The top 10 most loved and hated bullies poll: Which bully would be would you choose to torment you?

Wherever there’s a young outsider or a bumbling protagonist, you can bet there will be a bully to make things worse. These menacing tormentors come in all shapes and sizes, from the devil in nurse’s clothing to some fairly lovable meatheads. One thing’s for sure with this bunch of wedgie-giving oafs—no one’s lunch money is safe. We face off the 10 most loved and hated bullies to ever pick on poor helpless nerds

Nelson Muntz vs Francis

Bullies can be bad enough as it is, but some take bullying to the next level with supernatural abilities! Which of the below is the worse bully to have during school? Nelson Muntz (The Simpsons) vs Francis (The Fairly OddParents, TV series)

Which bully with supernatural abilities is it worse to have tormenting you?

Flash Thompson vs Draco Malfoy

You’re not the bully, and you’re not the bullied–you’re just one of the bully’s goons. They’re people too you know. Whose goon would you prefer to be? Flash Thompson (Spider-Man: Away from Home, movie) or Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter, movies)?

10 bullies in movies

Whose goon would you prefer to be?

Ace Merrill vs Seth Devlin

Some people just have ‘bully’ written all over them–you know they’re bad before they even do anything. Whose appearance below screams ‘I’m a bully? Ace Merrill (Stand By Me, movie) or Seth Devlin (Donnie Darko, movie)?

10 bullies in movies

Which of the below looks more like a bully?

Biff Tannen vs O’Bannion

A private investigator can dig up dirt on one of these bullies, guaranteeing that they leave you alone and even help you out once in a while. Who would you choose to blackmail? Biff Tannen (Back to the Future, movies) or Fred O’Bannion (Dazed and Confused, movie)?

10 bullies in movies

Which bully would you choose to blackmail into doing what you want throughout high school?

Regina George vs Romy and Michele

Bullies are usually just acting out because of deep emotional issues, so who is the most traumatized of them all? Which bully would you think has more baggage? Regina George (Mean Girls) or Romy and Michele (Romy and Michele High School Reunion)?

Which bully do you think is just acting out because of emotional trauma?
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