10 Best Star Wars Clone Wars Characters of All Time

Get ready to blast off to a galaxy far, far away with “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”! This beloved animated series takes us on an epic adventure set between Episodes II and III of the Star Wars saga. 

Brace yourself for the perilous and intricate period of the Clone Wars, where we witness heroism, tragedy, and drama from the characters that fought in it. 

Get ready to meet the most fascinating personalities, from Jedi knights to droids to clone troopers. But who is the best of the best? This article will count down the top 10 Star Wars Clone Wars characters of all time! 

These iconic characters have earned their place in the hearts of fans worldwide. Come along for an exhilarating ride as we pay homage to the most epic heroes and villains of The Clone Wars. Get your lightsaber ready, and let’s dive into the excitement!

Best Star Wars Clone Wars Characters 

If you love Star Wars, you must be Jedi-in love with these unforgettable characters introduced in the Clone Wars show.

10. Ahsoka Tano

Best Star Wars Clone Wars Characters

Ahsoka Tano is a Togruta female discovered by Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and taken to the Jedi Order for training. She has a strong moral code and is often guided by her instincts, even when it means going against the orders of her superiors.

As a Padawan, Ahsoka was initially impulsive and headstrong, often causing trouble for her mentor, Anakin Skywalker. However, she gradually matured and became more disciplined, becoming a skilled and competent warrior. She became a skilled pilot, using her natural agility and quick reflexes to outmaneuver her enemies.

Witness the incredible skills of Ahsoka, a master of lightsaber combat who wields not one but two blades with grace and precision. Her acrobatic and agile fighting style is a true spectacle, leaving opponents in awe of her talent. 

What sets Ahsoka apart is her use of two white lightsabers, which hold a special significance in the Star Wars universe. The white lightsaber crystal meaning represents a unique and rare choice, often associated with purity, balance, and the ability to see beyond the strict boundaries of the Jedi and Sith.

Her use of the reverse grip is particularly notable, as it allows for faster and more precise strikes. Despite her youth, Ahsoka has earned the respect of her fellow Jedi and the clone soldiers under her command. 

She forges close bonds with many of them, including the loyal Captain Rex. Anakin Skywalker, in particular, becomes her mentor and father figure, cementing their special relationship.

Throughout the series, Ahsoka demonstrates incredible strength and resilience as she faces numerous challenges and makes tough decisions. 

9. R2-D2 

Best Star Wars Clone Wars Characters

Do you know who was the standout performer in the Star Wars Clone Wars? It was none other than R2-D2, the beloved droid character from the Star Wars universe. 

This little guy has been a fan-favorite since his debut and for good reason! In the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series, R2-D2 is the ultimate sidekick to Anakin Skywalker.

What makes R2-D2 so special, you ask? For starters, he’s equipped with an impressive arsenal of tools and abilities. This droid has everything from a holographic projector to an electric prod, a fusion welder, and a cutting torch! 

He can even interface with computers and other droids, making him an invaluable asset to the Republic during the Clone Wars. It’s no wonder everyone wants an R2-D2 of their own!

R2-D2 is a crucial asset to Anakin and his fellow soldiers throughout the Clone Wars animated series. He’s often responsible for saving their lives in the heat of battle. 

In one particularly impressive episode, R2-D2’s exceptional leadership skills earned him a temporary promotion to commander of a group of droids. And not just his leadership impresses – R2-D2 also develops a strong bond with Clone Trooper, Captain Rex, who recognizes his unwavering bravery and loyalty.

8. Kit Fisto

Best Star Wars Clone Wars Characters

Did you know that Kit Fisto was not only a skilled lightsaber duelist but also able to breathe underwater? This unique skill made him a valuable asset in aquatic missions. 

Born on the planet Glee Anselm, Fisto was discovered by the Jedi Order as a Force-sensitive child and trained in the ways of the Force at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. 

His peers in the Jedi Order quickly recognized his skills and dedication, and he was given the distinguished title of General during the Clone Wars. Fisto’s unwavering commitment to the Jedi Order will always be remembered and celebrated.

Fisto was a true leader, bravely leading a mission to capture the notorious Separatist leader, Nute Gunray, on Rodia. His fellow Jedi and clone troopers held him in high esteem, admiring his unwavering focus and dedication to the cause. 

But Fisto’s unparalleled skill with a lightsaber made him stand out. He could easily defeat even the most skilled Sith and dark side users, including formidable foes like General Grievous and Asajj Ventress. It’s no surprise that he was one of the most respected Jedi of his era.

Kit Fisto, known for his prowess and bravery, was among those who attempted to arrest Chancellor Palpatine, only to discover that he was the evil Sith Lord Darth Sidious. Despite his valiant efforts, Fisto was ultimately defeated by Sidious’ powerful Force lightning.

The passing of Fisto was deeply felt by his fellow Jedi and all who knew him. He was a true hero who sacrificed his life to safeguard the galaxy from the forces of darkness. 

Even though he is gone, his legacy inspires future generations of Jedi to strive for justice and peace. It is a great loss, and his absence is mourned deeply.

7. Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress is an exceptional warrior, hailing from the mystical world of Dathomir. Despite a difficult childhood, she developed a fierce independence and resourcefulness that ultimately led her to join the Sith. 

Her combat skills are truly impressive, as she is equally adept with and without lightsabers and can move with unmatched stealth and cunning. 

Throughout her time in the Clone Wars, Asajj Ventress was a formidable adversary to the Jedi and a valuable ally. Despite feeling at odds with the world around her, she possesses admirable strength and resilience in navigating life’s complexities.

6. Satine Kryze

Satine Kryze

Satine Kryze was the Duchess of Mandalore, a planet in the Outer Rim. She belonged to the pacifist New Mandalorian group and was determined to uphold peace and neutrality in the galaxy. Despite Mandalore’s violent past, Satine was an idealist leader who always had her people’s best interests at heart.

Satine’s relationship with the Jedi Order is complicated. She had a romantic affair with Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn during the Mandalorian Civil War, but their paths diverged when Qui-Gon decided to rejoin the Jedi Order. The Clone Wars only worsened things, as Satine and the Jedi Council were at odds over the war’s aggressive approach.

Satine’s unwavering commitment to her pacifist beliefs made her a target for numerous assassination attempts by opposing groups. However, she never wavered in her determination to lead her people with courage and conviction. 

Despite her impressive fighting skills and leadership abilities, Satine believed in the power of diplomacy and negotiation to resolve conflicts. She strongly supported both education and the arts, understanding their important contributions to society’s progress.

Sadly, Satine’s story ended badly when Darth Maul took her life during the Clone Wars. Her passing profoundly impacted her community and the wider galaxy, leaving a legacy of heroism and unwavering dedication to peace and justice.

5. Captain Rex

Captain Rex

Did you know Captain Rex, or CT-7567, was a clone trooper who fought in the Clone Wars as part of the Grand Army of the Republic? This brave soldier was born and raised on Kamino, where he was trained to be a true warrior. 

Under the command of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, Rex quickly distinguished himself with his courage, loyalty, and unmatched fighting skills. 

Rex was a brave, skilled warrior who fought alongside Skywalker and his apprentice Ahsoka Tano during the Clone Wars. Together, they won many epic battles, including the Battle of Teth, the Battle of Umbara, and the Battle of Mandalore. Rex and Ahsoka developed a special bond, almost like siblings.

However, Rex discovered shocking facts about the inhibitor chips implanted in all clone troopers during the war. These chips were meant to ensure the clones blindly followed their Jedi commanders’ orders, but they could also be used to force them to betray the Jedi. With Ahsoka’s help, Rex could remove his chip and avoid the tragic Order 66 massacre.

After the Clone Wars ended, Rex and Ahsoka went into hiding with other clones who had removed their chips. They remained hidden until Rex re-emerged as a crucial member of the Rebel Alliance, fighting against the tyrannical Galactic Empire alongside Ahsoka and other rebels. Rex’s bravery and leadership were instrumental in many missions, including the liberation of Lothal.

4. Fives


Meet Fives, the renowned clone trooper also known as CT-5555 has become a beloved character in the Star Wars universe. Fives’ exceptional skills on the battlefield have earned him a reputation as a brave and loyal soldier in the Grand Army of the Republic. His service is widely admired and respected.

He’s a quick thinker who always finds creative solutions to even the most challenging problems. Moreover, Fives is fiercely independent and has an unwavering sense of justice. All in all, he’s a true inspiration to all who know him.

Fives were part of the Domino Squad, a group of clone cadets who faced difficulties working as a team. However, with the aid of their training sergeant, Fives and his comrades passed their final test and became fully-fledged clone troopers.

As the series progressed, Fives got involved in conspiracies concerning the clone troopers and their creation. He uncovered a scheme to implant chips in the brains of all clone troopers, later revealed to be part of a larger plan by the Sith Lord Darth Sidious to execute Order 66. 

This command would turn the clone troopers against the Jedi, resulting in their extermination. Fives tried to expose the conspiracy but was ultimately killed by his fellow clones, who mistook him for a traitor.

3. Plo Koon 

Best Star Wars Clone Wars Characters

Plo Koon was a native of the planet Dorin and belonged to the Kel Dor species, whose respiratory mechanism necessitated using breathing masks in oxygen-rich situations. He finally attained the rank of Jedi Knight after receiving training from the Jedi Order in the ways of the Force.

During the Clone Wars, Plo Koon was a respected Jedi Master and a member of the Jedi High Council. He was known for his calm and collected demeanor, as well as his exceptional combat skills and ability to sense danger. He was often sent on dangerous missions, including leading the Clone Army into battle.

Plo Koon was a skilled pilot known to fly his Jedi Starfighter in combat missions. He also had a unique ability to see through objects using Force Sight, which allowed him to sense the presence of danger and detect hidden enemies.

Unfortunately, Plo Koon was killed during the Great Jedi Purge when the clones executed Order 66. 

Despite his untimely demise, Plo Koon’s legacy lived on through his actions during the Clone Wars and his influence on the Jedi Order. 

2. Yoda


Yoda, the legendary Jedi Master, stood at the forefront of the Clone Wars – a massive conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Being one of the most skilled and wise Jedi, Yoda mentored numerous young Padawans, gaining a reputation for his unique combat style and exceptional mastery of the Force.

Hailing from the planet Dagobah, Yoda underwent rigorous training by several masters before becoming a Jedi. He devoted over 800 years to serving the Jedi Order, earning himself a rightful place in history as one of the greatest Jedi ever.

In the epic battles of the Clone Wars, Yoda emerged as a key strategist for the Republic, leading the Jedi in fierce combat against the Separatist forces. Despite his advanced age, Yoda was a force to be reckoned with, taking on multiple enemies at once easily. 

What made him stand out was his bold approach to using innovative strategies. He fearlessly relied on the Force to move entire starships and his small stature and remarkable agility to outmaneuver even the biggest adversaries.

1. Obi-Wan Kenobi

One of the most adored characters in the Star Wars franchise is Obi-Wan Kenobi, a Jedi Knight born on the planet Stewjon and trained by Qui-Gon Jinn. 

He was highly skilled in using the blue lightsaber and possessed wisdom and patience. Kenobi was devoted to the Jedi Code, emphasizing selflessness, discipline, and detachment from worldly attachments.

Kenobi had a thrilling life of exciting adventures and important events in the Star Wars universe. He played a crucial role in the Clone Wars, a massive conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Additionally, he acted as a mentor to Anakin Skywalker, who eventually became Darth Vader.

Following the Jedi Order’s downfall and the emergence of the Galactic Empire, Obi-Wan Kenobi found sanctuary on the arid planet of Tatooine. He took on the duty of safeguarding Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker’s offspring, who was still young.


It is truly remarkable how these characters have captured the hearts of fans with their captivating storylines, unforgettable quotes, and impressive displays of strength and courage. 

Whether they are fighting against the Separatists, navigating complex political situations, or confronting their struggles, each character plays a vital role in the overall narrative of the Clone Wars.

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