We all love dragons! Whenever one of these mythical beasts makes an appearance, awe and fascination soon follow. Throughout the years, creative minds have been bringing dragons to movies and television shows with varying degrees of success. The best dragons live on, however, and continue to thrill audiences both new and old. Furry or scaly, playful or deadly, in this list we face off the top dragons in fiction.

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Dragons Faceoff

The Wall! Alduin vs Vermithrax

You finally have your enemies cornered but they’ve managed to put up one hell of a wall. That will need to come down. Fast. Who do you choose to swoop in and take it down, Alduin (Skyrim) or Vermithrax Pejorative (Dragonslayer)?

The Shriek in the Forest: Musho vs Gaping Dragon

While hiking in the forest you hear a shriek just past the ridge. Actually, It’s more of a roar, and it’s getting closer. Which creature are you more scared of facing, Musho (Mulan) or Gaping Dragon (Dark Souls)?

Your next pet Dragon: Saphira vs The Hungarian Horntail

Some people see them as tools of war but you see them for what they really are cute cuddly flying critters, and you can pick one as a pet! Who do you choose, Saphira (Eragon, movie) or The Hungarian Horntail (Harry Potter)

Super-dragons: King Ghidorah vs Shenron

If there was a category for super-dragons these two would definitely be in it. Which fire-breathing monster wins in a dragon dogfight? King Ghidorah (Godzilla) or Shenron (Dragon Ball)?

Quiet morning on the Lonely Mountain: Smaug vs Drogon

It’s a quiet morning on the Lonely Mountain and old Smaug sleeps calmly on his treasures when young Drogon comes charging in engulfed in flames to claim the wealth for himself. Which fire drake lives by the end of the day? Smaug (The Hobbit) or Drogon (Game of Thrones)

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