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Battle Scenario Game: Build a superheroes team, and beat “The Evil Avengers”

The aim of the game is to build a team of superheroes to beat the powerful “Evil Avengers.”

Here are the rules for any newbies.


  1. In order to fight evil, you are tasked with the mission of assembling a team of superheroes. “Superheros” can be anythinng from DC, Marvel to Anime and action hereos.
  2. You must find a superhero that has a chance to beat an evil member in a one-on-one battle.
  3. Take into account that members of your team must share common goals and interests and they must to be able to work together. For instance, none of your team members could be evil beyond repair, or none of your team members can be good without repair.
  4. None can be an absolute loner or a mindless monster no matter how strong.
  5. Give your team a name.

Here are two teams that we assembled to give you an idea.

Team A Example: The brothers in arm team

  1. Bloodshot – Leader
  2. Mr. Incredible
  3. Beerus
  4. Rick Sanchez and his Purge Suit
  5. Yennefer
  6. Evelyn Salt

Team B Example: The protectors

  1. Roy Batty – Leader
  2. All Might
  3. Horus
  4. Max Steel
  5. Rin Tohsaka
  6. Nikita

Now it’s your job to build your dream team that has a chance to beat the Evil Avengers. Please share your team in the comments below, and provide reasons why you chose your members and how they would beat the Evil Avengers.

The Evil Avengers: Battle Scenario

A powerful evil version of the “Avengers” arrived on our Earth from another dimension. They announced that the world now belongs to them.

The other bad news is that all the characters from the Marvel Comics and DC Comics universes have simultaneously disappeared.

Now we are left with only everyone else in fiction to fight this malicious bunch. Which superhero team would win the fight?

Field marshal Deutschland (Captain America)

Field marshal Deutschland is Germany’s WWII super-soldier from an alternate Earth; Where Nazi Germany has won the war and conquered America.

He is also the iron-fisted leader of the Evil Avengers. He was sent personally by the Führer to master new Earths. Therefore you have to keep in mind that not only are we looking for an augmented soldier but he or she must be someone who others are likely to follow into battle. I

Who would be your team’s leader who could beat Field marshal Deutschland?

Bad Hulk (Hulk)

Hulk is a strong hulking humanoid possessing a vast degree of physical strength, so the main factor that should guide your choice should be pure brawn.

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For that, you might want to check out the “Pure Super-Brawn Fighters” page to help you come up with powerful candidates who could possibly face off the bad Hulk.

Admittedly, it’s nearly impossible to find someone who can kill Hulk. With all the brutes from “the big two” comics, like Doomsday, Colossus, and The Thing out of the equation. Apparently, Hulk is “the strongest there is!”

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Our picks: Mr. Incredible “The Incredibles” and All Might from “My Hero Academia” anime series.

Thor Evilson (Thor)

Marvel legend Thor is the God of Thunder and a great warrior. You might want to check out the characters we listed on the “Gods & Deities” page.

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Twisted Mechanism Man (Iron Man?)

Iron man’s prowess derives from the mixture between Tony Stark’s incredible wits and his suit’s abilities. To match that combination we suggest browsing the “Powered Suits & Armors” category.

Blackest Widow (Black Widow)

Blackest Widow is a spy and a female assassin. But we figured she’ll be tested mostly on her fighting skills and less on her spying abilities.

The Scarlet Sorceress (Scarlet Witch)

Scarlet Sorceress has an array of psionic powers and mental manipulation abilities. However, her powers are magical in nature, as she draws from other dimensions.

So the Evil Avengers team includes the following six powerful superheroes gone bad:

  1. Field marshal Deutschland – (Captain America) Leader

2. Bad Hulk (Hulk)

3. Thor Evilson (Thor)

4. Twisted Mechanism Man (Iron Man)

5. Blackest Widow (Black Widow)

6. Scarlet Sorceress (Scarlet Witch)

So without further ado, build your team, enjoy, and let’s begin!

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