Viking Warriors

Vikings vs Vikings Faceoff! Fascinating historical dramas like Vikings on the History Channel, and The Last Kingdom on Netflix have lately reignited the interest in Vikings’ history and culture. These Norse warriors worshiped multiple gods and sailed the seas raiding and conquering. This is a fun interactive poll. In each Faceoff, you make choices picking one character over the other to aid you in your quest for glory. Vote for your favorite characters from Vikings movies and tv series below. “Destiny is all!”

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Viking Warriors Faceoff

1. Viking vs Vikings: Viking Beast

As the leader of the Great Heathen Army, you vow to conquer England within a year. Which Viking legends do you pick for your elite squad, Clapa (TLK) or Ketill Flatnose  (Vikings)?

Viking vs Vikings

Who do you pick to join your group? VOTE BELOW
24 votes · 24 answers

2. Viking vs Vikings: The Glima Challenge

Glima is a Nordic folk wrestling type in which players grip their opponents by the waist and attempt to throw them to the ground. Who wins in a traditional Glima battle, Gunnar (Outlander 2008) or Arvid (Norsemen)?

Who would win the traditional Glima? VOTE BELOW

3. Vikings vs Vikings: The Blood Eagle

The Blood Eagle is a cruel form of a ritual used by the Vikings as a human sacrifice to the God Odin. Who would probably perform the ritual with more expertise, One Eye from the Vikings movie ‘Valhalla Rising,’ or Gunnar from Pathfinder movie?

Viking vs Vikings

Who would probably perform the Blood Eagle better? VOTE BELOW

4. Vikings vs Vikings: The War Minister

As the new king of all of Norway, you need to appoint a new war minister, who would it be, Buliwyf (The 13th Warrior, 1999 movie) or Erik (Erik The Viking)?

Viking vs Vikings

Who would you appoint as your new war minister? VOTE BELOW
16 votes · 16 answers

5. Viking vs Vikings: Valhalla calling

Viking vs Vikings

In Norse mythology, Valhalla is an enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin. Chosen by Odin, half of those who die in combat travel to Valhalla upon death. Which one of these warriors has definitely earned a place in Odin’s halls, Thorfinn (Vinland Saga, anime series) or Olaf Timandahaf (Asterix and the Vikings, animated movie)?

Which one of these warriors earned a place in Odin's halls? VOTE BELOW
10 votes · 10 answers