Top 15 Best LEGO Sets for Girls, Ranked

In the colorful world of LEGO, where imagination knows no bounds, the iconic building blocks have captivated the hearts of children and adults alike for generations. While LEGO sets have always been beloved by all, there is an undeniable joy in discovering sets that resonate with girls, inspiring creativity, adventure, and a world of possibilities. From enchanted castles to bustling cityscapes, we’ve delved into the vast LEGO universe to bring you the ultimate list of the 15 best LEGO sets for girls ever created, meticulously ranked for your delight and exploration by popularity and our opinion. So, get ready to embark on a journey where bricks meet empowerment, and creativity reigns supreme.

Best LEGO Sets for Girls

15. LEGO Friends Mia’s Tree House – 41335

Best LEGO Sets for Girls

One of the best LEGO sets for girls, Mia’s Tree House is a wonderful construction kit that brings the wonders of nature into the world of Lego play. This set, part of the popular Lego Friends line, is centered on Mia, one of the main characters in the series, who has her very own treehouse. The set itself presents a vibrant treehouse, complete with a charming bedroom, a zip line, and a climbing net that adds an adventurous touch. The treehouse is built using a combination of colorful Lego bricks, offering a visually appealing design that captures the essence of a whimsical hideaway nestled among the branches. What makes Mia’s Tree House special is its focus on the connection to nature and the outdoors. The set incorporates several natural elements. For example, a garden and a lookout platform, allow Mia to enjoy the beauty of her surroundings. Additionally, the zip line and climbing net provide interactive features that encourage imaginative play and outdoor-themed adventures. Moreover, Mia’s Tree House set includes mini-doll figures of Mia and her animal friends. The set also comes with a skateboard, a walkie-talkie, and a campfire, further enhancing the play experience and inspiring imaginative play.


Best LEGO Sets for Girls

We’ve actually covered Lego’s Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace in the past, but it’s worth highlighting one more time. Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace is a building set that allows you to construct Elsa’s majestic ice palace from the Disney movie “Frozen.” The set includes a variety of LEGO bricks, pieces, and minifigures inspired by the Frozen franchise. The set features a beautifully designed ice palace, which is adorned with intricate details that capture the enchanting atmosphere of Elsa’s magical powers. It includes a grand entrance, a staircase, a balcony, a bedroom, a music room, and a slide. The set also includes smaller accessories such as a snowman named Olaf and a baby reindeer named Sven. One of the standout features of this set is that it can be combined with other LEGO Disney Frozen sets, such as Anna and Kristoff’s Sleigh Adventure, to create a larger and more intricate Frozen world. This allows fans of the movie to expand their building and play experience, and create their own unique Frozen adventures. deas Women of NASA

13. LEGO Ideas Women of NASA

Best LEGO Sets for Girls

Definitely one of the best LEGO sets for girls, the LEGO Women of NASA set was released in November 2017 as a result of the LEGO Ideas program. LEGO Ideas is a platform that allows fans to submit their own ideas for LEGO sets, and if a submission receives enough support from the community, it has the chance to become an official LEGO product. The Women of NASA set was proposed by Maia Weinstock, a science writer, and editor for MIT News. The set is designed to celebrate the accomplishments of women in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The set presents four notable women from NASA’s history, including Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride, and Mae Jemison. The Women of NASA LEGO set includes miniaturized versions of each woman and display stands. It also includes a buildable Hubble Space Telescope model and a space shuttle. The set celebrates the accomplishments of women in science and space exploration. LEGO sets have traditionally focused on male-dominated fields and themes, so the Women of NASA set was a significant step. Therefore, It highlights the important contributions these women made to the advancement of space exploration.

12. LEGO Friends Andrea’s Pool Party – 41374

Picture of LEGO Friends Andrea's Pool Party - 41374 Lego set

As its name suggests, the LEGO Friends Andrea’s Pool Party is centered on a pool party scene, designed to provide a fun environment for the LEGO Friends characters. The set includes various elements and accessories to create a poolside setting. Of course, the main feature of the set is a pool area, which consists of a rectangular pool with steps or a ladder for entry. The pool has a slide or a diving board for added playability. It’s also accompanied by a lounge area with sunbeds, chairs, or beach umbrellas where the characters can relax and sunbathe. Additionally, the set includes a small refreshment stand with accessories like smoothie glasses and ice cream cones for the characters to enjoy. It also features a DJ booth or a music system for creating a festive atmosphere. The set includes various accessories such as pool toys, a volleyball net, beach balls, and floaties. It also includes mini-dolls representing the LEGO Friends characters, including Andrea of course. Obviously, the LEGO Friends Andrea’s Pool Party set has its focus on outdoor leisure and socializing. The set aims to recreate a vibrant pool party atmosphere, providing opportunities for fun play.

11. Disney Princess Cinderella’s Dream Castle – 41154

Pictur of Disney Princess Cinderella's Dream Castle – 41154 Lego set

The LEGO Disney Princess Cinderella’s Dream Castle is a specific set within a Disney Princess theme that is inspired by the beloved Cinderella fairy tale. It’s a Lego set for toddlers, and it includes a model of a castle, mini-doll figures of Cinderella and other characters, and various accessories related to the Cinderella story. The centerpiece of the set is of course the castle itself, which is designed like the iconic Disney castle from the Cinderella tale. The castle presents multiple levels and rooms, including a grand entrance hall, a ballroom, a bedroom, and a kitchen. It also has intricate architectural details, colorful elements, and decorative elements that reflect fairy tale aesthetics. The set includes mini-doll figures of Cinderella and other characters from the Cinderella story, These include Prince Charming, Fairy Godmother, and Cinderella’s animal friends. In addition to the castle, the set comes with accessories that enhance the play experience. These include items like a dining table and chairs, a vanity, a bed, a kitchen stove, and various decorative elements. They help bring the castle to life and allow children to create their own Cinderella-inspired stories and adventures. The Cinderella’s Dream Castle set is great at forming a connection to the classic Disney fairy tale. It obviously encourages imaginative play and storytelling as children can recreate iconic scenes from the story or invent new ones.

10. LEGO Friends Ice Cream Cart – 41389

Picture of LEGO Friends Ice Cream Cart - 41389 Lego set

Next up, the LEGO Friends Ice Cream Cart is a delightful LEGO building kit that allows you to construct a colorful ice cream cart. This set belongs to the LEGO Friends theme, which centers around a group of friends and their adventures in the town of Heartlake City. The ice cream cart features a compact design with vibrant colors and fun details. It includes a serving counter with a cash register, a freezer compartment to store ice cream cones, popsicles, and other frozen treats, and a decorative umbrella for shade. The cart is designed to be easily movable, allowing for on-the-go play and imaginative storytelling. The set also includes two mini-doll figures: Stephanie, one of the LEGO Friends characters, and her friend, Ethan. Stephanie is dressed in a summer outfit with a cap and sunglasses, while Ethan is ready to enjoy some delicious ice cream with his skateboard. The mini-doll figures can also interact with the cart, serving ice cream to customers and engaging in role-playing scenarios. The cart comes with ice cream cones, popsicles, toppings, and a scooper, allowing you to create different ice cream combinations. The cash register can be opened, and the serving counter can be folded down to reveal a hidden area. Moreover, the Ice Cream Cart can be combined with other LEGO Friends sets to expand the Heartlake City world. That’s one of the things I like best about it.

9. LEGO City Cargo Train – 60052

Picture of LEGO City Cargo Train - 60052 Lego set

The LEGO City Cargo Train set revolves around a motorized cargo train and its associated features. The set includes several train cars, a train station, and various accessories. The cargo train itself consists of a locomotive (train engine) that is powered by a battery-operated motor. The motor allows the train to move along the included train tracks. The locomotive features realistic details such as an engine compartment and a driver’s cab. The train cars included in the set comprise a flatbed car for carrying cargo, a gondola car with a tipping function, and a cattle wagon. These train cars can be loaded and unloaded using the included crane and cargo truck. The set also features cargo containers, crates, and other cargo accessories. The train station serves as a hub for cargo operations. It includes a platform, a control tower, and a small office or waiting area. The set also includes minifigures representing train workers, station personnel, and cargo handlers. One special feature of the LEGO City Cargo Train is its motorized functionality. The train is powered by a battery-operated motor that allows it to move along the tracks. The set also features a remote control function, enabling users to control the train’s speed and direction wirelessly.

8. Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Wonder Woman Dorm – 41235

Picture of Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Wonder Woman Dorm - 41235 Lego set

Inspired by a popular YouTube series that combines the exciting world of superheroes with the drama of a high school like Saved by the Bell, the Wonder Woman Dorm set focuses on portraying the everyday lives of Wonder Woman. This means taking care of her motorcycle to keep it in perfect condition! If you’re looking for more action, the Batgirl Batjet Chase allows you to join Barbra Gordon as she races after an evil Kryptonite figure. So, If you know a young girl who was inspired by Wonder Woman movies, this set is a fantastic way to let her step into the hero’s shoes!

7. LEGO Friends Doggy Day Care – 41691

Picture of LEGO Friends Doggy Day Care - 41691 Lego set

The LEGO Friends Doggy Day Care focuses on a doggy daycare center and includes a doggy daycare facility with various features and accessories. It aims to provide a fun and nurturing environment for the LEGO Friends characters to take care of their furry friends. The main structure of the doggy daycare center consists of a building designed specifically for dogs. It includes sections such as grooming areas, feeding stations, play zones, and sleeping quarters. The set also features colorful walls, windows, and doors to add to the aesthetic appeal. It comes with several dog figures, representing different breeds of dogs. Obviously, These dog figures can be played with and placed in various areas of the daycare. There are also additional accessories like dog beds, bowls, toys, and grooming tools. In addition to the doggy daycare center, the set includes an outdoor area with a garden where the dogs and the LEGO Friends characters can spend time together. The set focuses on animal care and friendship. Hence, It provides an opportunity for children to engage in imaginative play scenarios centered on taking care of dogs.

6. Lego Elves Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle – 41180

Lego Elves Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle - 41180 Lego set

This is really a cool one! The LEGO Elves Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle was released as part of the LEGO Elves theme, providing a fantasy action world that appeals to girls across a broader range of genres. This three-story LEGO building set represents Ragana’s castle, a central location in the LEGO Elves storyline, with various structures, rooms, and features capturing the magical and mystical atmosphere of the Elves’ world. It includes minifigures of the main characters involved in the Elves’ adventures, such as Ragana herself and the Elves’ protagonists. The set also offers interactive features like hidden compartments, secret doors, magical elements, and accessories that enhance storytelling possibilities. With its 1,014 pieces, this set serves as a part action playset and part dollhouse. While it may be a bit pricey, it offers a solid foundation for creating magical adventures. I think it makes an excellent choice for budding Tolkien fans or anyone seeking enchanting play experiences.

5. LEGO DUPLO Minnie’s Birthday Party – 10873

Picture of LEGO DUPLO Minnie’s Birthday Party - 10873 Lego set

The DUPLO Minnie’s Birthday Party set is a delightful LEGO building kit designed for young children in the DUPLO line, which features larger bricks for easier handling and building. This set is inspired by the beloved Disney character Minnie Mouse and her birthday celebration. The set features various colorful and chunky DUPLO bricks that allow children to construct Minnie Mouse’s birthday party scene. It includes a buildable birthday cake with a candle, a table, and a chair. The set also comes with a Minnie Mouse DUPLO figure dressed in her iconic polka dot outfit, complete with a bow. Children can engage in role-playing as they set up Minnie Mouse’s birthday party, placing the cake on the table, and helping Minnie Mouse blow out the candle. The larger DUPLO bricks are perfect for little hands to grasp and manipulate, promoting fine motor skills and creativity. Additionally, the set includes other accessories to enhance the play experience. These include a buildable present and bricks decorated with party-themed elements like balloons and the number “2” to represent Minnie’s age. These accessories can be combined with the main build or used separately to encourage open-ended play. The LEGO DUPLO Minnie’s Birthday Party set is also compatible with other DUPLO sets. It allows children to expand their DUPLO collection and create more elaborate play scenarios.

4. LEGO Friends Olivia’s Electric Car – 41443

LEGO Friends Olivia’s Electric Car – 41443 Lego set

The LEGO Friends Olivia’s Electric Car is a specific set within the LEGO Friends theme that revolves around Olivia, one of the main characters in the LEGO Friends line. Olivia’s Electric Car includes a buildable electric car, a mini-doll figure of Olivia, and various accessories. The set aims to promote eco-friendly transportation and sustainability. The electric car is, of course, the main highlight of the set. It is a small-scale vehicle specifically designed to be environmentally friendly. The car’s design features an opening door, a seat for Olivia, and space in the back. The set includes additional accessories that complement the electric car theme. These include a charging station or a charging cable to symbolize the car’s eco-friendly nature. The set also features a picnic area where Olivia and her friends can enjoy their time. Olivia, the LEGO Friends character, usually wears a unique outfit and may have accessories like a helmet or sunglasses. She can be placed in the driver’s seat of the electric car, allowing for imaginative play and storytelling. The set focus on promoting sustainable transportation and environmental awareness. It encourages children to learn about eco-friendly practices and the benefits of electric vehicles, which is pretty cool.

3. LEGO Ariel’s Storybook Adventures – 43176

LEGO Ariel’s Storybook Adventures - 43176 Lego set

The LEGO Ariel’s Storybook Adventures is a set within the LEGO Disney Princess theme that focuses on the character Ariel from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” animated film. Ariel’s Storybook Adventures includes a buildable storybook, mini-doll figures representing Ariel and other characters, and various accessories related to the “The Little Mermaid” story. The centerpiece of the set is the storybook, which is designed to resemble a book and can be opened and closed. When opened, it reveals a pop-up scene representing key locations from “The Little Mermaid” story. The scenes t include Ariel’s underwater grotto, Prince Eric’s castle, and other memorable locations. The set includes mini-doll figures of Ariel and other characters from “The Little Mermaid,” such as Flounder, Sebastian, and Ursula. These figures can be placed within the scenes of the storybook or used in imaginative play outside of the book. In addition to the storybook, the set is equipped with various accessories that enhance the play experience. These accessories include items like a treasure chest, a music sheet, and a boat. Ariel’s Storybook Adventures set emphases storytelling and imagination. The storybook format allows children to engage with the story of “The Little Mermaid” in a unique and interactive way. It enables children to recreate scenes from the film or invent new adventures for Ariel and her friends. This is what we call underwater love!

2. LEGO Friends Horse Training and Trailer – 41441


The LEGO Friends Horse Training and Trailer is a LEGO building kit that belongs to the LEGO Friends theme, which centers on a group of friends and their various adventures. This particular set revolves around the theme of horse training and includes a trailer, a horse training pen, and several accessories. The main component of the set is the horse training trailer. It features a detachable roof, a side opening, and a cozy interior space for the LEGO Friends characters to relax. The trailer is designed with vibrant colors and intricate details to make it visually appealing. It also has storage compartments to keep the various accessories organized. The set includes two LEGO Friends characters: Stephanie, one of the core characters in the LEGO Friends series, and her friend Mia. Stephanie is dressed in her equestrian attire, ready for training, while Mia is wearing a casual outfit. Both characters come with accessories such as helmets and riding crops. To complement the trailer, the set also includes a horse training pen. It consists of a fence with a gate, a practice jump, a rotating feeding trough, and a water trough. The pen provides a dedicated space for training the LEGO Friends’ horses and allows for imaginative play scenarios. As you probably realize, the set focuses on equestrian activities, which is a popular theme among LEGO enthusiasts. The set encourages imaginative play, storytelling, and role-playing as kids can pretend to be horse trainers.

1. LEGO Disney Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation – 41168

Picture of LEGO Disney Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation - 41168 Lego set

My top pick for this list, the LEGO Disney Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation set is a LEGO building kit inspired by the popular Disney animated film “Frozen II.” It allows you to construct a beautiful jewelry box with an Elsa mini-doll figure and a Nokk figure. The set features a unique design that resembles a snowflake-shaped jewelry box. The lid of the box is adorned with translucent blue and purple bricks, representing ice and snow, which adds to its magical appearance. When you open the box, it reveals a rotating platform with two compartments for storing jewelry or small treasures. There are also two LEGO rings included in the set that you can store inside the box. What makes this set stand out is its interactive elements. When you turn the lock on the front of the jewelry box, the Nokk figure, which is a mythical water spirit, will rotate on the mirror inside the box. The Nokk figure is beautifully designed with translucent blue elements to depict the flowing water. The Elsa mini-doll figure is dressed in her iconic Frozen II outfit and comes with a cape. Additionally, the set includes small accessories such as a brush, a tiara, and a pair of ice skates for Elsa. These accessories can be used to enhance imaginative play and storytelling.

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