The 12 Greatest Warrior Kings From Movies and TV Series

Medieval warrior-kings from movies and TV shows

In this list, we honor the top warrior-kings from the best medieval TV series and movies with a royal showdown! Nowadays, Generals and leaders watch safely from afar as ordinary soldiers fight their wars for them, but many medieval kings put on armor, picked up a sword, and stood shoulder to shoulder with their men … Read more

What Are The 7 Dwarfs Names From Snow White?

7 dwarfs name

In the original 1812 tale, Snow White (titled Schneewittchen), written by the Brothers Grimm, the 7 dwarfs were not given names. It wasn’t until a Broadway play in 1912 that the 7 dwarfs were given individual names Blick, Flick, Glick, Snick, Plick, Whick, and Quee. The Disney film introduced very different names but also elaborated upon their individual … Read more

The Most Powerful 20 Characters With Purple Hair

Characters With Purple Hair

The color purple is generally perceived as mysterious and intriguing. No wonder those rare characters who rock purple hair tend to pique interest. While exploring the subject we found out there are a lot more female characters with purple hair than males. Also, quite a lot of characters with purple hair are cute anime girls. … Read more

Movies Like Jarhead: Best 11 Marine Movies

movies like jarhead

Oorah! The war movie loves Marines which is no wonder because Marines are a hardcore group of battle-ready elites. Whether it’s a boot camp setting or a mission in space, you just know the Core will deliver that special Gung-Ho feeling no one else seems to be able to provide. In this list, we have … Read more

Best Movies Like Twilight: Romantic Fantasy

movies like twilight

Have you ever considered what you would be willing to trade for eternal life? Some may think that a vampire’s life is appealing, but to us, maintaining eternal life in solitude by feeding on humans doesn’t sound all that great. Not to mention they can’t go out during the daytime. In this list, we face … Read more

24 Movies and TV Shows Like King Arthur Legend Of The Sword

movies like king arthur legend of the sword

If you are a fan of generals and leaders from fantasy swords movies, or if you are looking for legendary sword fighters from medieval series then you must be looking for movies like King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword. The movie based on the Arthurian legend is the most-watched thing on Netflix right now. The … Read more

One Piece Filler List – Ultimate Guide 2023

One Piece Filler List - Ultimate Guide [2021]

Created by Eiichiro Oda, the anime show has been running for the last 22 years, since 1999. The main character of One Piece is Monkey D Luffy and his resilient crew who are on a quest to find the “One Piece” treasure to become the next Pirates King. Should I Watch One Piece Fillers? Anime is … Read more

Stallone vs Schwarzenegger: 10 of Their Best Characters

Stallone vs Schwarzenegger

Welcome to the ultimate Stallone vs Schwarzenegger. In this list, we rank the top ten Stallone vs Schwarzenegger most badass characters. Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are two of the biggest action movie stars of all time. The two musclebound actors practically dominated the action genre in the 80s and 90s, depicting some of the … Read more

The Top Gladiators Best Movies and TV Shows

Gladiator movies and TV Shows

Two men enter, and one man leaves! For centuries people have been obsessed with excess violence, and before the invention of screens and films to watch, people would go see it happen live in the arena! We can’t blame them–what better way to blow off some steam than to watch two fighters try to kill … Read more