Rick Sanchez vs Doc Brown: Two Mad Scientists Fight!

Rick Sanchez vs Doc Brown

They bring back people from the dead, construct their own mechanical spider legs, and are even sometimes raging chimpanzees looking for nothing else but to destroy a few innocent girls. It’s pretty obvious that Rick and Morty show’s leads have some striking similarities to Marty McFly and Doc Brown from the Back to the Future film franchise. And so, our next face-off will pit two mad scientists against each other. It’s Rick Sanchez vs Doc Brown.

This is a special battle report from group 4, Western conference of the Epic Battle League, Anime vs Superheroes. For details on how these prospects were selected and seeded, see the master Epic Battles League Tournament post.

Faceoff: Rick Sanchez vs Doc Brown, Who Would Win?

Rick Sanchez vs Doc Brown
@Universal Pictures / Netflix

Doctor Emmet Brown

“Great Scott!”

As the Inventor of the first time machine, it was Doc Brown’s genius that made it possible to visit different periods of time, and all it took was a good knock to the head after slipping while trying to hang a clock.

Watch Rick Sanchez vs Doc Brown: Two Mad Scientists Fight!

Sure, you might say that he is a clumsy loner who makes simple words unnecessarily long (anyone up for a rhythmic ceremonial ritual?), but we choose to see him as a hopeful optimist who will go to extreme lengths for his experiments. The man stole plutonium from Libyan terrorists in order to get the DeLorean up and running. Say what you will, he has cojones.


Does the epic time traveler Doc Brown have any actual fight in him though? You know, the ‘put ‘em up’ type? Actually, he appears to be quite the opposite, a pacifist against the use of any harm whatsoever.

Whatever you do, don’t mention the word ‘paradox’ around him as it might set him off. I don’t think there is anything he wants to avoid more than a good old end of the universe. C’mon Doc, live a little.

Rick Sanchez

“wubba lubaa dub dub” (or in Bird language, I am in great pain. Please help me)

Rick’s impressive list of inventions includes brain-enhancing helmets, dream-invading devices, portals to different dimensions, and the world’s first amusement park inside the body of a living human. Oh, and let’s not forget the butter-passing robot. We can’t forget the butter-passing robot.

This is a man with absolutely zero regards for other’s well-being. We tried to find the worst thing he’s done to someone else. We really tried. Somewhere between forcing a man to fold himself in half twelve times to murdering a pack of rats, we gave up, but please let us know what you think.


Aside from being unquestionably insane, Rick also has a dire substance abuse problem. Unfortunately, this only seems to make him more dangerous, but there needs to be a point where he just stops functioning, right?

Additionally, this homicidal nihilist does seem to have a soft spot for certain individuals. When Mr. Poopybutthole got shot Rick was clearly worried, and you can’t discount his feelings for his daughter, Beth. Is Rick just a big softie deep, deep, deep down?

Doc Brown

Doc has some serious achievements under his belt. He is also highly adaptive and tends to land on his feet in any situation he lands in. Having said that, this is a genuinely good guy. If the Face-Off were who we would rather have as a grandfather, the choice would be clear.

Rick Sanchez

Let’s review Rick’s criminal record, shall we? Bioterror, murder, home invasion, arson, assault…On second thought, let’s not. This is one bad grandpa who has a plethora of ways to take out anyone who stands against him, and he’ll be happy to do it too. Also – pickle rick. ‘Nuff said.

Battle Report Final Results: Rick Sanchez vs Doc Brown Who Wins?

Check out the battle report final score:

Rick Sanchez vs Doc Brown: Who Would Win?
Netflix, Universal Pictures

And the winner is …. Rick Sanchez!

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