8 Iconic Walking Dead Tropes You’ll Definitely Recognize

A trope is a recurring element, character type, overused theme, archetypes, or a “Hollywood Cliche” that you have probably seen a million times before. Creators use them as means to convey universal culture storylines. For instance, you know exactly what to expect from a “Slow-Witted but Kind-Hearted” character or a “The Chosen One”. It’s predictable and easy to use. The Walking Dead is famous for using a lot of Zombie tropes over its long 10 seasons run. We picked our favorite eight.

The Walking Dead (TV Series 2010+)

8/8. Eyepatch-Wearing Tough-Guys

No matter how tough you may look regularly, slap a patch on your eye, and boy you just cranked it up a notch. Somehow, this little black fabric has become synonymous with danger, force, and general badassery, even though the wearer could have just fallen on a fork.

Face-off: The Governor vs The Deacon

It appears that wearing an eyepatch can drastically improve your chances to become a post- Apocalypse tyrant. Which tyrant is more ruthless?

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Face-off: Carl Grimes vs President Morty

Your family has just moved into a new zombie survivors camp. Which of these kids would you pick as your BFF?

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Premium Hero Motorcycles

Every hero knows that arriving at the scene on a cool motorcycle is a statement that says “I’m a badass”. In fact, they know it so well that it’s even hard to imagine that Daryl of The Walking Dead would prefer any other means of transportation to get around. So, without further ado, let’s face-off the most impressive motorcycle hero the show has to offer.

Face-off: Daryl Dixon’s Bike vs Burt Munro’s Indian Scout Motorcycle

Each one of these mechanical beauties has made history. But which one achieved more for mankind?

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Martial Arts Female Hero

The world of martial arts may be dominated by male fighters, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t women who have proved that they can kick butt without the Y chromosome too. Actually, some of the best martial arts films of all time are led by strong women who can really jump-kick some ass.

Face-off: Michonne vs O-Ren Ishii

You’re going to battle a herd of zombies, and you need a warrior that will keep chopping through limbs no matter what! Which of these swordfighters would you pick?


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Evil-Doers Lairs and Citadels

It sucks to be a villain. Not just because you’re destined to lose to the hero but because when you do lose, you lose everything, including your stupid awesome villain hideout slash lair slash Headquarters. Nevertheless, many evil-doers still go through the trouble of building a secure, well-equipped base of operations. And a good thing they do, is cause these secret hideouts to turn out to be some of the most badass headquarters in the history of fiction.

Face-off: The Saviors’ sanctuary vs Joe’s Citadel

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Zombie Pro Killers

A viral epidemic ravages the world, turning people into moving corpses. Now it is your job to make them completely motionless. All you have to do is aim for the head, stroke, and don’t miss! Sounds easy all right, but we bet the characters in this trope will do it better.

Face-off: Rick Grimes vs Tallahassee

It happened! Zombies are upon us! You gotta keep yourself safe and that means joining a group. Whose ragtag community do you join?

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Zombies Herd

Whether it was a T-Virus, C-Virus, or Z-virus, the world is now swarming with crazed, homicidal, brain-eating best zombies. Some of them waddle slowly towards their prey, some are speedy predators, and some just want to live a normal suburban life. Let’s fac-off our favorite zombies to ever feast on some poor soul’s insides.

Face-off: Walkers vs The Undead


Warriors With Unusual Trademark Weapons

Fishhooks, baseball bats, and chainsaws, oh my! Some warriors just won’t settle for a plain old boring gun or sword. Whether they want to stand out from the rest or believe their weapon can inflict a special kind of pain, these ruffians will be remembered for their weapon of choice.

See also:

Face-off: Negan’s bat Lucille vs Donny “The Bear Jew” Donowitz’s Baseball Bat

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Post Apocalypse Dictators

After an apocalypse, it’s only the strong that survive, and they’re usually ruled by the strongest amongst them with an iron fist. These heartless tyrants seem to have spent their entire life pre-apocalypse preparing for the end of modern society. In this tope, we face off those special individuals to successfully create a post-apocalyptic colony.

Face-off: Negan vs President Coriolanus Snow

Their communities may have it good but it’s only because they oppress and take advantage of others. Whose bad side is it worse to be on?

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