Poll: Which foreteller has the answers you seek?


Do you want your fortune told? To see what life has planned for you? You’ll find no roadside tarot card readers here. From oracles and prophets to seers and clairvoyants, in this poll, we face off the fortune-tellers who will set you on the right path.

Foretelling poll: To battle!

You’re sending your forces into war and they could use a heads up before things go down. Which seer do you send with them? The Seer (Vikings, TV series) or Pythia (300, movie)?

The Seer (Vikings, TV series) or Pythia (300, movie)

Which seer would you send with your forces into battle?

Foretelling Poll: Pigeon salvation

A dying pigeon lands in your room and claims that you’ve been chosen by the pigeon gods to save all pigeons. Which oracle would you visit to explain what you must do, The Oracle (Matrix, movie) or The Southern Oracle (The Neverending Story, movie)?

Who would you visit to explain your role in saving a persecuted species?

Foretelling: One question

You can ask one question about the future. Which foreteller has the answers you seek, Agatha Lively (Minority Report) or Costello (Arrival, movie)?

Who would you approach to ask about the future?

Foretelling: Showtime!

You’re putting up a show with different psychic acts and need someone who can captivate an audience with their fortune-telling abilities. Who would you choose to headline, Phaedra (Immortals, movie) or Father Cornello (Fullmetal Alchemist, TV series)?

Who can put on a better fortune telling show?

Foretelling: Apprentice

You want to learn everything there is to know about real fortune-telling. Who would you go to learn from, Aunt Wu (Avatar: The Last Airbender, TV series) or Shibabawa (One Punch Man, TV series)?

Whose apprentice would you become to learn how to tell fortunes?

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