anime representation of the Edo-ear of Japan when Katanas were used to fight against one another. The anime effectively displays various sword-fighting styles and techniques used during that time, even techniques that do not require a sword. In this age and time, there are twelve mighty and unique swords that a renowned blacksmith crafted. The swords carry so much strength and can make anyone power-hungry, except for Shichika, the main character. Therefore, Togame, who has been instructed to collect these swords for the shogunate, seeks his help, and the two set to go on a journey together.

Shichika Yasuri

Shichika Yasuri

Shichika Yasuri is an unbelievably strong male. As Katanagatari discusses various sword-fighting styles, it also shares Shichika’s. He is the master of the Kyotou-ryuu style and was trained strictly by his father. Using this fighting style, Shichika becomes so strong that he doesn’t even need to wield a sword to fight his opponent. His whole body becomes a weapon which leads him to think, feel, and sense like a weapon.

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Fighting Spirit

Fighting Spirit effectively exhibits the life of a young male named Ippo, who helps his mother in running the fishing boat rental business. Due to his family business, Ippo is also often tired and bullied. However, he also developed exceptional capabilities, which helped him become one of the best boxers in the world.

Ippo Makunouchi

Ippo Makunouchi

As a teenager, Ippo learns to become a strong boxer, surpassing most of his peers in no time. His fighting style is a classic power in-boxer, and he also uses the Peek-a-Boo style against his opponents. Ippo has three signature punches; a Gazelle punch, a rib-cracking liver blow, and the Dempsey roll Technique. His attacks and punches are inspired by renowned boxers. Overall, as the anime progresses, Ippo’s strength continues to increase, and his fighting spirit remains unyielding to any obstacles in his path.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass is a political anime that revolves around the Holy Empire of Britannia in the year 2010. Britannia attacked Japan and conquered it, reducing the nation to a small piece of land labeled Area 11. The Japanese develop their forces, forming a rebellion in secrecy to fight against Britannia and take back their homeland. In their fight against the Empire joins the exiled prince of Britannia, Lelouch. He joins the rebellion with his newfound powers, giving the Holy Empire a challenging time.

Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch Lamperouge
Lelouch Lamperouge from “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion”

The exiled imperial possesses an immense amount of intellect as well as inhumane abilities. Lelouch was granted the power of Geass that enabled him to issue commands to anyone, thereby getting absolute obedience from his opponents. What makes Lelouch, so the hot anime bad boy op uses the Geass in the best way possible, even using its weakness to his benefit. The power of Geass, combined with his intellect, made Lelouch strong enough to fight a country as strong as Britannia, and that too while he was a mere teenager.


Plunderer exhibits a fascinating theme of numbers, representing a person’s life. In a world such as this, you gain and lose points depending on the things you do. What’s more, these numbers, also known as “Count,” are used to determine social status as well. Sounds a lot like the dark social media concept in real life, doesn’t it? Here, however, having 0 count means being banished to the Abyss.

Licht Bach

Licht Bach the main anime male character lead in Plunderer
Licht Bach from “Plunderer”

In the beginning, Licht from Plunderer seems like a degenerate with a lower count, but he’s a baron capable of taking down his enemies in a single flash. As the baron, he can move at an incredibly fast speed, jump at greater heights, and also has superhuman reflexes. Additionally, that isn’t the limit to his powers as he also possesses the unique skill of Schmelman’s Bloodlust genes. This power allows him to increase his count, but the higher the count could lead him to lose his sanity.

Togainu No Chi

The story takes place in Japan after the Third World War. After the war, a crime organization takes control of the city and initiates a battle game of death and murder named Iguro. Another game named Bl@ster exists, which is far more complex than Iguro and incredibly strict in moderation and rules. Akira is the champion of the game but somehow gets accused of false murder. Now, to get free from prison, he has to defeat the champion of Iguro.


Shiki a strong male lead from anime Togainu No Chi
Main character from “Togainu No Chi”

Shiki is exceptionally skilled in using a katana and treats it with great respect. His skill is unmatched by all of the participants of Iguro, and he’s also feared among them. Shiki’s swordsmanship isn’t the only ability he possesses, as his strength further increases by drinking Nano’s blood. His strength and agility make him appear to have superhuman abilities.


Ishiyama High School is known for lawlessness and violence. All the students in the school are delinquents, but they are afraid of crossing Tatsumi Oga, the main character. It doesn’t stop here as a Demon is added to the picture, specifically a baby Demon named Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV. He’s the son of the Demon Lord, and now Tatsumi has to raise him with the help of his demon maid while fighting the delinquents at his school.

Tatsumi Oga

Tatsumi Oga strong male lead anime
Main character from “Beelzebub”

Tatsumi is the best male fighter in his school, capable of beating students from the higher classes as well. He’s an expert in hand-to-hand combat and uses various fighting techniques as well. In the beginning, Tatsumi’s main fighting style resembles that of a street fighter. However, while remaining with Beelzebub, he also improves his skills and becomes a Martial Artist. He also uses the powers of baby Beel, thereby significantly increasing his strength.

The Irregular At Magic High School

In the distant future, the understanding of magic has evolved significantly and now it is being treated as a technical skill. Tatsuya and his sister Miyuki both enrolled in one of the greatest Magic High Schools in the country. His sister is admitted to the first course, while Tatsuya is stuck in the second course. There’s some serious discrimination, those in the second course are quite literally considered “weeds” but the elites in the first course. Little do they know about Tatsuya’s neatly acquired skills and understanding of magic that make his very existence a national treasure.

Tatsuya Shiba

Tatsuya Shiba The Irregular At Magic High School
Tatsuya Shiba from “The Irregular At Magic High School”

Tatsuya’s general magic ability is close to zero, but he more than makes up for it with his unparalleled physical combat ability and the intelligence that backs those skills up. If we’re talking about intellect, Tatsuya has advanced their understanding of magic engineering and CAD software by ten years, and he did it in just one year. He discovers magic sequences as well, and of course, he is fully capable of executing all of them. Considering his skills and attributes, there’s no limit to what he’s capable of doing to his opponents. He is a mutant prodigy, and he has worked hard to further refine his potential.

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Kaze No Stigma

This is the story of a wind user named Kazuma Yagami, he spent the past four years away from his home, or rather, he was banished, all because he couldn’t control fire and was defeated by his pretty younger cousin. But now that he has makes a strong comeback, it’s not a pretty sight. His family members are getting killed by some Wind user. Though he isn’t the culprit, the others can’t help but suspect him. This could lead him to discover the culprit.

Kazuma Yagami

Kazuma Yagami
Kazuma Yagami main lead character from “Kaze No Stigma”

As a Wind Technique Practitioner, Kazuma has ascended to a level where no one else can compete with him. He is fully capable of fighting in a One-Man army, and even then, he’d dwarf his enemy. He has enough potential and talent to learn other elements, except fire, of course. And if we are talking about his status in the verse, he’s considered the most powerful spirit practitioner to ever have lived. Be it Wind blade, Wind force, Tornado, Wind Barrier, Redirection, Flight, Invisibility, or even Black Wind. Anything that involves Wind is his domain.

Hellsing Ultimate

Alucard is basically like Saitama, but what makes him different is that he’s brutal, he’s merciless. He works for an organization named Hellsing whose job is to get rid of the Vampires or devils who pose a threat to the common population. And you bet they hit a jackpot when a Vampire as invincible as Alucard decided to join their ranks.


Alcurd from “Hellsing Ultimate”

Alucard possesses Superhuman, or should I say Super-vampire strength. His speed and reflexes are unparalleled, and his durability and endurance stats are all maxed out. He can regenerate, he is biologically immortal, can shoot with perfect accuracy, can walk through walls, and can even manipulate blood. Naturally, he can do everything a vampire can and then some.


The Third Great World War ended in the year 2150, but even though 50 years have passed since its official conclusion, the aftereffects are still present and often quite apparent. There are mysterious spots called Blackspots that popped up all over the country because effective contamination eventually led to the birth of individuals with mutilated powers called “Needless.”There are shapeshifters, pyromancers, gravity controllers, and many more.

Adam Blade

strong male lead anime Adam Blade
Adam Blade from “Needless”

Despite not using any special powers, Adam Blade is fully capable of overpowering others “Needless”. His trait, “ability of Zero,” allows him to instantly memorize his opponents’ abilities and techniques. He then uses that knowledge to create even more broken attacks. Repeat this process a few times, and you are unstoppable. His insane durability and stamina allow him to keep on fighting even if he has literal holes inside his body.

Chrome Shelled Regios

In a post-apocalyptic future where the world is at the mercy of mutated beasts, Humans are left with no choice but to create humongous mobile cities that can protect them from these filth monsters. But it’s not just that, a considerable number of young people attend academies to learn how to create and use weapons called DITE. Once they are able to harness them using the power of Kei, they can take on those beasts that threaten to exterminate all mankind. But we have Layfon to take care of things!

Layfon Wolfstein Alseif

Layfon Wolfstein Alseif
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif male character lead from “Layfon Wolfstein Alseif”

At the tender age of 10, Layfon was granted the title of “Heaven’s Blade Wielder,” a prestigious title that is given to the twelve strongest warriors in the entire state. He has an innate grasp on how to get the hang of Kei techniques, sometimes he can learn them just by simple observation. His speed and agility are in a tier of their own, his high combat abilities are potent, and he can even catch his opponents off guard
using illusions. This may not sound all that impressive in theory, but it’s insurmountable in execution.

The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes

This story takes place in a fantasy world where a few individuals seem to possess the ability to analyze any types of magic. It’s because of their cursed eyes called “Alpha Stigma,” and pretty much everyone has only heard negative things about this ability. Ryner Lute is also an individual who bears Alpha Stigma, he and his best friend seek to make the country the most peaceful place there is. This dream has a lot of weight considering how his former fellows were killed in front of them and his friend is now the King. So, to get a little closer to this goal, the King asks Ryner to embark on a journey to gather “Heroes Relics”, and the one accompanying him on this journey is a beautiful girl named Ferris.

Ryner Lute

Ryner Lute

Ryner has been said to have an acute sense when it comes to understanding magic, and his abilities go well beyond just the Alpha Stigma. Still, though, Alpha’s stigma is the crux of his potential. It is a curse that has been passed down since ancient times and it allows the user to analyze and copy any magic they see. Ryner can use the same magic as you and still manage to significantly overpower you. But such a broken ability also brings with it, its own set of challenges. For example, if a user loses control, they can go berserk and lose their sanity. At that point, it’s just not possible for them to revert. The only one who has been able to come back from that state of endless insanity is Ryner himself.

Deadman Wonderland

Everything is fine and normal until a trip to the amusement park goes wrong. A young male named Ganta Igarashi and his friends goes on a trip to Deadman Wonderland. The audience enjoys insane acts from the performing convicts, so far so good. But then his entire class is brutally murdered by an individual cloaked in red. It all happens too suddenly, Ganta is taken aback, he is dumbfounded and terrified, and to make matters worse, he is framed for this incident. Now, how can he go about clearing his name in this mysterious place?

Ganta Igarashi

strong male lead anime Ganta Igarashi
Male character lead from “Deadman Wonderland”

Ganta is a man who has shown an insane, downright incomprehensible level of Endurance. He can take the pain of trauma that would ordinarily kill a grown man. Be it deep wounds, anemia, constant pummeling, chest stabbing, electrocution, and other things along those lines. Ganta is strong. Not just physically, but mentally as well. His resolve is second to none. As for how he fights, he possesses a Branch of Sin just like many others, though this allows him to freely manipulate his blood, and then use that to fight!

Tales Of Vesperia: The First Strike

There was a massive war against the demon beasts, and now that it’s been ten years, the empire is lively and prosperous. Two young men named Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo enroll in the ranks of the Imperial Knights. Soon enough, they are sent to defeat mutated beasts who are ravaging an entire region. Little did they know this was still just the beginning of the mysterious events they would be involved in.

Yuri Lowell

Yuri Lowell
Main character “Tales Of Vesperia: The First Strike”

Yuri has a peculiar way of fighting, one that involves using both a sword and an ax in battle. Naturally, this also means he has to keep both hands moving. But it’s not just the weapons either, the man makes sure to use his fists and feet as well. It’s a fighting style that is difficult to comprehend, and by the time you are beginning to get the gist of it, there is a pretty good chance you are already done!


K-Project is a story that centers around “Kings,” the individuals who have been blessed with supernatural strength as well as the charisma to expand their ranks. They must protect the lives and honor of their clansmen. But when a member of the Red King’s clan is brutally murdered, things go south.
A student named Yashiro Isana is accused of the crime. While the Red King named Mikoto Suou faces an uncertain turn of events right in the middle of the search for Yashiro. At first, it was a murder, but from the looks of things, a full-fledged war is about to break out between the Kings.

Mikoto Suoh

strong male lead anime Mikoto Suoh
Main character from “K-project”

Red King is enveloped in a red-colored Aura and has the power to manipulate Fire. Using this he can send waves of his Fire aura such as “Flame Flash,” which can cause immense physical destruction. To add to that, the King also has a strong enough disposition to break free from illusions or other similar skills. Mikoto Suoh has a calm composure which helps him consider things calmly. His quiet nature and the ability to manipulate fire cause fear and panic among the masses.


Hyakkimaru was a boy who was born with no eyes, no ears, no nose, no limbs, and not even skin. And yet, he was still alive and breathing. In actuality, he was cursed. Before his birth, the boy’s father went to the demons and wished for prosperity which ultimately came at the cost of his yet-to-be-born son. The father is initially taken aback but after realizing that his prayers have been answered, he orders the midwife to go and dispose of the baby. But as a twist of fate, he is later found by a medicine man who raises him, creates prosthetic body parts, and gives the boy a shot at life.


strong male lead anime Hyakkimaru from Doror
Hyakkimaru, male lead character in “Dororo” anime

Born without 48 body parts, Hyakkimaru, the isekai harem op mc managed to survive and thrive. He became able to see other people’s souls, he communicated through souls, and thanks to that Medicine man, Hyakkimaru had a natural knack for sword fighting. When he is old enough, he embarks on a journey to slay the 48 demons who stole his body parts. Every time he slays one, he regains something. What is it that makes one human? Ordinarily, such a journey would’ve led Hyakkimaru to the path of the devil, but he came across a young kid named Dororo who claimed to be the greatest thief in Japan. Together they traversed through the lands, one step at a time. Hyakkimaru’s instinctive understanding of combat was what made him strong, but his emotions, his rage, made him even stronger.

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