Raiden vs Cyborg: Who Would Win?

Neither of these bionic knights has asked to become a cyborg. However, once transformed it didn’t take long before the two put their amazing new abilities into use. It’s Raiden vs Cyborg!

Raiden vs Cyborg

Raiden (Metal Gear)

“I said my sword was a tool of justice. Not used for vengeance. But now I’m not so sure”

Raised as a child soldier in Liberia, Raiden’s mental state and capacity are well suited to dangerous operations. After becoming a cyborg, he possesses incredible powerful superhero strength, speed, and endurance and due to his body’s design, he can generate electricity and even demonstrates lightning-like power which can strike down his opponents.

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Cyborg (Marvel Comics)

The Justice League superhero Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, was gravely injured in an accident and was saved by his father, via the use of an alien tech that crafted cybernetics onto him. Cyborg is a world-saving superhero.

“All Right! I’m going to say this once: Booyah!” (Cyborg, Teen Titans)

Cyborg is no slouch either. Besides his superhuman strength, speed, and stamina, Victor can achieve sustained flight, via thrusters located along his body, and can swiftly alter the shape of his arms into a canon, which generates extremely powerful concussive blasts of blue-hot plasma.

Battle Report Final Results: Raiden vs Cyborg Who Wins?

These two living machines are at the peak of technology. A Superhero against a Super-soldier mercenary. Which one is going to win?

Raiden vs Cyborg

That’s it, the combatants are set. Disagree? Want to share your rage? Now it’s up to you – We can’t wait to see your vote! Feel free to also comment about each match-up and share your thoughts with us.

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