Superman vs He-Man: Who is the most powerful man?

With Netflix’s new animated series Masters of the Universe: Revelation on the air, and a new live-action movie in the works, it is time to honor one of the most fascinating match-ups pop culture has to offer: Superman vs He-Man. This is such an epic fight! These two are the greatest powerful superheroes in their universe. And they share so many similarities.

Superman vs He-Man: Battle conditions

The battle is held Near the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Animated series He-Man with the Sword of Power, Comic books Superman Morals Off. Starts at 150 m.`

Superman vs He-Man: Powers and Weaknesses

Both are aliens. One from Krypton, one from planet Eternia. Both are superheroes who possess untold levels of power that could shatter whole mountains at will. Both are good guys who will protect those who are in need no matter what the cost. It’s true, given their famously good-natured personalities, it is more likely for them to team up than to face off. However, it’s not impossible to imagine scenarios in which the two will duke it out to the bitter end. And the proof the two already traded very serious blows in the past that only by chance didn’t end up killing each other.

How powerful is Superman?

Under the rays of Earth’s yellow sun, Superman’s body acts as a living solar battery that fuels a variety of superhuman abilities. He has super-strength. He is able to divert the course of raging rivers, bench-press the Earth and break Green Lantern’s constructs. He once even held a black hole in his hands! Superman possesses super speed. He moves, runs, and flies at speeds of nearly a hundred miles per hour. He speeds far greater than the speed of light and even goes through time. As mentioned, the flying superhero possesses the power of flight. He traverses great distances at amazing speeds. Superman’s solar-powered body flies by his own force of will.

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In addition, Superman has a super-breath. That allows him to condense oxygen in his lungs to a pressurized and super-cold state. He can hold his breath in outer space for long periods. Superman can also exhale a super-concentrated gust to snuff out blazing fires or flash-freeze villains into submission. He has heat vision. That means he is capable to project gentle warmth or melt solid rocks. Superman can use this power with surgical precision and at microscopic levels.

What makes Superman weak?

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Kryptonite. When Superman’s home planet exploded, its radioactive core was scattered throughout the universe as green-glowing shards of Kryptonite. Exposure to this element reduces Superman’s powers and immobilizes him with pain and nausea. Prolonged exposure will eventually kill him. Since his body converts solar energy into superpowers, lack of sunlight will cause his strength to swindle over time. The Superest Superheroe is also susceptible to the chaotic forces of magic and illusion, which defy logical explanation. Red sun rays will also weaken superman considerably.

How powerful is He-Man?

He-Man is the alter ego of Prince Adam, a seemingly careless prince who can secretly become He-Man: The most powerful man in the universe. He uses his great strength to protect Castle Grayskull from all those that seek out its power.

The power of Castle Grayskull that flows within He-Man has bestowed him with immense superhuman strength. He-Man can crack open rocks with his fists. He once took Castle Grayskull that Skeletor transported into another dimension, and threw it back to Eternia. He even moved one of Eternia’s two moons out of its orbit.

He-Man is also extremely fast. He can create a tornado or reverse a tornado. He has rubbed his hands on sand so fast it became glass. He-Ma is also an excellent skilled warrior. He is proficient in both hand-to-hand combat and swordsmanship. His main weapon is the Sword of Power, which is magical in nature and the key to transforming Prince Adam into He-Man. As to initiate his transformation, Adam holds the swords and says the words “By the Power of Grayskull! I have the power!”. The Sword of Power is virtually indestructible and able to cut through any substance, save for Eternium. It is capable of deflecting blasts of energy, and on rare occasions, He-Man is even able to fire energy blasts from the sword. He-Man once cracked a huge split on earth shut just by vibrating his sword on it.

What makes He-Man weak?

This big swordsman endured the impact of two large explosions. But reverted to Adam in the process, suggesting that even He-Man has a limit as to how much abuse he can endure before his superhuman strength and stamina are exhausted. Also, although He-Man is highly durable, he is still vulnerable to stun beams and sleep gas.

Superman vs He-Man: Who Wins?

So, who wins this fight for the ages? While Superman’s superpowers are “scientifically” explained, He-Man’s strength and abilities are magical in nature. This raises the question – How would superman be affected by this magic?

We answer that magic isn’t Kryptonite for Superman. It will not automatically cancel out Superman’s powers. For example, Shazam’s lightning bolts hurt Superman because of their magic properties. However, it doesn’t cancel out his invulnerability. Otherwise, Superman would die in a single hit as a normal human would. It just means he can’t shrug it off like normal lightning bolts. Similarly, He-Man has the means to hurt him with his magic-based powers. But would it be enough?

Well, reading all the battles Superman and He-man had in the comics brings certain truths to light. For example, even though they seem to be on par when it comes to physical strength and durability, Superman is obviously the faster of the two. Also, Superman has a lot more at his disposal – he has frost breath, heat vision, and flight. However, He-man does have two advantages going for him. The first is his famous fighting skills and the second is the Sword of Power.

He-Man was highly trained in the arts of combat to become the Champion of Eternia. As a result, his hand-to-hand and weapon skills are a match for even the greatest warriors in any comic universe. Superman, on the other hand, was raised by two Kansas farmers and while he has developed great combat skills over the years, it still doesn’t match up to the battle-tested skills of He-Man. Moreover, the Sword of Power is pure magic from Castle Grayskull and it has proved to be able to harm Superman. In certain scenarios, it can even… kill him.

Superman vs He-Man Who Wins? Verdict

Superman vs He-Man

The Man of Steel is still superior overall. He has way too many options for victory and if he manages to get the Sword of Power away from He-Man, there is not much he can do against the onslaught the Man of Steel has waiting for him. Supes just has to be careful getting to it because as said, He-Man has a superior fighting skill-set and he will use it perfectly when he is faced with such a powerful foe.

So to conclude, it’s hard to imagine anyone really doubted that Superman wasn’t “The Most Powerful Man in the Universe” despite what He-Man brought to the table against him. But truth be told, both of these champions are at the top of the food chain when it comes to the Super-Heavyweights of fiction.

Superman Wins!

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