Hancock vs Meliodas: Who is Stronger? They fight, You Decide

We have the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath fighting against the pride of Harlem. It’s Meliodas vs Hancock fighting it off in semi-finals 1 of the Epic Battles League.

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How Powerful is John Hancock?

Hancock is one of the most powerful superheroes, with the advantage of several millennia of fighting experience. In addition to his Superhuman Strength and flight ability, he can also control and summon high winds and tornadoes. But, is he powerful enough without having weather control abilities? How can Meliodas deal with THAT?

How Powerful is Meliodas?

Meliodas’ famous Full Counter ability enables him to reflect attacks aimed at him back at the enemy, but with more than double the power. With these abilities, Meliodas manages to redirect this tornado of superpowers back at Hancock, we guess the answer is a resounding yes and Hancock will find himself in serious trouble.

Battle Report Final Results: Meliodas vs Hancock Who Wins?

It’s weather control vs. immortal superpowers, as these two forces of nature meet to battle it out and show off their skills. It all depends on how these two guys will handle each other’s very different powers and technics and that will require WITS. The tension rises as the combatants enter the arena to the roars of the crowd.

hancock vs meliodas

Meliodas wins! Meliodas will face off against Might Guy, in the Epic Battles finals, who will take the crown?

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