Intelligence Gathering Telepaths Knockout Game

The right recon can make or break just about any mission, and who better to gather the intel you need than a Telepath? From marvel supervillains to superheroes and aliens to mutants and everything in between, in this knockout game, we list some of the mightiest mind readers out there.


You pick the Telepaths on this list who you least liked, or weaker than the rest until one remains as the WINNER! You can eliminate the most popular or most powerful, it’s all up to you guys and girls. The more unpredictable the winner is, the more exciting the game will be. 

  1. Vote in the poll below
  2. Only vote for one character from the list below
  3. To make things more interesting post a comment with a short reason.

10 Intelligence Gathering Telepaths

Jean Grey / Phoenix (X-Men)

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (Avengers)

Judge Cassandra Anderson (Dredd, movie)

Ryan James (Smallville, TV series)

Matt Parkman (Heroes, TV series)

Mantis (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Carl Jenkins (Starship Troopers)

Darryl Revok scanners (Scanners)

Kuato (Total Recall, movie 1990)

Kilgrave (Jessica Jones, TV)

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