The Epic Battles League: Who Would Win In a Fight Between… Everyone?

So we’re going to have a tournament that you vote on, with prospect scouting reports and video highlights. It’s The Epic Battles League!

Selecting the 16 characters

We created a list of sixteen legendary characters in the following way. First, we compiled four category groups.

Epic Battles League

Group 1: Super-powered Warriors

Evidently, having super-powers can tremendously influence one’s career choice.  Super-powered individuals who will choose to become warriors or vigilantes will probably enjoy better work outputs and lower insurance rates compared to their non-super-powered colleagues. In this group, we have nothing but warriors who possess superhuman abilities.

Group 2: Super-powered Sword Fighters

Not only are they some of the best master sword fighters in fiction, but they also possess superhuman abilities. While some have super-strength, some can control magical forces, and others are just dang near invincible. In this category, we face off the most powerful humanoids to ever wield a sword.    

Group 3: Cyborg Warriors

Sure, you can send robots to fight in your place, but then you’d be missing all the fun! These warriors are part biological, part machine. Any enhancements made usually have one purpose–turning them into a more efficient warrior. From advanced sensors to robotic limbs, these cyborgs are one with their weapons. In this category, we face off the deadliest hybrid warriors to ever grace our screens.         

Group 4: Flying Superheroes

Flying is the quintessential superhero power. It lets powerful superheroes swoop in to save the day and travel to fantastic places at speeds we can hardly fathom. Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s a category with the superheroes who just wouldn’t be the same without the ability to fly.

The Tournament and Bracket Seedings

We are going to set all characters up against each other in a single-elimination tournament, seeded by average ranking and group. We will give scouting reports and allow you to vote on who advances.

  1. Wonder Woman vs She-ra
  2. Might Guy vs All Might
  1. Deadpool vs Meliodas
  2. Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Geralt of Rivia
  1. Homelander vs Hancock
  2. Captain Marvel vs Supergirl
  1. Alita vs Robocop
  2. Cyborg vs Raiden

That gives us 16 characters. This is an elimination tournament, where the loser of each match-up is immediately eliminated. Each winner will play another round, until the final match-up.

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