Ninjas From Anime, Cartoons, Movies, and TV Series: Knockout Game

First invented in feudal Japan, the ninja is a covert special agent trained in the martial art of ninjutsu. Ninjas are known for doing the dirty work that samurais wouldn’t do.

From sabotage and espionage to guerilla warfare and assassinations, they’ll most likely take you out before you know they’re there. We face off the stealthiest, most dangerous Ninjas from anime, cartoons, movies, and tv series. Who would win?

Ninjas Faceoff Rules:

You pick a character on this list who you least liked, or weaker than the rest until one remains as the WINNER! You can eliminate the most popular or most powerful, it’s all up to you guys and girls. The more unpredictable the winner is, the more exciting the game will be. 

  1. Only vote for one character in the poll below
  2. To make things more interesting post a comment with a short reason
    Try to be objective with the vote

A dispute burst out between the 10 ninjas and according to the ninja code, there’s only one way to settle it – a fight to the death. Who stomps?

Snake Eyes (G.I Joe, movies)

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat, movie)

Raizo (Ninja Assassin, movie)

Casey Bowman (Ninja, movie)

Joe Armstrong (American Ninja, movie)

Genbu (Ninja in the Dragon’s Den)

Jubei Kibagami (Ninja Scroll, animated movie)

Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto: Shippuden)

Leonardo (Teenage mutant ninja Turtles)

Lloyd Garmadon, the Green Ninja (Ninjago, TV series)

Who would win? Vote Below

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