Sailor Moon vs Goku – Who Would Win In a Fight?

Usagi Tsukino, aka Sailor Moon and Son Goku, are the Queen and king of anime, respectively. Although both Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball anime shows came out in the 90s, these two characters continue to be just as popular today as they were when they debuted over 20 years ago. The two protagonists have a lot in common. Both are kind-hearted, comedic heroes with god-like superpowers, who are on a mission to protect Earth from threats. Frankly, fighting each other goes against either of their characters. It is more likely for Sailor Moon and Goku to become friends and fight together rather than against one another. However, we die-hard fans can’t help but wonder what would happen if the two engaged in serious combat whereby only one was to live. In this article, I will explore the strengths and weaknesses of Sailor Moon and Goku and examine what happens if they were to face off in an anime battle for the ages. So, without further ado, Sailor Moon vs Goku here we go!

Sailor Moon vs Goku: Battle Conditions

The battle will be held between Sailor Moon’s and Goku’s strongest ANIME forms yet, which are the Eternal Sailor Moon and the Mastered Ultra Instinct form, respectively. Of course, Sailor Cosmos, not Eternal Sailor Moon, is the most evolved future form of Sailor Moon that we know of. In that form, Sailor Moon is essentially a physical god. However Sailor Cosmos never appears in the anime, so I’m going with the next best thing. The battle will take place in the vacuum of space. The combatants will be put through five excruciating rounds in the following five parameters: Durability. Fighting Skills. Strength. Attack Potency and Powers. Whoever wins more rounds overall wins the battle!  Starts 1.5 miles away.

Sailor Moon vs Goku: Powers and Weaknesses

Sailor Moon and Goku are two of the most powerful protagonists in all of anime. However, sometimes it seems as if Dragon Ball’s characters, and Goku in particular, are so absurdly powerful that they are practically unparalleled in any fiction. Goku’s ability to raise himself to stronger forms and to push himself to become stronger than his foes is so legendary that the idea that someone is stronger than Goku sounds almost ridiculous. However, Goku’s powers are not without limits. His greatest weakness is his overconfidence, which causes him to let his guard down. For example, in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, after besting Frieza, Goku lowers his guard and is blasted by one of Frieza’s minions in the chest with a common ray gun and gets badly wounded. Goku’s overconfidence and his tendency to underestimate his opponents often leave him open to attack. That can be exploited by Sailor Moon. In addition, Goku is known to never start a fight by going all out. He just loves a good fight and tends to hold back so the fight can develop into a good one. That can give Sailor Moon the chance to come up with a plan to beat Goku. Having said that, Goku’s weaknesses are more personal than they are physical, which says a lot about his physical prowess. Sailor Moon also has plenty of personal weaknesses. She’s not very intelligent, scares easily, and is prone to snap judgments and outbursts. However, she too is tremendously powerful and possesses a variety of mindboggling powers that I will elaborate on later.  

Sailor Moon vs Goku: How powerful is Goku?

Son Goku main character of the popular Japanese manga and anime series Dragon Ball. Goku is a Saiyan warrior who was sent to Earth as a baby and raised by humans. He possesses incredible strength, speed, and agility, as well as the ability to harness powerful energy blasts known as ki. Throughout the Dragon Ball series, Goku faces off against numerous powerful foes, including other Saiyans, androids, and even gods. He undergoes various power-ups and transformations, such as the Super Saiyan forms, which significantly boost his strength and abilities. In terms of power, Goku has been shown to possess the ability to destroy planets and even entire galaxies. His power level increases significantly throughout the series, and he has been able to defeat some of the most powerful villains in the Dragon Ball universe, including Frieza, Cell, and Buu. He also has the power to take on Beerus, the god of destruction.

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Sailor Moon vs Goku: How powerful is Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon is the heroine magical girl. Her real name is Usagi Tsukino, and she is a teenage girl who discovers she is the reincarnation of the ancient Moon Princess, Serenity. As Sailor Moon, Usagi fights against various enemies to protect the Earth and the Moon Kingdom. She possesses various powers and abilities, including superhuman strength, agility, and endurance, as well as the ability to manipulate energy and create powerful attacks. As the leader of the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Moon is considered to be the most powerful Senshi that has ever lived. She has defeated numerous villains and saved the world multiple times. Her power level increases throughout the series, and she gains new abilities and transformations, such as her Super Sailor Moon form, which significantly boosts her strength and abilities. Sailor Moon is also known for her pure heart, her unwavering courage, and her determination to protect her friends. She is an iconic character in the world of anime and has inspired generations of fans around the world. She is the most powerful being in the Galaxy and always will be. “Never running from a real fight! She is the one named Sailor Moon!”

Sailor Moon vs Goku: Round 1 – Durability

Usagi is probably more durable than you think. In one instance, Usagi fights Rubeus, a member of the Black Moon Clan, who amplifies his spaceship’s gravity to more than 10 times that of Earth. Despite enduring gravity fluctuation comparable to that under which Goku trained on his way to Namek, Usagi rises to her feet. That happens less than a year after Usagi became Sailor Moon!  It took Goku decades!! to accomplish what Usagi achieved naturally. In fact, Usagi can take a brutal amount of punishment. As Eternal Sailor Moon she dived into the Galaxy Cauldron, force of raw universal that can create and destroy all things. The Galaxy Cauldron disintegrated her from existence, but thanks to Lambda Powers, she regenerated back from non-existence. True, Goku exchanged blows with Beerus, the God of Destruction, and was able to withstand the erosive force of Beerus’ destruction energy for several seconds. However, Usagi endured being saturated for a prolonged period in deep cosmic destructive forces. Hence, Sailor Moon takes this round.

Sailor Moon vs Goku: Round 2 – Fighting Skills

Sailor Moon is not a “fighting show” and Usagi has no martial arts training. Therefore, she has poor fighting skills that somehow improve as Sailor Moon. If she were to get into a fistfight with Goku, he would certainly knock her down, fast. Of course, Usagi rarely engages in close-quarters combat, and her fighting style is to employ magical attacks from afar. How far? Well, Usagi’s future self, Neo-Queen Serenity, was able to combat Wiseman, a sentient planet, from across the solar system. She does that, all while living her life in Crystal Tokyo! So, it all depends if Usagi can keep Goku at a distance because if Goku manages to move in close, he could turn the tide against her. Since it is hard to determine how the fight will develop in that aspect, I will declare a tie in this round.

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Sailor Moon vs Goku: Round 3 – Strength

Usagi isn’t particularly that strong physically. She’s not even the strongest of her team. Actually, when it comes to physical quarrels, she would much rather sit them out and avoid getting physical. Don’t get me wrong, she was able to stand and move around on the surface of the planet Nemesis, with its intense gravity, just fine even in her civilian form. However, even as a child Goku was able to move boulders weighing several tons after training with Master Roshi. Since then, his physical strength has improved drastically over time. He was able to create shockwaves across an entire universe as a Super Saiyan God. Goku Ultra Instinct and even Goku Saiyan Blue are far physically stronger than Eternal Sailor Moon, so this round goes to Goku.

Sailor Moon vs Goku: Round 4 – Attack Potency

To make things simple, Eternal Sailor Moon is Sailor Moon powered up! How powered up? Well, enough to one-shot Nehellenia, queen of the dark moon, who had comfortably dealt with the Scouts up until that moment. Performing the “Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss”, Eternal Sailor Moon practically obliterated Queen Nehelenia, freeing Elysion and the Earth from the Dead Moon’s curse. Theoretically, Sailor Moon’s Eternal is the combined power of all of the Sailor Scouts wrapped together, so it is a massive increase to Usagi’s usual powers. It is said that Eternal Sailor Moon has powers close to those held once by Queen Serenity, which was an immense power. Her attacks are both Multiversal and transverse time, disrupting all of space-time. Goku’s attack potency is Low Multiversal to Multiversal! Basically, Goku can destroy universe 7 and its macrocosm, which includes hell, heaven, the afterlife, and the kai world plus the real world which is universe 7 itself. Since both characters’ attack potency is so incredibly overwhelming, and since it’s such a close call, I will again call it a tie on this parameter.

Sailor Moon vs Goku: Round 5 – Powers

In the powers department, Sailor Moon has Teleportation, telepathy, existence erasure, void manipulation, regeneration, matter manipulation, cosmic awareness, Soul Reaping, and transmutation, and the ability to manipulate space and time at a high level, amongst some others. Goku can manipulate Ki’s energy, has teleportation, a healing factor, and Existence erasure and he is able to give energy to dying organisms. In other words, Goku has a pretty basic powerset, and Sailor Moon absolutely dwarfs Goku in terms of the number of powers. This round is hers!

Sailor Moon vs Goku: Who wins? sailor Moon

This is probably the most difficult faceoff I ever made! After five rounds it is two wins for Sailor Moon, two ties, and one win for Goku. Although Sailor Moon technically triumphs, it is unsure who would actually win that battle. The thing is that Goku was created to be the ultimate warrior. Always getting stronger no matter the opponent. Sailor moon was written to be the ultimate protector of life. She can’t be defeated because she is the symbol of all hope. In many ways, a fight between these two cannot ever be won. They are equal! Having said that, and after going through all five rounds, I believe Sailor Moon has a slightly more chance of winning. Considering her superior durability and how much punishment she can take, it’s possible she can outlast Goku. She also has more powers than Goku. In fact, Goku doesn’t have a defense for most of her powers like time manipulation, transmutation, or just changing the atmosphere to kill him. This is why I’m giving this battle to SAILOR MOON! However, if Goku gets to get in a close fight, especially while Ultra Instinct, it will result in Usagi’s defeat. Sailor Moon has to do anything in her tremendous power to keep him at a distance.

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