Top 37 Best Anime Schoolgirl Characters

There are countless anime schoolgirl characters that have graced our screens over the years. Some of them are sweet and innocent, while others are fiery and feisty. Regardless of their personality type, there’s no denying that schoolgirl anime characters are some of the most popular around. Each of these characters has their own unique personality. While there are too many schoolgirl characters in anime to list them all, these are just a few stand-out characters that have left a lasting impression on fans everywhere. So grab your books and sit quietly as I list the Top 37 Anime School girl Characters of all time!

1. Aisaka Taiga (Toradora!)

anime schoolgirl aisaka taiga

Taiga is a 17-year-old schoolgirl with a childlike demeanor. Boys take to her easily, showering her with declarations of love. Unfortunately, Taiga has difficulty socializing even though she is well-liked by her peers. Her short stature and tendency to respond aggressively to even the slightest provocation have led her classmates to dub her “Palmtop Tiger”. Despite this rough exterior, they eventually come to accept how caring and gentle she really is. She may be prone to bouts of anger and clumsiness, but everyone can attest to the fact that Taiga packs quite a punch! The girl comes from a wealthy background, yet due to family issues has been living alone for some time; managing on her own without all the comforts of home proves to be quite challenging for the petite young lady.

2. Hitagi Senjougahara (Bakemonogatari)

anime schoolgirl hitagi senjougahara

Hitagi is a well-known schoolgirl from the popular anime Bakemonogatari. Her middle school days, although she was not as hostile then. Despite her beauty, Hitagi is often described as cold and biting with deep emotional trauma beneath. Her curtness, stemming from her family being taken advantage of financially by con men that led to the split of her parents, cannot dim her striking blue eyes or luxurious purple hair. She has drawn in many fans due to these traits and more come to admire her as the story progresses. As an intricate character, it’s no surprise many come to view Hitagi as their favorite.

3. Ayame Kajou (Shimoneta)

anime schoolgirl ayame

Ayame Kajou is one of the main protagonists of the cringe anime Shimoneta, and the daughter of Masai Endo—a renowned politician. She is also the Vice-President of the student council and is determined to make a difference in the world, rather than change her own love of crude jokes. Ayame displays great courage in advocating for what she believes in, and this was best portrayed when she founded Blue Snow. Despite her tendency to drop bad jokes even in serious situations, it should not be mistaken as a lack of seriousness. Her strong infatuation with such humor means that she will say them regardless of context.

4. Mako Mankanshoku (Kill La Kill)

anime schoolgirl mako mankanshoku

Mako is a second-year schoolgirl at Honnouji Academy whose outrageous behavior often leaves her peers stunned. Despite only having known each other for a short time, she is convinced that she and Ryuko are the closest of friends. Unfortunately, her habit of getting into trouble means Mako frequently finds herself facing discipline or being taken captive. Despite unfortunate circumstances, Mako retains an energetic outlook, usually greeting people with an enthusiastic embrace.

5. Yukino Yukinoshita (OreGairu)

anime schoolgirl yukino yukinoshita

Known as one of the most beautiful and popular girls at her school, Yukino exudes bitterness alongside her kind-heartedness. She forms the Service Club by herself before Hachiman joins her, demonstrating her intelligence and getting nicknamed “Ice-cold Beauty” due to her frosty personality. Yukino possesses a rather warped perception of noblesse oblige and believes it is the responsibility of the exceptional to help those in need – which she frequently does even when met with disrespect. Her opinion on naivety drives her to express disgust, particularly towards Yui’s lack of understanding regarding the reality of life; however, she still remains selfless and generous with everyone she meets – even people whom she is unfamiliar with. In time, Yukino grows close to Yui and warms up in both attitude and disposition.

6. Haruko Amaya (Maken-ki!)

anime schoolgirl haruko

Haruko Amaya is the MF character of Maken-Ki! A sophomore schoolgirl at Tenbi Academy, she serves as vice president of the Student Council Security Division. She’s known for her kindness and is highly regarded by her fellow students. Her morals and ethics are strict, and she doesn’t hesitate to take action when it comes to enforcing justice at Tenbi. Haruko is considered attractive by many standards. She has long, purple hair usually tied in a left ponytail with right bangs sweeping across her face. Her eyes are light blue, and her chest size is generous. When wearing the Tenbi Academy school uniform, she adds pantyhose beneath her skirt. Boys and girls alike are drawn to her beauty making Haruko a true idol or crush.

7. Hanabi Yasuraoka (Kuzu no Honkai)

anime schoolgirl hanabi yasuraoka

Hanabi is a stunning young schoolgirl. Her eyes are an alluring ombré of purple and blue – sometimes appearing green (in the anime). Hanabi’s school uniform consists of a red ribbon, a white collared shirt beneath a dark blueish-purple vest, plus a subtly green-grey skirt. To complete the ensemble, she wears black knee-high socks and school shoes – or occasionally, red gym shoes. Hanabi is an extroverted and usually cheery girl, yet when in the presence of Narumi Kanai (her love interest), she becomes shy and may come off as cold.

8. Aika Tenkuubashi (Shomin Sample)

anime schoolgirl aika tenkuubashi

Shomin Sample follows the lives of a group of students at an all-girls school who are kidnapped and forced to live with a wealthy family. The popular girls must serve the family and learn how to be ladylike in order to survive. Aika is one of the main characters of the show, she is typically observed in her school uniform – a white dress with a brown collar and white stockings, accompanied by brown shoes. She is captivated by the outside world. Aika has a tsundere-like nature that causes her to become flustered and blush very quickly. An innocent individual to an unparalleled level, Aika is easily induced into believing lies while not being able to utter them herself. The anxiety of being disliked or feeling an unpleasant aura hinders her ability to tell falsehoods and she often says whatever is on her mind regardless of repercussions.

9. Yamada (B Gata H Kei)

anime schoolgirl yamada

B Gata H Kei is a 2010 anime series that follows the story of Yamada, a high school girl who has her sights set on becoming “the most popular girl in school.” In order to achieve this goal, she must first lose her virginity. However, this proves to be more difficult than she thought as she constantly finds herself getting too nervous around guys. One day, she sets her sights on a handsome new transfer student named Takizawa. She soon begins to stalk him and even goes so far as to join the same club as him in order to get closer. But will she be able to lose her virginity to him? And what exactly does he think of her?

10. Galko (Oshiete! Gyaruko Chan)

anime schoolgirl galko

Galko is a friendly and helpful girl who never hesitates to lend a hand, even to those she hasn’t met yet. She is the main protagonist of the series and may resemble an experienced adult, but in truth, she remains quite naive. Her words often result in her embarrassment. Starting off mornings can be difficult for her, however, she remains in a better mood as the day goes on. She has a sentimental side; she loves to cook and even bake bread. Despite wearing earrings herself, body modifications such as piercings intimidate her. In the ever-stylish Galko short skirts all year long, people often jump to incorrect conclusions; when she arrives late at school, it’s misconstrued as skulking around when it’s simply due to watching too much TV.

11. Chisa Kotegawa (Grand Blue)

anime schoolgirl chisa kotegawa

Chisa is a fellow mechanical engineering freshman at Izu University. While her clubmates tend to engage in extracurricular activities, Chisa typically avoids them and concentrates on her studies and diving. Usually serious and no-nonsense, Chisa has little patience for the happenings at the club, and in particular Iori’s misbehavior. Chisa is clearly a talented diver and a smart school. Her academic prowess is unparalleled amongst the younger year students though her lack of life experience is made clear. Her main preoccupation appears to be with the ocean and diving; so much so, she prefers listening to the sound of running water over music.

12. Kaguya Shinomiya (Kaguya Sama Love Is War)

anime schoolgirl kaguya shinomiya

Kaguya is the vice president of the Shuchi’in student council and hails from one of Japan’s most prominent families. Exceptionally intelligent school girl, she is considered a genius. Formerly cold and distant, Kaguya has changed since joining the council, though her wealth and status may give off an air of arrogance. Her real feelings are those of desperation to meet her family’s expectations, coupled with a longing for genuine kindness that borders on obsession. She values her fellow student council members very highly and regards them as treasured friends. Kaguya possesses a tendency to resort to money when faced with difficulty.

13. Sakurajima Mai (Bunny Girl Senpai)

anime schoolgirl sakurajima ma

Sakurajima Mai is the eponymous and focal character of “Bunny Girl Senpai”. She is a glamorous third-year school girl, with beautiful brunette hair and exceptional intelligence. She aspires to attend university, despite her hectic job as an actress. Although she enjoys her celebrity status, Mai remains low-key at school when the series opens. Polite yet playful, she may seem conceited in the beginning but reveals herself to be compassionate and righteous soon enough. Her suspicion of others arises out of her invisibility, yet it gradually fades away as her faith in people is restored. Indeed, Mai is truly a kindhearted soul.

14. Eru Chitanda (Hyouka)

anime schoolgirl eru chitanda

Eru Chitanda is the president of Classic Literature and a family member of the wealthy Chitanda clan of farmers. She has an energetic and inquisitive nature, but despite her prestigious family background, she does not expect preferential treatment. Her black hair and pale skin add to her beauty and her remarkable sense of smell, hearing, kindness, sweetness, and playfulness are noteworthy traits. Once Eru sets her sights on something, there’s no stopping her; this is due to the insatiable curiosity that she displays.

15. Shoko Nishimiya (Koe no Katachi) 

anime schoolgirl Shoko Nishimiya

Shoko is a heroic young school girl with a big heart, who encountered deep loneliness and depression as a result of bullying in elementary school. She despised herself for being deaf and even dwelled on suicide. Her bangs often hide her eyes, symbolizing her inner turmoil. Though she has difficulty being understood through speech due to her impediment, she communicates using both sign language and a notebook. Even though Shoko experiences cruelty, it doesn’t stop her from treating everyone kindly–her hobby is even feeding bread to the birds and fish! Sweet and brave, she retains a cheerful visage despite everything.

16. Hiyori Iki (Noragami)

anime schoolgirl Hiyori Iki

Hiyori is a major character in the anime Noragami. She begins as an ordinary middle schooler, born into a well-off family and a huge fan of pro wrestling. Fateful events lead to her saving Yato, the god in question, at the cost of becoming a half-ghost, invisible to humans and able to phase through objects. Even though she is a very girly and cute young lady, her spirit form reveals her formidable wrestling skills.

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17. Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)

anime schoolgirl  Tohru Honda

Tohru is an incredibly kind and confused person who, despite not having the best grades or the sharpest mind, has a natural ability to understand how other people feel. She’s generous with her affection and will always do whatever it takes to protect those she cares about. Initially shy, her journey of grief leads her to become more assertive and independent, a quality that touches all around her. Her clumsy ways coupled with her willingness to help make Tohru someone whose love is hard for anyone to resist.

18. Yukina Himeragi (Strike the Blood)

anime schoolgirl yukina

Yukina is a beloved character in the Lion King Organization, and for good reason. As a waifish middle-schooler, she’s trained in magical combat and wields one of the most powerful weapons in the setting. Even though her design isn’t particularly unique, she is still described as absurdly attractive compared to other school girls her age. Furthermore, her immense popularity among boys has resulted in some of them begging her to become a cheerleader, although she appears not to have noticed any of this.

19. Ryomou Shimei (Ikki Tousen)

anime schoolgirl ryomou shimei

Ryomou Shimei is a third-year schoolgirl at Nanyo Academy. She wears an eye patch that holds the power of a dragon, which makes her behave in an unhinged and violent manner. It is ironic that even before being defeated by Hakufu, she acted with sadistic arrogance. The animated version of Ryomou is much more withdrawn and serious compared to her manga self, almost emotionless. She does not allow herself to be lured into relationships easily and displays little shyness or romanticism. Most of the time, Ryomou keeps a stoic composure, but around her friends and especially around Hakufu, she appears more surprised and easily flustered – exposing her tenderness towards them.

20. Hibiki Sakura (How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?)

anime schoolgirl hibiki sakura

Hibiki Sakura is the main protagonist of the anime, she is a high school girl determined to get buff by joining her school’s Weightlifting Club – only to discover that each of the other girls was remarkably strong and had set their own individual goals. Although Hibiki’s size gives her superior punching or arm wrestling power, her robust body composition makes it difficult for her to do even standard chin-ups. Furthermore, running becomes a strenuous activity due to her big skeletal frame.

21. Shinka Nibutani (Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!)

anime schoolgirl shinka nibutani

Shinka is a transferee in Yuuta’s class who appears as a beautiful schoolgirl. Her mannerisms are explained as the product of her efforts to conceal her past. She functions as the class idol without question. Shinka changed her interests from cheerleading to theater and eventually became part of student government during high school. The anime displays how friendly and likable she appears at first, but that is just a mask; she may not have bad intentions, yet can still be quite snappy and abrasive.

22. Yui Hirasawa(K-On)

anime schoolgirl yui hirasawa

Yui is kind-hearted but has difficulty focusing, and joined the band after being tempted by snacks. Although originally having no musical experience, Yui shows herself to be a fast learner with surprising hidden talents such as perfect pitch. While her grades in school are usually low, Yui demonstrates a great talent for playing guitar which she can tune by ear. Eventually, she succeeds in significantly improving her scores.

23. Haruka Morishima (Amagami)

anime schoolgirl haruka morishima

School idol Haruka has been confessed to by countless men, but Haruka rejected them all. She likes cute things but has a soft spot for puppies, and she’s a quarter British from her mother’s side of the family. In most adaptations, Haruka is portrayed as being the most outwardly jealous of all the heroines. Haruka is passionate about swimming, swimsuits, and girls wearing swimsuits. Hibiki always kicks her out of the pool area when she does the latter.

24. Yukino Yukinoshita (My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, as I Expected)

anime schoolgirl yukino yukinoshita

Yukino is the leader of the Service Club and its only initial member. Dubbed “Ice-cold Beauty” due to her attitude, she is both smart and beautiful. Yukino holds a warped concept of noblesse oblige, believing that it is up to those who are exceptional (like herself) to lend aid to others in need. This often disgusts her with the naivety of some people – Yui being one – yet she persists in helping whoever crosses her path, no matter how they interacted with her previously.

25. Kaname Chidori (Full Metal Panic!)

anime schoolgirl kaname chidor

At first glance, Kaname appears to be a typical sixteen-year-old Japanese schoolgirl. However, a terrorist group’s pursuit of her Whispered abilities brings Sousuke into her life. While he usually manages to protect her from danger, his battle intuition often causes problems in everyday situations, yielding many humorous scenes. Despite this, their relationship deepens and they confess their feelings for each other.

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26. Shizuku (My Little Monster)

anime schoolgirl shizuku

Shizuku, the female protagonist of My Little Monster, is a schoolgirl whose priorities lie solely in studying and achieving good grades. She disdains social interaction and has been given the nickname “dry ice” due to her indifferent and dismissive attitude. Unexpectedly, she encountered Haru – a delinquent in her class – when delivering some class handouts. His outrageous behaviors often make Shizuku embarrassed or appalled at first; however, she finds that underneath the roughness, he is simply kind and caring. From then on, her view of life slowly evolves as she keeps interacting with him until finally developing an attraction towards him as well. Although Shizuku and Haru feel something for each other, their relationship remains imbalanced due to their mismatched emotions.

27. Misaka Mikoto (A Certain Magical Index)

Misaka Mikoto (A Certain Magical Index)

Mikoto, more commonly known as “Biri-Biri”/”Bug-Zapper”, is the main female Science-oriented protagonist of Index. Despite her cute and innocent looks, a lot of guys attempt to woo her; however, they are unaware that she is one of the strongest characters in the city with an extraordinary Electromaster power, making her a Level 5 Esper – the highest rank attainable. This impressive power enables her to tackle entire military factions on her own, yet with animals, it’s a different story since they can sense the electromagnetic field she emits and flee from her. Touma has quite the love/hate relationship with Mikoto too.

28. Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy Of Suzumiya Haruhi)

anime schoolgirl haruhi suzumiya

A high-spirited school girl who has just started attending North High. She’s unable to cope with the fact that she’s not special, so she spends her days looking for something extraordinary. Little does she know that she herself is a reality warper, of great interest to myriad parties — some of them being the very people she invited into her club and searched for an alien, time traveler, and esper. Haruhi’s beauty and academic excellence are accompanied by her self-centered, cruel, excessively vindictive, and almost cruel tendencies – so it should go without saying that one shouldn’t take her as an example. Were Haruhi to exist in real life, she would likely be expelled from school or even sent to prison.

29. Kuroyukihime (Accel World)

anime schoolgirl kuroyukihime

Kuroyukihime is the main female protagonist and leader of the Nega Nebulus legion. Her pseudonym is a twist on Snow White, and her real identity is unknown. A beautiful and popular schoolgirl, she is also the Vice-President of Umesato Junior High School’s Student Council. She has been a Burst Linker since she was eight years old. Possessing a placid and profound demeanor – which she partly attributes to her fondness for tea, even in seemingly inappropriate places like the classroom – Kuroyokihime can still be rude, enraged, or envious when other girls try to get close to Haruyuki. Living up to her name as being “the most beautiful girl in school,” Kuroyokihime has an elegant figure with hazel eyes and long black hair.

30. Miyazawa Yukino (Kare Kano)

anime schoolgirl 
miyazawa yukino

A 15-year-old girl who appears to be smart, attractive, athletic, and talented, as well as a model school girl. Both Yukino’s male and female peers express their admiration for her, often asking for assistance from her and commenting on her model features. In reality, Yukino’s “perfect” exterior is merely a façade that hides the fact that she does everything solely to gain praise from others, and that she behaves shabbily at home.

31. Rikka Takarada (SSSS. GRIDMAN)

rikka takarada anime schoolgirl

SSSS. GRIDMAN’s lead character Rikka tends to act more reserved and mature than her friends, even though she is not particularly aloof. And in the first audio drama, Rikka’s black hair was so beautiful that she was a hair model for a magazine. The best thing about her, however, is her design. With her gorgeous looks and her blue eyes, she becomes an ideal candidate for a Waifu because of her strong personality and her blue eyes.

32. Shana (Shakugan No Shana)

anime schoolgirl  shana

Shana is known for her prowess as a Flame Haze and her athletic status in the school. She always gets perfect grades without any need to study, but this comes at the cost of having to fight constantly. From her upbringing which focused solely on combat, she has no interest in romance – even going by an unnamed title. When she is fighting, her hair and eyes turn red. Usually serious nature, it is a rare glimpse when one can get to see Shana’s comedic side.

33. Haruka Nogizaka (Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret)

anime schoolgirl haruka nogizaka

Haruka Nogizaka is the talk of the school and is known for her adorable personality. Although she loves anime, manga, and Aikido, she fears being laughed at for such interests. Nevertheless, with a black belt in Aikido and she can take care of herself. She usually appears to be timid but in one incident, she throws someone away from Yuuto as payback for ridiculing both him and anime.

34. Ayase Aragaki (Oreimo)

anime schoolgirl ayase aragaki

Ayase is another school girl, coworker, and best friend, who cares for her deeply and can be quite protective. A popular face in the series is Ayase, a model just like Kirino. Her look stands out compared to that of her companion, with black hair and a strong smile full of emotion. Even though she has a glowing gaze, one can detect her pallor.

35. Ayano Sugiura (YuruYuri)

anime schoolgirl ayano sugiura

Ayano Sugiura is one of the cutest popular characters in the YuruYuri anime series. Despite her young age of fourteen, she is the Vice President of the student council and is by far its most active member. Her sweet demeanor makes her pleasant company for all, even when she’s trying to be a rival for Kyouko. A classic Tsundere, she gets embarrassed easily when Kyoko is around – a testament to her endearing nature.

36. Sonezaki Rika (O Maidens in Your Savage Season)

anime schoolgirl sonezaki rika

Sonezaki is one of the main characters in Maidens Of The Savage Season. Growing up with strict parents, she views her attraction to the opposite sex with disdain, making her more intimidating than most due to her tall stature. Despising other girls for flirting, Rika struggles to contain her own interests in boys. Yet despite this prickly demeanor, Rika is a vibrant and memorable character.

37. Ochako Uraraka (My Hero Academia)

anime schoolgirl ochako uraraka

The American anime character Ochaco Uraraka is no exception. She might look like a sweet, outgoing girl, but she’s not afraid to stand her ground with her gravity powers. In addition, she wears gray tights when in her school uniform to show both her properness and practicality. Her family’s construction business hasn’t been doing well lately, so she dreams of becoming a heroine in order to make enough money to improve their situation.

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