Supergirl vs Hancock

Supergirl vs Hancock: Who Would Win?

The winners of Rounds 6 & 7 are finally here, It’s Supergirl vs Hancock! Supergirl defeated Captain Marvel, and Hancock destroyed Homelander. With an Alcohol-drinking problem, violence issues, and a history of lawsuits against him Hancock is practically a public menace, coming up against him is the powerful miss goody-two-shoes Supergirl. For details on how these prospects were selected and seeded, see the master Epic Battles League Tournament post.


Hancock is a skilled fighter, with the advantage of several millennia of fighting experience. In addition to his superhuman strength and flight ability, he can also control and summon high winds and tornadoes. Isn’t he powerful enough without having weather control abilities?

Supergirl (CWTV)

But this time he is facing The Girl of Steel. Thanks to her Kryptonian physiology, once charged by the energy of Earth’s yellow sun, the blue superhero Supergirl is one of the most powerful beings imaginable.

The DC female superhero Supergirl is able to manipulate her own gravitational field to generate thrust and propel herself through the air at hypersonic speeds, she can emit energy beams from her eyes and she is able to exhale powerful gusts of air from her mouth and even cause the temperature of her breath to drop, therefore able to freeze nearly anything. Combine all that with her proficiency in hand-to-hand combat and you get the perfect warrior.

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Supergirl vs Hancock Who Wins? Verdict

Supergirl vs Hancock Results
Supergirl vs Hancock Results

Bottom line – This is not only a battle of powers, it’s a battle of attitudes. Can the big bad wolf eat Goldilocks? Hancock Wins! Hancock will go against Meliodas from the medieval anime The Seven Deadly Sins, in an epic Anime vs Superheroes battle!

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